tagRomanceComputer Geek Ch. 12

Computer Geek Ch. 12

byAda Stuart©


Monday morning Scott tried to concentrate on his work but to no use. He felt more frustrated than ever. His new wife had continued dressing so sexy he could barely think straight, and he had spent the weekend fucking her in every position he could think of.

Still, he couldn't quite rid himself of the idea that she was thinking about another man while he touched her, and that she was only waiting for an opportunity to escape him. Even if she claimed not to have anyone else in her life, she often had a faraway look on her face, making him believe that she was thinking about something -- or someone -- in particular.

He feared it was another man, and he vowed to feed her sexual appetite and keep her satisfied; exhausting her so much that she wouldn't need anyone else but him. Unfortunately that meant exhausting himself in the process and he was still yawning, even after his third cup of coffee.

He walked over to the coffee machine to see if the fourth cup could make a difference. At the same time, he heard Carl laugh heartily behind his back.

"Tired?" Carl wondered. "Maybe you should give that new wife of yours some rest so you can both catch up on your sleep. She looks almost as tired as you do."

"Morning, Carl. I just need one more cup and then I'll be fine."

"I doubt that. Married life is good, then?"

"Never been happier," Scott said automatically.

"Hmm. Yes, I see that. Maybe you two should consider an extended honeymoon and leave the work to the alert ones?"

Scott just murmured something incoherently.

"By the way, I see that you've caused some major improvements on your wife's wardrobe. She looks great."

"I know," Scott sneered.

"I thought you'd be happy about it?"

"Do I look happy?"

"Jealous, eh? There's no need. She married you, remember?"

"Yes, but for how long?" Scott sighed.

Carl watched him carefully. He could probably see straight through him, Scott thought. His friend had a tendency to detect exactly what was troubling him.

"Why don't you join me in my office?" Carl offered as he led the way. "And don't forget your coffee," he laughed as Scott had already forgotten the coffee cup on the machine.

Inside Carl's office, Scott sank down into one of the leather chair and sipped the freshly brewed liquid. Carl sat down opposite to him with a small table between them.

"What's going on?"

"Not much."

"Not much? You've just gotten married in haste and now you're worried others are looking at your wife?"

"She's changed."

"Improved, is the word I would use. You don't get laid, is that it?"

"As often as I can manage."

"So, what's the problem?"

Scott sat quietly as he considered how much he should tell his best friend.

"I practically married her for money," he confessed.

"Her father's?"

"No, my own. My grandfather's will have a stipulation demanding that I wed before age thirty-five, which is next month. I asked her to help me."

"Blimey. And now she believes you tricked her?"

"I didn't have the time for a lengthy courtship. Besides, she agreed to help me when I told her the truth."

"And crushed the feelings she was harbouring for you in the process," Carl concluded quickly.

"Probably. I don't know. She was treating me like the dirt beneath her shoes until she realised she had an itch I could scratch."

"An itch? Oh, I see," Carl smiled broadly. "You've become a stud horse? No wonder you're so tired." He laughed heartily at his own words and the thunderous expression that was surely evident on Scott's face. "So, what now?"

"We have to convince grandfather's lawyer that it's a love match before I can receive my complete inheritance. After that, I suspect she will leave me."

"Leave you? But you seemed to hit it off quite well just a week ago. Why would she leave you?"

"I had to agree to her conditions before she married me. One of them allows her a divorce after one year of marriage."

"Then change her mind. I assume you want to keep her."

"Of course I do. I like her. That's why I married the woman."

"You like her? You don't say 'love'?"

"I don't know what I feel. It's more like a friendship with sex in it. I like being with her and talking to her, but I can easily do without."

"U hu," Carl replied solemnly. "So that's why you look ready to murder the randy young bucks whenever they look at her?"

"I don't do that."

"Believe me. You tower around her and make everyone nervous."

"The least she could do was to dress more moderate," Scott said through clenched teeth.

"You're a fucking moron, is what I say," Carl blurted out. "Or a sorry sod to be more specific."

"Huh?" Scott stared at him in disbelief.

"You love the woman to pieces and you won't even admit it to yourself."

Scott just scowled at his friend and business partner.

"Look, buddy. I've been married a lot longer than you have and it's quite obvious that you're far gone. The Scott I know is a workaholic that keeps his women a private matter. Ever since she started working here you've dogged her every step and seduced her whenever and however you could. Man, I even heard you take her in your own office, in broad daylight. You're definitely not acting like yourself, and this will of your grandfather is just the excuse you needed to attach her to you."

"It's still the truth."

"Even so, the bottom line is: The woman is your wife. If you want to keep her, you'd better work on it."

"What do you think I'm doing?"

"Seems more like sulking, if you ask me. Maybe you should tell her or better yet, show her what you feel."

"Do you have any specific ideas?"

"Perhaps it's time you took those young bucks in tow and showed them just how possessive you are about her. Any woman likes to know that you value her."

Scott pondered Carl suggestion for a while, before smiling broadly.

"Good idea. I'm sure I will enjoy this," Scott smiled as he tightened his fists. He got up from the chair and walked toward the door.

"Just don't overdo it, will you? There's a thin line between jealous boyfriend and heartless brute," Carl laughed after him.

"Thanks for the advice, buddy," Scott smiled as he ventured to find his new wife. He couldn't wait to press her against the nearest wall and fondle her, audience or not. Whether that was love, he wasn't sure, but it would surely work wonders on his mood.


He finally located her in the hallway, raining curses over the new printer machine as she bent forward to put more paper into the trail. In the process, her skirt climbed higher and tightened around her shapely bottom and showed a piece of the red garters she had underneath her skirt. He looked around the office area and noticed that most of the men had stopped working and were ogling her backside, waiting for the skirt to rise even higher.

She pulled the skirt down but immediately it started to move back up again. He hated that skirt already, Scott thought, or loved it if only she'd have the sense to wear it exclusively for him and inside of their home.

Maybe he would simply rip it off her. Now that idea surely had some potential, he thought before snapping himself awake. He stared angrily at the leering men, commanding them with a hand signal to return to their work. He heard laughter indicating they found his behaviour to be hilarious.

"I can't believe how this machine can turn up empty every time I try to print something," Kate complained loudly.

"I can," Scott replied as he gave the other men another angry stare.

"How clever of you. I think it has started digesting paper instead of printing on them, but I can't find any papers stuck inside," she said as she closed the top drawer and waited for the machine to start up again.

"I can fix that problem straight away. Listen up, folks," he said angrily to the crowd watching them so intently. "The next man that removes paper from the machine I will beat into a bleeding pulp. Is that clear?"

"There's no need to be such a Neanderthal," Kate whiffed.

"Neanderthal? Is that what you think of me?"

"I don't think berating anyone with your fists will do any good. It's the machine that's the problem, not us."

"Hmm, I'll show you exactly what the problem is," Scott grinned as he quickly bent forward and grabbed her around her hips and lifted her up onto his right shoulder. She squealed in surprise before she started hammering on his back.

"Put me down, you moron."

He just slapped her bottom. "Relax, darling," Scott grinned at their colleagues and started walking toward his office. Behind them, he could hear loud whistles and laughter.

"I work with these people. This is just so embarrassing," Kate complained loudly as he kept his hand firmly placed on her bottom.

"Use a longer skirt the next time. Then you won't show your underwear to anyone that dares to watch."

She squeaked and tried to pull her skirt down but it wouldn't budge since it was stuck against his shoulder.

"Put me down at once. This is so childish."

Scott saw Carl give him the thumb up as he passed him. "We'll take the rest of this discussion in private," Scott concluded as he carried her into his office and locked the door behind them.

"There's nothing that needs discussing. I have work to do," Kate protested as he dumped her in the nearest chair. "Ouch," she wailed.

"You need to turn down the dress code, dear wife," Scott informed her as he stood before her, trying to intimidate her with his sheer size.

Immediately he could see her eyes fire and she jumped up and stood before him.

"I'll dress just the way I want to."

"You enjoy tormenting me, is that it?"

"What are you talking about? I dress for myself, not for you or anyone else for that matter."

"Are you sure about that? I could easily suspect you of trying to distract me on purpose, making it impossible to do my job."

"Look, Scott. Can't this wait until this evening? I have a lot of work to do and this discussion doesn't seem to lead anywhere."

"Not so fast, wife." Scott moved closer to her and cornered her against the door. "I want to show you the consequences of dressing this sexy in front of me."

She looked at him in surprise and he knew that she could see the arousal he refused to hide. He placed his hands on each side of her head and caught her lips between his. She instantly opened her mouth to him and he pushed his tongue inside of her, tasting the orange juice she liked so much and unleashed every feeling that he had into the kiss.

"You're acting strange," she murmured as he lifted her skirt and pushed down her panties. She responded by unzipping his pants and reaching for his already stiff manhood.

"No, I'm stating ownership. Any man would understand. They can watch, but I'm the only one that can touch you."

"That's absurd," she concluded before she moaned in surprise as he lifted her and impaled her with one quick thrust.

He hammered inside of her, fucking her so hard, she could do little more than hang on to him and moan loudly. He covered her mouth with his and kissed her deeply as he kept on pleasuring her. Soon he could feel her flesh convulse around his and he gave himself over to the exquisite feeling of complete abandonment. He held her tightly as they both stood gasping for breath, leaning against the door.

"I'll hit any man that touches you," he said hoarsely.

"You almost sound jealous."

"I am. I most certainly am. You've been making me crazy with lust ever since you started working here and you're not helping by wearing that skirt."

"I like this skirt."

"Me too. But every time you show up wearing something that damn sexy, I'll fuck you against the nearest furniture."

"Is that a promise?" she asked with a giggle.

"You bet it is."

"Hmm, I actually like this possessive streak in you," Kate smiled as she adjusted her clothes and walked out of his office.

Scott vowed to buy Carl a bottle of the expensive brandy that he enjoyed to thank him for the advice.


Several days passed and Kate realised that she liked living in the moment. Scott was proving to be a very attentive lover and the best companion she had ever had. Her body rejoiced at the delicious feeling he was creating inside of her, and she was pleased and content with the situation.

Still, at the back of her mind, the thought about the future was still lurking. How long would she be able to walk in paradise and not think about the consequences that would surely come? Her feelings for him were growing each day they spent together and soon it would be unbearable to lose him.

She tried not to worry about the future; to imagine that everything would be all right in the end and that Scott would finally start loving her the way she loved him. But, in her nightmares she still saw herself alone and her feelings shattered as he ventured on beside a blonde supermodel. And as soon as he had his grandfather's money, that nightmare could become a reality.

Why would he want to stay with her when he had all he wanted; the house and the money? Why would he need mousy little Kate in that equation?

Well, right now he seemed very content with having her in his bed, or even outside it, she smiled at the thought.

The best she could do was simply enjoying the experience while she could, and not worry about the heartache that could come after.


As the weeks went by, Scott realised he felt more content and happy than he had done in a long time. The pieces of the puzzle seemed to have mysteriously landed in all the right places and he had landed smack in the middle of paradise -- or so it seemed. He still had that small inconvenience that was her conditions.

Still, it seemed he had managed to rid himself of two of them already. One, he was fucking her as often and everywhere he could. And two, she never had the time or the stamina to want another man. Just this morning he had left her fast asleep in their bed, too exhausted to even hear the alarm clock. It was a good thing that he kept exercising regularly, or he would he just as exhausted, he thought smugly.

Either way, he'd let her sleep. She needed all the rest she could get for what he had in mind for the evening. He felt his lower body respond to his thoughts. He never seemed to get enough of her, no matter how many times she gave herself to him.

He had completely forgotten about the condoms he had threatened to use; he simply forgot to think whenever he got a whiff of her scent. He wasn't too worried about the consequences any more. The thought of seeing her pregnant with his child gave him an intense and warm feeling inside. It was a hope he scarcely dared believe in, but he couldn't quite remove it from his mind. Someday it would happen, he hoped.

Gradually he had come to realise that Carl was right. He really did love Kate, and he wanted to stay with her for as long as he could. The thought of her leaving him was unbearable and he showed it to the back of his mind.


Kate was riding him hard while Scott lay on their bed.

"God, how I love you, woman," he blurted out before he could prevent himself. His thoughts seemed to have transformed into words all of a sudden.

Instantly, she froze and stopped fucking him.

"Don't stop," he pleaded, worried that he had frightened her away.

"You're lying to me," she accused, his cock still buried deep inside of her. He lifted his hips slightly, pushing himself deeper inside of her.

"Does this feel like I'm lying?"

"Men still fuck women they don't love."

"What do I have to do to make you believe me?" he groaned. "Throw myself off a cliff?"

"There's no need to get so haughty about it. I just don't like to hear lies."

"You want me to show my love instead of talking about it?" he suggested.

"Whatever you prefer."

"In that case I'll do my best to convince you," he smiled, before he flipped them both over to the side and pushed Kate onto her back.

He moved between her legs and pushed deep inside of her in one quick stroke. Lifting her legs up to his shoulder, he leaned back a little as his pulled his cock almost all the way out of her body.

"What are you doing? Come back here," she protested.

"Patience. I want to show you something," he smiled as he rubbed his cockhead against a specific pleasure point just a few centimetres inside of her channel.

She gasped instantly and lifted her body toward his, silently begging for more.

"Is it good?" he wondered as he continued to rub against her inner wall.

"Blimey," she said hoarsely. "Don't you dare stop!"

He kept on rubbing her sensitive spot with his erect cock, making her moan in complete abandonment. He watched her carefully as he tried to concentrate on giving her pleasure. He kept up the pace; using his cock to rub her g-spot, while holding back his own climax. She was moaning in earnest and her entire skin had turned pink. He knew she was close to her orgasm and he moved his hand to her clit and starting rubbing her swollen numb.

She came only seconds later and he had to remove his hand from her clit as she budged and screamed in joy. He plunged his cock deep inside of her, feeling the contractions in her body massaging his hard flesh, enveloping in the fantastic feeling of warm flesh surrounding and gripping at his own.

"Oh my god," she finally gasped. "What was that?"

"Your g-spot," he said with a grin. "I think we can safely say that we've located it."

"But you were only a few centimetres inside of me."

"That's all it takes."

"So the rest of your cock is just for show?"

He pushed deeper inside of her, filling her body to the brink.

"You tell me," he invited.

"God, I love when you do that," she groaned. "Filling me up with all that hardness."

He retreated slightly before pushing deep inside of her again.

"Would you like to have a vaginal orgasm as well?" he asked sweetly.

She flexed her inner muscles around him, making him groan loudly.

"Of course I will. I bow to your expertise in these matters."

"I'll make you bow all right," he groaned as he retreated and flipped her over to her stomach, lifting her lower body off the bed before plunging inside of her again.

She came with a loud wail after a few plunges. Scott smiled contently before bending down and kissing her back. His manhood was still buried deep inside of her warm body and Scott felt like he could stay there for the rest of the day.

Since when had sex turned into lovemaking, he suddenly wondered? Usually he just wanted to take his pleasure and be done with it. With Kate, he longed to postpone the pleasure and explore every part of her body, getting to know every intimate detail and use the knowledge to give her as much pleasure as he could bestow.

"It's your turn," Kate finally said.

"I can wait," he smiled as he continued to shower her neck and shoulders with kisses.

"Well, I can't," she said as she pushed against his lower body, making him release his breath in an instant at the intense feeling running through his body.

"Relax woman. I'm making love to you and I want to do a proper job about it."

He could feel her body tense at his statement and he cursed himself from taking her from behind, making it impossible to see her face and get a sense of what she was feeling. Still, he had to do his best to take their relationship to the next level, and since she wasn't going to reveal her cards, he would have to reveal his.

"I love to be inside of you," he murmured as he bent and rained kisses over her backside. "I could stay here forever."

"I don't think my knees would agree with that," Kate laughed suddenly.

"Would you like to lie on your back again?" Scott wondered while he pushed deep inside in her and rubbed his fingers over her clit. Instantly, he felt her tighten around him.

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