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Company Picnic


Sometimes things happen that you never planned or wanted. Last summer was one of those times. I don't really know how it happened. It is not like I am in any way unhappy with my husband or our sex life.

My name is Diane. I am 25 years old and have been married to Greg for three years, after meeting in college and three years of intensive dating, I was still a virgin when Greg asked me to marry him right after our senior year in college began. In fact, other than Greg only one other guy had ever touched even my breasts and that was a guy I dated my freshman year. He broke up with me when I would not go any farther with him.

I am a CPA for a medium sized accounting firm in Portland, Oregon. I have worked there since I graduated and enjoy my job. The incident I am writing about happened at our company picnic last August. As it happened, the Saturday of the picnic Greg had to be at his parents house for the day helping cut down a tree that had died. The result was I went to the picnic by myself. This was not that unusual as I was often at company functions without Greg.

The picnic was at Mt. Tabor park. You may not know this park at all, it is an extinct volcano inside the City of Portland. It is a very pretty park. The day was perfect, the food was great and the wine and beer made it easy to relax.

I was wearing a tan shirt dress that came to just above my knees and was belted around the waist. I remember as I got dressed that morning I was standing at the closet in my matching pink bikini panties and bra set trying to pick out a dress and Greg commented on how much he wished he could be with me if I was going to be so sexy. Now if you are thinking I am going to say he made any comments about the other guys there, you are wrong. He only said, "I can't wait until I get home this evening and help you get out of those panties." I felt a thrill when he said that and gave him a hug and kiss that allowed me to know just how anxious he was. I wanted to make love right then, but he had to get going.

So, I was at the picnic, enjoying some really good beer and enjoying gossip with some of the other girls from the office. Suddenly, one of my bosses came up and introduced me to his cousin who was visiting from New Mexico. Dave was handsome, about 5' 10", nicely put together, maybe 30 years old and smelled really good. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing his stories about life in rural New Mexico. He was talking about a large lava flow in the western part of the state, when I asked him if he knew he was standing on a volcano. He was surprised and somewhat disbelieving so I offered to show him the crater.

It wasn't real far to the crater from the picnic area, but it was out of sight of everyone else and down the hill a little ways. As we headed down, I slipped a little on the grass and Dave took my hand to steady me. It is funny how something so innocent can lead so far. My hand felt good in his and since we were still walking down a grassy hillside I kept holding onto him. When I slipped again he put his arm around my waist before again taking my hand. His hand brushing the underside of my breast as he did this felt good.

The volcano crater at Mt. Tabor isn't much to look at actually. Dave wanted to explore some more, but first I needed to use the ladies room. I was surprised at how wet I was when I wiped. I even thought of how pleasant it would be to have Dave kiss me, but dismissed the thought as crazy as I pulled my panties back up and smoothed out and straightened my dress.

Climbing around the crater was fun and I still enjoyed Dave holding onto my hand and pulling me up as we climbed up some rocks. It was easy to justify since my sandals, even with their low heels, were not made for hiking and rock climbing. We had just gotten to the top of the back side of the crater and Dave put his arm around me to steady me.

His arm felt good, he smelled good, I felt good and when he kissed me I felt even better. I knew I should not be letting him kiss me but didn't want to resist as his tongue explored mine. I didn't resist as his hand came up to my breast and messaged it through my dress. He pulled me into him and I could feel how the passion of the moment was affecting him and was flattered. We kept kissing and he undid the top two buttons of my dress and put his hand inside my bra.

Even as my mind was screaming at me to stop him, my body was loving how it felt. I was helpless to resist as he led me to a grassy area nearby and I sat down with him next to me. It was secluded, the sun was warm, but not too hot and I was not ready to stop, although I did not want to go any farther.

We kissed some more and he kept lightly touching my nipple as we kissed. Then he gently laid me back and, laying next to me, kissed me more while beginning to move his hand up my bare leg and under my dress. His hand on my inner thigh felt so good and I could feel my clitoris tingle as he touched me and I involuntarily spread my legs a little. I know I should have pushed his hand away when it brushed against my panties, but I told myself I was not cheating yet and was not going to.

The way Dave was laying against me and half on me, I could feel his erection against my hip and loved how it felt. His searching hand began to lightly caress me through my panties and I began to think how much I wanted to be filled. My dress was almost up to my waist as he stroked me then he pulled my panties to the side and fingered me directly. I could not help but thrust up against his gently probing fingers. At the same time he loosened his shorts and pulled them down along with his briefs. He was circumcised and about the same size as Greg. It looked beautiful.

Dave's bare penis against my bare leg felt really good, but I told him we could not go any farther. I told him we could cum against me leg if he wanted. Dave moved on top of me and I spread my legs as his penis rubbed my clitoris and pushed my panties between my labia. It reminded me of dry humping with Greg before we were engaged and I did not want him to stop.

When Dave sat up and took hold of the top of my panties to pull them off I told him to stop. He did stop and lay on top of me again pressing his penis into me and making me want more. So when he sat up again and took hold of the top of my panties to pull them off I told him to stop but I also raised my hips so he could pull them down.

I told Dave, "Please don't put it in me, I don't want to cheat on my husband."

When he rubbed the tip of his penis between my labia it felt so good. I wondered if he was leaking pre-cum at the opening of my vagina and got even more excited by that thought. Still, when he put his penis a little ways into the opening I told him to stop.

We went back to dry humping and kissing. However, the next time Dave ran the tip of his penis between my labia I thrust my hips up so I could feel it more. The caused his penis to partly enter me. I can't even describe how good it felt, or how much I wanted to feel him all the way in. Dave said, "Sorry." and pulled back. But I said, "Just let me feel you a little ways into me, you feel so good."

Dave pushed forward and I once again felt the round head of his penis separating my labia and then entering me. Suddenly I could not stand it any longer and grabbed his buns and pulled him into me all the way. I felt his balls against my bottom and felt filled as a woman needs to be filled. It felt so good. He began to move in and out with long, delicious strokes. He knew what he was doing and as I grew more intensely excited pushed hard against me as I climaxed strongly.

Dave lay there quietly for a minute and then began to move in and out of me again. The feeling was so good and I could feel my vaginal muscles contract around him in what I can only describe as mini orgasms. Then Dave suddenly pushed all the way into me. He grunted and I felt his penis pulse as he came deep inside me. It felt so good it was like another mini orgasm.

We lay there quietly for a few minutes while I enjoyed the feel of his still hard penis. Every few seconds his penis pulsed again and I could feel my vaginal muscles contract as it did.

Finally, he went limp and his penis fell out of me with a slight plop. I could feel his semen running out and down and suddenly felt embarrassed at what I had done.

Dave put his shorts back on and I picked up my panties as we headed back to the restrooms to clean up a little. I could feel his semen running down my leg and was really glad no one was around to see that and to wonder why I was carrying my panties, as if there was much to wonder at.

We walked part way back to the picnic area and then I separated from him and he circled around to enter from a different direction. No one seemed to wonder about my absence and I rejoined the other girls and got another beer. I was tempted to go back to talk to Dave some more. I was also tempted to try to spend more time with him. I resisted both temptations and finally left the picnic somewhat early, although it was almost 6:00.

I was shocked and a little panicked when I went to pee and saw how much of Dave's semen was staining my panties. I wanted to throw them away but couldn't figure out how Greg would take me telling him why he didn't get to take them off when he got home in a couple of hours. I was terrified he would know what I had done. So I carefully handwashed them and threw them in the dryer. I stripped and took a shower. When I got dressed my warm panties felt good on me as I pulled them up.

When Greg got home I was sitting in the living room watching a chick flick. I got up and kissed him ferociously and asked if I could get him anything. He led me back to our bedroom and proceeded to remove my panties and make wonderful love to me. This was the second time that day I had sex with only my panties off and I wondered if there was anything to give away what I had done.

I have never heard from Dave again, which is the way I want it. I am not tempted to have a repeat performance, although I can't help but think about how good it felt.

Also, I am pregnant. Looking back to my last period, when the picnic was and the expected due date this May, I was probably at my peak fertility that day with Dave and then Greg. Greg is thrilled, but surprised to be an expectant father and will never know that the baby might not be biologically his.

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