tagMatureCompetition at the Workplace

Competition at the Workplace


Maria Greyson knocked softly on her boss' door and let herself in without waiting for any reply. At this time of the day, when everyone had gone home, Takeda was always busy reading tedious reports, and his schedule was closed to any meeting. But this time, the sight that greeted her inside froze her on her spot. She had the presence of mind to close the door behind her, but her fists tightened as extreme annoyance washed over her.

Takeda was at his desk, all right, but far from being alone. Kneeling in front of him, in plain view, Maria's only fellow foreign employee, Karen Leblanc, was busy providing him a thorough blow job. Given the energy she was pouring into it, and her muffled moans, the twenty-something brunette was having a great time sucking the generous shaft. Her hand rubbing herself fiercely under her trussed skirt was another good telltale hint.

Maria didn't say one word, or moved from the room's threshold, as she took the entire scene in. Her icy-cold stare went from Karen to their boss. She narrowed her eyes and pinched her lips; chin resting on one hand, the middle-aged man was watching her with a satisfied and smug look that she knew too well, and only managed to fuel her aggravation.

Silent, his black, knowing gaze never leaving hers, his unlined face barely expressed his physical release when he emptied himself in the young woman's mouth. His self-control was impressive as ever; she had seen him really lose it only a couple of times, during some of their most extreme games. It had always been a great source of pride to be able to break through that armor. But now, those fond memories were quite distant.

Takeda pated Karen's hair, and grabbed her neck to pull her away from him. "Yes, Greyson san, what is it?" he said with the droning voice he often used with employees of little importance.

Gasping, suddenly aware they had an audience, Karen panicked and tried to put some distance with her boss, but to no avail. His grip had turned into an inescapable prison; she had no choice but remain kneeling between his legs.

"The monthly report of my department, sha-cho," Maria responded cooly, ever the perfect professional, giving him his formal title - president - inside their company. She walked briskly to his desk, not sparing Karen one look.

"Hmm, I hope that the results are better this time."

"They are. Last month was an... aberration, due to the unforeseeable drop in demand in Kumamoto prefecture after the earthquake. But our affiliates there have resumed their operations. They are not yet at optimal capacity, but their numbers are satisfactory... given the circumstances." To her own surprise, her voice was remarkably even.

"Hmm, good enough. For this week, at last. But you're not off the hook yet, and I will go through those figures... carefully. Leave it here. Is there anything else you would like to tell me?" A challenging eyebrow shot above an eye where dark temptation and promises of immoral pleasure swirled leisurely.

It took all her resolve and self-control not to snarl at him and glance down at the little minx on the floor who looked like she wished she could be anywhere else.

Ha. Deal with it, bitch. "As far as work is concerned, no, sha-cho," she replied.

White teeth flashed. "Ah, well, then off you go, Greyson san. I'm far from being done here."

Maria bit her tongue but managed to hold his gaze. "Of course. Shall I tell oku sama that you will not be joining us for dinner, then?" Her voice was as smooth as honey. Talking about her mistress - his wife - in front of that little tramp was incredibly risky, but it was high time to clarify a couple of things.

Takeda's strong jaw clenched. "You will do no such thing. Don't forget your place now." Maria bowed in acceptance of the rebuke. It didn't matter. The girl was warned that she was just a toy here, and shouldn't hope to get anywhere.

Her master stared at her for a short while, then made a clicking sound. "Lock that door now, and come back here." Maria hid her satisfied smile. She was back in the picture. As soon as she stood next to him again, his hand grabbed her hip. "Now, what is the problem here. Are we... getting jealous?" He snarled dismissively.

Maria inhaled deeply. "Of course not, goshujin sama," she said evenly. Now that the work day was officially over and that they had turned the page of their work relation, she called him by the title she owed him: Master. "I merely worry that... you are missing something. I would hate to realize that I provide you... unsatisfactory service." Of course, it wasn't jealousy. She couldn't be jealous of that little nobody. The fact that Karen looked remarkably like her fifteen years ago had absolutely nothing to do with this.

The blasted man grinned that insufferable smile of his that bothered always too much for her own good. His rough and warm hand moved all along her leg, up her thigh under her skirt, until it brushed her panties. "I don't find myself lacking in anything. But you do know, naturally, that if I wish to pound her skull or anything else for that matter, I may and I will. Not everything is about you, Greyson," he purred, and she picked up a low-level warning in his tone.

His sub bowed deeply, glad to hide her gulp and annoyed frown. "Of course not, goshujin sama."

"Now, having said that, why don't you join us for some relaxing time? Karen... it's Karen, right? Yes. Karen san here was obviously delighted to offer me some welcome distraction after such a hard week. In fact, we can all smell how happy she was to service me, can't we? I'm sure your mouth must be watering by now, Greyson, and that agile tongue of yours can't wait to dig in. Why don't you have a taste?"

Maria repressed a twitch at his use of the little bitch's first name. Even after all this time - two years now - Takeda made a point to call always her by her last name, even in the most intimate moments where absolutely every inch of them, inside and out, was laid bare at their feet. This highlighted the harsh contrast between her position and his wife's, especially at home.

Still refusing to look at the younger woman, Maria leaned towards his ear, until her breath brushed his skin. "Hmm, yes, her scent is... powerful. But to be honest, everything pales in comparison to oku sama's."

Clouds of something dangerous moved over Takeda's face and fingers shot upwards to clench her neck. "Enough. Do not mention your mistress in vain and for... purely selfish purposes," he whispered harshly in her ear. "You have no right to." Their eyes met briefly, before she had to stare down, properly subdued.

"My apologies, this was... totally out of line," Maria replied, and this time she was sincere. "You offer me a gift, and I turn it down. This is abyssal. I should be punished." Such was life with this man: walking constantly on a thin line between reward and punishment, both extremely enjoyable at his hand.

His grip tightened until tears blurred her sight. "Yes. But not here and now. We will address your appalling behavior later. Satoko will be extremely displeased as well. You know how much she values etiquette and property."

His sub bit down her lip hard, and let out a shaky sigh of barely repressed pleasure that didn't go unnoticed. Strong and thick fingers ghosted against her smooth thigh skin until they reached her dripping core. He dug inside roughly and brought his wet middle and index fingers in front of Karen, who was staring at the couple, dumbstruck.

"Lick them clean, now." The young woman hesitated at first, but then her eager tongue darted out and she sucked the two fingers dry, like she had done with his shaft.

"Well, young lady, if you like it so much, then why don't you get more of this when it comes from? Show her what it means to be grateful, and enjoy what is freely given. And you, spread those legs now. You lost your turn. Be happy that I don't simply tie you to this chair, blindfolded, while I take her in every single little hole of hers."

As he tore away her soaked panties, Maria gritted her teeth. Anyone else but that tramp, she wouldn't have batted an eye. But something undefined really bothered her, and it was humiliating - and not in the good sense - to see Karen gain the upper hand, even if so briefly. To her hidden relief, the brunette seemed dim witted and didn't realize the full extent of the situation or the potential for shifting power dynamics. Pitiful. At her age, she had already had several years of experience in that area.

She pushed herself up on his desk, pushed up her skirt on her hips, and opened her legs wide, while unbuttoning her blouse. If there was one thing that infuriating man loved to indulge on, it was her generous breasts. Today, they were barely held up by a very minimalist black bra, and topped by pink and long nipples that begged to be sucked. Her two masters liked to spend much time devouring them, often together, transforming her into a messy poodle begging for mercy.

To her satisfaction, Takeda's pupils widened at their sight. But to her frustration, his iron discipline allowed him to merely pinch them, before throwing her another smirk and closing her blouse.

"Ha, who's playing games of distraction now? I'll tell you if I want to see your sweet mounds. You don't get to dictate anything right now." Maria lowered her eyes in silence, fuming inwardly. "Wider, those flexible legs of yours. Show us the wonders of that fleshy butt and drooling pussy."

Maria took a deep breath and laid back on the desk, relaxing; it was important now to push away her annoyance and frustration, or she would truly not enjoy any of this. Karen or no Karen, a key part of her agreement with this man was to know when to let go, and allow him dictate the whats, whens, and wheres of their sensual games. Among other things, he had picked her for her strong character and harsh temper, because it was such a turn-on for him to bring her to heel and make her relent.

And she loved it. With all her being. Well, in general. That he had managed to find a new button to push without mercy was regrettable, but showed how well he knew her. She had to treat this as a new challenge, nothing else.

She gripped her own knees and pushed them down to offer a scandalous, alluring view of her innermost parts. Let that little slut see that she had nothing to hide or be ashamed of, even if she had just turned 42. She threw Karen a half-smirk, and stared at her behind hooded eyes.

"Come now, time to eat, little kitty," she purred. The young woman gaped at her, stunned, before scrambling to approach her, clearly hesitant as to where to begin.

"Well, get to it," Takeda barked from his leather chair that gave him a perfect view of the whole scene. "Or is it your first time, and I need to teach you how to lick a cunt?" Maria bit her cheek to repress a wide smile. The way he had said it, it was clear it wouldn't be an easy lesson.

"No... no, sha-cho," Karen stuttered, finally finding her voice. "I'm only... in awe." She looked up at Maria with clear delight, but the older woman stared her down cooly.

"Ha! You're not alone," Takeda chuckled. "Some days, I feel like it's the only thing my wife wants to talk about. Go on then, and tell me if this impression is correct, or... slightly overrated," he added, gazing at Maria with dark mirth.

Maria's attempts at keeping her cool flew out of the window, and she pushed herself up on an elbow, speechless at his low blow. But the snarl flung back at her subdued her immediately, and she laid back again, blinking away tears of bubbling exasperation. Today's lesson was all about handling humiliation, it seemed.

Her body bucked on its own when warm and slender fingers gripped her thighs, and a hot tongue carefully swept all along, from her asshole up to her clit. She exhaled and swallowed back a moan. Oh no, no need for lessons indeed.

Moist lips found her clit and began to circle it, then suck it in earnest. This time, Maria had to bite down her fist to refrain from making any noise. But when that little minx plunged two fingers inside her, found her spot and began to massage it like a pro, there was no helping it.

"Ahhhh fuck!" Maria exclaimed in English. A long wail fled her throat. She sat up and her fingers gripped the curly chestnut locks, pressing their owner into her soft and wet flesh. "Yes! Right there, don't stop now, you slut, don't stop!"

Karen obeyed diligently and quickly, much too fast to be honest, Maria's body began to quiver, then shake from head to toes. Moans, curses and sobs filled the room as she climbed up the ladder of her climax. But just as she was about to find sweet release, all came to a stop.

Her eyes flew open only to see Karen, mouth, nose and chin covered with her juices, tumbling away, pushed on the ground by the authoritative hand of her master, who now stood between his legs, a feral look on his stern face. She gulped back her protestation, painfully aware that her acute need and frustration were written on all over her.

"Well, well, well. Maybe she is a little too good for you, Greyson. I'm not sure you've done anything since you've entered this room to deserve such a mind-blowing release."

While she had been busy enjoying the skillful tongue of that girl, he had removed his jacket and tie, and rolled back his sleeves, showing off his trunk-like forearms. His powerful biceps bulged and strained his white shirt when he leaned on his hands over her, managing not to brush a single inch of her skin.

Wisps of his expensive cologne made her head spin. He would be sixty next month, but except for his perfectly trimmed pearl-grey hair, he didn't look one day over fifty. His daily practice of kendo and judo certainly helped him keep this alluring shape, with no fat in sight, and had contributed to make his wrists almost inexistent.

Panting, Maria licked her lips. "No... no indeed, I haven't, goshujin sama. But maybe..." her voice trailed off and her eyes flickered towards the crouched form of Karen who didn't know what to do with herself.

"Well, spit it out. Ask it. Beg for it. You know the words," he enticed her, his voice a low gravel.

Suddenly, they were alone in their bubble, cut off from the rest of the world. Her fingers grazed his shirt, just where he had opened two buttons to reveal that patch of skin that she loved so much to lick, kiss or gnaw at. Her breathing quickened again as his intense physical and emotional presence pressed against her and overwhelmed her senses. And he wasn't even touching her yet.

She could fight it, she could play the pride card indefinitely, tap into her strength and steel. But the truth was, she was horny as hell, and right now, it wasn't the tongue of that little opportunist that she craved, but his full length, his entire girth, his whole being, deep inside her, pumping, pounding, punishing, while they drown into each other's desires and primal drives. And for this, she was ready to beg again and again, shamelessly.

"Goshujin sama... please forgive my lapses and poor show of character earlier..." Her gaze focused on his thin lips drawing a disapproving scowl, and the muscles stretching in his thick neck. "I beg you, please, let me feel you inside me. Take me. I need it so badly, let me come hard for you," she rasped.

Takeda's hand glided from her chest to her hip, then grabbed her hip to pull her hard against his. Maria yelped, then groaned when his erection pressed against her through his pants. He leaned forward until his teeth grazed her pulsating aorta. His nibbling made her squirm, and dig her nails in his forearms.

"I should leave you on this desk, bothered, frustrated, annoyed beyond measure, dripping and hitching, but forbidden to relieve yourself. You should remain locked here all night, while I take her with me, making you forever wonder and chew off your nails, burning up with misplaced jealousy," her master whispered in her ear. Maria shut her eyes, and whimpered. This would be worse than any form of physical frustration or punishment.

"Tell me, Greyson, how can you imagine for one second that this lightheaded girl threatens your place and role? What is this... new insecurity? Or do you see me truly as an old fool who finds only worth in youth? Have you learned nothing? By the way, you do realize that I will not fire her simply to make you feel better?"

Shocked, Maria looked up to meet his eyes, who reflected only how serious he was about the situation. She let out another long breath, shaking her head briefly, and stared at a point behind his shoulder.

"Of course not. If anything else, I know she's a dutiful employee who brings a lot to the company. And you are no fool, goshujin sama. Yes, I guess that you caught me... off guard. If this was a test, I failed. You... did choose the good person for that," she chuckled. "Nothing beats seeing yourself in someone, but fifteen years younger, to feel suddenly... inadequate."

Takeda sunk his teeth in her neck; she moaned aloud in both pain and pleasure. He cupped her jaw and forced her to look at him again. "You are ridiculous. There is simply no comparison between the two of you. Don't be... too noisy now, at this time of the day, the janitors are hard at work on this floor."

And before Maria could react, he thrusted inside her in one quick stroke, until his balls slapped her ass. Eyes rolling back, she hissed in shock and delight, arching herself against her and grabbing his biceps to brace herself for what was about to happen. She let go of everything, merely focusing on what his shaft was doing to her, face buried in his chest to muffle her cries.

The heavy desk rocked under them, rattled by his sheer strength. His grip on her hip and chest would leave fingerprints, that much was certain. His embrace was so tight, it was hard to breathe properly, and if a part of her wondered if a couple of ribs weren't about to crack, another couldn't be bothered to care.

Bloody teeth marks, black-blue finger marks, scars left by sharp nails, limbs twisted to their limits, orifices stretched creatively: this was all that they were about. A last coherent thought crossed her mind before a toe-curling climax shut it off and made her lose consciousness. That little minx, with her agile tongue, warm lips and lithe fingers, would never be his match.

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