When she checked her mail, she noticed the number of emails, mostly silly forwards and notes from friends. Just as she was done deleting the last of them, a new email popped up. She immediately recognized the email address ... her Master. He often sent her tasks and notes during the day. Grinning, anticipating, she opened the message.

As the message came up on her screen she noticed it had just one picture. Just below the picture were two words in bold type: "Our slut." Then, in regular type, her Master had written "Just wanted to give you something to think about pet." Her heart started to pound and her mind raced as she stared at the image. He couldn't possibly mean what she was thinking. The image showed an attractive young girl on all fours being taken by both a man and a woman. The obviously Dominant female had the girl's pig tails wrapped around Her hands and was guiding the girl's mouth to Her own cunt while the Man fucked the girl from behind.

As she tried to go about her day, desperately trying to focus on anything but that image, she tried to think of how to tell Him she wasn't sure that this was something she could do ... if that's what He really meant. Maybe she was misinterpreting the email, she tried to convince herself.

Finally, mid-afternoon she sat down to write Him an email, and she noticed that while she she'd been away from the computer He had sent her another email. When she opened it, she read, "Bet your mind has been racing, pet. Are you thinking about how to get out of it? How you can't do it? But I know you, little girl. I bet your cunt is dripping with the thought of it, the humiliation of it. You're trying to tell yourself you don't want to be used like a slut, but your cunt is throbbing with desire. Before you send the email that you are planning on writing, think about how your cunt feels, how it throbs, think about never feeling that release, never getting what you need. Because it is your choice, pet. But know that your Master wants you to be His little pet in more ways than what we've shared thus far. Your Master thinks this will please us both ... not to mention Samantha. Think about it."

She read and reread what He had written, her mind battling back and forth between being ... she couldn't hardly say it or think it ... used by another woman as he watched, and disappointing her Master. Her mind fought her body. He was right ... she couldn't deny how her body was reacting. But ... having another woman play with her, command her, her mouth pleasuring another woman's body. For the rest of the day she thought of nothing else, she couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, because she could think of nothing else. Could she do it? Did she have the strength?

With each passing hour, her need to cum grew, and as her need to cum grew, she could feel herself thinking of being at the mercy of another woman, submitting to Her simply because her Master wanted it. By the time she checked her email late that afternoon, about an hour before her Master was to leave work, she was a complete bundle of nerves, still not having decided what she was going to do.

As she opened the latest email from Him, she knew her time to make a decision had come. The note read: "Tonight, pet, come to my house at 7 pm. Wear your hair in pig tails. You know how I like to think of them as My 'handles.'" The internal debate still raged, but as the time to leave approached, she found the thought of disappointing Him so painful, that she knew she had to go. She could feel herself sinking as she got dressed to go to Him ... sinking into a place of submission only He made her feel. She wore His favorite skirt, a short black flowing skirt that just covered her ass and that would show that she wasn't wearing panties if she bent over too far. She slipped a tight, white shirt over her head, blushing as she noticed in the mirror how her nipples stood out against the material since she didn't have a bra on. The sheer black, lace-top thigh-high stockings and five-inch black heels completed the outfit. She darkened her makeup and pulled her dark hair up into pigtails.

She could hardly breath as she drove to her Master's house. She could feel herself sinking more, lower and lower, feeling more and more like His toy, His pet. As she knocked and knelt by the door, waiting for Him to open it and direct her in, she felt her cheeks burning just from the thoughts of the night before her and, more than ever before, she felt aroused by the forbidden journey she was about to begin.

When the door finally swung open, she waited, her head down, for Him to tell her to stand as He usually did. "Hello pet," He whispered as He bent down and gently kissed her cheek. "Tonight, if you want this, you'll stand and follow me. If you don't want this, don't follow. It is entirely your choice my dear, and I won't be upset if you're not ready for this. I love you either way. That never changes." He stroked a hand lovingly over her hair as He spoke, and then He stood and started down the hall. She hesitated only a moment before rising and following. He walked through the downstairs and to the door leading out to the sun porch. She followed closely, her heart thundering in her chest. He led her to a blanket that was laid in the center of the floor.

"On all fours," He instructed her. "Spread those back legs further apart." As she spread her legs apart, she felt a gentle hand brush over her ass. Her mind wanted to rebel, wanted to fight her arousal. She whimpered quietly.

Her Master knelt down and whispered in her ear: "I can't tell you how much I adore you, and this only makes Me want you more, pet. You can say stop at any time. Do you understand?" She bit her lip and nodded her head as her eyes fluttered closed. Her thoughts told her she should say stop, but all she could feel was the long, slender fingers pressing at her clit, driving her to cum. "Cum, pet, cum like the slut that you are, that I want you to be tonight," her Master commanded. Body shuddering and trembling, moaning deeply, groaning as she came. "Good girl," He whispered. "For tonight alone, you're allowed to cum without seeking permission first."

When she opened her eyes, she saw her Master kneeling in front of her, His hard cock just inches from her lips. "Please Master," she whimpered as she looked up at Him with wide, too bright eyes. He nodded. Shuddering, she leaned in close and started to lick His cock. She started to lick and suck the head of His cock, lapping at Him lovingly. Then, taking more of it into her mouth, she felt it start to grow even more, already dripping pre-cum, the salty taste filling her mouth.

She moaned softly and pressed closer only to feel Him pull away from her. "Your Master wants to use one of His slut's other holes," He growled making her blush.

She felt Him move around behind her and only had a moment to wonder where the other woman was. She felt hands wrap in her hair. Her eyes closed against the fear and self-consciousness she suddenly felt. The hands pulled her head down and she felt her lips brush the other woman's cunt. She heard the moan. Tentatively she slipped her tongue out and began licking. She lapped deeper, faster and harder as her confidence grew.

As she lost herself pleasuring the woman, she felt her Master move close behind her. Her cry of pain and lust was stifled by the cunt against her mouth as her Master forcefully began to fuck her ass. She felt so full, so used ... her tongue buried in another woman's cunt ... a cock in her ass fucking her senseless. She squealed in pain as the woman pulled her hair hard while she came against the girl's lips. She lapped up the sweet, warm juices. Then the girl screamed and came as the other woman released her grip and Master's hand found her clit and pinched hard. The tightening of her ass made her Master groan. Wanting to prolong His pleasure a bit longer, He pulled out of her ass.

He had her move over to the picnic table and tied her in place, bent over and on her belly, arms over her head, so her cunt was spread wide and slightly raised. He kissed her softly and then moved away for a few minutes. She wasn't sure how much time passed but soon He was beside her and told her to turn her head. His cock was again in front of her face and she was again ordered to suck it. "Just get Me ready to use you slut. I want to use My cunt now." She groaned and felt her cheeks burn as she parted her lips.

Starting to lick once more, it didn't take her long until the His cock was once again rock hard. She felt her Master move away and position Himself over her, guiding His cock into her cunt. Her thoughts shattered. She had never been fucked like this before, so hard, so fast. The room began to spin as she cried out with another orgasm. When she heard her Master groan and felt His cum flood her cunt, her body tensed yet again. When He had finished cumming, He withdrew and slapped her ass hard enough to leave a mark, making her cry out in release yet again. He untied her, lifted her gently and carried her into the house, to His bedroom. Once they were curled up on His bed, He whispered ... "My slut."

She didn't think to ask until morning when the other woman had left ....

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