tagInterracial LoveCompany Conference Ch. 01

Company Conference Ch. 01


© 2010

Roger and I met at a company convention a few years ago. We spoke and had general company conversations a couple of times after that. He works in the Nashville office, and is two managerial levels ahead of me. At this meeting, we are put into a focus group together, and I see him looking at me from time to time – because I am looking at him.

Roger is 48, and I am 34. Roger is white, I'm Black. Roger is 6', 205 pounds, sandy brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5'8", 36C-26-40, with shoulder-length hair and light brown eyes. Roger is already in the hotel fitness facility when I arrive at 6:30 in the morning. I didn't know how long he had been there, but he had worked up a nice sweat. He is doing chin-ups. I find a spot and stretch, then take off my fleece sweatsuit and get on the treadmill. I have on a sportsbra and jogging shorts. I smile a little when I see him look.

About a mile into my run he comes over and speaks to me. We have a short conversation about being the only ones at the meeting to be up working out, then he leaves. A couple of hours later, I see him again at breakfast. He's sitting with his friends and I'm sitting with mine. On the way to the meeting rooms, he compliments me on my business suit.

"Thank you, but I'd much rather have on what I did earlier," I smiled. "If I could, I would workout all day."

"I've never met a woman who fantasized about working out," he grinned.

"I didn't say it was my fantasy, just that I'd love to do it," I laughed.

"Why don't we do it together tomorrow morning then. I'll call you when I'm on my way down."

I gave him my room number, and only saw him in passing the rest of the day. About 10 that night, he sees me at the bar with some of my friends. He comes over and comments about the empty calories I'm going to have to burn off in the morning. I let him know that this glass of wine is my one and only for the night.

"So who is that?" one of them asks with a smirk when he left.

"Roger, from the Nashville office."

"We don't care where he's from; we just want to know where he's going."

I shake my head, "To his room, it looks like to me."

"Don't play dumb, girl."

I laugh, "Y'all know that I am happily married, and am not even thinking about messing that up. We saw each other working out this morning, and are going to workout together tomorrow." I see their expression, then stress, "In the fitness room!"

I put the issue to rest with my friends, but truth-be-told I did feel a sexual stir when I saw him working out. There's just something about a man with the right amount of sweat covering his body.

I brought my favorite vibrator to bed with me. Laying nude in the cool sheets, I tease my nipples until they are hard and my pussy is moist. I move one hand to my clit to get my juices flowing, then replace my fingers with the tip of the vibrator. I slowly increase the speed to maximum, bringing myself to an extended orgasm. I could easily go for more, but I need some strength for the morning.

I am up and ready by the time Roger calls my room. I have on my sweatsuit while we stretched, until we were ready for the treadmills. When I take the sweatshirt off, he tries to discreetly check out my chest. I let him have his look before we start running. There's not much conversation until we stop and move to other pieces of equipment. I like when he touched me as he shows me how to alternate my grips to isolate different muscles, and I make sure to touch him whenever possible too.

Before doing bench presses, he asks if I would mind if he took off his shirt. I try not to sound too eager in my answer. While he is on that, I get on the incline press. He finishes his sets before me, and stands in front of me drinking water as I finish. I don't dare look to see if he was looking at my open legs, because I would lose my grip on the bar if he is. I just concentrate on finishing my set.

He is spotting me on the pull-down machine, his hands on my sides, when he says, "So, about these fantasies of yours."

I keep going in my set, "What about them?"

"Do they ever involve you dancing?"

"I love to dance."

"Onstage?" I feel him looking over my shoulder.


He laughs, "No, not ballet."

I finish my set, but stay on the seat, "Classical?"

He shakes he head. "Can I tell you something that will sound corny?"

"Go ahead."

"I'm known for brutally honest, and don't hide very much."

"That approach to life can get you very far."

"You were in my dream last night."


He looks around as if he is making sure no one was coming. "My friends and I were at a club, a gentleman's club, and you came out on stage."

I raised my eyebrows, "How was I?"

"Magnificent," he whispers. "Your body was one with the music. The crowd loved you."

"Did you tip me?"

He laughs, "I left the club broke!"

"You're sweet; I don't know that a crowd would respond like that to me, or that I'd even have the nerve to do it."

"You have the body for it."

I smile, "You're too kind."

"Well, it was just a dream, right?"

I can't wait to get to my room and into my shower. I lather my body, and then touch myself in all the places I wish he had. I squeeze my breasts, pull my nipples, and aim the showerhead right at my clit until I had a wonderful orgasm.

We look at each other and smile whenever we see each other the rest of the day. I pass by his table at dinner on my way to eat with my girls, and he grabs my hand.

"Same time tomorrow?"

"I didn't slow you down?"

"Not at all! Workouts are better when you have a partner."

I smile, "Call me in the morning then."

My girls see the exchange, and ask me again what is going on between us. They don't believe that we are just working out together. They spend most of the dinner trying to warn me of the dangers of white men.

"Are you saying he's racist?" I prepare to defend Roger.

"No; just probably kinky as hell!"

I burst out laughing.

"I'm serious!"

"White men go absolutely wild with Black pussy."

"Are you talking from experience?"

"I plea the fifth," she zips her lips.

Roger calls the next morning, and we are even more comfortable with each other this time. Our conversation turns to who is sleeping with whom in our offices. When I get on the incline press he stands in front of me again.

"Not doing benches today?"

"I'm distracted," he grins.

I laugh. "By?"

"Are you kidding?"

"I didn't think men like you got distracted."

"Men like me only get distracted by the most beautiful things."

I rest my hands across the bar, "And what do men like you do to get un-distracted?"

He walks over and places his hand on my knees, and drags it up as he comes closer, "Well, I don't know about other men, but I invite that beauty to my room for a shower before everybody else wakes up." His hand moves up my thigh, and stops at my pussy, "Will that beauty accept?"

My heart is beating so fast I wonder if he can feel it. I question if I should for a minute, then push any question out of my mind. I move his hand, and gather my clothes. "She accepts."

We walk to the elevators as casually as possible. It is early, but anybody could be up. The elevator stops at the second-to-top floor, and he looks down the hallway before waving me to follow him. He opens his door, and keeps watch as I go in.

"Why do I feel like a teenager again," I laugh as I kick off my shoes.

"I don't know, but I hope it is this easy getting you back out."

"Oh, I didn't think about that."

"Well, let's not think about it now." He takes my hand and walks into the bathroom. He turns the warm water on in the shower, and pushes me against the counter to kiss me deeply.

I like the flash of assertiveness, and wrap my arms around his necks to return the kiss. He takes a step closer, pressing his erection into me. I moan in his mouth when I feel it. His kiss becomes more assertive as his hands roam over my body, then stop at my sports bra. His thumbs slide underneath, and stop. I keep my mouth on his, and raise my arms over my head. He lifts the bra off, and steps back.


I fold my arms, "You don't like sweaty breasts?"

He pulls my arms away, "Don't you dare cover them titties up!" Roger lets a hand go, and softly touches my breast. He thumb flicks across my nipple, "Damn, you have magnificent tits."

"That's a vulgar term."

He brings his other hand to my other breast, "So? You gonna turn prudish on me now?"

I shake my head.

He looks at me and gives my nipples a slight pinch," Do you really have a problem with vulgar right now?"

I draw in a breath. "No," I exhale.

"Let me hear you say it then." He asks when I don't answer, "What am I rubbing?"

"My titties," I moan.

"Good." He looks back down, "Such rich brown skin, capped with even darker nipples. Just beautiful." He lightly twists them as he leans in to kiss again, then slides his mouth and hands down in one motion. He licks my tits and nipples as his hands slide into my shorts. His fingers search for a second waistband, but don't fine one. "Oh you are far from a prude," he pulls my shorts down past my knees in one motion. I feel them fall past my calves, and step out of them and my socks as we continue to make out hungrily.

Roger stands back up to kiss me, pressing his clothed body against my bare one. I find his dick with my pelvis, and hump it. He holds me real tight for a second, kissing me hard and deep again, very passionately, pushing his tongue deep in my eager wet mouth, then steps back again. He starts to pull off his shorts, and I stop him.

I pull them to the floor as I squat. His rock-hard dick pops out. I let the tip slide up my body until it gets to my mouth. I let the tip slide in my mouth.

"Suck it," he groans.

I kiss it, and ask what he said.

"Suck it like you know you want to," he grabs my hair and turns my head up. "Make me feel how much you want this dick."

His words make my pussy flinch. I open my mouth and engulf his dick, taking the tip to the back of my throat.

Roger moans loudly as I he grabs the sides of my face and fucks my mouth, a little deep and a little hard. I grab and squeeze his ass to keep balance as he grips my hair tighter. You like being handled like this?"

I nod my head on his dick.

"Do you get it all the time?"

I shake my head.

"Oh, that's too bad."

I slide my mouth off his dick, "My husband and I make good love."

"But there are times you want to be fucked."

I just look up at him.

He pushes his dick back in, "There are times you want to be a slut."

I groan as my pussy flinches again.

"Maybe you should request a transfer to Nashville so I can mouthfuck you regularly?"

I groan again and make my mouth tighter around his dick.

"That'd be so hot, wouldn't it?" He reaches one hand down to pull my nipple, "Making love to your husband, then getting fucked by me. Would that satisfy you?"

I slide my mouth off with a smile, "Maybe."

"Oh wow," he laughs. His hand tightens even more in my hair, and he increases his pace.

I reach down to rub my clit, not expecting to be as wet as I am. My pussy is literally soaked. As he keeps fucking my mouth, I rub my clit.

"Where did your hand go? Are you rubbing?"

I nod.

"Spank it, so I can hear it."

I give my clit a slap, and wince at the sensation.

"I didn't say to just do it once, did I? Keep going!"

I spank my clit four times, pausing to let the thrill die down between each one.


I do it again, with shorter pauses, getting to the edge of an orgasm.

"Faster and harder!"

I groan, then do what he says, bringing on an orgasm.

"Yes! Cum for me, and don't let go of my dick!" He grips my head with both hands and holds my mouth on his shaft as he cums inside my mouth and throat. It fills my cheeks, then a little spills out the corners. Roger pulls his dick out and rubs it all over what has spilled out the sides to push it back into my mouth.

I look up at him and suck it off.


I shake my head.

He tightens his grip and hardens his stare, "Swallow."

I let his cum slide down my throat.

"You are one hot sexy slut!" he fucks my mouth slower.

I catch my breath, "You brought it out of me."

He pulls off his shirt, and grabs my hand, "Let's get in the shower. He turns me around in the water, then rubs the soap in his hands and leans down. He runs my hands up and down my legs to my knees, cleaning them completely.

I smile looking down at him cleaning me.

Roger moves his hands up higher between my knees and stomach, running his hands all over every inch of my skin. His soapy fingers lingering over my pussy and ass.

I get a little too wrapped up in the moment, and say, "I love seeing your white hands on me," before I can stop myself.

"Is that so?"

"I'm sorry; that sounded horrible."

He washes slowly between my legs, sliding his fingers over my asshole and pussy. One finger from each hand starts playing with each hole; probing and rubbing. "Sounds fine to me." He plays with each hole at the same time, pushing his middle fingers in at the same time.

I put my foot on the side of the tub to give him better access.

Without removing his fingers, he leans up to lick my nipple. He makes circles around it as he fingers each hole faster.

"Ohhhhhh shit!"

He pushes his ring fingers into each hole as I start moaning and calling his name. "Yeah, call it!" Roger sucks my nipple harder, making my body tremble.

My pussy has no problem with his fingers, but it takes a few minutes for my ass to loosen up. Once I relax enough, I bend my knees and hump his fingers.

"Cum for me!" He pushes a third finger into my pussy.


All of his fingers are going in and out in rhythm with the other, and he's sucking harder on my nipple.

Tension builds up inside me until I lose control of my body. Roger supports me as my orgasm takes over; my screams bouncing off the walls. He keeps his fingers in me even through the aftershocks, then slides them out.

"You all right?"

I summon enough strength to open my eyes, "I am all right."

He smiles then lathers his hands to clean my upper body. I lean against the wall and let his hands glide over my abs, back, shoulders and chest. He caringly washes off the soap, then wraps his arms around me. We kiss deeply some more, then he grabs a towel to dry me off.

With just 30 minutes before the first session, I hurry to my room and change. I grab a yogurt and sneak into the back of the room. Roger arrives 10 minutes later, and I try not to let my girlfriends see me react. Our morning encounter is all I can think about in the meetings. At lunch, I scribble a quick note on piece of paper. When I saw him at a common session later that day, I handed him a note asking if I could come to his room after dinner, and if he had a webcam on his laptop. At the end of the session he hands me a note saying it would be his pleasure for me to visit him, and that he has a cam.

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