tagGroup SexComplex Family Ch. 12

Complex Family Ch. 12


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As promised by Christmas the secret identity of Leah and Kara's father was known to all the kids. As expected the most excited about this were Kara and Anna who were ecstatic to learn they were sisters. What's more, Brandon thought, Anna took no longer being the oldest rather well, she accepted both her big sisters. Although big was relative as like her sisters she had inherited her dad's height, but as she had gotten Ashley's too she was the tallest of the three.

The news also got spread to the extended family too, of course as Brandon said, the whole truth, about the nature of how the kids had been conceived was left unsaid. It turned out a few knew already about Kara and Leah, his mom for one surprised him by immediately accepting the information. She welcomed them, giving her granddaughters a hug and a kiss each.

When she had finished fussing over them she turned to a shocked Brandon and said, "Oh, come on dear, I'm not blind you know. I've seen how you are around them, you are many things honey, but a good liar is not one of them. Besides you didn't think I wouldn't recognize my own son in each of them. Leah clearly has your eyes and Kara has your smile, and those are just the more obvious physical traits my dear. Oh yes, I've known for a while. Most of us did actually."

Brandon looked to see most of his extended family nodding in agreement and asked, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I could ask you the same Brandon."

A discussion followed, but it turned out there was no real hard feelings. The reason for the secrecy was acceptable. In the end it was not only Leah and Kara officially welcomed into the family, but Mel and Katy as well. As this new knowledge had only made official the bond that had formed between Brandon's family and his two close friends.

It was the best Christmas Brandon had ever had. Despite the fact that Leah, Katy, and especially Kara all still wore signs of the accident. To be surrounded by those he loved and finally free of his deception to his children was a blessing.

Life continued on happy like that for a while. There were memorable moments, like Leah's graduation, and dropping her off for college. He suspected Leah was glad to have him along after he had to drag away a not only a very tearful Katy, but a surprisingly tearful Mel after saying his own short goodbye and wishing her luck.

However life was not all good happy moments. Mel was having problems at work. It seemed even the work she had done in London was not enough to impress the board. What's worse, the ownership shift she thought would benefit her, didn't. So by the next summer as Kara and Anna were getting ready to go off to school, Mel found herself victim of a corporate housing cleaning.

The company had had bad results the past few years and decided to blame the messengers. Most of her division was wiped out and as management she was the first to go. Brandon's division being a large asset, in large part thanks to Brandon, was spared. It was one of the few things though.

As she and Katy were taking their girls on vacation the next week Mel opted to postpone her job search. Brandon was pleased because this gave him time to put into action a plan he had been working on for quite sometime.

When Mel got back it was to find that one company had already heard of her dismissal and expressed interest. Brandon told her a friend owned an upstart company and wanted to interview her.

The day of the interview Brandon received an angry call from Mel. Livid about how she had been received.

"The girl, and that's what she was Brandon she could not have been more than 25, knew nothing! What kind of show is your friend running? That is the most unproductive place I have ever seen! I'm surprised they keep the doors open at all. By the way I thought I was up for a top position, the top in fact Brandon."

"Oh you are," Brandon said.

"Then why did your friend send the little girl down to talk to me? Utter waste of my time!"

Brandon smiled to himself and said, "Yeah, my friend is a bit odd and has a certain way of doing things, but has good reasons for them. Look, go talk to my friend, I'm sure you'll be able to straighten things out. I admit not going to meet you was a bit of a mistake, but if someone doesn't know you like I do, it's an easy one to make. Give my friend another chance, for me?"

Mel sighed and said, "Okay fine, but you better be right or you owe me big time."

"Tell you what I'll make a call and explain things a bit. We should have this all cleared up by lunch I think."

Brandon made his call and was on the phone when Mel entered his friend's office. Upon entering before the call could be put on hold Mel said, "Is that Brandon your on with? If so I hate to break up your little chat but we have business to discuss, like why you wasted my time today. If you were not a good friend of Brandon's you would even be get this chance. So please, hang up the phone and give me one good reason why I should not storm out that door right now." Brandon heard as he sat on the phone.

The call was put on hold and Brandon spun in the large chair he sat in and facing a rather shocked Mel, grinned and said, "Well Mel, you would be storming out of your own office if you did for one."

"But you said..." Mel stammered out as she sat in a nearby chair.

Brandon chuckled and said, "I said go to my friends office, well this is your office and the last that I checked we're friends so it was true and like I said I did make a call, just not to who you thought. Oh almost forgot," he said before taking a name plate with her name on it out of a drawer and placing it on the front of the desk.

"Brandon what is this?"

"Phoenix Software Inc. my, and if you sign on our, software company. You see I have spent the past few years developing projects that my previous employers, of which by the end of the week include the company that fired you, deemed impossible on my own time. What's more I managed to make them work. So now I have these programs that several companies would literally pay millions for and I could go one of two ways. The obvious was to take the money and run, but I decided not to do that. See I have this friend whose dream was to be a CEO at a top company.

"So I figure, since thanks to this friend, I am financially stable already and Ashley and I could virtually retire right now, that I would start a company to give her a shot at her dream. I figure Mel we are all in a good place thanks to you. Between us we can probably get enough money to get off the ground. Like I said the product is worth millions. All I needed was a business mind to sell it and I figured why not you. Mel, you do this right you can have your dream, and maybe even get revenge on the way. All you have to do," he said standing up and stepping away from the chair and adding, "Is take the challenge by sitting in this chair."

"I hate to ask but what do Ashley and Katy think of this idea?"

"Both are behind it, you didn't think I would try this alone do you? This affected both so I checked. Ashley is behind this one-hundred percent, as is Katy. Heck who do you think decorated this place?"

Mel thought for a second looking around before she rose, moved to the offered chair and sat down.

Brandon smiled as she settled in and then she said, "So does this make me your boss?"

"No just co-owner, I'm not on the payroll, I'm your partner. I will work on the product, and be an adviser of sorts for running that side of the business if that's alright."

Mel smiled and said, "I would not have it any other way. What about the girl that interviewed me? Is she an employee?"

"Only if you want her, she was actually interviewing too today. I figured you'd want an assistant. Did you like her?"

"For an assistant yes, an officer, not quite."

"Good, because she seemed to like you as well. That reminds me." He picked up the phone took it off hold and said, "Rachel, I'm going to put you on speaker, Ms. Murphy is also here with me. If when I tell you to you could say statement I told you earlier I would appreciate it." She agreed and Brandon put the phone on speaker and indicated Rachel should begin.

"Phoenix Software Incorporated, Mel Murphy's office, how may I help you?" the woman voice said over the phone. Brandon thanked her and put her on hold.

He then said to Mel, "Just wanted you to hear how she sounds on the phone, and the greeting, which you can change. I figure since it's the first thing a lot of people will hear it was important to get right." Mel agreed with him and his choice. They called Rachel up for a few other quick questions and, as he said, by lunchtime she was hired and Brandon and Mel were discussing the new company over lunch.

After a lengthy lunch discussion and even more in her office, Mel leaned back in her chair and asked seriously, "Brandon, what makes you so sure this will work?"

"I'm not, but it's worth the risk and we can afford to take it so why not? Besides," he said looking at a photo of Leah at her high school graduation that was behind Mel, "our last 'collaboration' worked out so well, how could this go wrong?" Mel's gaze followed his and seeing the picture she smiled and nodded.

Brandon returned the smile and said, "Speaking of collaborations Mel, we are alone in the building. What do you say we christen this office a bit?"

Mel smiled and said, "Oh, way ahead of you there baby." Mel said standing up and pulling her blouse from her skirt. Which only now did he recognize it as her 'fuck me' skirt.

It must have shown because she said, "Ah, so you noticed. Surprised it took you this long." She said removing the blouse and her bra, "I know Rachel did, but she handled it well. Quite the game you setup here Brandon, next time though you might not want to give me a night to ask Katy questions. She is not the best secret keeper." Mel said joining him on the couch and kissing him. She then raised her voice and said, "Are you dear?" to Brandon's surprise Katy entered the room.

"No, Mel I'm not." The blonde answered as she strolled toward them stark naked. She was also obviously fighting not to grin as she said, "I guess I'll have to be punished."

"Yeah, and you are real upset about that I'm sure," Ashley said as she strolled in topless and wearing extremely tight jeans that even though she was in her mid-forties she looked very sexy in. She smiled at her husband and said, "Hi darling, work going okay today?"

Brandon just nodded before saying, "Ah, yeah, what are you two doing here?"

"I asked them." Mel answered for them, "seems they wanted to watch our little game. Besides I figured you'd want to punish your little blabbermouth here as she totally ruined your surprise."

Brandon nodded and patted his lap. Katy squealed with delight and after lying naked across his lap took her spankings.

Then Brandon said, "Ashley come here," his wife complied and he stood, lifting Katy with him asked Ashley to sit in his spot then set Katy on Ashley's lap and said, "Hold her there." Ashley complied and wrapped her arms around the naked blonde.

Brandon then stood and said, "As further punishment slut, I am going to make you watch me fuck your wife and if you cum I'll spank you again."

"Oooh, do you promise?" Katy asked with a giggle.

Brandon ignored the comment and said to Ashley, "If she gets loose, you get the spanking and further punishment." Ashley nodded and Brandon turned to Mel and said,

"Okay Melissa, you know the drill, on your knees and get sucking."

Mel complied immediately and rose form the couch and knelt before Brandon and after releasing his dick began sucking it. Brandon was enjoying the sensation when Katy's voice interrupted the moment.

"Master, your wife is cheatinnnng. It feels so good." Brandon looked up and sure enough Ashley's fingers were buried in Katy's pussy.

"Ashley! Cut that out right now!" Brandon said more amused than upset.

"What?" the brunette asked not stopping for a second pushing the willing Katy closer and closer to the edge. Ashley looked at him and said, "You know she wants to be spanked, I'm just helping her get there." A part of Brandon was glad of the disobedience and it must have shown somehow because she added, "Besides, do you want me to stop Darling? I think you WANT to punish little ole me." He could tell she was playing with him now because she used her native accent for the last sentence.

"Well that can be arranged. First though I need your help with our red-headed friend here, strip down and have a seat on the desk facing the chair." Ashley smiled and complied.

As she was stripping off her clothes Katy asked, "And what about me?"

Brandon smiled and said, "Help your wife, she's really bad at this." In truth Mel was rather good. After all they had been playing this game for nearly twenty years now and she did have a very good tutor in Katy.

Katy joined Mel and they began sucking Brandon got so lost he forgot the game. Ashley kissed him and woke him from the trance Katy and Mel's mouths had put him in.

She then whispered in his ear, "Be careful darling, if I didn't know better I'd say your little slaves got the upper hand a minute ago."

He smiled kissed his sexy wife again looked down to see Mel and Katy sucking away and couldn't help think, "God I love my life," before he ordered Ashley back to the desk.

Then he led Mel over and bent her over her desk so her face was in Ashley's crotch. He ordered her to eat out Ashley. Then as he raised Mel's skirt and lower her panties he ordered Katy to straddle Mel's back and suck on Ashley's tits.

He pushed into Mel's wet pussy and began fucking her and soon her moans and Ashley's filled the air. Not wanting Katy to be left out he reached out and began playing with her pussy and large tits.

He then said to Mel, "You like this you little corporate whore, you like taking from behind bent over your desk? While you eat my wife's pussy and your wife sucks her tits? Oh and by the way those moans you hear from your wife, those are because I'm fondling her while I fuck you. So not only are my wife and I using you and your little slut of a wife to get off, you both are going to get off while we do it."

Brandon watched with enjoyment as Ashley moaned in pure ecstasy. After twenty years her two best friends knew every sweet spot on Ashley's body and just like they had done for Brandon earlier they had Ashley riding a huge pleasure wave. Of course Brandon had in turn learned a lot about Mel and Katy over the years as well. He knew how to tease Katy with his hands and knew just how Mel liked to be fucked. He was doing just enough of each to keep them moaning, yet focused on Ashley.

Once Ashley had screamed out in orgasm Brandon pulled Katy closer to him while picking up his pace as he fucked Mel.

He hugged Katy to him and whispered in her ear, "Be a good girl and keep that cute ass of yours on your wife. I need you to hold her so I can continue to fuck her like she wants." Katy nodded and he kissed he cheek and said, "Good girl, now do something else for me? Cum for me baby?" Katy fought and squirmed a bit then he said, "You know you want to you're so close, just cum for me baby, cum like the slut you are."

Katy simply closed he eyes and moaned, "Oh Godddd," before she came shaking in his arms as he continued to fuck Mel.

"You feel that whore, that's your little wife cumming on my fingers, I bet you can feel her cum pooling on your back right now. Now it's your turn baby come on." He said picking up the pace. Mel didn't last much longer. After she came Brandon's orgasm soon followed.

The all dressed and cleaned up and left feeling they had all sufficiently christened the new office. As Brandon and Mel left they both glanced at the building, he could tell that like him she was excited for the future of Phoenix Software. It would go as far as they would take it and as far as he was concerned the sky was the limit.

To be concluded...

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