tagGroup SexComputer Service Ch. 04

Computer Service Ch. 04


The morning after running into Kristin my mind was more than a little scrambled. For our paths to cross while I was in the middle of such mind blowing sex was ironic. I could still feel Mark's hands on my butt holding me up high enough to be spiked on his cock so I could ride it. Mark is strong and sexy but still safe enough I can let myself go a little without fear. And I have breached my boundaries a few times already letting him take me how he wanted. Our tryst in the bathroom was another high for me, risky abandoned sex, another of those times one never forgets.

But seeing Kristin again, especially in those circumstances. immediately brought back memories of the two years we lived together while going to school. We were roommates and in that time we got a little crazy. Looking around the school we had noticed guys almost pass around a girl taking each turns with her on different nights or different weeks but obviously working it out with each other. The girl, somehow, passive in the situation.

It annoyed me a little at the time but I got over it.

But when I pointed it out to Kristin she said, "Why should they have all the fun?. We could just as easily pass around a boy or two."

So we did.

We shared three boys in a year and a half, comparing notes, making sure we each got what we wanted and then moving on. It was empowering and fun and we got away with it.

Then one night when we had gotten the schedule confused and ended up with the same boy on the same night. We went through with it anyway. The memory brought shivers of delight to me whenever I stopped to think of it.

Near the end of the night we had all three ended up in bed together the guy laying under us both. Kristin had her pussy locked firmly on the his face with his mouth obviously doing wonderful things to her and I was rocking back and forth enjoying myself immensely while impaled on his cock. At that point Kristin leaned forward, reached her hand behind my neck and pulled me into a passionate kiss. I had kissed women before, gentle passing kisses, kisses of hello and goodbye, but never like this. We were sharing something deeper here. It was a full body and soul kiss and it went on with both of us fully committed until I needed to break it off to breathe. But just before I did Kristin came. I could feel the energy from her orgasm ripple up from between her legs through her body, into my mouth and down to the pit of my stomach where it launched my own explosive orgasm. The two of us were lost to the world wrapped up in feelings so transcendent we forgot where we were, both of us crashing through our orgasms at the same time still locked in our kiss.

Later, on our way home, we spoke only a little of it mostly giggling that we never even knew if the guy had come or not. He had become irrelevant to an experience that created a very strong and specific bond between Kristin and me. As women we were so very different, wanting different things and so over time we comfortably drifted apart in our lives. But that one night and the entire experience of becoming empowered as women linked us together in a way that was unique and lasting. Running into her in the bathroom last night while I was fucking Mark rekindled it all in my memories: the boys, the night, the orgasms and the bond.

I suddenly returned to the present and realized that leaning against the warm vibrating washing machine in my pajamas thinking of that time was seriously turning me on. I could feel the wetness between my legs and realized also that I had been pushing my pussy into the corner of the machine taking in the vibration through my pajamas and panties getting more and more turned on with each moment. So I went with it. Continuing to rub against the accommodating machine I slid my hands up and under my tank top caressing my breasts letting the machine do the work below while I stroked my breasts and then pinched my nipples. And Kristin popped into my mind with her lips locked on mine and I could feel my orgasm building until it released, my pussy flooded and my legs gave out as I slid down to the floor. Oh, my... that was something. That was amazing. My legs were still shaking and I was too weak to get up so I just sat there and recovered and tried to fathom where that had come from.

Slowly as I sat there the thought crept into my mind that I might not mind sharing Mark with Kristin. Maybe, just once. A present for them both. Didn't mean I was letting him go or pushing him away but it was a different level in our relationship and I thought we could ratchet things up a bit. His impending birthday clearly set the stage so I called Kristin.

"Hey, stranger," I said when she answered.

"Recovered from last night?", she asked, a little impishly.

"Why, whatever do you mean?" I replied with my best Scarlet O'Hara voice.

A chuckle on the other end and "Katie Scarlet O'Hara, you behave yourself!" and then a much bigger laugh.

"Want to come over for some dinner?" I asked.

"Not seeing Mark?" asked Kristin.

"We are resting tonight," I said, chuckling myself.

"Well, sure," said Kristin, "I'll bring the wine. Need anything else?"

"Nope," I said. "I've got the fixin's here if you don't mind homemade pizza."

"Sounds good to me," said Kristin.

"Make it six and we'll manage a glass or two of wine while the pizza is cooking."

So she did. And we had girls night and it was wonderful and chatty and we ended up drinking a bit too much wine for Kristin to be driving so I told her to stay.

She was laying on the couch, sheet up to her waist covering lacy panties so that she could retain at least some decorum. I was sitting on the floor facing the very computer where my relationship with Mark started and leaning my head back on her stomach. It was comfortable and I was a little fuzzy from the wine.

"Tell me the story of Mark," Kristin said. "You've been holding back. I can tell. I got that it had something to do with fixing your PC but you never really told me the whole thing."

"Well, I told you already about the trade," I said, "sex for repairs. It just happened. Mark is so, I don't know, comfortable and electric at the same time. I sometimes feel a jolt of heat when he touches me, even innocently. But I feel like we've been together a lot longer than just a few weeks."

"You're hiding something. There's something more," said Kristin. "Come on, out with it."

So I told her about Mark having found the links to spanking sites and his deciding that he should spank me for going to naughty places on the Internet. And how he pushed me over and pulled down my pants and spanked me. And then fucked me when he found how turned on I was.

"So, where did this happen?" asked Kristin.

"Here," I said.

"Where, 'here'?" she said. "Here, on this couch?"

"Well, kind of," I said. "Over the arm of it anyway."

"Mmmmm.... ," Kristin murmured. "Wish I had been here."

Kristin seemed to wiggle a little bit and I caught a scent on the air, a scent that could only be her juices. The wine, the fuzzy brain, the memories of Mark's cock sliding so easily into me all made me very horny. So I turned my head now with my face against Kristin's stomach and slowly pulled down the sheet until those pink lacy panties were in front of me and the scent was even stronger.

"Oh...," said Kristin in surprise. It was more of a guttural sound than I had heard before from her but there was little doubt but she thought what I was doing was a good idea. Slowly, ever so slowly, I slid my nails up her leg moving outside to inside and ending up stroking through the material in the center of her slit.

Kristin jumped and groaned when I softly stroked across her clit, "Oh, God, yes."

She spread her legs some to give me better access and I moved up to my knees so that I could see her and better minister to her needs. With a grin I said, "So, you like this?"

"Jesus, Sarah," she almost cried out, "you know I do."

"Then this will be better," I whispered as I slid the corner of my fingernail under the edge of her panties and scraped down the side of her nearly hairless lips and then back up again. I repeated this several times to her moans and rapidly increasing breath. Now I was so turned on that I needed similar attention to my own pussy. So I reached down inside my pajama bottoms and stroked my lips just as I stroked hers. I then slipped my finger inside me causing my own low moan. Kristin was far from noticing anything other than what my finger was doing to her. I decided to better help her onward so I moved up onto the couch between her legs. Pulling her panties aside I blew on her now very wet lips causing an even larger moan to escape from her mouth. She reached down and touched the back of my head urging me forward. With little thought I complied and began sliding my tongue up and down her slit tasting the tang of her juices for the first time. The taste was honey to my mouth. As much as she and I had shared we had never done this and I now wondered what had taken us so long. But I didn't wonder long. With one hand busy between my legs rapidly stroking myself, the other tweaking her left nipple and my tongue working her clit or plunging into the middle of her pussy lips I didn't have much time to wonder at all. Kristin's breathing continued to build up with an occasional gasp as she neared orgasm and I was not far behind her. "Saraaaaaa......," Kristin nearly screamed as she held my head and tongue hard against her cunt. She was moving her hips up and down in an increasingly frantic motion until I felt like I was in a rodeo hanging onto the bronco with all my strength. And then she became rigid and just let out a very loud moan climbing in pitch ending in a near howl followed by a series of moans as she continued to come for a long time changing from rigid back to a series of out of control bucks pushing her pussy hard into my face. Somewhere in the middle of all of this intensity my own orgasm peaked and crashed, strong but not nearly as intense as Kristin's. We just collapsed together with me still between her legs her scent enveloping me in a wonderful perfume of woman.

I slowly slid up her body until I could kiss her on the mouth.

"That was wonderful, Kristin," I said.

She chortled, "Well I'm so glad that I could accommodate you. Let me know when I can help you out again. You know how I love to be helpful." And she dissolved into giggles and I ended up joining her until we were out of control and I fell off of her onto the floor and we started up again. I had not been so joyful with my friend in so long and I had forgotten how wonderful it was.

"I've missed you more than I ever knew, Sarah," said Kristin voicing the thoughts from my own mind. We were in sync again just as we had been so many years before.

"Come on up to my room, sweet Kristin," I said, "Sleep in my bed with me tonight. Please." And I held out my hand. She took it with her small fingers and we proceeded up the stairs to fall into deep slumber in each other's arms.

My last thought was of a birthday present and a red ribbon.

Morning brought smells of coffee. Delicious. I was alone in the bed which probably accounted for the coffee smells. I went to the bathroom to pee, splashed water on my face, looked at and then ignored my reflection in the mirror. Way too early for that. And went downstairs.

"Good morning, Sarah!!!," chirped Kristin. Really, she chirped.

"Whooh, there, perky," I said, "coffee first, then maybe, just maybe, perky."

A huge smile behind a large cup of black coffee approached me. I accepted and sat at the kitchen sipping the liquid of morning life.

Kristin busied herself at the stove and soon enough scrambled eggs and toast appeared in front of me. I was starting to feel human again and a little protein and carbs finished the job. My mind went back into gear and the thought I had before falling to sleep returned to my mind.

"Kristin," I started.

"Uh, oh," said Kristin, "I hate conversations that start like that. You and I are okay after last night, aren't we?"

"Oh, yes," I said, reaching out to hold her hand. "We are better than okay. Far better than okay. What happened last night was magic and we are magicians. Far better than okay. But, I had a thought last night. How do you feel about Mark?"

"Well, the only things I know are what you told me and, of course, what I saw the other night," she said, "but he seems nice and obviously treats you well. Why do you ask?"

"I'd like to do something special for him," I said, "and for you."

"Okay," Kristin said, stretching it out so it was nearly a question.

"If I could arrange it so you could spend some time with him," I said, slowing down now trying to figure out how to say what I was thinking, "if I could arrange it so you could be his birthday present, sort of, would you be interested?"

"You want me to fuck him for his birthday?," Kristin exclaimed, getting directly to the point, as she tended to do.

"Well," I said, "since you are cutting to the chase, yes."

"Well, damn." she said and seemed to ponder for a moment, "Hell yes! I'm in. How do we set it up?"

"A phone text and a red ribbon," I said with a smile.

The following week was Mark's birthday and I could hardly stand the waiting. The anticipation.

The niggling worry that I was doing something dumb.

But then I got the text from him:

"That was one of the nicest bd presents ever. TY. M."

And the call from Kristin telling me all about it.

The next day I was on my daily run and heading towards Mark's store as if it were my own personal magnet. The running was wonderful, the feeling of the cool autumn air running through my hair was invigorating but only distracted me a little from picturing Kristin lowering herself onto Mark's cock. I was getting hotter and hotter and it was not from the running but from my imagining that scene and now I knew what magnet was pulling me towards him. I reached his store and stopped a couple of minutes outside to catch my breath. Fortunately the run was short enough that I wasn't sweating so much I was unpresentable. Dressed in running shorts and top I was casual enough without dripping in sweat. Zack was up front.

"Hey, Sarah," he said.

"Hey, Zack," I said, "is the boss here?"

"You bet," he said, gesturing with his hand towards Mark's office "you know the way, right?"

"I do," I said, "Thanks." And I headed back.

Mark's door was open so I went in, closed it behind me and conspicuously locked it.

"Well, wow, Sarah," said Mark, "you look wonderful. To what do I owe this visit?"

"My imagination," I said, slowly approaching him with a smile. "Is this where you were sitting when Kristin was here?"

Mark seemed to be holding his breath and was uncharacteristically silent clearly not knowing what to say.

"Because I've been thinking about it," I said, softly, "thinking that maybe she didn't do this." With that I moved between his legs and reached down to stroke his rapidly growing cock. "Or this." And I reached down, unzipped his pants, and slid his cock out. Then lowering myself down I slowly and as seductively as I could I slid the long shaft into my mouth. His groan told me all I needed to know and for the second time in just a couple of days I had an encouraging pair of hands on the back of my head. Withdrawing my mouth for a bit I said, "Or this" and began to lick the link of his cock like it as an ice cream cone. His moans increased.

We kept this up until I could feel him building up towards an orgasm. He stopped me, held me back and stood, bringing me up with him. He then peeled down my shorts, hoisted me up on his desk, spread my legs and plunged into my wet pussy slamming into me hard. I damn near came right then. He stroked in and out of me finally lifting up my shirt and sports bra to tongue each of my nipples in turn. It was only a few more strokes and I could tell he was going to come. He threw his arms around me and plunged his tongue into my ear, something he knew turned me on. It was all it took for me. I shuddered and began what turned out to be a long and strong orgasm. That, of course, set him off and we both shuddered together as one.

"Well," I said after my breathing slowed, "I hope I've reclaimed some of my territory." I meant the comment to be humorous but there is always some truth in humor.

"Sarah," said Mark in a very serious voice and looking me dead in the eyes, "you never lost any territory. What you and I have is special to me more than I can say. What you did with arranging for Kristin to contribute to my birthday just underlined in my mind how special you are to me and how special we are together. Not that I minded the distraction... no, that's not the right word..hmm.. entertainment? Well, whatever it was. The time with Kristin was nice.. more than nice.. it was hot. But what you and I do together is much more than that. So you have no territory to reclaim."

And, of course, I melted against him trying not to cry. Tears of joy and affection.

After a little sniffle I said, "So, we on for dinner tonight?" following up with my brightest smile.

"Whatever you say, m'lady," said Mark with a bit of a bow.

And I rearranged my clothing, checked myself over, and left the business. I was a little too sore to run after Mark's welcome pounding but I was able to walk back home okay grinning ear to ear all the way.

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