tagNovels and NovellasCompany Intelligence Pt. 06

Company Intelligence Pt. 06


This is the sixth Part of a Novella, covering the tortuous and seemingly endless mind games of a very high value takeover of X Co Ltd on the NYSE. Readers will gain considerably from reading the build up earlier Parts, but this Part does stand on its own.

Two women, Pam and Sue, being identical twins had most of their lives played men off, regularly unaware that there were two equally beautiful and intelligent women. Both had married and had children.

Pam had lost her only child and husband in a car accident and was wanting to reclaim her life as a loving caring one man woman. She was tired of Sue's intrigues, lust for sex and self centeredness.

Sue wanted it all. She had two beautiful girls to a great hard working guy, but she was not maternal and all she wanted was her fill, particularly in her pussy and in her personal bank account.

The two identical twins swapped identities, something of which they had done in their single pasts and Sue saw herself as free from all those burdens, problems, children she never wanted and most of all sexual limits. Pam did not see those as problems and wanted everything that Sue was basically throwing out the window in her relationship with her husband Charles; Pam wished to grab that opportunity with both hands and hang on for all her might even if she had to pretend she was Sue. Fortunately she was a professional actress.

James and Marina were the major shareholders and Directors in X Co Ltd and were very astute in the games of takeovers, having been there many times before.

Carlo was the head of one of the teams that had formed to chase down and consume X Co Ltd. He had no moral compass, ethics or cares, just for money and power. Sue to him was just loose pussy and a cost centre.

Just listen to the opening lines in her now dark and infamous song Sweet Dreams, Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics:

Sweet dreams are made of this

Who am I to disagree?

I travel the world and seven seas

Everybody's looking for something

Some of them want to use you

Some of them want to get used by you

Some of them want to abuse you

Some of them want to get abused

Annie's eyes were full of dark and deception. She was challenging her tormentors, maybe her inner demons were escaping to the light? Her face was white against a black background and the red lipstick emphasised those classic features with her pearl white teeth. She was a music change agent, beautiful and demanding. She epitomised much of what we see in today's takeover markets:

You, come challenge me!

You have to be smarter, faster, agile and willing to lay me down, legs up and intimidated!

Just how badly do you want to win and can you afford me in the end?

If you get between my legs, who and how to determine the winners and losers?

So you screwed me over and you now own my company, but do you and who really used who?

James and Marina's Suite - Saturday Afternoon

Marina enjoyed her hot shower, washing away the memories of last night and dwelling on the pleasures of this morning. Drying off, she ventured into the dining area to find James intently reading his screen and occasionally calling someone on his crew.

She washed down her brunch with two cups of coffee and stared at her man in his silk night coat working away. She lived in awe of her husband. She saw him as her saviour, lover, provider and most of all carer. She had a man who cared for her so deeply she often cried herself to sleep thinking how lucky marrying this special person.

He was tall, sophisticated greying, hairy chest exposed from his night coat, stunning good looking and those blue eyes that just penetrated her anytime she was able to get him to concentrate on just her. She had become adept at finding ways of getting his attention when her pussy sought action. Now was just one of those moments.

She sat opposite James across the clear glass dining table that until recently had housed their brunch. She opened her laptop and booted it up with wi-fi. She knew that James was sensing everything she was doing, just keeping an eye on her when she got mischevious. She was that right now and she was going to see how far she could go.

Our temptress slowly undid the tie around her silk night coat letting it drop to the ground at the base of her chair. She sensed James move, but did not lift her eyes.

Ever so slowly she opened her legs wider and wider which also had the effect of opening the gap between the flaps of the gown and increasing exposure around her ample breasts.

She bent forward supposedly to see something on her screen, allowing her target opposite more than adequate viewing down her chest. By now she was expecting James to become interested in her activities, but today he was playing hardball?

She loaded some scenes from 50 Shades darker and played them back without muffling the sound but low enough to suggest she was arguably not trying to interfere with James work. The sounds of Dakota Johnson having sex with Jamie Doran after all are rather intrusive to most men. Not today or so it seemed.

The last resorts were slipping her right hand down on to her left boob and allowing it to play with her nipple and that soft under belly. Her right nipple stood to attention without stimulation accentuating itself against her now loose silk night coat. Her left hand slipped between her legs where she found her pussy was well stimulated by anticipation; it was leaking and wanting action. She softly whimpered as her explosion approached while she frigged herself quietly but obviously via the see through table to her man opposite.

She lost concentration on the screen as she approached climax, not hearing James rise himself from his chair and venture to her back. James slipped his hands down her front from behind her chair and roughly manipulated her nipples. She could take no more and collapsed forwards into James arms.

He lifted her up and laid her down on their bed.

James: That was outrageous teasing. Looking into her eyes from but inches apart: You are going to be my slave tonight after that effort. Prepare yourself beautiful wife.

As she drifted off thinking just how slave like she planned to be tonight.

James looked back at his lady, already planning exactly his tasks for Marina tonight, but needing to get back to his computer to prepare for the Board meeting. She was just absolutely beautiful in every way as her body formed into the bed as she lightly slept. Her leg trailed over the edge of the bed exposing her pussy as if to say "promises promises".

James smiled and refreshed his screen.

Pam and Charles Suite - Saturday Late Afternoon

Pam: Unless you want to join me in the shower, I've got another appointment with Marina downstairs in the beauty parlour in 30 minutes?

Charles: You tempt me terribly, but my computers bells tell me I have some emails to attend.

Pam: Ok a girl can only try, even if only for a quicky.

Among those emails were the security photos of 4 new guests at the Casino and after that the anonymous video recycled from Marina. Fortunately Charles viewed the photos first, so he had a very good idea recognising the woman who was in the gym getting a beating from the owners wife was not the lady in his shower with a totally different hairstyle and highlights. His lady had been with him and Marina exclusively for 30 hours, so it was the other sister...

Charles remembered exactly what Pam had said to him about her sister being out of control and soon going to be needed to be bailed out by her again. Those nagging doubts as to who was in the shower returned. What did twig to him was the fact that the sister being taken to task by the gym owners wife could not have escaped without bruising around her ribs and his lady presently singing in the shower definitely had no bruises or sensitive ribs; his recent love making was proof positive of the closest scrutiny. The tape was dated and that was the afternoon when Sue came home to be confronted by Charles and the two daughters, with Sue storming off to the guest bedroom for the night. The picture was being created and Charles was no fool. He decided to leave matters alone and let the scene unfold; like what was his downside? Besides he had plenty on his mind and a huge fee at stake.

The emails also included copies of the documents being released to the CEO and the three non-executive Directors. He needed to know the contents of these backwards, so he buried the two other emails in his computer under deep firewalls and poured over the documents. His viewing of the meeting would soon commence, albeit remotely and in secret conjunction with Carlo's people.

Pam in her typical flourish in getting dressed noted Charles frowns and his mobile calls to his people. Tonight was another night of pressure. She kissed him on his forehead while seeing boring legal docs on his screen, knowing leave him best alone and go out and enjoy the parlour with Marina. Pam could not resist the opportunity to brush past Charles with her ladies somewhat on display and softly touching his neck as he focused on the screen. Truth was this second honeymoon was working for her libido big time and her pussy would have loved some action, albeit short and sweet.

Charles smiled at her as she went out the door just checking his lady was keeping to her promise of no under garments. She was. His cock twitched and he looked forward to tonight's adventures.

The Board Meeting

James: Hi guys thanks for giving up your private time and also getting together so we can the business done quickly.

Two things to start before we get into the formal business. Over the last few days we have noticed some unusual events on our website. So Marina took the step of appointing a specialist group to handle our website in conjunction with our own people. The second thing is we all now have email accounts attached to our server in Houston; we did this so we could better protect each of us and our X Co emails from hacking and viruses. Next week when we are all back in Houston I will get Marina to introduce you all to Charles ... and his team, who you will see wandering around the office at times with authentication badges around their necks.

Marina: We have a quorum present and our CEO is in attendance. The only absentee is Veronika, our Research Director who has sent in her report yesterday and was attached to the Board papers for this meeting.

Is Skype working for everyone? Yes was the chorus. Charles quietly nodded in the background two floors up.

James: You guys would not yet have had the time to read the two documents from the Germans. I will give you a briefing on that development, what is contained in the two documents and the report from our lawyers in Houston as to our disclosure obligations to the NYSE. Harold worked all night on the report to their credit, so they scored a few points last night. Marina did the report on the coming shortages of Lithium, Graphene and some of the other rare earth minerals, so she can speak to that later.

James: If we deal firstly with the report from Veronika and her teams.

There was considerable discussion from 6 present about exactly how amazing the experiments had progressed X Co's knowledge on the blending of those rare earths and the inter-relationship of Nickel-Ion alternatives to battery technologies for self-drive vehicles, electric buses and industrial trucks. What was clear was that X Co was on the brink of some major breakthroughs in producing components that would allow considerably cheaper commercial batteries using complex blends and some surprisingly common and readily available main stream minerals.

What also had evolved through their research was Artificial Intelligence upgrades that would be possible because of the increased efficiencies of the batteries.

Marina pointed out that in the current and all future reports from Veronica the compositions of each compound would not be identified in her reports and agreed references from the current report would remain consistent, with variants numerated with extra A to Z descriptors. Again a mechanism to reduce risks of hacking and copying, along with some new forms of encription.

The Directors resolved to approve Veronika's budget for the next six months and also for her team to begin preparing worldwide patent applications.

There was a real sense of confidence in the meeting and there was none of the bickering that has proceeded from arguments between Chemical Engineering Director and the Marketing Director of the recent past. Just like the CEO, both were young and demanding individuals who were looking for X Co to supply them that one big deal in their lives that should set them up financially for their own pursuits.

Marina had obtained fresh independent research from one of the NYC top commodity trading houses that had only one key element. The prices of Lithium, Cobalt, Graphene and other rare earth minerals like Dysprosium were going to rapidly increase as supply became tight from the existing mines in South America. So the reduction in the usage of these minerals in battery components would be very welcome to the auto manufacturers around the world and be highly valuable technology.

The two documents in from "the Germans" were a Proposal from a consortium of four very large vehicle manufacturers to co-operate and also to fund the continuing research of Veronika's teams, as well as a draft agreement to consolidate their joint efforts over new technology batteries and vehicles that would use electric power exclusively. The names of the companies, the people signing off the Proposal and the initial year funding of just short of one million dollars could only be described as seriously impressive. Royalties ranging between 5% and 10% would be payable on the market value of every battery utilising the X Co technologies.

These documents were so substantive to X Co, that it was resolved the Directors should spend the next week considering the Proposals and the draft documents and a further meeting would be called to make decisions on the way forward, including what may be available from local US auto-manufacturers. In effect the Directors saw this as the first offer in a much more complex game of chess between the ginormous multi-nationals and the diminutive X Co.

The report from the lawyers essentially was that there was no need to release details of the research progress or the Proposals from "the Germans". What was unsaid of course was that another week would potentially open up opportunities for insider trading and the CEO (also paid by Carlo's team) would have bargaining power over his exit bonuses.

The meeting wrapped up in a very buoyant mood and would ensure there were many drinks to follow dinner this evening. The Directors could see a line of bonuses that would encourage (potentially foolish) gambling practices over the tables this evening.

The meeting closed quickly allowing Marina to dash out for the beauty parlour and James to call down Charles for his feedback after he had electronically followed the Directors and the CEO back to their own suites. It is surprising how unprofessional mature adults can become when they are faced with major personal financial gains and they need to talk to "supporters" when they return to their supposedly bug free rooms.

The Houston Divorced Wives Club Suite

The four women did not note the special attention provided by the check-in counter or the porters taking their luggage to the suite. They were still buzzed from the champers in the limo and to be blunt were already on the way to wipe out, excluding Sue. She had kept her alcohol consumption down to ensure she was ready for her role and to act as controller of this load of cats. Being inexperienced she did not have sufficient suspicions when reception pushed a button each time the women received their room passes, or when the porters turned on switches in their suite that did not seem to activate lights. The women were too interested in how well the porters were stacked and how super friendly they were to the women's one liners. After the porters left there were plenty of off colour remarks about their intentions with those porters later in their stay if they could find excuses to get those guys to their suite for a little play time.

The suite was basically four bedrooms with external access, all inter-connected to a central entertainment area, bar, dining table and lounges. The standard was 5 star plus and Red checked the bar was fully stacked with Moet, scotch, JD and mixers.

Sue: OK girls if we keep drinking like Moet is water we are all going to be too drunk to have fun tonight. Moni would you please get that coffee machine going while I see what was in my envelope left for me by Carlo and the I suggest you girls check out your bedrooms and get unpacked?

Thirty minutes later only Sue was on her feet. The others were snoozing off the limo ride and its beverages. It gave Sue time to read Carlo's messages and the rest of the contents of that large envelope. In the envelope were Sue's instructions and some briefing data, a flashcard obviously installed with interrogation software and US$5,000 in small notes. Sue carefully read and shredded all the papers in the envelope. She put the flashcard in her small purse and thought through how to apply that $5k.

The male targets were supposed to be in the bar post their Board meeting around 7.00pm and they had booked dinner for 8.00pm in the restaurant. Gambling was scheduled from 10.00pm onwards in one of the private rooms for high flyers. Pre credits had been arranged for $20,000 for each of the four by the house.

It was 5.45pm and the girls were stirring from their slumbers. Tracey was first out and downed her first black coffee. She was more likely to be Sue's best helper and undoubtedly the brightest of the three. The others joined around the dining table.

Sue: Trace, could you give me some help here?

Tracey was very willing as her groin stirred from lack of action.

Sue: Carlo is spoiling me terribly again. Look he has given us $5000 to spend, no conditions or constrictions. What do you reckon?

Tracey was very deliberate and measured in her response for a woman that had consumed half a bottle of Moet that afternoon.

Tracey: We don't have time for the beauty parlour. We have all the gear, lingerie and perfumes we would need and the bar is stacked. Maybe we look to get some decent weed and some coke, just in case the men here are hopeless tonight or if they need a bit of push to get them in the mood so to speak. That may leave us some left over gambling money for tomorrow or some cash to splash?

Sue had known of Tracey's interest in the old weed from their single days and Moni had been known to have the occasional sniff of coke, so she got the answer she was wanting.

Moni volunteered to browse the bar area and see what she could acquire with $1000. The $4000 would come in useful, even if to bail the girls out over the weekend. Back by 6.30 the girls were impressed by what Moni had been able to buy so quickly and for the right price. Fact was the dealer was setting her and maybe the others up with stuff that would get them hooked, not too unlike what had happened with the very lucky Pam in her escape from the dealer last night.

Sue: That looks like good stuff. Give us the story!

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