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At an early age, I realized I was smarter than most of my friends. Since I wasn't really a popular kid, I utilized my time differently from my classmates. I took my GED after eighth grade and passed with flying colors, although my mother decided I would attend high school anyway, for social development reasons. I began taking online college classes in my free time and by the time high school came to an end, I was graduating college too.

So here I am at 18 with a GED, high school diploma and an IT college degree. The only real part of high school that interested me was playing on the baseball team. Okay, I wasn't mister jock around school; actually I was the second string catcher and occasionally played third base and right field. But my love for the game kept me showing up and any playing time was fun for me.

I'm 5 foot 11 inches and 200 lbs, slightly chubby, but not overly fat. On Tuesday, I attended my high school graduation, on Thursday, I received my college degree and Friday I officially got my job offer to start in the IT department of a big company only a few miles down the road from where I live with my parents, sister and brother.

My new career was to start in just over a week, leaving me with a nice holiday to enjoy a week off from everything.


Saturday morning started like any other, my alarm woke me at 6 AM. But without anything specific that I had to do that I could think of; there was only one thing to do. Masturbate, of course.

The house was quiet as it usually is this time of day; my cock was hard with morning glory as usual as well. Alright you may be thinking that such a smart and motivated guy like me wasn't into such base instincts, yeah right, I was still a healthy young man with a sex drive and trust me, I always made time to jerk off at least once a day.

Now that I had just over a week of free time, oh, I was going to make sure I used that time enjoying it. So I slid out of bed and booted my laptop, logging onto my favorite sex site on the web Literotica. As my normal routine, I checked my Lit email, empty as usual. The forum was always the first thing to check, always finding new pictures of members to drool over, but it never seemed enough to get off to.

Knowing this, my next stop was the new story link since it always had a variety of categories to peak my interest. Incest stories always took the cake in my book; the taboo of it all really got my cock extra hard. Not to mention I could always imagine the characters being me and my hot and sultry mother, or my petite older sister with her seemingly constant hard nipples. But sometimes the new incest stories didn't cut it, so I moved on to the lesbian, mature or first time stories.

This morning, there, right on top of the new story list was an incest story with the tagline of; "Online cyber sex with mother." That caught my eye and I immediately dropped my boxers to my ankles and opened the story.

Within a minute I had lubed my rock hard morning wood with baby oil and was reading the hot story. The son in the story broke into his mother's computer and found her personal instant messenger program, her user name and tracked the dirty chat rooms she had been playing in. The story was short, but got to the point quick. It only took minutes for me to be close to shooting my load onto my chest.

In the story, mother and son were using webcams and mutually masturbating. Neither showing their faces, but the description of the son staring at his mother's fingers digging deep into her pussy and her juices flowing out of her pushed me past the point of no return. I was deep in thought, imagining me and my mother in this hot scenario.

As my first spurt of cum released itself onto my chest and I was moaning "Mom", my bedroom door opened with my father struck dumb catching me in such a position.

With cum erupting from my swollen member, my body jumped in fear as I did my best to cover my offending activity without success. Sperm blasted everywhere from my computer screen, desk, my legs and chest. Dad stood still not knowing what to do, mouth open, watching a crazy scene of his son Cumming all over the place.

As my orgasm ended, all I could do was stare at my father in complete embarrassment. But my father's eyes weren't looking at my face; his eyes were clearly lower, taking in the sight of his son's manhood and seamen. It seemed like hours, but I am sure only seconds past.

"Dad" I managed to croak out. "I...." was at a loss for words.

He still hadn't moved his eyes, and he didn't respond verbally. As we were locked in confusion, I did notice an impressive bulge in his golfing pants. An odd thought crossed my mind, that what my father saw must have turned him on. That thought made me shiver.

Finally, pop broke his eyes away from my penis. Clearly he was lost in his own mind, confused and unsure. He backed out of my room wordlessly and made his way downstairs.

I was scared and as messy as I had ever been, covered in my own cum. "How am I going to face him?" I thought.

Somehow I managed to get to my feet, close my bedroom door and entered my bathroom to clean myself. About 10 minutes later, dressed and cleaned, I sheepishly made my way to the kitchen.


"Dad" I spoke as I entered, awaiting a backlash of harsh words and torment to come flying at me.

"You ready to learn how to golf?" my father spoke calmly then sipping from his coffee mug.

"Oh." I mumbled, I had forgotten that we had planned this outing last week. "Umm sure." I continued my response. Quickly grabbing a travel mug from the cabinet and pouring myself my own coffee.

"Let's go" pop suggested and I followed him out to the Range Rover in the garage. Once in the garage, dad opened the back of his truck and loaded two sets of golf clubs. Awkward was a kind way of saying how this went down. We loaded ourselves into the front seats when he turned to me and truly spoke for the first time without an air of astonishment.

"We need to talk about what just happened."

I didn't have a response; all I could do was sit looking forward through the windshield at the closed garage door. Moments passed.

"Look" He began, "What you were doing is completely normal." He sighed. Again pausing for what seemed like forever. "I have to apologize for just walking into your room.... and my reaction."

I finally got the nerve to turn my head to face him. Upon our eyes meeting, I lost what little nerve I had and my eyes dropped down.

"Son?" he asked. "You okay?"

"Yeah dad, just.... Don't know what to say." I mumbled while looking down at the steering wheel and his lower half.

Then, to my surprise, he said something I never in my right mind could have imagined hearing from my father's lips. "Do you jerk off thinking about your mom a lot?"

Silence dominated the car. I think he understood I couldn't answer?

"I can see that you must." He added. Again I had no answer. I just closed my eyes and thought that if only I could be anywhere else right now I would be there.

"Son" he demanded my attention. "It's okay. Look at me." And I mustered the courage to open my eyes again but not raise my head. "Son"!

He lifted my head with his hand and our eyes met. "It's going to be okay. I promise."

I was close to crying, I was so scared and confused.

He hit the garage door button, started the Range Rover and we drove out of the garage.

I was lost in my own mind, trying to figure out what to do and what to say.


After a very short and silent drive, dad pulled the car into driveway of a house I had never been to before. We were at a destination that certainly wasn't a golf course. We were at someone's home, an awfully nice place as it looked from the outside, a little small cottage home with some nice shade trees and a two car garage.

I managed to spit out; "Where are we?" my first words in a while. When pop reached into the glove box, pushed a button and the garage opened of this house. He slowly pulled in and closed the door. The other side of the garage had a brand new Corvette parked in it.

He got out and instructed me to follow him in and I did as I was told. From the garage we entered into the kitchen of this nice little house. Immediately dad opened the refrigerator and handed me a beer while taking one for him. "Come on." He ushered and we went into a living room area that completely baffled me. In this room, there was a huge TV, two very large couches and various items I had only seen on the internet before.

I glanced around the room taking an inventory of dildos, vibrators, lubes, condoms, a sex swing, and hundreds of porn videos. Even the art work on the walls was pictures of naked women or men. It couldn't have been later than 730 AM, but I popped the top on my beer and drank it down.

"Sit" He commanded and I did, putting my empty beer can on the mini fridge next to the couch. "Grab another beer if you want from the fridge next to you if you need it."

As dumbstruck as I was I didn't need to be told twice. Within seconds I was drinking my second beer of the morning and only the third in my life.

"Let's talk son." His eyes bored into mine and I nodded my head in response. He went on; "I know you are confused and that's okay, I just need you to listen and if you can't speak yet, just nod your responses. Okay?" He asked and I nodded affirming my answer.

"First and foremost, I need you to promise me one thing." I nodded again. "Everything you learn today is a secret and cannot be repeated to anyone and I do mean anyone. Not your friends, not your brother, not your sister, and especially not your mom. Understand?"

I shook my head yes.

"Son, this home is one of three I Co-own with a group of people; each home is part of a member verified group specifically dedicated to specific sex fetishes. This one specifically is for members of an incest fetish group. This group is very private and can only be joined by a verified person specifically sponsored by one of the current members. I am one of the founding members. Do you understand?"

"Yes." I spoke weakly.

"Good." He spoke as he stood up. "When I heard you moan mom earlier, I suspected that incest was of interest to you. Yes?" I nodded. "Instantly I knew I could bring you into our group, but I need to be sure. Now I need you to speak this very clearly if you want to know more. Okay?"


"I need you to clearly and verbally state that nothing you will see, hear or do will ever be repeated to anyone without express consent from me. If you do break this rule, there will be very harsh consequences. If you understand and agree, you need to say so."

Gathering all my courage, I shifted in my sitting position, unintentionally making my erect cock more comfortable. "Dad" I stammered. "I promise not a word will ever leave my lips about this, not even to mom."

"Good" he answered. "This is how this group works. This home is rented by members for a nominal fee to be used for the use of sex, specifically based on the incest fetish, now that being said, not all members are actual family members, and so much of what goes on here is just fantasy. But there are also plenty of members that are or do have actual incestuous relations here. Currently there are 57 members of this group, monthly dues are $50 a month and without exception every member must sign a waiver and contract. Once you are part, there is no cancelling your membership. This is for life. Do you understand?"


"Furthermore, all members are 18 and over, no exceptions. No one underage ever is allowed. To add to that, you need to understand that we make sure that each and every member has no way of turning on the rest of the group. So initiation involves being videotaped in such a way that he or she knows they cannot ever leave the group without harsh consequences, I can't express that enough."

"Okay." I threw out there. While saying that, it occurred to me how hard my cock was and I needed to adjust it. And I did.

"I see this excites you! Good." He moved to the refrigerator, got two more beers, one for him and one for me. Then promptly sat next to me with our legs touching; it was at this moment I again noticed the bulge on his pants too.

"Dad?" I questioned.

"Relax son, I know you have a lot of questions and I will be happy to answer any and all of them, but for now, you need to answer my questions. Okay?"

I nodded and he put his hand on my knee. I was shaking.

"Good. First, are you a virgin?"


"Do you consider yourself straight, Bi-Sexual or Gay?"

"Straight Dad." I huffed, "Why?"

"Because to be part of this group you will have to do things that may not suit you sexually; do you understand what I mean?"

"No." I answered with a questioning look.

"Once you are a member, you do not need to do anything with anyone you do not want to or consent to be with. But part of the joining process is that videotape, sort of a failsafe for the group. So you'd have to initially do something that may not be to your sexual preference. Make sense?"

"No, what would I have to do?"

Dad took his hand from my leg and adjusted his cock in his pants. He was clearly sporting a rather thick erection.

"Son, it's a onetime type of thing. You'd need to be videotaped doing something that could be used against you should you decide to try and leave the group or tell the world about it." He sighed. "Everyone one in the group has done a videotape. It's a mandatory part of your application to the group. If you want to back out, you need to do so now. I've broken one of the rules myself by even discussing this with you before addressing the group for permission. I could be ousted from the group for doing this."

I thought hard for a minute, but my manhood was doing more of the thinking for me. "Okay, I understand. What do I have to do?"

"Well, here is how I see this going. First, we will videotape you. Then at the next meeting, I will ask for permission to sponsor you, I will show the videotape, if it's approved, we will bring you back with a select few members for another videotaped session. You will have all kinds of sex on camera. The tape will be locked up and you will become a member. From that point on, you will be able to choose who you have sex with, if it's an only with women, that's fine, but the option to have sex with men will also be open to you. Every member has the right to say no to any other member requesting sex from them. Sex has to be consensual."

"Ummm okay. How do we do this?"

"Relax and close your eyes, I will be a few minutes setting this up. Keep your eyes closed. Do not move."

"Okay dad." I shut my eyes and sat quietly for about five minutes. I was nervous and hard.


"Son" dad said, "In a minute I will turn on a video camera that will record everything over the next few hours. To start I will be out of sight and will be asking you questions that you'll need to answer honestly for the video. I also will be instructing you on things to do. You will follow my instructions to the letter without question. Understand?"

"Yes dad."

"Good, keep your eyes closed until I tell you otherwise and we will begin in a few seconds."

Click, I heard the video camera power on, and then buzz.

My father started speaking, "It's Saturday Jun 17th, 2010 at 9:07 AM. Son please open your eyes and face the camera." I did so. My father wasn't anywhere in my sight line.

"Please speak your name, age, sexual preference and occupation."

My eyes found the lens to the video camera. "My name is Nick Swanson, I am 18 years old, I am heterosexual and I will be IT technician starting next week.

"Good. Are you a virgin?"


"Tell us how you came to be sitting here this morning as specifically as you can."

"You caught me masturbating."

"Okay, what were you thinking about while you were masturbating?"


"Who caught you masturbating?" he asked and added "Be specific."

"You did, my father, Jason Swanson."

"Was it exciting to be caught playing with yourself?"

"I don't know."

"Are you excited now?"


"Please stand up and take all your clothes off."

I hesitated a little but followed the instruction I was given, my penis was certainly hard and lowering my boxers over it knowing I was on camera was making me ever harder. It was then I noticed that the video image of me was on the big screen TV. I watched my cock bounce off my belly after being released from the tight confines of my underwear. The head of my cock was purple with pre-cum dripping off it.

"Do not touch your cock son, sit down and lean back so your nice thick cock stretches out over your belly." Again I followed my instructions.

"How big is your cock?"

"About seven inches."

"How often to you play with it?"


"Please take the lube on the refrigerator to your right and lube up your cock. Use plenty of lube, make your cock and balls very wet."

"Yes sir" I answered, never had I called my father sir before, I don't know why I said it. But I did as he commanded.

"Sir huh." He huffed. "For the rest of this video, you will only refer to me as daddy. Understand?"

"Yes daddy."

"Do you jerk off thinking about incestuous fantasies?"

"Yes daddy."

"Who in the family have you jerked off thinking about?"

"Mom, Becky (my sister), and aunt Sarah."

"Which one do you masturbate the most thinking about?"


"From now on, you will only refer to her as mommy, even directly to her. Understand?"

"Yes daddy"

"Good, start stroking that nice cock slowly." He commanded and I did. "What do you fantasize about the most with your mommy?"

"Cumming on her daddy?" Every time I said mommy or daddy, my cock flexed harder.

"Where do you want to cum on mommy?"

"Oh daddy." I moaned. "Mostly her face, tits and pussy."

"So you like cum?"

"Yes I like to cum."

"No, what I mean is, do you like the taste of cum?"

"I don't know."

"Have you ever tasted your own cum?"

"No daddy."

"Are you close to cumming now?"

"Oh god yes daddy."

"Good, close your eyes and make yourself cum all over your chest."

With that instruction, I started jacking myself harder intent on getting off.

"Close your eyes son and keep pumping that hot tasty cock until you shoot all over."

"Oh daddy!!!!!!! I exclaimed as I exploded. I felt my sperm land on my face, chest and hand as I pumped my cock to a extraordinary orgasm. "Oh daddy" I repeated.

As my orgasm subsided my father spoke, "Keep your eyes closed son and relax. Don't move."

I felt his finger on my cheek, he swirled the line of cum on my face until I heard him say "Open your mouth son and suck on my finger."

Hesitantly, I did as I was told, I felt his finger pass my lips and I began tasting my own cum on his thick digit. "Taste it son and tell me what you taste like."

It didn't occur to me to how to describe it and he must have recognized that fact. He pulled his finger out of my mouth a scooped up more cum from my hairless chest and returning it to my mouth.

I tried to speak with his finger in my mouth, so he slid it slowly out until I could speak clearly.

"Slightly salty and warm daddy"

"Do you like the taste son?"

"I don't know"

He must have walked away at that point, because he didn't speak for about 10 seconds.

"Son, one thing you can learn is that there are foods that will help make your cum taste better or worse. Like pineapple will sweeten your cum and asparagus will make it taste worse."

"Yes daddy"

"Keep your eyes closed son an turn slightly to your right. Then sit up on the edge of the couch." So I followed his instruction again. "I see you haven't lost your erection, very nice benefit of being young."

"Yes daddy" I answered not really knowing what he was talking about.

"Now son, it's time for you to take the next step. You still okay?"

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