Complete Examination


Oh, so now the bitch was blackmailing him. "Besides, you really thought you could hide such a big cock?" she said teasingly as she grabbed Eric's crotch and gave it an approving squeeze.

He chuckled. "You little minx..." My, her hand felt good!

She bit her bottom lip and unzipped his trousers. His cock head was glistening with precum. She pulled the engorged organ free of its confines.

She giggled, trying to wrap the thick shaft in her tiny hand. "So big..." She whispered, her full lips forming a wide 'O'. Eric appreciated the ego stroke; it was a hell of a lot better than, "not tonight sweetie, I don't feel like it".

He went back between her thighs; her feet were still in the stirrups. He took his cock head and slowly rubbed it up and down her tiny little slit and over her swollen clit.

"Can you feel this?"

She didn't answer other than to moan and tilt her hips up to meet his cock. He couldn't stand it any more. He had to stretch this tight hole with his dick. He slowly slipped his cock inside her dripping little cunt. Inch by inch he saw it disappear inside her past the delicate and bare lips which guarded her private entrance.

"Ooh that cock feels so good." She whispered. He gave in to the urge; he had to squeeze those amazing round tits. They spilled from his hands but he kept on kneading; her hard nipples poked against his palms.

"Squeeze my dick." He commanded.. Like the fine little obedient slut she was, she complied, squeezing his cock with her well trained inner muscles.

"Oh, fuck!" He said between his teeth.

"Oh such nasty words coming out of such an educated man's mouth!" She teased, wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling him in further.

He was ready to explode; he wanted her to cum too to make this a special experience for her. He didn't want to leave her hanging. He reached down her stomach and rubbed her hard little clit with his thumb. It started to have the desired effect.

She started babbling again. "Mmmm yes! Your cock is so hard! So big! I've fucked before but never like this! Shit...oh're so good! Fuck me harder! Fill my fucking cunt with your cum!"

Oh! I'll fill your cunt all right! Filthy little slut! Horny bitch! he thought. He hoped it had been just a thought...or had he said it out loud? Fuck it. He no longer gave a damn. She tensed under him and grabbed the examination table over her head.

"That's it... oh yes! Right there... don't stop... oohh fuck yes!" She babbled, looking into his eyes. He felt her pussy clench around his cock as she came. He put his hand over her mouth to quiet her down. He knew nobody was in the office but he enjoyed the domination aspect of his act.

His toes curled. It had been a while since he's shot his load into a tight, hot, wet young pussy; the relief was more than welcomed. His cock spurted seven, maybe eight long ropes of cum deep in her tight cunt. That's got to be a personal record for cum, he mused. Holding onto her fine young hips he continued to jam his cock inside her body, stopping only when he realized that there wasn't anymore cum inside him.

He stood still for a minute, his cock deflating slightly in her cream filled pussy. She was beautiful with her hair messed up and a big grin on her face. He smiled back at her, kissed her lips with genuine affection and caressed her hair and face as his cock slowly slipped out.

"I still need a PAP smear, you know." She reminded him.

"Right! On the 12th, at five, and don't be late this time or I'll have to reprimand you." He was hoping she'd be late; a bottom as round and firm as hers... it would be a shame not to spank it.

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