tagIncest/TabooCommon-Sense Talk With Mom

Common-Sense Talk With Mom


Bill sat across from his mother eating lunch in her apartment. She chattered away as usual as he tried to listen. But his mind was 600 miles away. He had just returned from visiting his uncle in South Carolina, and remembering how his very drunk uncle related to him how he had bedded his sister in their youth. How it had lasted two years without her becoming pregnant. "A minor miracle", was his uncle's words. Most surprising was Uncle William only had one sister, and that was his mom.

Bill's thoughts wandered to the things his mother had said and done when they had lived in an apartment together seven years earlier; asking him to close his eyes as she ran through the living room with just her panties on and mildly scolding him when she caught him peeking, the time she had accusingly questioned him about the stains on the backseat of his used car and commenting on the possibility of getting one of his girlfriends pregnant. There were countless examples added to the most recent; the relentless accusation that he was screwing the gal on the second floor of her apartment building, which he had denied, scolding her for suggesting he would mess around on his wife.

"I saw you and that bitch talking this morning when you got out of your car. It was like she was waiting for you? How does she know when you are coming by? What were you and her talking about? Setting up a meeting, I suppose?" Margaret accused, snapping him back to the present.

"You're talking about Betty? That's her name you know." He began. "I'll be honest with you mom. She does want me to come see her. Half of the men at the bus company have screwed her but I'm a bit choosy about who I stick my dick in." He replied, looking directly at her, seeing her eyebrows lift as he used the generational words "screw and dick". "The ones that have screwed her call her pincushion." Then. "If you're going to accuse me of taking up with some woman be realistic. For instance, you need to look for a woman more like you. That's kind of woman I would be looking for. I like older women. Ones that know they have a great body, a hellva nice ass and they like the way men look at them. They dress in a manner to attract men's attention. But, they're very choosy. Or, should I say a man hater. A tease but they're not going to give up their treasure to just anyone."

"A tease?" She cut in, instantly applying his references to her. "You think I'm a tease? You're being silly, but you are right about one thing, that little bitch in apartment 203 will spread her legs for anyone. You've been watching me that close?"

"Oh! It took all of that stuff personally?" He exclaimed, then.

"Mom! You really need to forget about Betty." Bill cut in. "She is nothing to either of us. So let's get back to you and me."

"You and me? I thought we were being hypothetical? Now, it's about you and me." She then inserted quickly. "There is no you and me.

"We are having a conversation about you and me. Or, me and a woman like you." He inserted and corrected just as quickly. "Naw!, let's leave it you and me. Of late, I've been thinking you've been teasing me for years with all of your sexual accusations and innuendos. And surely, you remember running through the old apartment with just your panties on? You did that a number of times even after you knew I was peeking. And, how about the stains on the backseat of my Chrysler? I remember you sounded kind of jealous?

Bill refused to look away from his mother's surprised stare.

"I should knock hell out of you!" Margaret threatened, breaking eye contact after a very long 12 or 15 seconds. She stood and began clearing the table, letting her eyes wander, refusing to make eye contact. She quietly moved around the large column and counter to the small kitchen, and standing at the sink;

"Youhave covered a lot of ground there, my boy. "Let me see if I can be just as honest. I guess I was teasing you and being jealous. I haven't had, nor wanted, a man around for years to take care of...... things..... and I suppose I just wanted someone to notice me. And you're absolutely right about my hatred of men. You were the only male available for me to be a bit of a tease and to be a jealous bitch. It was obvious that you enjoyed the view and you never seemed to mind the bitching. Mother and son are closer than any married couple or girlfriend and boyfriend. And surely you must have known there could never be anything intimate between you and me."

"So, you don't think that showing off your body to me didn't put sexual visions and fantasies in my mind." He asked. "In the apartment, you, lying in your bed not 15 feet away! That I wouldn't think that you and me couldn't somehow.............."

"Dammit! Bill!" Margaret snapped. "We've been out of that apartment for near 7 years, you've been married for four and you're bringing this stuff up now? You're my son and I'm your mom and never the two should meet. Sexually anyway!"

"It's, shall meet, mom. Not, should meet. Entirely two different meanings." He corrected. "You could be accused of showing your inner desires. And, tell me you didn't dress for provocatively when I putting the bookcase together last week? Just a thin sleeping gown and just panties? Hell! Standing in front of the light............"

"Smartass!" She barked, ignoring the tone of the questions, refusing any reply.

Bill continued. "My visit to see uncle William? One night while fishing uncle William got drunk, as usual, and sort of...... spilled the beans."

"What do you mean? Spilled the beans?" She asked, with concern in her voice.

"Two years." He replied. "You and him? You two were together?"

"That drunken son-of-a-bitch!" She spat. "I can't believe! So! you think because I screwed my brother that I should spread my legs for you? Let you screw me? You're a son-of a-bitch too! You........"

Bill cut her off, "is uncle William the reason why you are so down on men?"

Margaret walked back around the column back to her side of the table, but flopped down on the sofa that sat up against the wall. She sat for a moment, calming herself before speaking. "No. Actually that was a good time in my life. After the first couple of times, cause it hurt like hell." She said with a smile. "I really enjoyed being with him. I've always loved William but he was my brother and I had to get away before I got pregnant by him. After the operation a couple years ago that is not a problem anymore and if he wasn't a drunk I would be quite content being with him again. You're father and the other men in my life created my hatred for men. And now I might have to add you to that list. "

Mother and son sat silent for many minutes, each lost in our own thoughts. The operation, Bill remembered, was forefront in his thoughts. Bill was the first to speak;

"You letting ME screw YOU was never a thought." He said, pointing to each of them. "I've always felt that a man and woman should screw together."

"Are you trying to convince me that you are different from all the other son-of-a-bitches?"

"You will always be mom and I will always be your son. That makes you the boss, as always." Bill reasoned.

More long moments passed without speech.

"Come sit next to me." Margaret asked, padding the sofa and watching her son comply. "So you think I got a great ass?"

"I do." Bill replied. "Why do you think I linger behind you when we're in the grocery store?"

"Aren't you the sly one!" Margaret said, padding her son's leg. "So what do you think Pat would say if she knew you were trying to seduce your mom? Which is not going to happen anytime soon, if ever, mind you."

It was Bill's time to be surprised but he recovered quickly. "We are just having a conversation here? You going to tell her?"

"I'm not going to tell her a damn thing!" Margaret replied. "I don't even like her. You know that."

"I'm not going to tell her. Sons visit their moms all the time. If we were to get a little crazy, only we would know, right?"

"Point well spoken." Margaret acknowledged. "I can't say that this little discussion hasn't got me to thinking a little. When I mentioned the results of the operation, I could see the wheels turning in that head of yours. And there are options short of screwing that we could explore a little bit. You agree?"

"I don't want to be on that list you mentioned. I want you to know I am not like the other men you have known, mom." Bill informed her. "Especially dad. If I ever make you feel used or uncomfortable, you can stop me at any time."

"Spoken like a man trying to get in a woman's pants." Margaret said. "Since you made that visit to uncle William's, have you had the notion to seduce me. If so, you sure went about it in a strange way."

"I have only pondered more intently what it would be like, you know, to be with you."

"To be with me? I'll say To fuck me, you mean?" She injected. "Modesty is not my thing, just the blunt."

"For us to fuck, yes." Bill replied. "I've always found you sexually attractive. Especially, after you ran through the apartment with just your panties on. After all these years, I still remember the turquoise blue and the red hair trying to escape underneath those panties." After a moment. "What color are your panties today?"

Margaret looked at her son curiously.

"And now, with the knowledge that I cannot get pregnant, you just figure that I should succumb and lay down, spread my legs and give up my treasure?"

"Yes!" He answered, and waited. "You did say to be blunt?"

"Sorry, I was just.......... thinking." Her son did have a very good point. That sons do visit their moms resonated positively with her, and who would be the wiser? Added to that, there were men in the apartment building that were attractive to her, but she knew her name would become like Betty's should she let her guard down. "What you are suggesting will change our relationship, for ever. Regardless of what you say, I will not be just your mother. I will not tolerate a demanding man."

"Well, I think it could be just fine. I won't be pushy because Pat will be picking up a lot of the slack. You say, no. No, it will be." He rationalized.

"Picking up what slack? I don't think you're getting enough pussy at home to start with. I'm sure of it! And what makes you think that you'll be the pushy one. How bout, I don't want to have someone taking up the slack? If she was! Maybe I don't like the word, no?" Margaret teased, noting her son's expressionless, serious face. "The first rule is not to be so serious!" Then.

"Check!" He said, and made a motion with his finger. "You still haven't told me what color your panties are today?"

"To be honest, I'm not really sure." Margaret replied, with a bit of a teasing look in her eyes. "It was a bit dark in the bedroom when I put them on this morning. I suppose that one of our options would be to suggest that you look under my skirt and find out."

Bill turned a little bit towards his mother and lifted her skirt to reveal her panties. "They are a mint green. And kind of bloomerish."

"Well, I am an old lady you know! They are quite comfortable, but I do have sexier ones." She teased. "I can tell you that there is still a rather lavish bush beneath those panties. Still! That's funny! You've never actually seen how thick it is, have you, my dear boy." She laughed. "I bet Pat waxes all her hair off, doesn't she? Now, us older gals, we know what a man wants.

Margaret sat studying her son as he processed her words. "Remember, there was an s on the word option? Are you interested in seeing how thick my bush is?"

Bill took the cue and moved to kneel in front of her, as she spread to allow him between her knees. Timidly, gently and slowly, he reached high under her skirt, snagged the elastic of her panties, and as she lifted her ass and then lifted her legs to assist, he pulled her panties down and off. He then positioned her feet on his shoulders. He looked down at his mother's pussy, studied in intensely for long moments wanting desperately to see through the dense reddish bush to see all of her forbidden treasure unobstructed. "It's a beautiful treasure, mom."

"I have never had such intense interest in what my pussy looks like." She stated. "You're embarrassing me. I didn't think that was possible."

After a moment, Bill inquired. "Is it clean?"

"Is it clean?" She repeated curiously. "I showered about two hours ago. Aren't you a fuzzy one? Maybe I should ask if your hands are clean?"

Margaret allowed her son to maneuver her ass closer to the edge of the sofa and, with raised eyebrows, watched with anxious curiosity as her son put his face into her hairy mound, only to move to her pussy. She felt immediate pleasure as his tongue began to explore her pussy, eventually centering on her clit.

"My Lord that's good!" She moaned. "One hell-of-an option! Exactly, how much did William tell you?"

Another minor surprise, as Bill worked his magic circling his mother's clit with his tongue. He gently lifted her ass so as to probe his tongue deep inside her treasure, causing her to push back against his tongue to achieve all possible penetration into her, all the while listening to her moan.

Margaret had not had a boyfriend since her son had come to live with her nearly 8 years ago. Her rise to orgasm was hastened by that neglect and the thought, more than feel, of her son's incestuous, forbidden tongue inside her

"Bill, it's so good!" She moaned. "Please, don't stop! Make me come! Please Bill, make me come!

And come she did. Her ass lifted high and Bill quickly returned his tongue to her clit. Margaret humped her son's face, moaning as a stricken animal might as the orgasm swept over her. Then, ever so slowly the orgasm receded and her ass slowed to a halt as her body relaxed. Bill let her ass settle on the sofa. Margaret's fingers coursed through her son's hair as he lightly caressed her clit with his tongue, sending little electric shocks through her body, causing her body to jump. Long moments later, after kissing her mound and all over her thighs, Bill returned to his mothers clit and proceeded to bring her back to the peak of sexual bliss. To his pleasure, and without question Margaret's, it took many minutes for her to reach orgasm. Her moans echo of the walls, giving Bill incentive to continue the licking of her pussy and clit.

"You're making me insane, you sweet boy!" Margaret moaned. "Stick your tongue back in my pussy. Oh! Fuck yes!"

Margaret began to hump her son's face, gripping the back of his head with both hands and pulling his face into her pussy.

"I'm close, baby!" Margaret cried. "I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh, fuck, I'm cominggggggggggggggg!"

The rhythm of her ass tripled as the orgasm seized her. She pulled harder, causing Bill to gasp for air. As the orgasm slipped away, Margaret, with determination, shoved her pussy against her son's face.

With his face covered in his mother's juices, Bill returned to his seat next to her on the sofa and sat studying her as she sat with her eyes closed.

A minute or two pasted before Margaret opened her eyes and regained her posture, sitting up straight.

"Where did you learn that!" She inquired.

"When I was living with dad, a 24-year-old gal took me under her arm and taught me a few things." He answered.

"Bless her heart!" Margaret replied, as she began to fumble with her son's zipper. After, a bit more fumbling she brought forth her son's erect cock. She toyed with it, studying it and finding it much to her liking.

Margaret began pumping her son's cock sitting beside him for a few minutes. Then, she moved to position herself between his legs so she should use both hands. She studied her son, his eyes closed, and listened to his moans as she worked her own magic. Then, she surprised herself with an option she had only used with her brother, and then, only on very special occasions. "Don't you dare come in my mouth!" She lowered her head over his cock taking the head of it into her mouth and began sucking firmly as she pumped on his shaft.

In a few short minutes, Bill began to hump slightly in rhythm and his moans increased. Margaret began a more aggressive pumping and sucking. This option was never used at home by his wife, and, as with Margaret, Bill, knowing that it was his mother sucking on his cock rocketed him to orgasm, much quicker than one might prefer.

"I'm coming, mom!" He shouted, moments before he exploded. Margaret pulled her head back and stared in girlish astonishment as the cum shot inches into the air and dropped back on her fingers and hand.

"My! Look at the cum!" She exclaimed, using the warm milky white semen as a lubricant as she continued to pump a mostly erect shaft. "You must have needed that real bad, sugar?"

"Ohhhhhhhhhh! It has been a while." He acknowledged. "You're right, I am not getting as much pussy as you might expect. Pat's not as sexual as most of the redheads I know."

"Don't be cute!" She chastised, squeezing his cock firmly."You had better only know two."

"WHEEEE! That was good!" Bill said.

"You got cum all over your pants." Margaret observed, as she got off her knees and stood in front of her son. "Why don't you and I take a shower together and you can scrub my back. I'm pretty sure you have some clean pants in the closet."

"Sounds like a good idea and I would very much like see you totally naked." Bill replied.

"Dido!" Margaret chirped. "See we have all kind of options!"

Bill studied this mom as they both undressed in the small bathroom. At 5'10", he seemed to tower over her barefoot 5'5" frame. Her breasts were not as firm and perky as he remembered when they lived in the apartment but her ass was still a thing of beauty. Hell, he had just held her buttocks in his hands proving that her long walks kept her body toned and tight. Hell, when they lived in the apartment, before he was married, they walked everywhere, and he was in better shape. A natural redhead, the cuff matched the collar, thick and a thing of beauty. Then, he focused on her nipples, finding them to be everything he did remember, standing firm and large, a true mouth full.

Margaret was doing her own appraising and found her son's body very much to her liking. His cock hung down a good 3 inches and was the thickest she had ever seen, though she had only seen six. Earlier, she had assessed it at about 7 inches when she was stroking it fully erect. 'Mercy my options are dwindling quick!' She thought.

"UUuummmmm! That feels good, sugar. Scrub it good and hard!" Margaret lightly demanded.

Bill happily responded, giving her back a thorough hard scrubbing with the soapy washcloth.

"Hey! That is not my back!" She rebuked, as her son began to scrub her buttocks. Then, she was aware of his squatting behind her and of his lips on her ass.

"You'll have to forgive me but I cannot resist the temptation to kiss such a great ass." Bill explained.

"You take all the time you need, sugar!" She purred, feeling his finger gently push between her thighs to lightly skim over her pussy. She spread her legs secretly wanting the finger to enter her, but slowly it withdrew. She willed its return and her eyes opened wide as it did indeed return and, gently probing, push into her. She placed her hands in front of her on the wall of the tub and cocked her ass, as her son's middle finger slid in and out of her.

Still, Bill planted soft kisses on his mother's ass, when he wasn't admiring her thick lipped, furry pussy.

When he withdrew from her and stood, Margaret moaned disapprovingly. But, she turned around and stood smiling as he began to wash gently around her face, neck, shoulders and breasts. As he moved the soapy washcloth down her belly, Bill lowered his face to her breast and sucked gently on her left nipple, then the right. Without any hesitation, she lifted her foot to the rail on the bathtub and allowed her son to gently scrub her pussy. Reaching, she found his rigid cock and fondled it lovingly, giving much attention to the head.

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