tagMind ControlCompulsions Ch. 06

Compulsions Ch. 06




Mike pulled his mother's car into the garage and parked. He shut the engine off and looked over at his mother, Jennifer.

Jennifer lay on the passenger's seat, asleep, her long black hair hanging about her strong, slender shoulders. Mike stared at her for a few minutes, admiring her beauty. Her black evening dress was short and her long, sensuous legs drew his gaze. He touched her warm leg and pulled it to him. Spreading her legs, he went down on her, his lips licking and sucking at her. She stirred and woke, hands moving to his head and she moaned, deeply.

"Oh, god!"

Long minutes passed and Mike felt his mother shiver beneath him as she came.

"Oh, my son!"

She grabbed at him and he took her into his arms, lifted her and carried her into the house.

Mike turned the water on in the bathtub and stripped his mother naked while he was waiting for it to fill up. Her head lolled and she looked at him with half-closed eyes and smiled at his luxurious touch.

Mike washed Jennifer's tall, slender form, his hands soaping her lithe body, from her shoulders to her breasts to her legs. Dousing her with clean water, he rinsed her off. His strong hands went to her midnight hair and he lathered the dark tresses, feeling her sexy head.

It was all Mike could do to keep from ramming his cock down her throat and using her like a limp fuck-toy.

But he restrained himself.

Mike picked her up, dried her and laid her into her bed. Her hand tightened around his wrist and she pulled at him.

"Mumm," she said, "Lay with me..."

Mike complied and, over the next hour, did everything his mother wished of him.


Mike left Jennifer sleeping in her bed. The memory of her thighs and breasts stayed with him, though, slowly dimming into the back of his mind.

Mike looked up as a car tore into the driveway. It was Jim's car. He was back, already. Now, why had Mike thought that he wouldn't see him again? He had had this feeling about Jim and Joy. Like they were going to disappear together and never be heard from again. Mike shrugged. He guessed it was nothing.

He went to meet them.

"Mike! I need your help, buddy!" came Jim's excited voice.

"What's up?" Mike asked, as he walked up to the car.

"Joy is in danger."

Mike blinked in surprise. He opened the door and got in, sliding into the seat next to the blonde.

Jim reversed the car and took off.

"We have to go get Joy's mom and get out of town!" Jim said.

"What's going on?" Mike demanded.

Joy spoke. "It's my dad. He's here. I just got a call from him. I didn't even know that he had my new number. But he's here and he going to do something."

"So call the cops," Mike said. "We'll get your mom and bring her back to my place, until they find him."

"It's not that simple," Joy said. "My father is Robert Valentino."

"The gangster? Your mother married him?" Mike asked. The memory of the face flashed into Mike's head. Tall, suave and dangerous looking. Ruthless, too.

"I need to get Joy and Kay out of town," Jim said. "I know that you have money. I need to borrow some, man. I don't want to involve my mother in this."

Mike nodded. "Sure, whatever you need." The rest of the trip passed with Mike wondering what he could do to help his friends. Mike looked up as they pulled into the driveway of Kay's house.


Kay Valentino looked up when she heard the car pull in and the footsteps approach the door. She jumped up. She was going to give Joy a piece of her mind! Kay didn't blame the girl for staying out late and sleeping with guys. The Lord knew that Kay, herself, had done enough of that in her time.

Kay Parker had been a beautiful young woman, beautiful enough to attract the attentions of the rich and powerful. With her figure: five-foot-nine, 130 pounds and 34D breasts and her complexion: blonde hair, blue eyes and creamy skin, she had had her choice of men and lives. She was 38, now, and though her appearance had suffered a bit over the years, it certainly wasn't enough that any man would comment on it.

Her daughter, Joy, had to realize that they were both in danger. Robert could find them at any time. Kay sighed. It was time to move on from this town. She knew it, now. They had stayed too long. She was only happy that, courtesy of Robert's profession and carelessness, they had the means to continue traveling. The money might last for a long time, but how long would the hideouts hold out?

Kay opened the door. Out of nowhere, something hit her in the face, splitting her lip and throwing her to the floor.

Robert Valentino stepped in.

"Hi, Kay," he said. "It took me awhile to find you, this time."

A second, larger, man stepped in behind him. A nine-millimeter automatic was in his hand, a flashy nickel-plated thing that Kay remembered.

Kay struggled to get to her knees and stood. Robert gestured. The man with the pistol checked the house. He came back and shook his head.

Robert grabbed Kay by the hair, nearly tearing it out by the roots. "Where's Joy? All I want is to see my girl, Kay."

"And then you'll what? Let me go?" Kay said. "We both know that's a lie."

Robert touched her lip, rubbed the blood away. He threw her into a chair. "I want us to get back together, again. Be a family."

"Yeah, right," Kay was amazed that her voice was so steady. Inside she was shaking with fear. She knew what Robert was going to do to her. She had even seen it, once. It was that incident that had made her finally leave him. That incident that had caused her to take Joy and the brown briefcase Robert kept in his safe and just run.

"Where is it, Kay?"

"It?" she smirked. "What 'it' are you talking about, Robert?"

"What the hell am I doing?" she wondered to herself. "He's going to kill me! What about Joy? Will he kill her, too?! I can't let him find her!"

"You want to play games. Very brave of you, Kay. I didn't think you had it in you. I didn't think that when I caught you, you'd be so calm. Of course the knowledge of what happens in these circumstances can be very comforting. Any knowledge can sometimes be a comfort, no matter how harsh the reality is."

He loomed over her.

"But what if you don't know what I'm going to do?" he asked. "You saw me torture and kill a man, Kay, but you've never seen what I can do to a woman. You'd never imagine how long it can go on."

He leaned forward and whispered. "You remember that night in Monte Carlo? When I was so drunk and did those things to your ass? You told me if I did it again, you'd leave me... I can make that night can seem like your fondest dream, bitch. I can make that night go on and on, forever."

Kay looked up at him, uncertainty in her eyes.

"I've been married to you for twenty years, Robert... It's already gone on too long. Do your worst."

Robert frowned. He gestured to his man.

Kay watched as the man tossed the pistol to Robert and began to strip off his clothes. In no time, he was naked.

"What's this? You... you wouldn't?" Kay said.

"I've had my fill of you over the years, my dear. But there are those who've never had a taste, at all."

He gestured, again, and the thug grabbed her, tore her clothes from her. Her dress ripped down the back. Her skirt ripped. Her panties ripped. And then she was naked and fighting him, slashing her nails down his chest and clawing at his eyes. He caught her arms and twisted them behind her. He threw her to the dining room table. He pressed her face to the tablecloth and entered her from behind. She cried out at the brutalization. She was dry and he ripped into her.

"Ahhh! God, Robert! No!"

She tried to struggle, as the thug raped her, but his hands gripped her arms with iron strength. He savagely pleasured himself upon her and she felt wetness begin to spread through her. She tried to deny it, but her body was responding. She tried to rise and she felt a stunning blow in the back of her head. Her chin struck the tabletop and she bit her lip, drawing more blood. Her vision seemed to fade out and it took her a few moments to recover from the punch.

When she looked up, Robert was standing there. He grabbed her hair and looked into her eyes, as his thug raped her. "Tell me where Joy is, Kay," Robert said. "Tell me and save yourself, baby."

He grabbed her face and rubbed the blood from her lip across her cheek. It drew scarlet smears on her fine cheekbones. "It can last a long time, Kay. I can take you back to the mansion. Our house, Kay. I can throw you in the wine cellar. Have each one of my men take you, in turn. Bring you out at parties to service the guests. I hear that the Senator is going to be back in the city, next week. He's always wanted a crack at you."

Kay cried out, shaken, brutally, by the thug's raping.

Robert put the pistol to her head. "Or I can just end it, now," he said, finger tightening on the trigger. "One little pull and he's fucking a corpse..."

"Oh, god..." she moaned. "I'm going to die!" she thought.

Robert pulled the gun away.

"Or maybe not just yet," he said.

Kay's eyes filled with tears. "When will my next breath be the last? Oh, god..." she thought, horribly.

"You see, baby," he said. "I can torment you for a long time or a short time. It's my choice. Mine, Kay. Are you about done, buddy?"

The thug grunted and came, spraying copious amounts of boiling hot semen into Kay's pussy.

"On her knees..." Robert said.

Kay was pulled from the table and forced to kneel before him. The thug's big cock dangled near her face. Robert's pistol dangled, too.

"Tell me where the money is, Kay. And Joy. My daughter and the money and I'll let you go, Kay. I promise. You can go to Mexico and become a prostitute, dance naked on the poker tables and blow drug dealers for ten bucks a pop. I don't care. You'll live. Don't you want to live, baby? Aren't you going to tell me?"

Kay looked up at him.


"Amazing," Robert said. He raised the pistol to her head. "Beg for his cock in your throat, bitch!"

"Shoot me," she said.

Robert gestured and the thug grabbed her head. Kay clenched her teeth. There was no way she was letting him into her throat. The thug hit her so hard, her skull rang.

Her mouth fell open and he plunged his cock inside her. "If I feel those teeth, bitch..." he warned. Kay tried to fight, but he forced her head down on his oversized cock and pushed, trying to make room for his thick pole. She gagged and gurgled around him. He was so thick, she didn't think that her throat would stretch that far. He pushed and pushed, his strong hands clenching her head like a vise, until she felt like her neck would break. He made it into her throat, finally, and began throat-raping her.

Her screams were muffled by his cock; her fingers dug uselessly into his thighs. It was no use. She quit fighting and gave up all hope.

He throat-raped her for a time. He drove her to the edge of passing out, several times. Each moment was an eternity of suffering, until finally he came again, choking her with his come. She felt like she was drowning. He pulled away and she was dropped, face-first, into a puddle of spit and semen. She lay there, too exhausted to even rise, too sickened to even vomit.

"You see, Kay... my baby-doll," Robert said, as he knelt beside her head. His hand touched her wet hair and rubbed. "You're mine. Your life, your death, your pleasure and your suffering are all at my command."

He wrenched her head and pulled her to her knees, again. She knelt there, looking up at him.

"This is it, Kay," Robert said. "The last time. Tell me what I want to know."

Spit and semen drooled from her slack lips. Kay's hair was matted and her face was bruised and bloodied. She looked like hell. She looked dead. "Go... fuck... yourself..." her voice was small, but determined.

Robert's face hardened.

He raised his pistol.

Just then, the door opened. Two young men ran in, stopping dead when they saw what was going on.

The first was tall and dark-haired, Kay saw, an extraordinarily handsome young man with deep, caring blue eyes. It was nice, looking at those eyes, she thought. She could get lost in them... just lost and never come back.

The second young man, the brown-haired one, was standing beside her daughter. Kay felt like she wanted to die. Robert had won. He had gotten Joy.

"Daddy..." Joy gasped, and her hands went to her face when she saw her mother.

The dark-haired young man took a step towards them. The pistol immediately came up, leveled at Kay's blonde head. "Stop!" Robert said.

Everyone froze.

"One more step, kid, and you'll be the last thing that she ever sees..."

There was a pause, as the dark-haired young man looked at Kay. Kay gasped at the intense blue of his eyes. He was so beautiful. His face hardened and she saw confidence. Something about him started to change. His eyes seemed to grow in luminescence, as if they were dimming all light around them and channeling it. Brighter and brighter. "Blue, so blue..." Kay thought.

Robert's gun shook... his finger tightened on the trigger.

Robert suddenly pivoted and fired, gunning down the thug with three well-placed bullets, right through the kill ring. The thug dropped. Kay watched, hypnotized, as the dark-haired man slammed into Robert, his greater body weight taking the older man to the floor. The brown-haired man joined him and, after a flurry of punches, the two of them had subdued Robert and tied him up.

Mike stood and kicked the gun away. Kay looked up at him.

"Who? Who are you?" Kay asked, quietly.

"Mike Connors," he said and helped her up.


"Is that all, Captain Knox?" Jim asked.

The blonde-haired cop looked at him, then at the statements that the young man and his friend had given, as well as the mother and daughter.

"Well, my detectives have taken your statements. And you both affirm that everything you've told is absolutely true?"

She stared at the two young men.

"Yeah," Jim said.

Karen looked at Mike. "Absolutely, Miss Knox," he said.

"Captain Knox," she amended.

"Captain Knox," Mike repeated.

"I suppose that you both are free to go," she said, finally.

"What's going to happen to him?" Jim asked.

"Ballistics and gunpowder residue match the gun and the shooting to Robert Valentino. All of you are cleared of that. Valentino confessed to everything. Strange, that, but we've got it on tape. Miss Parker is going to press charges against him for everything she can. Murder, assault, rape, breaking and entering... the list goes on and on. He's going away for a long, long time."

All three stood. Karen was tall; she could almost look them in the eyes.

"There's just one thing that I don't understand about your stories," she said. "He killed his own man. I can't figure that one out. What do you two think?"

Jim shrugged.

"I think he was going to frame him, Captain," Mike said. "Kill us all. Make it look like in the struggle we killed the other guy. Then he doesn't have to worry. The perpetrator is already dead, right? He gets away without much of an investigation. No one is searching for him. He goes home and forgets everything."

Karen nodded. "Well thought out, Mr. Connors. You're probably right. Goodbye."

Mike and Jim exited.

"Very neat, Mr. Connors," she said, quietly. "Too neat..."

Karen Knox felt that something was wrong with Michael Connors. He was too quick with his thoughts, like someone who had worked it all out in his brain, already. He had answers for everything. She knew his type through and through. He was a plotter and a planner.

She remembered him from the other night at Judge Flynn's. Whatever had gone on there after she had left (and she had a pretty damn good idea what), Mike Connors was right at the center of it.

But the Judge was her benefactor and she had felt that she shouldn't be involved with what happened there.

Now this and Mike was involved, again. As was Robert Valentino. Could there be another connection between them? Karen thought about it. She turned and watched the young man as he left with a tall brunette.

Karen recognized the woman from the party: Mike's mother.

"Wait a minute," Karen thought.

So, the evidence was this:

-1- Valentino, Connors and his mother had all been involved with the 'party' at Flynn's. -2- Connors' friend was dating the Valentino girl and had left with her on a trip for a few days, only to arrive conveniently back in the nick of time to save the mother. -3- From the way she looked at him, Karen knew that Connors had fucked the Valentino girl. -4- The mother was mesmerized with Connors; she had said as much in her statement and it had heaped such praise upon him as to make him out as the sole hero of the entire situation.

What did the evidence point to?

-1- Connors was involved with Valentino in something. -2- Connors wasn't involved with Valentino, but something strange was going on with him. -3- It was all a big coincidence, coupled with wild misreads of those involved by Knox.

"Very interesting," Karen thought.

She looked up when the interrogation room door opened and Mistress Rose entered in a wave of fiery red hair.

Karen gave her a guarded, level look.

An attractive woman in her 40's, and tall at five-foot-ten, Mistress Rose had long red hair and cold, commanding dark eyes that sparked with perception and intelligence.

"What's your assessment of those two, Captain?" the tall woman asked.

"I don't believe this Michael Connors, Mistress. There's something he isn't telling me, and I don't like mysteries."

"You should savor a good mystery, Karen," the redhead said, "The racing thrill of the unknown and the intense feeling of victory when you solve it." Her voice took on a sultry tone. She paused.

"What are you going to do about it, Karen?" Rose asked, finally.

"There's nothing I can do, Mistress. I have a confession. Case closed."

"Wrong, Karen. You will look into this young man, off the record of course, and report what you find to me and no one else."

"Of course, Mistress... I'm sorry, Mistress."

"But, of course you are." And she laughed.

"And... Valentino?"

"He's outlived his usefulness to me. I'm afraid that opportunity is gone. Let the law deal with him as it will."


Jennifer drove Michael home.

"What you did was very brave, Michael," Jennifer said. "But, please, promise me that you will be more careful in the future."

"Mom!" he protested.

"Michael, a man died! And you could have, too!" Jennifer said, desperately. "Your powers are strong, but they can't protect you from everything! And... you have to maintain a low profile. Can you even imagine what the authorities might do if they found out about your... our abilities?"

"I didn't say anything..." he said, quietly. "I don't want to talk about it."

Jennifer pulled into the driveway. Mike immediately popped the door.

"Mike," she hollered. "Where are you going?"

"I have to know that Kay is alright. I'm going to see her, mom." He got into Howard's car and drove away.


Mike arrived at Kay's house. He saw two cars outside, Jim's and Kay's. Mike walked to the house and knocked. Joy answered. When she saw Mike, she hugged him, hard.

"Oh, Mike, thank you so much!" She said. "I'll do anything for you! Anything!" She kissed him, passionately and whispered into his ear. "I mean it, Mike... anytime, anywhere, I'm yours..."

"Joy..." he said. She looked at him. "I'm glad you're alright. How is your mother?"

"She's not good, Mike." Joy said. "She won't talk to me. She's in her room and she won't come out."

"I'll go talk to her..."

Mike walked to her room and entered. "Kay? Kay, are you awake?"

Kay turned to face him. "It's you! Thank god!" Her beautiful face was bruised; her lip had been split and stitched shut. She got out of her bed and walked to him. She was wearing only her underwear. She hugged him, tightly, and cried. "I can't stop thinking about it! I was so scared! Make it go away! Please, make it go away!" She broke down and Mike held her tightly, feeling her sobs.

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