tagNovels and NovellasCompany Intelligence Pt. 05

Company Intelligence Pt. 05


The action in more ways than one was centred on an elaborate high end Casino on the edge of a lake in Louisiana just across the border from Texas. The scenery was stunning, the place smelled of money and decadence, the weather was fresh as only Autumn can be in this part of America, the employees all had their permanent smiles plastered across their faces with the obligatory of course Sir where would you like it and there were the beautiful people everywhere wall to wall.

Such a plastic place. Highly polished with chrome and pseudo gold everywhere. The games rooms were full of the ever hopefuls with their fail-proof systems, be-jewelled and that was just the men with ridiculous hats, string ties, Boss gear and the mandatory highly polished cowboy boots that had never seen the side of a horse.

The women with their low cut dress and blouse cum pant-suit's, boob and face jobs, complimentary hairstyles and fake Gucci handbags all desperate to find that multi-millionaire that would turn their lives around. The husband shoppers and the hookers were in abundance.

AND then there were the real wealthy people, the high rollers flying in from all over the Americas who were housed, roomed, managed and coddled in a totally separate wing away from the unwashed. Money was no object. What was important had to be the moment; that instant in life that made it all worth the effort in leaving their comfortable lifestyles with servants hovering and having that big win over the house, getting that adrenalin rush without having to jump off a bridge with elastic cables attached or out of that perfectly good aeroplane at 10 thousand feet clamped to an instructor.

Into this indescribable place came the takeover players, all so disparate in their personalities and all so driven by so many different objectives and games. The lawyers were driven by the chase; that crushing victory obvious or not that sent them rushing for the champers and their second or third wives pussies. The merchant bankers in their Boss gear to get their cock literally into someone's face and show them just unimportant the target was and the merchant bankers were. The lenders needed those stats, more stats, more stats, more computer printouts of managed stats that made them look good when the deals were done and they could then make their mortgage payments the back end of the month. The security guys with their creepy attitudes and seemingly imaginary existence, never seen or heard until they were needed with their fists, guns and clean-up crews. The computer guys with their surveillance gear, the cloud databases and their controllers who were the real brains knowing what they could do legally and just staying on the right side of that so fine line. Finally there were the bosses who tried to get the collective together, funded the Shakespearean imbroglio and with that plan to make monstrous money so they could escape to that little part of the world where all this crap made it worth the effort. If there was one single them that brought them all together, it was MONEY.

Friday night in the Suite.

Sue (the real identical sister Pam) burst through the door running late from the beauty salon appointment.

Pam: Don't look at me I want this to be a surprise. I hope you love the new look. Just go and play with your computer for a while and I will be out shortly.

She rushed past Charles who got the benefit of a short kiss on the cheek as Pam flashed by into the dressing room attached to the suite.

Charles was well aware of the sister's penchant for the big entrance and the dramatic, so he just smiled, enjoyed the peck and finished putting on his clothes so he could relish a few quiet moments, probably the only ones he would have this night, while he sipped his Jack Daniels.

Thirty minutes later the dressing room door opened with a quiet squeak, just enough to allow Charles know she was about to enter. Pam approached Charles from behind and gently put her hands across his eyes.

Pam: Now gorgeous man of mine, you are about to see a new me. Not a mirror image of my sister or anyone else you may know. You may see some stolen ideas. I want you to be honest. Just remember two words "outrageous" and "conservative". I hope you love me still?

Pam released her hands form Charles eyes and ventured in front of him as he continued to sip his JD. His eyes widened and mouth opened taking in this apparition, this wonderful woman, this reformation and she was his and his alone.

Standing before him was this new lady, his lady and she was an incredibly stunning modern woman. Yes outrageous in some ways and conservative in others.

Charles: Is this woman in front of me mine? How can I be so lucky? Just let me feel to ensure this is not some computer image or hologram.

Pam: Oh no big boy, no touching until we get back to our room tonight. But then no limits and plenty of expectations. You can wander around me if you like taking in the aura and that fabulous parfum.

Charles knew better than to upset this picture, so he ever so slowly ventured around her in a close circle taking in all her angles and her subtle parfum. She was dressed to excite and yet controlled. She had that mature woman look of a temptress, but stopping short of a loose woman on heat.

He snuggled close to her right ear and neck, gently kissing the nape, sending shivers all down Pam's legs as he breathed softly into her ear. He whispered: Am I to assume that you have kept our deal?

Pam stepped way and did a slow twirl, allowing her boobs to bounce gently unrestrained and her bottom to wiggle without panty line.

Pam: So what do you think? Have I? And outrageous, conservative?

Charles stepped back and timed his response perfectly.

The beauty parlour had trimmed her hair to be closely cropped like maybe Katy Perry, but no tints or highlights. Just using the natural highlights in her hair; there were no greys yet.

Her make-up was a soft peach colour with a light brown eyebrow set and light blue eyeliner and emphasis. There were sparkles on her cheeks. This package showed off her perfect rounded blue eyes, while focusing attention onto her delicate white skin of her face and long neck. The lipstick was a soft peach that complimented her pale skin, being tone on tone and avoiding contrasts. Her ear rings were white diamond droplets extending down maybe two inches below the end of her earlobe; they flashed in the light as spun around, with a mandatory eye blink.

Charles: Outrageous hair style change, but conservative and stylish makeup. Love it.

Her blouse was black silk halter style sleeveless that gapped almost to Charles memory of her navel in front and virtually with no back other than a mandatory tie to keep her decent. The sides just hid enough of her boobs. The silk shimmered as she twirled, highlighting a simple gold cross between her boobs. The cleavage was considerable but the blouse was tight to the point that her 36C's strongly emphasised her nipples against the silk material.

Charles: Like where have you been hiding that blouse? Your nipples tell me you are loving this outfit.

Her black pants were also silk, not too tight as to show her camel toe as with elastane, but tight enough to show her stunning rear end she had worked so hard retaining in the gym. There was no panty line anywhere to be seen.

Charles: You fit those slacks to perfection darling. I hope they are not too hard to take off later when I can convince you for some love making.

Pam showed him one button and zipper.

Her feet were withheld in a pair of gold strapped sandal like shoes that did not have depth so she stayed around Charles normal height.

Charles: New shoes?

Pam just shook her head.

Her arms showed off her perfect white skin, with only a small blue sapphire bracelet on her wrist to accentuate her long arms and engagement and wedding rings. Pam found that in Sue's jewellery draw and she was almost certain Charles had given that to Sue for a wedding anniversary.

Charles: To me you are stunning, perfect even and I am sure I am going to have to stay very close tonight to keep away some of those creepy lawyers James has hired.

Pam: All recycled from home honey. No problems as I hate lawyers generally, they are usually slime balls to use a Trump vernacular. You are looking pretty "hunksome" yourself tonight. One man woman here, just stay real close. I love you.

Charles: I love you too.

Pam: We better get moving as were are due in five at the party? Assume you have to be on time.

Charles: Yes, very much so with this lot. I am sure you will enjoy Marina, so we should try to stay around them tonight. One thing Marina, has two sides; one very approachable and another that tells me she has had some tough times in her life before she met James.

The Party

Charles and Pam arrived at the entrance to the suite to be greeted by a serious muscleman Mario. He checked over their invite, their photos on his IPAD and the agreed password that Charles supplied.

Mario: Once you enter tonight, please stay inside this suite. Do you have a mobile or camera? May I please inspect your handbag Sue?

Charles and Pam: No need for cameras and mobiles tonight.

Pam had a very small clutch bag so no problems there.

Mario: I am sorry to ask this but all guests are asked to go through the detector before they enter. OK?

Charles and Pam passed through without beeps.

Mario: Enjoy yourselves. Marina has asked you to join her at the main table.

After they passed through the Portal, Pam asked: Did you know about that screening?

Charles: Yes

Pam: And should I presume there are cameras watching us and listening in tonight.

Charles: Yes.

Pam just smiled at Charles and moved forward through the vestibule into the dining area where people were beginning to be seated around a long table adorned with considerable pieces of silver for each setting and individual place name plates.

There was one man and woman standing at the head of the table and there were four vacant seats. The man was facing Charles and Pam as they approached. He flashed a beautiful confident and welcoming smile. James was immaculately attired in a grey suit that just fitted him perfectly. He had a gold tie and brilliant white shirt. One would think somewhat formal, but not really for James as they would discover later. The woman had her back to them, but with the backlighting you could almost see straight through her white lace blouse and silk pants. There was no way she was wearing underwear, but he figure was to die for and her hair was a brilliant cascading black lusturous long movement as she swished around to greet them.

Pam: Looks like a man after you own thinking here Charles'? while motioning to the see through nature of Marina's clothing.

Charles: Yes I think so. She is absolutely devoted to James. I doubt she would ever say no to anything he suggested and the same back from him. They are very much in love.

Marina turned around as James held out his hands in greeting our couple.

The men shook hands and then greeted each lady with a genuine hug.

Marina: Come sit next to me Sue. We can keep each other amused while the men exchange men's talk. Those greezy lawyers will leave you alone, just batch your bottom, they have loose hands.

Marina was right. Just walking to her seat in the confined spaces around the table, there were several explorers. Two in particular finished with sore toes from a grinding heel.

After a brief formal greeting from James all were seated and the wine and food flowed freely with Marina approving absolutely everything that was placed before the guests before it was enjoyed.

Marina: You should know James really enjoys your husbands company and his counsel. But enough formality, tell me about yourself and your family. Charles tells me you have two girls that are twins?

Pam: I was also a twin and we are almost identical until this afternoon when I used your beauty parlour voucher. That was brilliant and Charles loves the result. Many thanks for that. We are here on a second honeymoon for his birthday tomorrow. So it is his turn to get spoilt from now on.

The next two hours saw a lengthy delivery of food, champers, red wine and desert French sauternes, along with a lot of information that Pam knew Marina would recall every single word afterwards.

Pam: I see a very beautiful woman, very confident in her knowledge and skills, open to people and ever so friendly. Do you want to tell me about yourself?

Marina with stunning smile and her Spanish accent: After a few glasses of wine the hard side of me tends to disappear, unless provoked.

Maybe when we get to know each other better I will give you more of the gory stuff, for me it is difficult, but it is best we start when James and I met? I was doing uni in Columbia and working part time for a security firm providing Spanish to English translations. James was working for an oil service company in a risky part of the back country. He had recently divorced and probably was in a careless frame of mind, because he had just lost access to his two sons that had gone back with their mother to Dallas. His boss wanted him to go out and talk to some of the locals, so he and I went with a small team of geologists. We were set up and the geologists were held for ransom. I was the only local, so I got beaten up big time over the next month mainly because I helped James escape. With James free he was able to make his company pay off the kidnappers a huge amount of US dollars and get his people out. For me I was stretchered out and spent most of the next six months in and out of hospital. James visited me every single day and he paid every bill personally, even the cosmetic stuff. But I lost my ability to have babies because of those pigs.

Her face hardened: They paid later.

After a brief break: When I was recuperating, James insisted that I stayed at the company security compound, not that I could go anywhere in my state. He spent all his free time with me as I gained strength and eventually we fell in love. We have never been apart since and I love him dearly.

I changed my name when we came to the States and we married under the Golden Gate bridge in San Fran in 2010.

He encouraged me to finish my business degrees in Houston and then we set up a couple of IPO's. He sold out at the right time and now live comfortably. We are working with Charles on another deal right now, but no business tonight?

Pam just leaned over and embraced her with a very caring cuddle. Both began to cry over their shoulders. They excused themselves and re-joined to the peace of the ladies.

Ten minutes later after they wiped away the tears and adjusted their makeup they came out to see the gathering was breaking up for the evening, with the men retiring to an adjoining room for a meeting.

Marina: I have something to do this evening. Will you come with me to the gambling room for the high rollers? James has given me some cash to blow for say an hour. Those men are definitely off limits to us until the morning, maybe breakfast.

Pam: Sure thing. Maybe I have collected a new sister this evening? We used to do everything together. I now duck all the men stuff we did, but a bit of watching would be fine. You should know I am a hopeless gambler.

Marina: You know that James is quite a few years older than me. He understands that I still have a wild side. This outfit I wear tonight is what he calls my work clothes.

Seeing the querying look: Is best you don't ask. One little thing you may have noticed on our WHO's WHO, I also went through training to do the highest level of black belt Brazilian karate while I got what's left of my body back; so he is pretty comfortable I will not get into a mess I cannot get myself out of on most of the time.

The High Rollers Room and Bar

The ladies proceeded to the high rollers room with James special pass. James had established a US$50K credit line for Marina. They progressed through proof of identity and collected their chips.

Marina: How about we play Roulette?

Pam: Fine by me. It's your money.

Marina: Here is $20K in chips. I suggest we bet individually and on consecutive rolls, so we are not playing against each other.

Please play whatever you like in numbers and colours.

You will win for 5 out of ten rolls, but by ten you will have re-invested all your winnings and will be out. Put out whatever you want to be at each roll, but I tell you the result will be the same. Have some fun with real money if you like, but you will lose it all by the tenth.

I will do the same and loose the same amount. That should take us an hour or thereabouts by which time a man involved in the deal James and I are working on will want to talk to me. I would appreciate it if you folded when your cash is gone and return to your suite. I will need to talk issues through with this guy privately.

Pam: How do you know all this so precisely.

Marina just smiled: Your turn.

If you ask yourself how many times in a normal person's life they would have been exposed to this bizzare scenario, you would probably come up with a figure of around absolutely never. Yet the rolls turned out exactly as Marina "predicted", with big wins and losses, stacks and stacks of shouting, free drinks and high fives, congratulations and "bummers" all packed in to get the exact result of both losing $20K after one hour and around ten rolls of the wheel.

Pam: Well I think it is time I saw if that man of mine is ready for a roll of his own in our king sized bed. Truth is I am rather tipsy after all that alcohol and I probably would be safer to cut to the home bed.

She rose and gave Marina a huge hug and headed for the lifts via the ladies.

On finishing her relief she looked back into the bar and saw two men approach Marina. They moved away very quickly with some apparently well chosen words. Her interest being tested Pam sat down well away from the bar and turned her back to where Marina was sitting opening a US News as if she was checking her shares, but able to see what was transpiring in a reflection of glass in front of her. A third man approached, this time slightly under-dressed for this room's protocols and he was also sent packing.

A fourth man approached and the conversation was much longer.

Carlo in his best Italian accent: Good evening. I could not miss the fact that you were without a drink and that you were not welcoming male interest. Such a beautiful woman as yourself should never be lonely.

Marina: I never talk to three types of men:

1/ Ones who are tyre kicking. I hate men who do not have strong personalities;

2/ Married ones who have no money; and

3/ Men who are ugly.

Are you one of those. If so go away. If not I like a Martini Dry, please. Harry is the barman he will be here in a minute to get our choices.

Carlo: Not I am not tyre kicking and I am definitely not married. On the ugly that is for you to determine.

Marina lifted her arm to signal the barman and Harry was there before any other conversation occurred.

Carlo: You have influence here?

Marina: No, I just come here often to play Roulette, win and lose, but just after some decent entertainment and try to make a living in such a beautiful location.

Carlo: Living?

Marina: A lady has to live, so she may as well do it style if she can while she can.

Carlo: So do I have three types of women I do not talk to like you?

Marina: My guess is you do not like ugly women because you are not poor and they would not let you in if you were. You do not like unsophisticated women like the blond bimbos out there in the main hall. You do not like women who do not enjoy sex. So those three would be my thoughts.

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