tagGroup SexComplex Family Ch. 08

Complex Family Ch. 08


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For the most part the rest of the honeymoon went well. After the initial long love session when they arrived, the newlyweds stepped their activity back quite a lot. They chose to instead enjoy the island and used it as a much needed vacation that both, after a rather hectic year, were quite overdue for.

Still they snuck in a little loving as well, including a rather memorable trip to one of the hot tubs that reminded them of their first night together. However, despite the ample distraction, not least of which was a horny wife, Brandon's mind could not escape thoughts that he had failed his new spouse.

As the thoughts weighed on him it must have become clear to Ashley because their last night she asked, "Darling, what's wrong? Didn't you have fun this week?" Concern clearly showing on the brunette's face.

"Yeah," Brandon responded quickly then he put on a smile and said, "Of course, I am in paradise with the most lovely woman in the world for our honeymoon, what could be wrong?"

"I don't know darling, but you've been awfully down the past day or so, its not me is it?"

"No! Of course not! Why would you say that?" Brandon said quickly.

"Good, because I was getting worried it was something I did, or rather didn't do." Ashley said playfully before adding, "A girl gets worried when her husband is not happy on his honeymoon, just making sure it wasn't me."

"No, no..." Brandon said quickly before saying quietly, "If there was any failing this week it was me."

Ashley looked puzzled and asked, "In what way?" Before she added, "Because if you think you failed me that way darling trust me you were as good as ever, better in fact. I've cum harder this week than I thought possible."

Brandon smiled a bit and said, "While I'm glad to hear that, it's not just this week that I feel I've failed you."

"Okay darling you've lost me. What does that mean?"

"Never mind." He said trying to rise from his seat but Ashley stopped him.

She pulled him to his seat and looking into his eyes said, "No darling, that was a pretty serious statement you just made. Do you think you're not good enough for me or something? Because you are. You're the only man I want nothing is going to change that..."

"And yet you're not the only woman I will be intimately sharing my life with."

"Mel and Katy?" A relieved Ashley asked, "That's what this is about? Baby we've been over this I don't care..."

"But you should!" Brandon yelled back. Standing up and beginning to pace back and forth Ashley was taken aback and Brandon lowered his voice and said, "That's the whole point Ashley, you should not have to be 'okay' with me sleeping with them. You, not Mel, should be the mother of my first child, and all of them for that matter. You should not have had to defend me on our wedding day because I upset another woman who is already carrying my baby. We should not have to rearrange our entire lives to help them.

"Don't you see Ashley? We took advantage of you! Mel, Katy, and I took advantage of your weakness. You all had one! Mel's was distrust in men, Katy needed protection, and you, you felt you were unworthy of love.

"So what did you do you? You allowed us to cheat out of the life you were entitled to, to fit our needs and desires. You should hate us all right now.

"So yes, I think I failed you because worst of all I let it happened I recognized your problem and instead of helping you and standing by your side I let it happen.

"And now, now it's too late I can't fix this without turning my back on my child. So now I am officially stuck to this life, committed. "

Brandon collapsed to the seat and stared at the ground head in his hands.

There were a few moments of silence before Ashley's soft voice said, "Darling, you have done nothing wrong."

Brandon looked at her shocked and said, "What?!" Did you not hear what I just said?"

"Yes," Ashley said a hint of anger on her face and in her voice, "As a fairly intelligent woman, I understood it all, but I still don't see how this is your fault."

"I let you..." Brandon never finished because the sight of Ashley's anger getting the best of her drove all thoughts from his mind.

"LET ME?! LET ME?!" She responded livid, "Brandon Metcalf you did no such thing, this is the 21st century and I am a big girl Brandon! I can decide for myself thank you very much!"

"Of course you can. I didn't..."

"I'm not finished," Ashley said, still very ticked off. "Do you think I did not know what sending Katy to your hut the night of the bet could've led to? Or the consequences of helping you seduce Mel? I am not an idiot Brandon."

Then just as suddenly as it arose her anger evaporated and gently taking Brandon's hand she looked into his eyes and said, "Darling I did those things because I was hoping they could feel a fraction of what I felt when I was around you. I knew, even then, that our love was strong enough to take it. In some ways they needed you more than I did. They both had been hurt so much by other men, they needed your love too, and just like I hoped they got it. I was never worried a second about us, I knew you loved me too much to truly hurt me. That night you made love to Mel, and that's what it was darling, love, not just sex. It confirmed something I had come to know for quite a while- that you had room in your heart for all three of us."

She then took a deep breath and said, "Which, is why it was my idea that they use you as the father for their babies. There is no one better, not only because you're going to be an amazing dad, but also because there is a deep love between you and each of them. So Brandon as I am the mastermind of his whole thing I will say this once then the matter is at rest. It's not your fault, so please stop beating yourself up and enjoy the ride, because I know I will." Brandon nodded and then Ashley smiled mischievously and said, "Speaking of which I think I am about due for my evening ride."

She then proceeded to fish out his cock before jerking him to hardness. When he was hard she rose and straddled his lap lowering herself toward his now hard shaft. When he felt no cloth barrier as she lower her dripping pussy onto his cock he realized she had no panties on under her skirt

"No panties baby? You dirty girl!" Brandon said smiling.

Ashley smiled as she bottomed out on the hard shaft and said, "Noticed that, did you? Since it's my honeymoon I figured what the hell? Besides, what does it matter if I'm a little slutty now? I'm married after all."

"That's right and you're all mine."

"Hmmm." Ashley said as she rose and fell on his shaft before adding, "That's right baby, I'm your personal little slut tonight, so fuck me hard."

Brandon did just that returning her rise and fall thrusts of his own it did not take long before both were speeding toward orgasm. Soon after they had both came together before taking a short nap on the chair. They then went in to the bedroom and made slow love to each other. After as they lay in each other's arms Brandon asked a question that had been bugging him since their talk.

"Ashley I have to ask, if you masterminded the formation of the family, what made you so sure I could be what you all asked of me."

Ashley thought for a second and said, "I don't know really. I guess it just came all together as I listened to the hopes and dreams of my two friends. The stuff we shared when it was only us girls. Most of it while we were all captive, discussing what we would do if we got home.

"Over the course of our time on the island I discovered that you were our rock. By the time we reached Miami I realized that not only did I love you, want to have your children, have you in my life forever, but the other two did as well. I knew then that you were our rock upon which we all build our lives."

"Me?" Brandon asked shocked, "No way I am like that honey I need you, you're the rock..."

"That maybe, but it is you that will bind this family together, your love will have touched us all and it will bring us together. Sure Mel, Katy, and I will help you along the way but you are the key to this whole thing. That's what makes you the amazing one, the rock."

Brandon was awed by this and made no response, soon after he drifted off to sleep amazed that three others had that much faith in him.

The next day it was time to check out and go home. Brandon wanted to have on last fuck before they left, but Ashley reminded him that what was sure to be a very horny Katy awaited him back in Chicago. In light of this he opted to rest up.

Katy and Mel met them at the terminal and the newlyweds were surprised to discover that a brand new SUV was awaiting them.

"New car?" Brandon asked the smiling pair as he loaded the luggage waving off Mel's help, which drew a glare.

"Yes, well with both of us becoming moms in a few short months when Mel has her baby." Katy said.

"And, again when Katy has her's a year later." Mel said still a little upset as the four loaded into the car.

"So, we figured why put off the new car? We need one for the kids."

"And mine is out of the question." Mel said. This was an understatement as not only was her car a luxury model fitting rank in her company, but it was also the company's. Supplied upon her arrival in Chicago. The idea of transporting an infant in that car was both stupid and potentially disastrous. "Besides, I got a swell deal." Brandon was taken aback at this and stared at her. He realized Katy, who was sitting between them in the back seat, something Brandon found odd, and Ashley must have done the same. Because Mel said, "Well it was, wasn't it?"

"Swell?!" he, Katy, and Ashley seemed to ask in unison.

Mel blushed so that her face nearly matched her hair in color and said, "Well, I'm going to be a mother soon, I am trying to breaking certain bad habits."

"Yes," Brandon said, "and while we all appreciate that, myself and Katy probably foremost," Katy nodded her agreement. "That doesn't mean you need to go 1950s on us Mel. Change is good in all of us, but none of us should lose ourselves in it."

"He's right." Ashley said before adding, "I also think all of us should get in the habit of watching ourselves though as I imagine soon we will all be parents."

The ramifications of that statement were not lost on Brandon, as it seemed that Ashley too was looking to have a baby in the near future. Of course, it made sense. They were now married, would soon have a home to settle down in, and both had good jobs. Not to mention children had had always been a part of their plan. Why not get started soon?

The reason for Katy choice in seating became rather clear once the discussion ended and they were underway. She reached for his fly and before her knew it the blonde was licking up and down on his rapidly hardening shaft.

"I think she missed you darling," Ashley said smiling.

"You're next missy," Katy said taking her mouth off Brandon's now hard cock. "But if you don't mind I'm going to play with your husband a bit first." She said before leaning down to suck some more.

Ashley gave wicked smile and said, "Not at all, as long as I can watch."

Katy again took her mouth off Brandon and said, "In that case, better give you a show."

She then unbuckled and moved to in front of Brandon lifted her skirt to show she was pantyless and added, "Especially as I have been aching for a good fucking from our favorite man."

Seconds later she was on his lap and he was balls deep in the blonde's soaking wet pussy. As she fucked him hard her pulled up her shirt and released her huge boobs form her bra. He played with them as she rode up and down on his shaft. This drew moans of appreciation from Katy.

Whether it was due to built up horniness or his playing with her tits, Katy came first a few minutes later. Brandon held on for a few minutes more before he too came pushing Katy to he second orgasm.

After they had recovered Ashley, seemingly angrily, pulled the blond off his lap and said, "You are one naughty girl, not only are you breaking the seatbelt law and wearing no undies in public with your tits out for people to see, but you just fucked my husband."

She gave a wicked smile and said, "First off buckle up, I'm sure Mel doesn't need the ticket." Then once Katy was buckled in Ashley unzipped her shorts and pulled them, and her own panties down. She pointed at her wet pussy and said, "Good girl, now get licking."

"Yes mistress." Katy said bending down and getting to work.

Not long after Ashley began moaning and closed her eyes in extreme pleasure. Brandon watched as Katy's tongue teased his wife to a mind-blowing orgasm. A small part of him thanked that he never had to compete with those skills, because they were too good. It was something that both he and Ashley agreed on, while they worked hard to improve, they both accepted that Katy was just an oral genius and that neither should be jealous of her ability to make the other have a mind blowing experience. Since both benefited from the blonde's talented tongue equally it was not really an issue. Katy made a point of spreading the wealth as well.

When they arrived home Brandon again insisted on carrying the bags up, much to Mel's annoyance. Seeing the glare again Brandon addressed it when they reached the condo as he passed her on the way for a second trip.

"Look Mel, I know you probably think I am being stubborn, but as much as I appreciate the offer and know you can handle yourself. I'd rather you not do any heavy lifting while pregnant okay? I would feel the same if it were Ashley or Katy. It's just a part of the pampering from me as a thanks for carrying our child."

"Pampering?! It's coddling!" Mel said angrily.

"Call it what you will Mel, its happening." Brandon said not fazed by her anger. "Besides, most girls love being pampered."

"I'm not most girls!"

Brandon just smiled and feeling dangerous kissed the upset redhead on the cheek quickly and said walking away, "I know and I love that about you."

Mel's pursuit was halted by Katy and Ashley who, as Brandon headed for the stairs, were talking Mel down. By the time he reached upstairs with the bags Mel seemed to have calmed but was still giving him nasty glares. Ashley asked for a walk and Brandon agreed. As they left there was no doubt what Katy was up to.

Still Brandon asked, "What are those two going to do I wonder?" He fought down a smirk as he said it.

Ashley was not fooled and smacking his arm said, "Like you don't know, Katy is calming Mel down after that stunt you pulled, why must you antagonize her darling?"

"Because the littlest things offend her."

"Yeah, but that's Mel, easily offended. So why start something?"

"Because it feeds to the deeper issue. Mel needs to get used to me as a significant part of her life, and more importantly our child's life. She has no issue accepting help from you or Katy, but if I offer it's a crisis and I'm a chauvinist male with archaic ideas of gender roles. She's pregnant, my child or not I wouldn't want her doing heavy lifting, my parents raised me that way. Since it is mine I especially am going to be protective."

"I know darling and believe me I for one am glad of that, Katy too, but Mel. She's just different."

"Still she needs to adjust. All of us do in our own ways and my presence in her life is going to be the biggy for her."

"I know and we will help her just be careful darling. Her getting stressed at daddy isn't great for the baby either, far worse than a little lifting in fact."

Brandon alarmed at this stopped at this and said, "Hadn't thought of that." His voice quiet with concern.

"No, well neither had she until today, one of the reasons that Katy is, ah, relaxing her right now."

After that the rest of the walk was spent remembering the trip.

That night in accordance with Katy's wishes Brandon, playing a delivery guy knocked on the door. Katy, already wearing her bridesmaid's dress answered.

"What?" she said.

As instructed he said, "I have a package for this address from a Brandon."

Katy took it and Brandon went to leave but after opening it Katy said, "Wait a minute stud. I think you have another package for us."

As planned he turned to protest and was dragged into the room by the blonde. Once in she closed and locked the door behind him.

"Ma'am?" he asked confused as she pulled him to the couch and flung him onto it. Before he could say more she was on top of him kissing him passionately.

Breaking the kiss she whispered in his ear, "The name's Katy, and your about to get to know me quite well." She grabbed his dick for effect and caressing it said, "That is unless you'd rather I stop?" Brandon shook his head and Katy said, "Smart boy."

She kissed him again before getting on her knees before him and extracting his now hard cock. Seconds later all thought was extinguished as the pleasure of her mouth on his cock washed over him. He just closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of Katy's mouth. When he finally erupted in her mouth and his vision had return he noted they weren't alone. Mel, who wore her bridesmaid dress, and Ashley looking gorgeous in her wedding gown had joined them.

When Katy had swallowed Brandon's cum Mel asked, "Who's this Katy?"

"A gift from Brandon according to the package, seems he wanted us to have some fun today." Katy responded.

Ashley smiled and said, "Well I'll just have to give him a big thank you tonight eh ladies?"

"Hope you work fast big boy, cause we're due at the church soon." Mel said sitting down and starting to massage his dick. As he got harder he saw Katy step out of her panties.

"No, no my dear. This is my day I go first." Ashley said bending over the couch before whispering in Brandon's ear, "Come fuck your dirty little bride..."

Brandon needed no second request, he was up in a second and behind her. With Mel and Katy's aid he lifted the flowing gown over her ass and pushing the white panties aside shoved into the wet hole. Ashley cooed with delight as the hard shaft sunk deep within her. Not long after Brandon had began Mel and Katy had Ashley's tits exposed.

As they sucked on her tits Brandon fucked Ashley. Soon she neared the edge and Mel said, "Looks like our bride is cumming,."

Katy giggled and said, "Yeah but, I thought it was 'here comes the bride'."

Ashley came a second later and Brandon waved Katy around the couch and after releasing her large boobs, had her bend over the couch next to Ashley. He lifted her dress and plunged into her naked, wet pussy. As with Ashley, Mel helped him by working Katy's tits and soon Katy too exploded on his cock.

As he had managed not cum yet he walked around the couch and laid out Mel on it. Unlike the other's she released her own tits and seemed to be in relief about it. As she did Brandon lifted her dress and removed her panties before proceeding to fuck her. He gave her tits attention as he fucked her and as he did he realized why she was relieved to get them out of the dress, they had grown a bit. Not too much but enough that they had a different feel to them.

Mel must have noted his expression at spotting this and said, "No it's not your imagination, they are bigger, growing to feed our baby. Now fuck me stud, show our baby that daddy still knows how to make mommy feel real good."

Brandon smiled and summoning strength from somewhere deep he managed to fuck her hard while holding his release. Mel moaned with delight and wrapped her legs around Brandon. As Brandon fought to maintain control he felt soft lips kissing him from behind. He closed his eyes to help himself last as the sight of Mel was getting to be too much. As Ashley's kisses neared his ear he felt a large set of breasts push against his back. His eyes shot open and revealed Ashley kissing and caressing Mel.

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