Commuting on the 7.45


Jayne kissed me gently and asked, “Happy tears Princess?”

I nodded as she held me tight.

“Let them flow my baby, let go of all the stress, I understand.” She cooed.

I felt so safe in Jayne’s arms and sobbed my heart out as she used the damp towel to wipe away my tears and runny nose.

I must have dozed off to sleep for a while because when I opened my eyes I found myself lying on my back with Jayne kneeling and straddling my tummy. My new lover’s hands were holding my wrists with my arms outstretched on the sheet.

“Did I fall asleep?” I asked with a contented giggle.

Jayne kissed me on the lips, smiled and said, “Wakey wakey Princess, yes great sex can have a soporific effect at times.”

I jumped at a sudden loud knock on her bedroom door but Jayne held me firmly down on the bed.

“It’s ok Princess, it’s a friend.” Jayne said with assurance, then she called out, “Come in Rose.”

I gazed in amazement as the lady from the toilet at the coffee shop walked into the room.

“Shut your mouth Princess dear.” Jayne laughed. “Laura I’d like you meet my neighbour Rose, Rose meet Laura.”

I grinned ruefully and shook my head as I watched Rose slip out of a housecoat to reveal her completely nude body. Like myself, Rose was attractive but a little overweight; however still in good shape for a lady of her age.

Rose bent over the bed and kissed Jayne and then myself. “Nice to meet you officially Laura, I can tell that you have been enjoying yourself with the lovely Jayne.”

Before I could reply Jayne said, “Rose get the ropes out of the bottom drawer please.”

“Ropes?” I said in sudden fright as I struggled against Jayne’s strong grip.

“Easy Princess, easy.” Jayne said. “We’re not going to hurt you, just have a bit of fun, ok? If anything happens that you can’t stand just call ‘Mercy’ and we will stop, I promise, ok? Hey baby, if I wanted to do anything to you I could have easily when you were asleep, so relax, we are friends, ok?”

Jayne’s words comforted me and I tried to relax and I watched as Rose looped rope around my wrists and secured the ends to the corners of the brass bed. Jayne bent down again and kissed me deeply as Rose spread my legs apart and tied them to the bed’s bottom corners. Jayne’s hands went to my nipples and started to play with them as, to my surprise, Rose left the room. Jayne’s play was soft and sensual and my nipples were soon hard once again as the familiar warmth flooded through to my pussy. Jayne placed a hand over my eyes and giggled as Rose returned to the bedroom. My breathing quickened as I felt Rose climb on the bed near my feet and I yelped in surprise as I felt something hot and damp touch my pubic hair.

“Shhhhhhhhhh Princess, just stay still.” Jayne said as she rolled off my body allowing me to see Rose applying shaving soap to my pubes. “Soon you’ll be as naked as Rose and I.”

“Oh God!” I exclaimed as Rose rubbed the soap thoroughly into my pubes. “You don’t waste much time do you?”

“So much nicer to eat hairless pussy.” Rose said as she picked up a safety razor. “Now hold still Laura, I don’t want to nick you.”

I closed my eyes and lay back as Rose quickly and expertly removed all my pubic hair. At one stage they released my ankles and lifted my legs so my knees were flat against my chest. Jayne held them in position as Rose shaved around my arsehole, before letting my legs down and securing them once again. I shivered at the unusual coolness as the excess soap was wiped off with a damp flannel.

“Look Laura.” I opened my eyes and looked down as Rose held a hand mirror for me to view her handy work. “You’ll have to keep them shaved when you shower or bath.

“Mmmmm, oh yes!” I cried as Rose’s fingertips caressed the folds of my slit.

“I think my Princess deserves a reward, don’t you Rose?” Jayne said with her villainous laugh as she slipped a blindfold over my eyes.

“Excellent idea Jayne, I have taught you well.” Rose laughed as she hopped off the bed with, I guessed, the shaving gear.

I heard another drawer being opened, then closed, and told myself that I was safe even though the butterflies had returned in numbers to my tummy.

Four hands touching me, so sensual and teasing, caressing and rubbing all over my body. Over my breasts, up and down my legs, arms, tummy and neck. Lips kissing mine so soft and erotic, then moving down to my breasts, I was in heaven. Both my breasts were being attended to at the same time and my back arched to the sucking and nibbling.

Suddenly the touching stopped and I felt my lovers moving on the bed. One settled between my legs and the other beside me. I heard a familiar noise that I couldn’t identify and then two hands slid under my thighs to move up and cup my arse cheeks. I moaned as I felt a finger probing at my arse hole, nobody had ever touched me there sexually. I thought I heard the word ‘lubricant’ whispered as the finger pushed against my sphincter. A smack on my inner thigh made me relax and the finger slipped further into my rectum. Again I groaned as the finger twisted and moved in and out of my anus. Two hands returned to my breasts and took some of my concentration from the sensations in my arse and I yelped as fingers squeezed my nipples.

My twisting body was pulling against the ropes as my expert lovers continued their confident play. Suddenly everything stopped as the finger was pulled from my arse and the breast play stopped. I moaned again at the frustration, I was so horny once again and the adrenalin running through my shaking figure had washed away any previous fear.

“Pleeeeaaaasssse!” I begged and then I yelped loudly as a clamp was attached to each of my nipples.

“Don’t be a wimp Princess, they are soft clamps.” Jayne admonished. “Now for the first vibrator, he he. Just relax my pet.”

“Oh God!” I yelled as something cool and hard was pressed against my arse hole.

Once past my sphincter the thin vibrator was pushed firmly and easily into my well-lubricated anus. Once again mixed emotions were flooding my confused brain. A small part of me was still rebelling against the new feelings from my breasts and anus but sexual excitement was now the over-riding sensation. A twisting and fucking large vibrator suddenly invaded my drenched pussy and before I knew what was happening both vibrators were switched on. My body erupted in the most mind-blowing orgasm I had ever experienced. Jayne and Rose later admitted that they were worried I might have a heart attack. All I can remember is wave after wave of absolute pleasure rippling through me as I screamed and moaned while pulling against the ropes. Jayne and Rose held my convulsing body, then released the ropes and removed the clamps and vibrators. They then lay each side of me, caressing and stroking as I began to calm down.

Eventually I relaxed back onto the sheet and opened my eyes to see my lovers looking worriedly at me.

“Did you get the number of that truck?” I gasped.

That sent the three of us into giggling fits as Rose and Jayne tightly hugged my sweaty body. They had the sense to let me regain my breath before Jayne kissed a cheek and whispered, “I think you have had enough for your first day Princess? Do you feel ok?”

“Do I feel ok?” I said contentedly, “I feel absolutely fucking wonderful! Wow, that was just amazing, astonishing, I umm I don’t know if there is an adjective to properly describe how I feel right now. How can I ever thank you?”

“No thanks needed Laura.” Rose said as she kissed me then left the bed and slipped into her housecoat. “I must go now as I’m going out tonight. Ask Jayne to tell you about our little group, I’m sure you would love to join us. Bye you two, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

As Rose left the bedroom Jayne kissed me once then fetched some very welcome iced water. As we lay sipping on the refreshing drink she suggested we relax in a bubble bath together. It wasn’t long before I was lying back in the bath with my lover’s arms around me as she explained about the monthly group of “about eight” ladies who enjoyed each other’s company in many varied ways.

“Of course,” Jayne added, “You will have to go through the initiation ceremony, but I’m sure you would love that.”

“Initiation ceremony?” I asked uncertainly. “What happens there?”

“That my Princess you will have to wait to find out.” Jayne said as she nibbled on my right earlobe. “But right now I want to get to know you better, you will stay the night?”

“Mmmmm I thought you’d never ask.” I replied. “I think this amazing day will be the start of a lovely friendship.”

To be continued?

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