tagSci-Fi & FantasyCompany of Lust Ch. 01

Company of Lust Ch. 01


The first thing I heard when I come close to the hot springs was the sound of a girl laughing.

Now, I was formerly known to be somewhat bashful around womenfolks, but that was back when I was a boy. Now, fresh off my grand tour of the mountains, I was a man.

I climbed off my old mule and tied him to a tree and eased up over the rocks around back of the pools. It wasn't like we owned the springs or anything, but this was generally thought of us Akens' territory, and the way us mountain clans had a way of raiding each other, you sort of got used to being wary of strangers.

And the girls in the pool was strangers to me. There was two of them, both young and blonde and bare-assed naked. I figured them for sisters right off, on account of between the two of them they had the two finest sets of tits I had ever seen, and their long, beautiful legs was similarly topped off by yellow triangles of fine, silky hair.

I felt my prong stiffen against my leather war-kilt, and I stood taller for a better look.

One of the girls saw me, and she stood up in the water, her fine, firm tits glistening wetly in the morning sun. "Why look there, Glory," She said, pointing up at me. "It's one of those bear-men we've been hearing about."

The other girl turned and looked at me, and those two were so much alike they could have been peas from the same pod. She frowned. "Are you a bear-man, mister?"

I shifted uneasily and removed the massive cloak that I typically wore when it was coolish. "I aint no bear-man. I got that cloak from a bear I kilt with my bare hands. There's nary a tear in the whole hide."

The girls laughed, and I could feel my face turn red. "They must grow awful puny bears up hereabouts, then." The girl called Glory said. "Hey Ellie- you think he's bigger than Pa?"

Ellie squinted. "Hard to say from here. Why don't you come on down a little closer, Bear-Killer. Is that what they call you?"

I hopped down a couple of rocks to the waters edge to buy myself time to compose a witty reply. "Nope." Says I. "My name is Braken. This here is my pool you're in."

"Why, he must be one of those Akens' boys we've been hearing so much about, Ellie." Glory said, wading closer. The water pooling up between those glorious globes was some kind of distracting, but I kept my attention on the conversation at hand. "Braken Akens. That's quite a handle."

I shrugged in what I hoped was a clever fashion.

Ellie was leaning back against a rock, idly kicking her legs, which served to give me little glimpses of pink. A lesser man might have stumbled and fell right in, but I caught myself and leaned nonchalantly against the rock like I'd meant to do that all along. "So this is your pool, is it?" She asked sweetly. "Does that mean you're gonna go and punish us for being in it?"

I swallowed, and shifted. My hard-on was growing awful uncomfortable in that damned kilt.

"So what you got planned for us, Mr. Bear-Killer?" asked Glory. Or maybe it was Ellie. I was starting to get confused.

"Well," I allowed. "Maybe I'm going to marry you."

The girls guffawed. "Both of us?"

I shrugged. I had married me two girls on my Grand Tour, both just for the one night, on account of I was travelling fast, and their kin was hot on my trail, eager for blood. And I had conquered me a couple of others too, in the heat of battle- so I wasn't no virginal child to be all hoorawed by these two.

"You think I couldn't? Or I could just go on and conquer the two of you, then. 'Course, then I'd have to take on your kinfolk and all, but there aint a man in the mountains that can stand up to me, with axe or hammer or fist."

Glory- or maybe Ellie- stood up and folded her arms. "You sound pretty sure of yourself for a bare-faced boy who aint even grew a beard yet. What makes you think we'd let you conquer us?"

I bristled. "Why wouldn't you? I can out-fight, out-eat out-drink, and out....fuck....any man from here to the great red river. I'm the best singer, the best dancer, the fastest runner and the handsomest man this side of the flatland desert."

The girls both waded right up near me, scowling. "So says you." Snorted Ellie. "Take off them duds and hop in here so we can get a better look at you. Then we'll decide on if there'll be any conquering goin' on."

I shucked off my belt and tunic and wriggled out of my war-kilt and stood there a minute to give them a good look at the goods. I knew I cut a manly, muscular figure, and my pecker, which stood straight out a-pointing at the clouds, had been universally loved and admired by the girls I had recently married and/or conquered.

I dove into the pool and came up between the two of them, lifting them both up easily onto a shoulder apiece.

The girls giggled. "Well, you seem strong enough, for one of these local boys, anyways." Glory said, slipping down to stand next to me. Her hand snaked around my pole and squeezed. "And this surely does feel nice and big. But how do we know you aint gonna just give us a few pokes and then squirt and be done, leaving us in the lurch?"

Ellie slid down behind me, and she ran one hand over my bare hind-quarters, while the other came around to massage the muscles of my chest. "A girl can't be too careful these days." She murmured as she leaned up to nibble on my ear.

Glory stuck her head up behind my head and pulled me down for a kiss. Her hand was twisting over my rod, and I felt Ellie's come down to join her.

I growled in pleasure, and then they both giggled and walked away, over to the shallow part of the pool. I splashed after them as they hopped out of the pool.

"First thing we got to figure out is if you know how to treat a woman." Glory said as she shook out a wide, thick blanket. Most of our stuff in the mountains was homespun wool, the color of the sheep it came off of. This blanket was as blue as the sky on a summer day.

She laid back on the blanket and spread her legs wide open. I went to kneel down between her legs with my prong pointed at her honey-pot, but she laughed and pushed it away. "Not so fast, Bear-Killer. I aint decided if I was going to let you conquer me yet."

They both laughed at the puzzled expression on my face. "She wants you to stick your face down there, you hick." Ellie said.

"What for?" I asked, totally confused.

Glory pulled herself open for me, and ran a finger up and down her glistening slit. "I want you to lick me up and down here." One finger went up to the hood at the top of her cunt. "And nibble and tongue all over this part here. And poke your tongue inside me now and then."

I frowned. "And then we can get to the conquering?"

"Maybe. If you do a good job."

"Where are you all from, that you have such strange ways of courting?" I asked.

Ellie laughed and pushed the back of my head down towards my chore. I got down on my elbows and sniffed around a bit, then commenced to work- and as it turns out, I kind of enjoyed it. Glory tasted tangy and sort of delicious, and she started wiggling and moaning almost right off. I was just starting to really begin to get the hang of it when I felt something crawling 'twixt my nether regions, and I yelped and jumped halfway up.

But it was only Ellie on her back down there beneath me, and she reached up and grabbed my flag pole and steered me back down.

When her lips closed around the head of my pecker, I almost choked. She was doing unto me like I was doing onto Glory. It was most powerful distracting, but if ever I erred so much as to forget what I was doing, Glory would wrap her hands around the back of my head and yank me back down to the task at hand.

Then all of a sudden Glory started to shake and shudder, and her moans rose up to a fever pitch, and she gushed forth from her honey pot with a little burst of nectar, which I eagerly lapped up.

She sort of pushed me away a little, and Ellie scrambled up from underneath me to steer me around to a sitting position, whereupon she crouched down over me in much the same position I had been on Glory. This way felt even better, and I was wondering if I was supposed to tell her if I was going to go pop or what, on account of it was coming on fast.

But Ellie seemed to be able to tell, and she slowed down with her bobbing and her sucking, and sort of began just lightly licking on me.

Meanwhile, Glory had recovered, and was kneeling down next to me pushing her tits in my face. Now this was something I knew a little bit about, and I began to pay my due respects.

Then things started to get a little...weird. Glory pulled me up to my feet, and Ellie just up and hopped onto my pole, and Glory knelt down beneath us and was sort of kissing and licking us both were we was all conjoined.

At this point I wasn't sure if I was conquering them or marrying them or they was conquering me, or what. But I knew this wasn't anything I'd ever heard tell of. And I was damned sure that I liked it.

We went at it every which way. One time I was mounting Glory like a stallion takes a mare- from behind! And whichever one I was pounding in, the other was getting her honey-pot tended to by either me or the off-girl. I popped off one or two times, but that didn't hardly slow us down at all- in fact, the girls got all squealy and sort of raced each other to gobble it up. And even when I squirted deep up Ellie, Glory took it upon herself to lap all my juice right back out of her.

I thought maybe this was how they must keep from getting on with child where they come from: our gals just drink some kind of moon-tea.

It was about when I had Glory's legs up over my shoulders and was stroking her real long and strong while Ellie was sitting on her face that I noticed my Pa sitting there atop his big old horse. There was a young boy sitting a pinto pony next to him, and the kid was staring at the girls like he'd been kicked by a mule. Then he sawed on the reins and lit out.

Pa had that look on his face that he gets sometimes, and I knew I was in some kind of trouble. The girls saw what I was looking at, and they both scrambled off me and grabbed up their clothes. I was stuck standing there in my altogether, my pecker starting to wilt.

Pa shook his head slowly, and sighed. "Well, I guess you made it home aright from you wandering." He said.

I nodded, speechless.

"You might have stopped by and said hello to your ma." Pa continued on.

"I was gonna, Pa." I blurted. "That's why I come by here to clean up. You know how Ma sets store by such things."

"And I see you've met your cousins." Pa kept on. My eyes got big as saucers as I looked at where Glory and Ellie were scampering away on a pair of ponies.

"Them are my...cousins?" I asked, bewildered.

He nodded, and sighed again. "Well, I reckon yore gonna have to take off again, Braken. When your Uncle Gar hears about this- and that tadpole that run off was their little brother, so he's going to- there'll be a calling for blood. And I caint have that."

I gulped. "So I gotta leave? Where am I supposed to go? How long do I gotta be gone?"

He shook his head. "You got to get clean out of the mountains. Your Uncle Gar can track a cloud across a rainy sky, and he aint got no quit in him. The onliest way to avoid Akens spilling Akens blood is for you to head down to the flatlands."

I nodded. It wasn't no kind of fair, but truth be told, I had been wanting to see more of the world than just these mountains for a good while now. "How long you reckon I need to be gone."

Pa considered. "I would guess about four or five years oughta do it."

And that's how I found myself down on a flatland road, with more than a touch of homesickness. I was amazed at how many people there was this far down.

I had seen eight people in just the last three days. A few of them run right off when they seen me coming, but I had conversated with a couple of them, enough to know that folks down here had strange notions of how to trade for salt or bacon or such.

We didn't have much in the way of gold or silver coins up in the mountains, so most of our trading was in bartering, either goods or services.

But the one fella wanted my necklace of bear claws for a measly ham, and the other wanted me to ride along and protect him from "others like me"- as if any mountain folk would come this far down just to rob him. But he was heading in the wrong direction for me.

So I went along, living off the hardtack and biscuits in my tote bag, and was getting a might touchy about the whole thing, when I heard the ringing of steel on steel from up the way.

I prodded my old mule into a trot, and as we rounded the corner, I saw that the fight was all but over. All that was left was three fella's laughing and yelling as they prodded and poked at another one, who was stumbling around between them.

The one in the middle was in a bad way. He was wearing a suit of armor that covered him head to toe in steel- more steel than I had ever seen in one place in my whole life.

But there was blood pouring out of several points of his carcass, and it was taking all he had just to remain standing as the others took turns hacking at him with swords or axes sort of half-heartedly, like a cat playing with a mouse.

"Whyn't you boys just finish him off and be done with it?" I said finally, feeling a little disgusted with what I was seeing.

They jumped near out of their skins. A big fella with a beard that was made into two long points stepped towards me and raised a big Axe. "Mind your own business, you big hillbilly bastard."

I scowled. "Mister, you better put that axe down before I start to get mad."

He sneered, but lowered the axe.

"Never mind him, Artos." One of the other fellers said, turning back to their prey, which was teetering like a spinning top about to fall. "Let's finish this bitch off."

I scowled further. "You mean that there is a woman you got there?"

The fella called Artos turned away from me, but looked back over his should and called out. "I told you to mind your own business, asshole."

"Well, that about tops it off." Says I, angry now. I slid on down off my mule and grabbed up my hammer and walked over to them.

They saw me coming and fanned out, the big bearded feller with the axe in the middle. I guess they figured to take me from all sides like they was doing with the woman in the armor, but I was having none of it.

I jumped to my right, and my hammer bashed in that fellers brains just that quick. The guy with the axe raised it up in both hands and rushed at me, but I stepped forward and caught the haft just above his hands as he was bringing it down.

He snarled like a mountain cat and tried to wrench it away, but I casually ripped it out of his hands and planted my hammer in his chest, sending him flying backwards.

The last feller came at me poking his sword forward like he was trying to gig a frog, only I stepped to the side and brought the hammer around again, and just like that it was over.

I looked over at the woman in all the armor, and she was down on the ground, lying on her back. She was feebly reaching up to her helmet, and I bent down over her. "You all right, lady?" I asked.

She mumbled something, but I couldn't tell what it was, so I helped her unhook the strap that went beneath her chin which held her helmet on, and there she was- just as pretty as a picture, with bright green eyes and red hair cut so short it was just barely stubble.

She was hurt real bad, I could tell. She mumbled something again, and I leaned forward to catch it.

"Fuck me. I need ....I need you to fuck me." She said.

I couldn't have been no more stunned if a tree had fallen on me. What in the world was going on with these flat-landers, I wondered?

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