tagHow ToCommon Errors Ch. 03

Common Errors Ch. 03


Errors occur every day in the manner in which words are used. Let's talk about some of the most common.


APPRAISE is a verb that means to estimate the value of an item or a person. The value doesn't always have to be tangible. Some examples of this are: I need to have my grandmother's jewelry appraised or The appraised value of the land is much less than the client thought.

The word, APPRISE, is another verb and means to give people information about a situation. It's my job to keep him apprised of the situation is a good example of how to use this word.


These are another set of words that are confused with each other. INTERMENT is a noun that means burial. Grandpa's interment will be at Woodlawn Cemetery is a proper way to use this word.

INTERNMENT is a noun that means jailing or imprisonment and an example of this is: Josh will complete his internment at Stark County Prison.


The word, ORDINANCE, is a noun and means a rule that is set forth as a standard to be closely followed. The watering ordinance states that you can only water your lawn on Thursday or He's being fined daily according to the yard cleanliness ordinance are two examples of how to use this word.

ORDNANCE is a noun and refers to military weapons or equipment, such as guns, ammunition, etc. An example of the proper use of this word would be: Ray was going to get a good price on the ordnance from the Army/Navy store.


BARE is an adjective or a verb that means naked, visual to the naked eye or to strip naked. Some examples are: I decided to bare my soul to my boyfriend and tell him that I cheated or I wished I had a sweater to cover my bare arms.

The word, BEAR, is a noun or a verb. As a noun, it is an animal and as a verb, it means to support. The bear chased me up the tree or He didn't think that the chair would bear the weight of the fat woman.


Another commonly confused set of words. AMORAL is an adjective and it means not having any morals. An example of the proper use of this word would be: The General was hired because of his amoral qualities.

The word, IMMORAL, is an adjective and usually refers to a person's behavior. Her immoral behavior put the custody of her children at risk.


The word, TAUGHT, is the past or future past tense of a verb and in present tense, means to teach. I will have taught all his letters by next week or My grandfather taught me how to fish are two examples of how to use this word.

TAUT is an adjective that means tight. It can describe an actual object, such as a rope or it can describe an invisible object such as your nerves. Examples of its usage are: The promise of danger drew his nerves taut like the string of a bow or She pulled the strings taut and picked up the duffle bag.


I can honestly say that this is on the top ten list of confused words.

When you write letters to your family or friends, you use STATIONERY. It is a noun and it describes the particular paper that you use to write letters. My mother bought me stationery to use while I was at camp or The prince's stationery displays the family crest are two examples of the use of this word.

The word, STATIONARY, is an adjective and describes the non-moving state of an item. One of the verb forms of this word is STATIONED and when I was learning it, it helped me to remember that it didn't use the same E as the verb form. So it wouldn't be STATIONED/ STATIONERY. I hope it helps you!

Some examples of using the word would be: He chose the stationary position on the side of the hill or From her stationary post, Gwen sold furs to the Indians.


ROUT is a noun or a verb and can be used to describe complete dominance or the act of completely dominating someone or something. An example is: The football team suffered a rout at the hands of the biggest competitors.

The word ROUTE is a noun and means a path used to get from one place to another. Route 66 is a famous road or The route she planned to take was closed due to road work.

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"Since she was amoral, her behavior was immoral."
This means: "Since she had no standards, her behavior was wrong."
This amoral girl did not perceive her self as immoral. She does not see her sexualmore...

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