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Compounding Interest


The day after Pi arrived it started raining again sometime before the sun even crawled out of bed. The world was subsequently misty and moist when Abby stepped out into it. She shivered and turned as goose bumps speckled exposed cleavage. Perhaps it would be a good idea to fetch a jacket and umbrella. Her eyes widened to find Pi standing there in the doorway of her ancestral home. The helpful succubus offered both necessary accessories along with a full lipped smile. Last night Abby thought long and hard and decided that from now on she was both utterly straight and was not going to be tempted by the demoness again. Facing that reality this morning her resolve formed cracks, especially with how Pi was dressed.

"Good morning, Abby." If any one word could describe Pi this morning it was bubbly. She was wearing a white shirt that was tight enough to accentuate with its cling but not cross the line to obscene. Like any woman with both fashion sense and a libido Pi had it unbuttoned enough to display the comfortable top swell of pale bosom. Over that a dark brown suit jacket hung. It had been cut to the shape of her back and waist to streamline those that looked at her rack down to pleasant hips. Said hips were as snug as a hand in a glove within mid-thigh skirt that matched. It didn't go down quite low enough to hide the lacey top of sheer black stockings. How a woman with such curves could stand so easily in high heels was something the Booth girl could only attribute to demonic poise. It was then that Abby realized she was still checking on Pi's legs.

With a grumble the mortal took the jacket and umbrella, popping the latter immediately. "Pi."

Ruby glossed lips made a perfect 'O' before the demoness pouted. "I was afraid you were going to still be a bit put off, Abby. I assure you I mean neither you nor Eddie any harm."

"Why would I think a succubus would mean us any harm?" The question was shot back with very little venom. Abby's exotic gaze lifted from Pi's mouth to coal black eyes. Sighing she tugged on the jacket, quite aware of the way her body tilted and turned to do so. She had to fight to not highlight some motions for Pi's benefit. "I apologize that was rather unkind of me. I am sure that you understand my doubts and concern."

An expressive breath popped out of Pi as she stayed in the oak framed doorway of Blackmoor manor. The side of her hips coasted against the door itself and thus skirt hiked up just enough to show virgin white slip and creamy skin. "I suppose that I do and I shall have to accept that. Might I ask one question of you first though, Abby?"

Licking her rhubarb toned lips Abby for all her determination wished that they were stained ruby. Once her jacket was on her free hand slid into the pocket of hip hugger jeans. The umbrella was tilted to protect them both from drops. "What is that?"

"Is my hair okay?" The infernal gestured upwards. Her sable mane had been curled up into a bun and then staked into place with black porcelain chopsticks. Only a few errant hairs caressed her neck in such a fashion to make one's fingers pine to fix them.

Abby tried not to but she giggled before holding the sleeve of royal blue jacket over her grin. "It's a good look for you, far better than Eddie's jersey."

"Well the sports attire is hardly work safe. Do you mind if I walk with you?" Batting long lashes hell's librarian didn't wait for an answer but rather click and clacked her way out into the rain with a slow roll of hips. "I would rather not get wet."

"Liar." There was no bite in Abby's barb and after a moment she relented with a sigh. "Fine, fine. Just no trying to eat my soul."

"I have no intention to." Pi slid out cats-eye glasses and opened them with the delicate working of mouth and teeth. She let Abby set the pace as they meandered down the lane and toward an elegant old carriage house converted into a garage. 'I am not that sort of succubus."

"Is there any other sort?" Abby looked not to her companions European profile but across the long lawn. There was some movement at the property line, along the gray stone wall. Her interest perked. "Nevermind. Can I ask something, a favor as it seems you will be staying in my house indefinitely?"

"Of course." Pi edged forward to see what was going on. It looked like someone was waving at them both? She could vaguely hear their shouts, after all it was a rather big yard covered with a smattering of elder trees. Something about the ancient growths tugged at the demoness' senses but she couldn't quite put a finger on that. "Who is that?"

Abby raised her hand and made some sort of gesture down to the front wall of the Blackmoor grounds and then an a-okay before sighing. She tugged here and there at her rather simple outfit of v-neck white shirt, denims, jacket and tennis shoes. "Locke Wolsey and I think his sister. It is hard to tell for this distance."

"Oh, Locke, I see." With a smoky laugh Pi gave Abby's side a nudge. "I suspect he is rather handsome considering how you lust after him."

Cheeks darkened and Abby shot Pi a bit of a look. "Hush you. I don't want to even know how you know that. Now as to the favor." She turned their trajectory for the front gate. "I would appreciate if you didn't seduce me again? I prefer being straight."

"Not even a three way with Eddie?" The sniff Pi gave was clearly a ruse. "I suppose I shall just have to suffer with the death of that fantasy here and now."

"So sorry. How does my hair look?" With a fretting puff of breath Abby tracked her gaze to the side. Oh what she wouldn't give for a chance to primp before they got to the street. Her small nose wiggled. The Englishwoman rolled her eyes when Pi reached out to give it a quick tuning.

"Artistically weather blown." Pi winked before adjusting her glasses. After a small oop she even had the good sense to tug her skirt until everything was back into place. It was about that time they arrived at the iron gates of the grounds.

On the other side Locke Wolsey and his sister Ivy waited in the rain. Both had the sense to leave their home with umbrellas. The elder brother had a plain one of black while Ivy's was a rather obnoxious hue of pink. Both of them cast smiles through the leaf decorated bars as well as reserved waves, almost in unison their trademark slate blues skipped over to Pi in curiosity.

"Good morning, Abigail. You are looking quite nice today." The rather rakishly cast Locke was the first to look back over and grin in such an impish fashion. He had one of those trendy haircuts that bordered on bed-head but actually pulled it off. Shifting atop fine riding boots that had been spattered with fresh mud he dipped his chin toward Pi. "A fine morning to you as well, Miss...?"

Ruby lips opened then closed before the succubus cast the best sultry smile she could. The little bleach blonde pixie that was Ivy couldn't take her gaze off of Pi. In all the excitement and pleasure of her face day back on earth the infernal had forgotten to come up with a cover name. Oh hell what should she call herself? It was time to stall. "Good morning to the both of you. I take it you are the Wolsey's?"

"Hi!" Ivy's cheeks were as perky as her voice. She was a head shorter than her brother and quite a bit slighter than his athletic frame. Still there was an energy to the woman that one could not deny. Her attire matched his as well, proper British equestrian apparel. Her white pants had been tailor fit to accentuate slim thighs and apple shaped ass. At the moment her coat was open so pert chest above flat stomach could be seen - covered by a pink baby doll tee. "I'm Ivy, you are?"

"Ivy." Lock reached out and gave her hair a tussle before turning back to give a boyishly handsome glance Pi's way. It soon lingered back to Abby. His pants fairly snugly fit Locke's assets both in front and behind. "You shall have to forgive my sister, she is rather excitable."

Both of the women on one side of the gate laughed when Ivy stuck out her tongue and went to raking pink tipped fingers through her hair to fix it. Oh did she ever blush pleasantly red. "Hush."

"That she is, but we all adore her." Abby drew in a breath and inside was glad that Locke wasn't ogling the demoness more than she. Reaching out she unlocked the gate and pulled it open before resting with subconscious arch against slick metal. "You two are going out riding in this dreary mess?"

"Ah." He picked at the collar of black riding jacket. "Well Ivy and I both had matters to attend to yesterday and thus missed the sun. When one lives in the English country sometimes they do have to deal with dreary. However I would say you have brightened our day."

Ivy backed up his comment with a giggle before stepping forward and offering her hand out to Pi. Then the young woman bowed her head it was clearly to get a better look at the librarian's cleavage. "And you are?"

"Eloise Baker." Pi lied easily now that she had time to think up a name, and made a mental note to tell Eddie that. Taking Ivy's hand she found the softness of her skin pleasant and the coy tease of pink nails even more so. Ivy cast her gaze up through dark lashes.

"Eloise." Her smile melted from playful to sensual. "I rather like that."

"She is staying with us, the daughter of a friend of my father's" Abby wasn't sure why she so quickly added cover to Pi's presence. Then again she could hardly blurt out the truth. Oh my Yank cousin summoned up his own personal succubus. That would not go over well at all. "While looking for her own place after taking up some work in town."

"Oh?" Attention finally waxed fully from Abigail to Pi as Lock offered out his hand. "You are a professional then, Miss Baker? That does explain the attire."

With a roll of her eyes Ivy took a dancing step back and turned to look away and up at the gray clouds. It was obvious she arched her body and shifted thighs in a way hoping that either other woman standing there would take gander.

Pi took Locke's strong hand, which was far rougher than she expected, and lamented when there was no play of his blunt nails. It was obvious to her than the gentleman had some sort of attraction to Abby and she resolved then and there to assure that it come to fruition. "Library Science. I have an interview this very day at St. Agatha's."

"Really now?" After a kindly squeeze Locke let go. "A prestigious and exclusive establishment indeed. I am afraid I had to school down at Oxford due to the strict standards I could not hurtle." His smile lingered, easy and kind. He hardly looked old enough to be a college graduate. "I wish you the best of luck, Miss Baker."

"Eloise, please." The demoness smiled before turning her head to look down at Abby. On reflex Locke's eyes followed and stayed there. Good, good. She hardly wanted to make her other flat mate jealous.

"As you wish. Well, Eloise, Abigail, I suppose we should not keep you any longer." Locke's blues blinked and he laughed; it was an easy and blood-warming sound. Oh a century and a half ago he would have been the sort of man mothers warned their daughters about while daydreaming of being taken in a stable by them in the same breath. There was something both classically noble and scoundrel to his grin. "The reason I came over. We had a rather frightful storm the evening before last and lost our power. I was wondering if you had the same trouble here?"

"Uh... yes. Yes we did." Abby wasn't quite lying but she had a feeling the sultry woman beside her was the cause of the outage. "However once I threw the breakers back over everything for the most part is working fine. Eddie suffered some electronics damage."

"Regrettable that." Pi was able to stifle her cough with curled fingers and hide it further with a bat of dark lashes.

"Quite, quite." Locke's cleft chin and smile lifted in tune with one another. "Really you would serve yourself well to have a few servants around the house to help out with such things, Abigail."

"So you keep telling me." The roll of sculptor's eyes included a pleased thrumming. "Have a pleasant ride, Locke, Ivy. Do be safe."

"Oh we will!" The reassurance from the spunky blonde came as she was rocking on her heels. "You two too. It was nice to meet you, Eloise. We'll have to have you over for dinner at some point. I think that you would find it delightful."

"I think you both would." Locke adjusted his umbrella and turned away. "Have a good day, and best of luck again, Miss Baker."

Off the Wolseys went along gravel street for their own fancy gap in stone fences, which in truth wasn't that far off by English countryside standards. Abby's head tilted as she watched his tight ass moving with each step. Next to her Pi was pretty much imitating the motion. Such a behind was a thing of sculpted beauty.

"You know." The succubus wallowed on her lower lip. "I could distract Ivy with simple chit chat and half-moon eyes if you want to catch up with Locke in the stable. I am sure that you could stand to be toweled off and brushed down."

"I hate you." Shivering Abby shot her a faux sour look before starting her way back toward the carriage house. Not that the idea wasn't damn appealing, and then some. Her mind started to roll with a fantasy of having a long drawn out ride in a musty dimly lit stable with Locke. She rubbed at her tightening throat. This had to be an effect of a demon being so close.

"No you do not." Self-assured Pi followed. "After all you are going to give me a ride to the university."

"I am, am I?" Abby grinned back at her with a fresh roll of her exotic eyes. Her breath flowed out lazily. "I suppose it would be unkind not to do so. Besides, you are right I do not hate you. I suspect some foul magic has been used so you feel like a fast friend."

"Or." Only something spat from the depths of hell could move so quickly on muddy gravel in high heels. Once Abby had caught up Pi gave the human woman a nudge. "We are just going to get along dandy."

"No one uses dandy anymore." Even though Abby really wanted to deny that point, well she felt some sort of connection to the sable-headed woman, something one step over the line from friendship. It was so easy to joke with her. "Really, "Eloise'." "What is wrong with Eloise?" Pi set hands on spacious hips and cocked them to the side. The edges of her stockings were exposed fully once more. "I rather like it."

"Uh... huh." Teasing Abby brushed fingers along the side of her S-type Jag. The hood ornament received an affectionate pet as if it was a real cat. She brushed the swell of leg against the driver door then pulled it open. "I... I don't get you."

"I know." Pi sighed as she rounded the other side. "You cannot believe everything you read, Abby."

The Booth girl watched her over the top of the car without a word, before sliding into her seat. "Buckle up." Following her own orders Abby moved a book from between the seats into the back to join a colony of others. There was a few portfolios and plastic containers filled with this art project or that one. Once Pi's curves were molded to luxury leather and Abby made the great cat purr. "Librarian then?" "Yes. I had to call in a few debts yesterday to arrange it and still need to speak to the school president." Pi slipped off her glasses and used part of her shirt to dry them. "Other than that position is in the bag. So if you ever need some fines erased or an extra pencil you know where to check in, hrm?"

"I guess I do." Flicking on her lights Abby pulled out and eased down the drive way. They had to stop once more at the gates to close them before having a pleasant drive through the beating rain into town. Along the way Pi realized Abby had a pretty terrible taste in music. Along the way Abby realized that there was a childlike quality to the demon beside her. Pi had a habit of staring at the window whenever they passed something that was modern three or four decades ago. It was odd to see someone fascinated by something as taken for granted as high definition signage, or billboards that could switch their adverts. Some things were the same as they always would be. Pi cooed and waved at a flock of sheep as they passed. They of course didn't even look up but she bounced a bit in her seat anyway.

Abby took the bypass around Devonshire to get to St. Agatha's, which was the quickest route if one started outside of town. It tended to be a congested mess once one got into the Devonshire proper; the streets hadn't been upgraded in decades. St. Agatha's University was nestled against the shadow of a verdant hillside and bore all the dignified lines one expected for a woman pushed into mature beauty. Most of the walls were rain-drizzle gray and would be hard to make out in their contours if not for an infestation of orange tinged ivy. All of the windows were great and vaulted affairs crafted from thick glass pitted with time, aged like a fine wine. Perhaps seven or eight buildings were clustered around a grand hybrid of stately manor and school house and its star shaped quad. Even from a hillside over Pi, if she squinted, could see the outlines at each sharp corner of the student lounging space.

"Really, how Eddie could not have known that St. Agatha had a dark past, I have not a clue." Pi thrummed in amusement and shot an amused look over the top of her spectacles to the driver. Abby licked along her teeth under her lips and tried not to grin. She knew of the schools soiled past and vile present, more so than she might admit. Once they hit the drive into a covered parking lot Abby eased down on speed.

"I would blame it on the fact he is a yank." Abby picked up a parking permit and hung it off of rear view mirror, before rolling down her window. The fresh dose of cold rain made her wince but nevertheless the sculptor pressed the button needed to lift partition. Once it buzzed and did so the jag slid in out of the wet. "They do not have the same sort of history as we here after all. They do not know to even look."

"Even those from New England?" Pi's expression tightened with surprise.

Once they settled into a space Abby turned and rummaged around in the back for what she needed. There was a pleasant press of breasts to shirt with her turn. "They haven't worried about that since before they were rebels. So... my classes get out at five, I think Eddie's around seven. However tonight I'm going to have a late night studying-"

"At the library?" Pi undid her belt and shot over a sharp look of amusement.

"Nope. So I would check with him." Abby looked through dark bangs with one eye and just grinned as well. "Do you even have a cellphone?"

"Should I?" The infernal's long lashes fluttered flustered.

"Yes. You can't get by in the modern world without one." Abby slid out of the car and used her tush to close the door. Lingering she looked over the hood until Pi got out. The lovely sable haired woman took in a long scenting before wrinkling strong nose. The dirt and oil smells that permeated the lot wasn't becoming at all.

"I shall look into acquiring one." Pi winked before making sure her glasses were properly in place then tugged here and there at her skirt, her jacket. After all she had to look perfect for her interview. Hopefully the university president didn't expect some sort of sexual favor in return for calling debts owed. "Have a good evening then. Oh! Which way is the main office?"

"It's in the front building, toward the back. Just head past the foyer and you can't miss it. The president's office is downstairs. I think. Toodles." Abby waggled her fingers and started off for the quad at an easy pace, she was still going to make her class with time to spare. Hopefully she'd be able to concentrate despite the Locke in the stables fantasy still surfacing now and again in the sea of her imagination.

"Toodles." Pi clicked and clacked her away along to the covered parking's edge and glanced across damp lawn to where the steps of the main building were. It was a bit too far to just meander due to the rain but she didn't want to run in these heels no matter her grace. "Foo."

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