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Compurape Ladies



Brian Vasquez stepped out of the elevator and hurried quickly down the narrow hallway, keeping his face averted. This girl's dorm was not particularly strict about keeping male students out, but he had his own reasons for not wanting to be seen on this, his second visit to the building that night.

He reached Debbi Caldwell's room without drawing attention and rapped lightly on the door. He was confident there would be no response from the girl who sat next to him in "Information Technologies" class, but he had to be sure.

He knew Debbi was inside the single dorm room. He'd been watching from across the way when the petite blonde entered the building. She was inside, and she'd had plenty of time to discover the new screen saver that he'd snuck in and installed on her computer.

He could picture the little co-ed now, completely spaced out thanks to the Compurape computer program, standing nude in the middle of her living room with her huge breasts jutting out. Her pale skin would be all goose-bumpy from the cold, her nipples tight rosy buds. She would not move to cover herself when he entered the room. She would not sneer at him like she always did when she caught him looking at her in class. There would be no sign at all of her bitchy attitude, and no resistance to what would come next...

That was what the Compurape program did to women--why he had been willing to pay so much for it. As much distaste as Debbi Caldwell had for him, she was all his tonight, to do with as he pleased. She would soon be lying on her back with her legs wide open, moaning breathlessly as he--

"What do you want?" Debbi Caldwell said, abruptly opening the door and destroying Brian's fantasy. She was still wearing the jacket and sweats she'd been wearing when he saw her outside, and she was obviously not hypnotized. She glared at him, waiting for an answer.

Brian was completely caught off guard. "Um...uh...wrong room, sorry," he mumbled, and hurried away.

What the hell went wrong? he wondered.

# # #

A couple hours later, Debbi Caldwell herself was rapping on a door--the door to her computer science instructor's campus apartment. She was holding an unlabeled computer disk, and when the door opened she handed it over immediately to Miss Baxter. "Here it is," she said. "One of the geeks from my Infotech class planted it in my computer. It runs like a screensaver."

Marla Baxter took the disk carefully. She was a bit of a geek herself when it came to computers, though you would never guess it to look at her. The long-haired brunette--three inches taller than Debbi--was a fitness buff, and could often be seen jogging around the campus or working out in the gym. She tanned regularly, and had a figure that could compete with any of the young ladies she instructed in computer science. Young men signed up for her class by the droves, mostly because she gave them something interesting to look at while they listened to her lectures.

Marla was always eager to examine a new program. "You say it has hypnotic images on it?"

"Yes, subliminal ones," Debbi said. "I think it's meant to seduce women. Silly, isn't it?"

Marla tittered. "The things young men will waste time on."

She took the disk over to her desk--a dining room table, actually--which was covered with computer gear. She had two powerful machines, and she inserted the disk into the one with the larger monitor. She wanted a good look at this so called "seducer."

As soon as the program began to run, the nineteen inch screen went black for a moment. Then the screen saver began. It was a harmless looking wash of colors, subdued and abstract. Marla nodded her head, watching closely, but said nothing.

"Does your computer have a microphone?" Debbi asked, leaning forward to turn on the sound.

"Of course."


Soon a little red dot appeared at the center of the screen. It did not stay in one fixed place, but began to swim around. The young lady professor nodded again. "That would be the focal point," she observed. "The idea is that the subject will be drawn to that, and after a while will be unable to look away."

And in fact Marla Baxter could feel the compulsion to keep watching the tiny blip as it moved slowly and randomly from side to side. She noted her own reaction with fascination.

The fascination grew stronger as the red dot grew in size, and Marla began to have doubts about whether they should be looking at this. "Are you...are you sure this program is safe?" she somewhat distractedly asked the younger girl without looking away from the screen. "I mean, you said it didn't work, right?"

Debbi was standing beside her teacher, one hand resting innocently on the shoulder of the taller woman's cotton top. She took her time about answering, and Marla's eyes stayed glued to the screen the whole time. "Actually," the co-ed offered finally, "what I said was that it didn't work on me. I'm a lesbian, you know, and the program is really geared toward straight women." She let her hand squeeze her teacher's shoulder, just a little bit. "I think it will work just fine on you, Miss Baxter. In fact...I'm counting on it."

Marla was listening to Debbi's words with only a small fraction of her mind, and she didn't really get the gist of what had been said. Lesbian? Debbi is a lesbian? That's creepy.

But despite that fleeting thought, the brunette did not speak, or pull away even slightly from the hands that were now massaging her shoulders in an affectionate, almost intimate manner. She was so relaxed, just standing here. It would be a shame to move and disrupt that. And anyway, the images on her computer screen were changing subtly, growing more intriguing by the moment, and she was sure she would miss something if she turned away...

There were flashes of text superimposed over the colorful background now--words that imprinted on her brain without any effort or intention on her part. Be passive, the glowing screen said...Submit entirely. Become part of the program...

She heard...

She listened...

She obeyed...

# # #

Debbi watched the light fade from her teacher's eyes, and knew that the disk had done its job. Now she gently wrapped an arm around Miss Baxter's--Marla's--waist, and nuzzled her neck. "It's not just the boys who stare at your legs all semester, you know," she confided, running a red painted nail down the front of the other woman's denim covered thigh.

The whine coming from the computer speakers would keep Marla in her trance even if she was turned away from the computer. Debbi turned her now, so she could place a gentle kiss on her lips. The woman smelled of some heavenly cologne that sent waves of sensual pleasure all through Debbi's body. "We're going to have so much fun tonight," the young co-ed said as she stripped out of her jacket and sweat clothes. Underneath she wore only a pair of bright red thong panties and a lacy red bra.

Marla Baxter's small apartment was well appointed for a sexual encounter. The walls were pink, the lighting low. The only window was well covered and the bed was right there in the living room--a fold out that had not been put away.

"Why don't you clear off the bed while I get us something to drink?" Debbi said. Her tone was casual, but the remark was picked up by the computer microphone and translated into a signal that insinuated itself into Marla's brain with no chance for her review or stop it. Nodding in acquiescence, the teacher moved several stacks of books off of the bed and smoothed out the sheets and blanket.

"Go ahead and get undressed," Debbi said from the kitchen doorway, pouring a glass of wine. She watched with lustful fascination as Marla peeled out of her sweater and reached for the zipper of her jeans. Her underwear was cotton white.

There was a knock on the door.

Debbi realized with alarm that she had forgotten to lock up. "Just a minute!" She cried out, but whoever it was did not listen. The door was pulled open.

Brian Vasquez stepped into the room just as Marla, already stripped down to her undies, unclasped her C-cup bra and let it fall to the floor. The boy's jaw dropped open.

"Get out of here, Brian," Debbi said, trying to hustle the unwanted male out the door while stepping between him and Marla. "We want to be alone."

But Brian would not be budged. He could see what was going on. His arrival had made no impact on Marla Baxter at all--she was totally ignoring him, stripping out of her underpants without a glance in his direction. That was not normal behavior. "You used my program!" he accused Debbi. "What are you, a lesbian?"

She turned red. "Just get out, will you?"

He grinned. "You are a lesbian. If I'd known that I would have programmed the thing differently."

"Look," Debbi said. "I'll talk to you about it later. I'll give you the disk back tomorrow. But don't spoil my evening."

"Uh-uh, no way," Brian said. "If I leave, I'm going right to campus security. Shame on you!"

Debbi was furious, but she knew she couldn't just throw Brian out and let him report this. She would end up getting expelled.

She glanced over at the waiting computer science teacher, who by now was completely naked; a flawless beauty without tan lines, and just a little tuft of fur above her pussy. "I'll give you two hundred dollars if you will just go away," she told her classroom rival.

Brian was enjoying this. His cock was getting hard and he wasn't going anywhere. He turned and locked the door behind himself. "I'm not going to spoil your evening," he said. "You go ahead and do your thing. I'll just sit over here quiet as a mouse." He pulled up a chair directly in front of the bed.

Debbi knew that Brian wasn't likely to just watch and leave, but she was so hot for her teacher, and this looked like the only way. She decided to accept the compromise and ignore the leering spectator. She turned her attention to Marla while Brian settled back and undid his belt.

Debbi felt some awe, approaching the perfectly proportioned brunette. This was one of her teachers, after all. For three semesters she had sat in Miss Baxter's class, raising her hand to speak, handing in her assignments and accepting criticism while lusting in her heart. But along with the awe, she felt desire. Raw, burning desire. It set up a tingle in her pussy just to look at Marla's supple beauty.

She reminded herself that she was in charge now. She took Marla by the hand and led her to the narrow bed, inviting her to sit down on the end of it. Giddy, she took the woman in her arms. "Hug me," she said softly, and the embrace was returned, though a bit awkwardly.

Already Brian was making "Hoo yah!" sounds. Debbi ignored this and placed her mouth over Marla's, one hand entwined in the clean brown hair. She slipped her tongue between those red lips and into the other woman's warm mouth, exploring in there. Meanwhile her free hand slid down to caress Marla's firm, tan breasts. She tweaked at the soft nipples until they began to stiffen up, then reached lower, across Marla's belly and into the juncture of her thighs. She brushed her fingers against the soft pubic hair, but the thighs were closed. "I want you to be my lover," she told Marla tenderly, parting the thighs with her hands. "Let me touch you."

This worked to get her access to Marla's cunt.

The college teacher had always had a dislike for lesbians, but with the help of the Compurape program, Debbi soon had her doing a good job of simulating one. The command, "Make love to me," was all it took. The kisses became more aggressive and passionate. Marla's fingers slid toward the clasp of Debbi's bra, releasing it like a veteran and tugging it from between them. She pressed her own taut breasts against Debbi's fuller, tender ones, and reached to grasp one of the pale globes, squeezing and kneading with just the right amount of pressure.

Debbi's nipples tightened and she grew wet down below as she hungrily fed on Marla's tongue. She probed at her teacher's pussy until she found the wet center, and dug a finger in there--then another. The two women fell back on the bed locked in an embrace.

Feeling Marla's nails slide down her skin, Debbi lifted her hips so her thong could be tugged down and discarded. Now both women were naked, pawing at each other, groping for more contact. After two semesters of lusting after Marla Baxter, Debbi now had that woman's fingers massaging her labia, her own hand half lost inside Marla's box.

Debbi rolled over on top of Marla and raised up on her arms, dangling her full breasts for Marla to suck and nuzzle. The tongue bath made her nipples tingle.

She crawled down the hot, hypnotized brunette until she was between the woman's legs. Pushing them apart, she breathed in Marla's scent and gazed at the beautiful, trim pussy. The labia were wet and swollen, and the little clit was protruding visibly. Debbi rubbed her face all over Marla's pussy and plunged her tongue inside. She tasted delicious.

She was ready to have some of the same action herself. She pulled her face out and gasped, "Lick my pussy."

The static-like hissing sound made by the computer meant nothing to Brian or Debbi. But Marla Baxter received the message loud and clear. In her zombie-like state she moved to change places with Debbi, getting down and placing her mouth right on Debbi's tender cunt without preamble. She started licking and sucking at the tender folds like an accomplished pussy-eater, and Debbi was thrown into fits.

Brian had watching avidly. He had his pants off now. His hard cock was in his hand, and he was very pleased to see the hot lesbian action. He had taken classes himself from Miss Baxter and always lost himself in fantasy the moment she entered the classroom. As she paced in front of the students in tight skirts and shapely sweaters, he would picture her bent over her desk with her skirt up, lecturing away to the rest of the class as he rammed home in her cunt, or maybe even in her asshole. He spent half his time in that class sporting an erection under his desk.

Now here she was, nude and down on her knees at another woman's cunt. It was unbelievable.

And Debbi--the obstinate little coed he had pursued for so long--he had never seen her like this. She was splayed out wide open, her generous tits jouncing side to side as she writhed her way toward orgasm. She was every bit as hot as he had thought she would be. A tiny box of dynamite. He craned his neck to see around Miss Baxter and get a better view of Debbi's happy, drooling pussy.

"Ooohh, fuck, fuck! I'm comminggg," Debbi howled after a while. Her legs flailed in the air and she bucked like a horse, but the computer science teacher's face stayed locked on her cunt. "I'm fucking cummingggg!"

Brian thought this was a good time to get involved. In a room full of pussy, there was no way he was going to let himself shoot his wad all over his shirt. He stood up and uttered a command of his own to the enslaved brunette. "Swing your ass around to face me," he said.

Debbi threw him a dirty glance, but she was riding out a fine orgasm, and was in no position to stop him. Miss Baxter continued lathing Debbi's pussy, but at the same time she moved around on her knees, so her ass was facing Brian.

"I want to see your pussy and your asshole," he ordered.

Marla thrust her hips high in the air, reaching around with both hands to pull her cheeks apart.

"That's good," Brian sighed, and he knelt on the edge of the bed behind the teacher, staring into her gaping cunt and anus. She was slick and wet from Debbi's spittle.

He took the teacher's hips in his hands and rubbed his cock up into her from underneath, wetting himself with her juices and then thrusting forward into her box without waiting for an invitation. He fucked into the entranced teacher, slapping her ass with his balls every time he sunk all the way in. Meanwhile Marla continued to munch away at Debbi's cunt.

Debbi, for her part, was turned on seeing Miss Baxter fucked. She didn't want any of that for herself because she thought men were gross, but still, it was erotic to watch Brian's huge cock pistoning in and out of the woman who was eating her.

Then, right before Debbi's eyes, Brian pulled his cock all the way back and let it drop out of Miss Baxter. He hung there, turgid and throbbing, and gave another instruction. "Use your hand to put my cock in your asshole."

Marla did it without hesitation. She reached back and gripped his pole, which was slippery with his juices, and she aimed it right at her own tiny anus.

Brian slammed it home, crying out in delight. Marla made her first sound of the night--a short startled bark that was muffled by the flesh her mouth was buried in. Debbi careened headlong into another mind-blowing orgasm. This was too much!

She did not cum alone this time. Brian was right there with her. Miss Baxter's cunt had been as tight as any he'd ever experienced, but her asshole was like a vice. A hot, cum-inducing vice. He took several hard thrusts, throwing all his weight into the hard-bodied brunette to get it all the way into her tight little ass. Then he just exploded, having no choice, and bathed her bowels with shot after glorious shot of hot steaming jism.

"Yessss," he moaned as the sticky white fluid gushed out of him and into her. "God yes, take it all!"

Backing out of her butt when he was finished was like popping a cork. Cum dribbled down her thighs.

Debbi soon came down from her orgasm and the fun was over. The young lesbian took charge of the situation, ordering the teacher to clean herself up and go to bed. She would remember nothing tomorrow.

Debbi turned to Brian. "I want the disk," she said, prepared for an argument.

"Hell," he said, stuffing himself back into his pants. "You can have it. I made a copy." He blew her a kiss, and was gone from the apartment.

Debbi watched Miss Baxter long enough to be sure she was following instructions. Then she went into the bathroom and had a long hot shower herself, thinking about all the fun she was going to have in the future Let's see, there's Ginger from Social Science class; little Lisa Chang from the dorm... She loved fucking straight women. She fingered herself while imagining the possibilities.

By the time she came out of the bathroom, Debbi was ready to head home. She was exhausted and needed rest. She went to the computer to retrieve her disk.

The program was still running. Something about the images on the computer screen captured her attention, and she hesitated before turning off the machine. Looking into the blur of color, watching the little red ball, she suddenly realized she could see what it was that had so captivated Marla Baxter.

She was tired, and oh so relaxed from her evening encounter. What would it hurt to watch for a moment? Just relax and watch the screen...

# # #

After ten minutes or so, Brian crawled out from under Marla Baxter's bed. He had snuck back into the apartment while Debbi was in the shower, and had sat at the computer, making a few quick changes to the programming of the screensaver generated by the versatile Compurape disk.

He could see that the program had done its work. Debbi stood slack-jawed, watching the screen.

Debbi was under the program's spell. She did not move when he touched her shoulder.

"Now we can take care of what I wanted to do last night," he said. "Take that sweater off and let me see those hot bazooms again."

Debbi was under the Compurape spell. She did as she was ordered. Brian squeezed and licked and bit at her D-cup breasts for a good five minutes, just standing there, before he had her finish undressing.

As soon as the lesbian slut was stripped, Brian had her down on her knees, delivering what was probably the first blow job of her life. "Oh, Baby!" he moaned as she took his cock deep in her throat. "You might be inexperienced with cock, but you're handling it well!"

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