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Company Intelligence Pt. 08



This preferably should be read in conjunction with a knowledge of the seven previous parts that provide a cumulative of the story so far and the imbroglio that was progressively enmeshing and about to smash some of the participants. However this Part rests on its own facts and can be read as a stand-alone story and still be interesting and intriguing.

The takeover of X co Ltd, a company listed on the NYSE, was about to enter the critical phase where the parties knowledge upon which their bids would be based would reach its peak and competition for that key fact, report or technical result from the AI and chemical trials now ever so important.

James and Marina were now experts in takeover activities, the law in the States and at Federal level and how to just stay on the right side of that fine line of evidence. They key was to get the competitors to make the mistakes and have them breaching the laws. In particular the Insider Trading provisions were so critical to all the parties.

The common man in the street would never be exposed to these provisions that exist at Federal level and also in some of the States of the USA. But everyone in the financial community would have a better that background knowledge.

A company or individual would be using insider information if they bought or sold shares in a listed public company if they possessed or acquired market sensitive information from inside the company and that information was not available to the investing public. This would obviously include information around the chemical test results from the Research Director or from the Technical Directors related to the Artificial Intelligence experiments being conducted, or from the business proposal now being promoted to the Board generally from the German investor group.

Penalties if found guilty before a Court range for individuals of around the US$2 million, plus exposure to sentences in jail of out to twenty years. Not ending there, civil penalties can range out to 3 times the profit made or the loss avoided. For companies criminal penalties can be as high as US$25 million and the individual officers, directors and contractors are exposed to the individual's regime. So not a mere trifle and groups like the enforcement regulatory bodies such as the SEC and the FBI are more than willing to apply to scare compliance for those who need to live and work in the USA. For those foreigners who may wish to not comply, then there are extradition treaties and border enforcement.

We will see if and how the competitors fare?

Sunday Morning - Early in James and Marina's Suite at the Casino

Marina moved her neck ever so slightly to reposition herself on her pillow. This was her signal to James that she was awake and was open to offers of a wakeup message. James had spooned himself up tightly against her back last night after they had made love as their minds wandered off into many ZZZZZ's territory.

She felt his left hand move and waited in anticipation as to where it may reside for the next ten minutes or so. It chose to snake its way ever so tantalisingly from her left boob amid several tweaks and eventually finding a lovely warm crevice between her legs. Her slit remained wet form the lovemaking of hours before as they collapsed before she cleaned. Those fingers firstly found that gap and spread the opening gently to avoid catching any of the small hairs around her landing strip. The middle finger explored the depths and eventually found that little bud that sends women crazy. The clit had already liquefied itself with pre-cum knowing what James intentions were from their many lovemaking adventures of years gone by. Her left leg lifted somewhat involuntarily allowing that hand more freedom for adventurous pursuits.

James knew exactly what Marina wanted when she gets these hyper sex moods. Spooning was her absolute favourite way to awake, along with James hard cock.

Two fingers entered and one concentrated on the frontal part of her vagina. The other was intent on massaging that clit. Ever so slowly her gap became more and more moist and that hand had become the adventure tool dripping in pre-cum. The gap widened. The hand did not give up. The thumb became active around that soft bump of the clit separating the small folds and focusing on the centre. The two very moist fingers changed their attention points. The shorter moved in and out while circling the entrance and promoting pre-cum. The longer sought out the rose bud and played around the outside until it was so moist from leakage above it easily penetrated and began working its way deeper into the darker depths with a slight sawing motion.

The silence was not broken.

Marina had been here many times before and she was going to get exactly what she loved most as a special event from James and his sizeable but not too large cock.

Her left hand ventured down her side and found a nice hard cock wanting her particular attention close to her love tunnel. She felt the pre-cum oozing from its little hole and wiped it generously over its head. The cock firmed in her grip and she placed it at her gap allowing it to soak as much of her juices while she teased it against her slit.

Both parties waited as she and her pussy chose what was next.

The cock head slipped into her gap and was drowning away. She moved her hand moving it within her gap and massaging it against her g spot, sliding it and pushing it with pressure against the walls and the inner nerve endings just inside her pussy.

Getting that cock well lubricated she moved James longest finger away from her rose bud and encouraged and manipulated that cock into her rose bud. Pushing back she moved her hand to behind James and sought he began to fuck her until he came deep in her bowels.

Ever since James had introduced her to anal sex Marina had wanted it regularly, especially when she could get attention to her pussy and her clit. She preferred her Mandingo, but James hand and those long fingers were excellent seconds.

James penetrated deeper and she could feel his hand and his cock through as if they were touching each other and rubbing her into bliss.

There was no need for words, just lovemaking as only long term lovers can enjoy.

When James eventually came and his last drop of cum was strained from his cock, Marina allowed him to escape to the shower. She joined him and they appreciated the mutual closeness and pleasure loose hands can generate.

James broke the silence: I love you so much.

Marina in her sexiest Spanish accent: Fine by me Darling. You're my forever keeper. That cock of yours really knows what I need. I love you so much it hurts. Besides you are the world's best "hugger".

Drying off they donned their hotel gowns and ordered eat-in brunch. They had a lot of monitoring and catching up to do. An early afternoon meeting with their lawyer team over the German proposals and whatever disclosures if any they may need to make to the NYSE would dominate the rest of their day, especially as neither wished to be sighted anywhere, much less around the Casino. James would follow up the team with assignments using his encrypted emails and Marina would spend her hours watching and reading the body language of those Charles and others had provided "monitored" access.

It was not until the evening hours when the rooms were vacant that Charles team of cleansers would remove all evidence of relays and communication devices, so there would be plenty to "consider".

James decided to through a curve ball to get everyone back to Houston and focused on X co Ltd rather than their physical pursuits. He had Marina set up a Board meeting in the office for all Directors on Monday at 11.00am, including the Research Director who could not be present over the weekend. Attached as Board papers were more documents from the Germans, mainly because he wanted to see how much was leaking and who from. Charles got his own blind copy as a warning to be vigilant with his own teams monitoring.

Later that evening as James and Marina were enjoying their room service and all the other players were enjoying their dinner some video clips from Henry's suite happened to arrive in Charles inbox.

Sunday Morning - 10.00am Henry's Suite at the Casino.

As soon as the pair woke from their nights activities Sue had been ushered out of the shower by Henry and off to her own suite with a promise for brunch. Henry may have appeared to be acting foolishly, but he knew that there were people out there who would be trying to set him up as the fall guy, should the brown stuff hit the fan.

Once Sue reached the foyer she rang Carlo and received an update of what Carlo now wanted her to do and what information was becoming critical to him and the Italian team. All she could add at that time was Henry did have other "stuff" in his room safe and Henry had been super protective of its contents and access after he awoke. For various reasons Chin and the security members of Carlo's team had not been able to access Henry's suite when the Directors were in the gambling rooms.

It was thus necessary for Sue to get Henry out of his suite for at least an hour for brunch and she had to use a text on her cell phone as a warning and confirmation.

Sue was no fool as she checked out the people wandering the Casino at that early hour, the Breakfast Bar and the action in the unwashed tables. She observed much including the clothing, the people's sophistication, their tiredness and most of all the staff and their diligence. She noted the security cameras following her lightly clothed body and got a good working knowledge of the hotel structures and liftwells. It may come in useful later, especially if the girls need to move out speedily. She most of all was looking as to who was looking at her and sought to assess their motives.

Right on 10.00am Jed and Rankin arrived and Henry rang Jonas to ensure he left Tracey to her shower for at least 30 minutes while they talked over yesterday's Board meeting and their reactions to where X co Ltd was heading.

Henry: I wanted to talk to you guys before we got home and also before we got ourselves into issues with the SEC. Obviously we all had an active night, so we should keep things brief, un-complicated and to the point.

I am getting some worrying feelings about James and Marina and how they seem to be controlling us, releasing info to us at the last moment and them doing the negotiations with the Germans. Forgetting for a moment I am the CEO, I have to tell you I knew nothing about that proposal from the Germans until we all saw it yesterday afternoon.

The conversation between the four was that they were at last seeing considerable progress after nearly two years of slow and steady steps. They were excited as to what that meant for the company, but the unsaid was they were excited for what that may mean for their own personal fortunes. Jonas was the odd man out who was only focused on the technical aspects and what that meant for the company's employees and their brilliant technologies meant for the USA generally and manufacturing in the Southern states in particular.

They talked over the Insider Trading provisions and what that meant for each of them and their responsibilities to the company and the NYSE investors. Each man had been receiving shares in X Co Ltd as part of their remuneration package and had also taken up share issues when the company desperately needed research funding; so people like Jonas were happy with their potential financial position if things went so well as presently appeared, but the underlying greed was overtaking Jed, Rankin and Henry to the point they had their own separate meeting after Jonas left to return to his suite and later enjoy Tracey's company.

Henry: Jed and Rankin, we have an opportunity here that will probably only come around once in our lifetimes. Yes we have some shares In X co Ltd, but...

You know where I am going. You both know some money men back home and some brokers, so I am not going to tell you what to do, other than be super careful from now on as to what shares you can buy and when.

We all have some information not available to the NYSE, so there will be people wanting to know what we know and what we can extract from our own files. If we all agree to keep our mouths closed no matter what, I have some contacts that have some deep cash accounts in Carribean banks that could be attracted to deposit funds into numbered accounts somewhere outside the USA. The three agreed to leave it to Henry and see what may eventuate from his "talks".

The meeting ended with some serious grins, handshakes and ambitions.

What they did not know of course was that Carlo and his team would have monitored everything during that short meeting and because of relays on their listening devices so did James and Marina's team. Each would have differing perspectives. Carlo would be really pissed off because Henry was obviously going to not keep his information drops exclusive to Carlo despite Carlo's cash contributions. James and Marina would be interested as to how they could feed the right information at the opportune time to drive the share price and maximise the takeover value, much of which would arrive in their pockets as substantial shareholders.

In short no body trusted anyone. All were interested in their own wealth. The NYSE and the SEC would be seriously annoyed. Three people were going to be compromised and others needed to protect themselves big time. Lawyers were going to have a feast and Charles and Pam would require considerable protection techniques to prevent them becoming embroiled.

Sunday Morning - 10.45 am Breakfast Room

As Henry, Jed and Rankin entered the room Sue surreptitiously pushed the send message on her cell phone. It was up to Sue to ensure there was plenty to talk about and brunch dragged out while making it not obvious that she was trying to keep the men out of Henry's suite. Jonas wandered in about 15 minutes later, sheepishly grinning as to his excuse.

The other members of the Houston Divorced Wives Club were sleeping away and would not be seen until after midday back in their own large suite.

It was warm inside the Casino and from what Sue saw earlier it would so outside as the day light lengthened.

Sue was fashionably late and as a typical exhibitionist made her usual entrance. She was dressed in her day wear pale blue silk pantsuit, showing a level of cleavage but not over the top. Classy, available and smart alert with little makeup. The lack of a bra probably the only outward sign of a woman on the prowl. The Gucci gold shoulder bag containing her women's goodies being the only attempt at fashionable presentation.

The men greeted Sue, appreciating her presence and companionship and moderating their language in respect. Fact was the breakfast/brunch was slow and steady, lazy and comfortable until Jed and Rankin excused themselves for an afternoon of golf at one of the local courses. Up until that point the language was mature, a little bawdy and respectful of any other members of the Casino guests enjoying the clinking of cutlery and the delivery of a la carte food. Jed and Rankin were much more interested in that special golf course they had booked at, than her cleavage which in itself was a major change from earlier this morning

Sue noted that Henry was showing no desire to return to his room and while it helped in ensuring Chin and his tech-heads could workover Henry's safe, she wondered was Henry deliberately doing this and what may be his motives. Did Henry assume that Sue was a plant and he was giving her plenty of rope to meet Henry's purposes. Henry was being actually very personable. The fact that Jed and Rankin were going to be out of their rooms for up to five hours leaving their computers probably in their safes compounded her thoughts. Sue thought "What has changed since their meeting this morning and her triples?" She figured what was on those computers/laptops/IPADs was what the three were wishing anyone could access to drive the value of X co Ltd shares, whether that be market sensitive and confidential or not.

Part of that was answered by all three possessing their cell phones over brunch, showing them at the table as they ate and checking emails, texts and internet data while they ate listening to one or other of the five speaking. Sue twigged to the fact that the phones were the centre of their database away from their home computers and that would be where the real valuable "stuff" would be including their address books and contact lists. Those cell phones were what Chin and his hackers needed to access one way or another. That would be particularly so if the cell phone numbers were not those from the corporate supplied list or from their normal private phones available to people like those on Carlo's security team.

Henry: So the young has left us. Do you feel like watching and maybe doing some gambling on our own?

Sue noted the implications.

Sue: Yes there Henry, but I hope you haven't forgotten what I came here for this weekend with the girls. A part of my anatomy is seeking some attention or do I need to seek other company?

Henry: Patience young Sue.

They wandered off into the general public gambling tables and watched and waited...

Sue noticed that Henry kept looking up at the security cameras, as if he was saying I know someone is watching me, but down here I am safe and possibly he was also saying I have on me what I need to protect.

Sue watched Henry take a confidential call and then put his phone safely away in his jacket pocket. Henry's only responses were " YES" or "No". As he did this Sue looked across the room to see one of Carlo's people watching and nodded implying in the most subtle fashion "Did you see that?"

They eventually settled on one of the craps tables where there was plenty of action, whoops and hollering as those little dice played their magic.

Sue started betting her $5000, bending over the table showing her cleavage to all and sundry and the tightness of her pantsuit around her lower regions. She was deliberately making sure that Henry saw everything she was doing and she did it well because strangely enough $5000 soon became $10,000 in chips and soon after $12,000. The atmosphere around that table warmed to being electric and the buzz overtook all including Henry as he for a brief moment lost concentration on his cell phone. It moved from his pocket and was later found under the craps table by one of the ladies next to Henry, who offered it around: Did someone loose this phone?

Henry being embarrassed confirmed it was his. All his efforts at protecting his private information were lost in one moment, one he would later regret terribly.

Sue: I think this will pay for the weekend well and truly. Do you mind if we were to seek some coffee. I just need to get away from all these people. Besides that hunk of a guy standing behind me to my left was having a field day with my rear every time I tossed the dice and it was making me horny, while not unwelcome of course.

Henry had lost $15,000 or thereabouts, strangely enough, so he was happy to move on: Sure.

Sue: Do you have a coffee machine upstairs we could crank up with a bit of macchiato?

Henry smiled to himself and figured "she is not being subtle anymore. I better take the hint".

Henry's Suite 3.00pm Sunday

They returned to Henry's suite, where as soon as he opened his door he immediately went to and put his phone into his safe, while Sue went to the coffee machine and checked out the varieties available.

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