tagMind ControlCompurape 3.0

Compurape 3.0


Louis rang the doorbell and waited before he went in. He wasn't supposed to, Jerry had told him. "Just walk on into the house." But no way was he going to do that. This was an all white neighborhood, and he was a black man. What if the computer program Jerry raved about hadn't worked?

There was no answer to his ring. Feeling nervous but hopeful, Louis pushed open the door. "Mrs. Weston?" he called out. "It's Louis Field. Your husband Jerry asked me to come by…?"

Getting no response, Louis stepped in and closed the front door behind him. He was in the foyer of the large house.

The computer was in the den, off to right of the living room, Jerry had told him. Louis wiped his feet on the throw rug before going in, conscious of the plush, nearly white carpeting. It looked like it had never been stepped on before.

The door to the den was open--a light guided him inside. He could hear a buzzing sound that he'd been told to expect, coming from the computer.

Mrs. Weston, Jerry's wife, was seated at the computer desk, which faced the back wall. He could see only her head and shoulders over the top of the computer chair, but it appeared that the tiny blonde, whom Louis had met only one time at a cookout, was naked.

"Mrs. Weston…" he said, approaching. She did not turn or acknowledge him.

He came around the side of the chair, where she could not help but catch him in her peripheral vision. Still there was no reaction. She was staring straight ahead, a vacant look on her face. She seemed totally absorbed by the flickering image of a red bouncing ball on the computer screen.

Sharon Weston was indeed naked, he now saw.

At only 5'2" and about a hundred ten pounds, she was the most beautiful white lady Louis had ever seen. She had delicate facial features--a perpetual smile; a pert, upturned nose; big blue innocent eyes. Of course her flowing long hair was perfectly brushed, and looked soft as down. If not for her generous bosom and big pink nipples, he would have thought her too young to be his co-worker's wife.

The lady's arms were resting in her lap.

Still apprehensive, he decided to test what he'd been told about her state of mind. He took hold of her left wrist, gently, and brought her manicured hand to his crotch, pressing it against the bulge that was quickly rising in his work pants.

Without looking up or changing her expression, the lady started to caress him through his jeans.

Jesus, he thought.

There was a phone on the desk. Not taking his eyes from the luscious blonde, Louis picked up the receiver and dialed a number.

"Yeah, I'm here. She's sitting here just like you said."

While he listened to the response, he used his free hand to pull his zipper down, giving Sharon full access to his member. She took it in hand, and he stifled a moan.

"--Yeah, a deal's a deal," he said into the receiver. "I'll make the call right now."

Louis hung up the phone long enough to break the connection. Then he placed a second call. "Yeah, hon. It's me. I'm working late--"

"--No, don't worry about dinner, but look. A friend's coming by--

"--Yeah, you remember Jerry, from the company cookout? Skinny white guy? Anyway, he's coming over to use the computer. Let him in, all right? He needs to check out a program--

"--Yeah, and hon? Keep an eye on him, okay? I don't want him getting into our e-mail or anything."

Louis put down the phone, relieved that he was finally able to concentrate on what was happening right here and now. Sharon Weston had encircled his thick black cock with her tiny hand. She was jerking him vigorously, all the while staring straight ahead, and it felt fine.

He bent forward to take charge of her tits.

This was gonna be fuckin' great.


Jennifer Field was not angry as she hung up the phone. She loved her husband, and didn't mind his working late once in a while. They were making good money and had a fine little house. She was happy.

Three days a week she worked in an office. Today she was off and had been about to start supper. She was dressed kind of sloppily in jeans and a t-shirt.

She wasn't going to change for the guest who was coming to her house, but she didn't want to look like a slob, either, so she pulled on a sweater and ran a brush through her hair.

She was straightening up the living room when Jerry rang the bell. She let him in, and immediately remembered him from the cookout. A timid man who'd spent the whole afternoon checking out her ass and sneaking peaks down the front of her blouse.

She was glad now that she had put on the sweater.

He was Louis' friend so she spoke to him civilly, inviting him in and showing him to the computer, which was right there in the living room.

Remembering her husband's caution about the e-mail, Jennifer stayed busy in the living room while the white man placed a disk in the drive and started up whatever it was he was working on. She glanced at the screen once in a while, and it seemed he was typing something. The font was too small for her to read anything.

After a few minutes he made some mouse clicks, and the hard drive started to whir. "What do you think of this?" he asked her. Jennifer put down the stack of newspapers she had been about to throw away and looked at the screen.

"What is it?" she asked, seeing a seemingly random display of flickering images and colors that was not unpleasant to watch.

"A new screensaver I picked up," he explained. "It's programmable. It's supposed to have a real effect."

Jennifer was not impressed. "I'm not really a computer person," she offered.

Still, there was something captivating about the screensaver. Some of the images lingered long enough for her to see--abstract splashes of color in pleasing patterns. Other images--and sometimes words, she thought--appeared and disappeared faster than she could interpret them. She wondered what it was she wasn't seeing.

She started to turn away, but was caught by the feeling that she would miss something if she did. She continued to watch, moving gradually closer to the screen as her interest rose.

Subtly, her mind began to settle down. Moments ago she had been thinking about everything from what was on television that night, to her next session at the gym. But all of that faded, and soon was gone. Now she was interested only in the computer screen.

A tiny red spot appeared at the bottom of the display, holding constant against the stormy background. It grew until it was as big as a bug, then began moving slowly up the screen. Jennifer's eyes followed.

She was hooked.


Meanwhile, Louis was standing in Jerry's den, his pants down around his ankles. A small white hand with pink painted nails rested on each of his thick muscular thighs as Sharon Weston was licked and nibbled at the bulbous head and thick stalk of his engorged black cock. "Come on," he moaned. "Open wide, girl, take it in."

Louis didn't know anything about computers, and he had been told not to touch the one here. Jerry had programmed it himself (and in so doing, had programmed his wife). Louis could only wait and see what happened.

Finally, the fragile blonde became more aggressive. She opened her jaw wide, stretching her lips, and managed to take the head of him into her mouth. It wasn't easy, but she did it. Then she reached around him to clench his ass cheeks and pull herself further onto him.

Louis wanted to grab the sides of Sharon's head and ram himself down her hot little throat. If he did that, though, he'd hurt her big time. Jerry would be furious. He restrained himself and let her continue to work on him at her own pace.

He bent down over her and ran his hands over her back, marveling at her tiny waist and the perfect roundness of her bottom, still planted on the expensive leather chair. Now she was getting into it, taking his hard cock an inch at a time, gulping and swallowing and ringing it with her tongue.

He soon reached the back of her throat. She started blowing him in earnest then, sucking deeply, her long hair whipping against his legs as her lips massaged his shaft.

Sharon Weston's sucking had to be a result of the computer hypnosis. No white woman could be such an expert at bringing a black man off. Louis cradled her head with his hands and cried out as she took him to the brink and over, the little slut not backing off as several ounces of thick cum shot up from his balls and out the turgid hose that was his cock. He shot and shot, over and over, and she swallowed again and again and again, drinking everything he had to offer.

Finally Louis was drained, but Sharon was still sucking.


Jerry had no doubts about the deal he had made with Louis Field. The 5'8" ebony fox looking over his shoulder at the computer screen had him aching to touch her. Straightened black hair in a loose wave; full red lips and white teeth; a strong jaw. Her legs were long and supple in form-fitting jeans, and somewhere under that bulky sweater was the chest he had been dreaming about ever since the cookout, which she had come to dressed in shorts and a white satin blouse which left much dark skin exposed.

She had stepped as close to the screen as possible. Her face was right next to his and he could smell her perfume. The computer speakers had begun to emit a buzzing noise which he knew would quickly deepen her trance, though it did nothing for him.

He stood up silently and helped the lady to sit down in his place. He didn't know if she was aware of her own movements at this point or not. Soon she would be oblivious to anything but the images and instructions emanating from the computer.

He went to the kitchen to get himself a bottle of beer while he waited. He figured Louis wouldn't mind.

When he returned he saw that Jennifer Field had started to strip out of her clothing.

Wide eyed, Jerry watched as the brown beauty shrugged out of her sweater and t-shirt. A black lace bra followed, and Jennifer's proud tits were on display for him to see. Full and firm, black tipped beauties which swayed back and forth as she tugged at her pants.

As obsessed as he'd always been with her huge tits, Jerry had failed to notice until now, as she peeled her jeans and undies off together, that Jennifer had the most perfect ass as well. A narrow waist and wide hips; taut, dimpled buns that made his cock ache. Completely unblemished.

He had to free himself from his trousers. Draining the bottle of beer, he stripped himself down as Jennifer reseated herself in front of the computer.

At this point she had completed what she had been instructed to do by the Compurape program, and so she was not moving.

He swiveled the chair around to face him. The sound issuing from the computer assured she would not leave her trance when her eyes were pulled from the screen.

She did not react to him, even when he reached out to grope her tits. After a few moments of that pleasure he tore his hands away long enough to type onto the keyboard:


She immediately began to caress him with both hands. Meanwhile, he continued to give her huge tits the attention he had been aching to give them, kneading and squeezing the sizeable mounds and bringing the huge black nipples to his waiting mouth. He kissed her face as well, daring to stuff his tongue down her throat.

Jerry was in danger of cumming too soon. He was going to give Jennifer his spunk, all right, but he sure wasn't going to waste it in her hand. He pulled away and brought his cock to her face.

He hadn't instructed her to suck it, but he hadn't instructed her not to suck it, either, so when he jammed his rod between her lips and pulled her jaw open with his thumb, her natural instinct took over. To protect herself from gagging, she relaxed her throat.

Deep in the face of a woman he'd lusted after for months, his hands clenching a pair of tits three twice the size of his wife's, Jerry lost all control. He spurted his seed within minutes, forcing the lady of the house to swallow or gag.

It was time for a beer break. When he returned from the kitchen he typed a command on the keyboard. --LIFT YOUR LEGS OVER THE ARMS OF THE CHAIR-- Then he got down on the floor between her legs and began his first ever deep tongue exploration of a fine black pussy.


Louis sat back into the couch, recovering from the best blowjob he'd ever had in his life. The little white princess had only managed the first five inches of his huge cock, but she'd sucked him dry anyway. It was a good deal he'd made with Jerry.

The deal had been for a blowjob only. Jerry wasn't going to fuck his wife, and he wasn't allowed to fuck Jerry's wife. Both men had insisted on that. Fingering pussy was okay; maybe a little cunt-lapping--though Louis wasn't into that--but no fucking.

So they were finished. Louis was only sitting on the couch to catch his breath before he put his pants on.

Sharon sat motionless in the computer chair, obedient as a puppy.

Still nude.


Cum dripping down her chin…

And Jerry's cock began to stiffen again.

Suddenly the deal with Jerry didn't seem like enough.

Louis got up and went over to look at what the computer was doing. It seemed poised to accept a command. He wasn't sure he knew how the Compurape program worked, but he'd give it a try. He typed on the keyboard:


The response was immediate. Sharon stood up. That's all she did.

Again he was aroused by her small size. She barely came up to his chest. His cock, almost bridging the space between them, was like a baseball bat next to her.

Louis had played football in school. He was all of two hundred twenty pounds, and muscular. He bent down and wrapped his hands around Sharon's waist, almost completely encircling her. He picked her up off the floor with little effort, and hugged her to him, so that her soft body was mashed against his hard one. She was warm and white and feminine. Her tits were at his face, and her pubic mound was a warm wet spot against his hard belly. His cock jutted out underneath her.

Louis shifted the compliant woman so that she was sitting on his hands. Using his fingers, he spread open her pussy. He tilted his pelvis a little so that as he lowered her he found her center, and his cock glided right between her moist folds.

But only to a point. Sharon was so tight that the big black man could not get fully inserted, even as wet as she was. Not until he dropped her completely onto his cock and gave a little shove--

"Gaahh…" Sharon exclaimed. It was the first sound she'd made, and she made it just as Louis' cockhead forced its way inside.

The black man tensed, afraid he'd hurt her so bad she would come out of the spell. But although her breathing was rapid against his chest, and he could see the sweat running down her face, she did not struggle, and did not speak.

He didn't want the effort of standing to distract him from what was going to be the greatest fuck he'd ever experienced. He backed up to the couch and sat down, keeping Sharon firmly impaled the whole time. Then he began to move her, up and down, up and down.

She gasped again. So did he. His cock was in the tightest blonde fuck hole imaginable. He tried to restrain himself, but the primal urge to push himself as deep as possible took hold of him. He rammed into her, harder, harder, making her hair fly. He was fucking her with total abandon, and she was taking it.

And then he exploded into the tiny woman. He cried out and exploded like a geyser, shooting long strong streams of himself up into a cavity too small to hold it all. He came and came and came, and it filled her and squirted out of her and ran down into the crack of his ass.

When it was over he was so weak he could hardly move to get her off of him.


Unlike his co-worker, Jerry never had planned to let the evening end with a blow-job. He'd paid for the Compurape disks, after all. A hefty price. He was going to get his money's worth.

He had already lapped Jennifer's cunt until her heart rate went sky-high and her channel spasmed around his tongue. There was nothing in the Compurape trance that kept a woman from having an orgasm, after all, and he was proud of himself for having accomplished this. Now he felt it was his turn.

With a few choice key-strokes, Jerry had the shapely black woman bent over the back of the sofa, her legs spread wide, her face down into the cushions. He left her this way while he opened a third beer. Before he took a swallow, he approached the subdued woman and slipped the neck of the beer bottle into her slick vagina. He found the demonstration of his control very erotic. It made the beer taste better, too.

It was indeed time for the grand finale. Jennifer Field's curvaceous brown ass high in the air, her long, strong legs making a "V", he nestled in behind her and ran his hands down the slope of her back, then around to grope the huge, hanging tits.

He fucked her pussy first. No way he was going to not fuck her pussy. It was hot and wet and alive.

But it was the woman's ass that was calling to him.

Black ass; the ass of a friend's wife. What could be more forbidden, more naughty, more arousing?

He'd done it to his wife only once, and it had hurt her so much he couldn't finish.

Tonight he would finish, all right.

He dropped to his knees, wanting to kiss Jennifer Field on the anus. He ran his tongue along the crack, and pushed it against the tight ring. He grabbed up his empty beer bottle again, and used it to open her up, watching it pop up into her chute, making her squirm a little and clench the couch. She was uncomfortable, probably, but the Compurape trance would not let go.

Jerry positioned himself. He found he had to kick her legs out a little further to get the right height, then he brought the head of his stiff white dick to Jennifer's anal entrance.

Fucking into the athletic black woman was like being young again. Her asshole took him and invited him deeper. He thrust several times, taking more of her heat, an inch at a time, until the woman beneath him was whimpering, and his pelvis was banging her cheeks.

He groaned, and fell into the woman. They balanced on the back of the sofa, her ass serving as the fulcrum. There was some danger they might fall, but as long as there was the chance to get one more millimeter of her backdoor around his happy cock, he could not let up, could not stop grunting and shoving…

Until he got his reward.

She was mewling, his hands were tight around her melon-like tits, and they were practically sliding off the couch when Jerry's balls finally gave way and released their heavy load into the nether regions of Jennifer Field. The mentally imprisoned woman was the perfect receptacle, and he filled her with his cream, his head reeling as he experienced the greatest pleasure imaginable. He laughed out loud as the last of him dribbled into her.

The tightness of her convulsing ass finally expelled his spent, but happy cock.

It was time to clean up.


Driving home, the two men, Jerry and Louis, passed by each other on Palm Street. Each man looked away guiltily.

But the grins quickly returned to their faces.

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