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Ellie was an LPN, studying for her RN. That meant classes in the morning, fitful sleep in the afternoon, and a full shift of work at the nursing home five nights a week. It was grueling. She was always rushed and she was always tired. Right now she home, but not for long. She had her uniform on, and as soon as she wolfed down a baloney sandwich she had to leave for work.

The young nurse hadn’t checked her e-mail in days. She sat down at the computer to do that while she ate.

There was a message from her mom, which she read quickly and left to respond to later. There were three messages that were obviously spam, as well. She deleted two of them, for penis enlargement and a new home mortgage. The other one caught her eye.


That was all the subject line showed.

Ellie still hadn’t finished her sandwich, so she opened the message just for something to do. She was amazed at how these spammers could get her name.

The mail message contained nothing but the same words as the subject line. But the words were underlined, and highlighted. It was a link to a web site.

Ellie knew better. She really did. Still, just to kill the last few moments before she had to rush out the door…

The moment she clicked the link, Ellie’s computer monitor went blank. It seemed almost as if the thing had shut down. She waited it out, however, and was rewarded when a small red dot appeared near the center of the screen.

While Ellie watched, the dot moved slowly down to the bottom of the screen. Then it jumped to the top and danced around. Then over to the left. What’s the point, she wondered, following the little spot of light as it as it swooped and jerked, seemingly at random.

The dot was expanding, as well. Getting bigger. Ellie had the illusion she was being drawn closer…closer…

The ball expanded to fill the screen. Ellie‘s head was spinning and she felt drowsy. She had been swallowed up, and could see nothing now but red.

The young nurse dropped her sandwich on the floor. She forgot about going to work.

Now the image on the screen changed, presenting Ellie with the full text of the message she had initially read, in cool blue letters floating on her screen…


It was some sort of disgusting porn thing. Ellie would ordinarily close it in an instant. Oddly, though, she did not move. She seemed unable to will herself to do anything but stare at the screen and absorb whatever was presented. She gulped, feeling an undercurrent of fear. What was happening to her?


Two buttons appeared on the screen. One said, “Accept.” The other said, “Exit program.” Ellie wanted desperately to click the “Exit” button, and escape this thing--shut her computer down and never turn it on again. Yet she was unable to do that. Instead, her eyes widened as her right hand rose up, seemingly of its own accord, moved the mouse so the cursor was over “Accept,” and clicked the button.

The screen began to flicker and change, presenting compelling patterns of light interspersed with images and blips of text too quickly gone to register. Ellie struggled with herself, at least at first, trying to pull away. The thing had mentioned rape, and sex, and she was terrified.

But the mesmerizing dance of light would not release her. It tightened its grip, and slowly she lost her sense of terror--and her sense of identity. She stopped thinking about her safety, her schooling, her career…anything at all. There was just…the screen.

When it stopped, Ellie was in a new place. Her mind was blank. She was aware of nothing--almost nothing. Just this pleasant buzz; almost a sexual feeling, but without thought…

More words on the screen. --YOU WILL UNDRESS NOW--

Only one button appeared below the text. “Finished” it said.

Ellie was due at the nursing home in ten minutes. If she lost her job she would not be able to pay for her schooling. Yet she did not resist this command. Without once removing her eyes from the screen, she stood and slipped out of her lab coat, her uniform pants, her white top, bra, and panties.

Naked, she sat down and clicked the “Finished” button.

Whomever had paid to have Ellie conscripted by the CompuRape program had chosen well. The 5’4” LPN, once head cheerleader at her high school, was a beautiful young woman. Long blonde hair framing a pretty face and falling down around smooth, tanned shoulders. Breasts that protruded proudly from her lean body, and could only be held by a C-cup. Pink/brown nipples like eraser heads, tightly erect at the moment. Below, a tiny waist, flared hips, long legs…

A lightly furred pussy men would die for.

Her pussy was getting wet. She vaguely wished she could touch it.

The flickering on the screen resumed. This time the embedded images and words were not so fully hidden, but stayed on the screen long enough for the pretty young nurse to register. Words like “Obey,” and “Helplessness.” “Submit.” and “Cooperate.” Images featuring a woman with a cock in her mouth; a woman with a cock in her pussy; a woman with a cock in her ass…


Ellie registered the new command emotionlessly and rose to do as instructed, backing slowly away from her desk so as not to lose sight of the life-sustaining video.

She sat back down. Again, she had to click a “Finished” button. It was nearing midnight, and the crickets were chirping outside her window.





--DO NOT MOVE...--


If Ellie had been able to turn around at the sound of her door latch, she would have recognized the man who let himself quietly inside and locked the door. She wouldn’t remember his name, but he was a frequent visitor to the nursing home where she worked. His mother lived there. Several times she had caught him staring down the front of her blouse.

The man had obtained Ellie’s e-mail address and her home address through some good old fashioned stalking. He had submitted the information to the CompuRape website.

She was waiting for him as they said she would be; naked and ready; splayed open and wet. Completely accessible and rooted to the computer screen. The sight of her exposed ass mesmerized him as surely as the computer had done to her.

He came up behind the nurse he lusted after for so long. His hands went to her hips. He bent and placed a kiss on the right globe of her ass, then the left. When she didn’t react to that, he pried her open and licked her, right on the anus!

This was really happening. He praised the CompuRape people.

With trembling hands, Ellie’s assailant stripped out of his pants. He leaned over her and brought his hands up to cup her fine tits--awesome tits. His rock hard cock pressed into the gooey folds of her cunt.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” he rasped. It was against his instructions to talk, but he had to say it, had to assert what was happening. He kneaded her bulging tits, bit lightly at the back of her neck and buried his face in her wonderful smelling hair. He grunted and plunged forward, taking her--taking the hot, perky little nurse, right in the cunt.

“Right in the cunt,” he gasped. It was incredible. She was hot and tight, and oh so slippery up in there. He took several long, slow strokes, as deep as he could go.

It was more than he could stand. As much as he wanted to fuck and fondle all night long, the helpless naked nurse skewered on his prick was too hot, too fucking perfect. A dozen more hard thrusts up into her snatch, holding on for dear life, and his orgasm was triggered. He cried out loud with pleasure and pumped what felt like a quart of jism up inside Ellie’s juicy box in a long series of satisfying squirts.

When it was all over he let his organ slip from the nurse’s sloppy cunt and picked her panties off the floor to wipe himself off with. He dressed and left.


Ellie was brought out of the CompuRape trance slowly. After viewing several more screens designed to insure that she would remember nothing of this, she was instructed to shower carefully and go back to her usual activity. The program extricated itself from her computer, leaving no trace. Soon, there would be another victim…

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