tagNonConsent/ReluctanceComputer Stories Ch. 05

Computer Stories Ch. 05


This is a work of pure fiction. There is no connection to any real people or places. It is for entertainment only and is not to be reproduced without written consent.

I think you will find this chapter a little more interesting, from an erotic standpoint. If you haven't read Ch 01, you may find it fills in some important background that leads up to this chapter. Key to the stories is the special component inside Jerry's computer.


Jerry Waters is a slightly geeky kind of guy who one day acquires a computer with some interesting properties. He is using his computer to write erotic stories without fully realizing what is happening around him.

Soon after powering up his new acquisition, a strange twist of fate activated an interesting 'feature' on his 'antique' computer . . . .

The continuing saga --

Jerry had not done much on his computer recently. He'd been spending time with some of his friends. These were guys who were somewhat like him; more interested in geeky kinds of things, without too much of a social life.

On one particular day, Jerry was hanging out with his friends at the local mall. They were minding their own business, walking from store to store when they passed one of the clothing stores that catered to the kind of girls that were clearly out of their league from a social standpoint.

It was Bob who halted their small group to point out some of the posters and mannequin modeled clothes. They had only stopped for a couple of moments when they were spotted by the small group of four girls who considered themselves better than anyone else.

From behind them they heard a voice.

"Looking at the nerds, standing in front of the window, wishing they could get girlfriends like who wear the kind of clothes in that store. I bet that even if they did have girl friends, their dicks are so small their girlfriends would need tweezers to grab a hold of their dick."

Jerry and his friends were livid. They hadn't done anything to these girls and they were being humiliated in front of everyone in the mall in the worst way. What's worse, Jerry and his friends were out of ideas to stop the humiliation or get back at the girls. The girls were so use to getting away with such cruelty, it seemed like there was nothing they couldn't get by with.

After dishing out about 5 minutes of humiliation, the girls moved on to find another target for their cruelty, giggling and laughing till they were completely out of sight. Jerry and his friends weren't laughing. They were figuring they wouldn't be able to show their faces in the mall for months. After talking it over, the guys figured there was nothing they could do about it.

Back home, Jerry began pacing his room, thinking about what had happened at the mall. It really had him stirred up. He needed to do something to take away the stress. The only thing that had helped him overcome stressful situations lately was to sit at his computer and write a different version of the way things are.

And so it was that Jerry powered up his antique computer and started keying; a component inside the computer case glowed red . . . . .

* * * * *

"The 4 snobbish girls were on the prowl at the mall. The mall was one of their favorite hangouts for shopping and another favorite pastime, humiliating other people. Today was no different. Walking past one of the clothing stores the frequented quite often, they spotted 4 guys that they'd just been itching to harass for quite a while.

Right from the start, the girls poured on the humiliation pretty thick. By the time the girls were done, they guys they had pounced upon were ready to crawl in a hole and not come out for months. After the girls moved off, they guys walked back to the house of one of them, heads hung down the whole way.

As they sat around talking about it, another one of their friends who had witnessed it and overheard the girls talking as they walked off, confided that the girls had planned a slumber party on Saturday night. This bit of information could be useful. As the guys sat around talking, they came up with a plan that would involve some payback.

The 4 girls were settling in at their slumber party. The parents of the girl who was hosting, were out of town for the weekend. With the house tucked back into a remote area of town, the girls figured they could make as much noise as they wanted and no one would complain."

* * * * *

As Jerry was taking out his frustration on the keyboard, 4 snobbish girls had just settled in for some sleep at the remote house of one of the girl's parents. Three of the girls took a bedroom a piece and the fourth crashed on the couch.

When all was quiet inside the house, 5 male figures slipped into the house through an unlocked window. One of them carried a large gym bag, heavy with numerous items. The 5 hooded figures, dressed in black body suits, moved silently into the house. They used hand signals to communicate with each other in the moon light that streamed through the windows.

* * * * *

"With their eyes accustomed to the darkness, the 5 boys spotted Tina, blissfully asleep on the couch. The thin sheet that had covered her earlier, had slipped off onto the floor, exposing her lithe pink baby doll covered body stretched out on the couch.

Three of the five approached the couch, set the gym bag on the floor close by, and silently opened it up. With almost perfectly timed precision requiring just hand signals, all three pounced upon the sleeping Tina. Before she could hardly come to her senses, she had been bound, gagged, and blindfolded with hardly a sound. She was told to keep quiet, if she knew what was good for her.

The 5 boys proceeded to methodically bind, gag, and blindfold each of the other girls as quietly as they had done Tina. After the last one was trussed up like the first girl, each of the girls from the bedrooms was brought out to the living room where Tina was still laying on the couch on her stomach. Pulling Tina up to a sitting position on the couch made room for the other three girls to find a seat next to her.

Once all the girls were seated, the boys closed all the curtains and turned on the living room lights. The girls were still in the dark, due to the blindfolds. A compact tripod was pulled from the gym bag, along with a video camera. A digital camera was pulled out as well and set on the table.

Not knowing what was to happen to them, all four of the girls were in tears, contemplating the worst. Having been deprived of their sense of sight, and speech, their sense of hearing was heightened. With the boys using hand signals to coordinate setup, the girls' ears strained to discern the rustling footsteps, the soft sounds of the tripod and camera being set up, and items being removed from the gym bag.

The girls' ears were so hyper sensitive, all four of them suddenly jerked to attention when one of the boys finally spoke."

"We've heard you girls have been having quite a time harassing everyone in sight, especially the male population. I think it's time you experienced some payback. You girls are going to perform for us anyway we want, for as long as we want. If not, I don't think anyone will know you've been gone for quite some time. When you are found, there won't be much left to identify. Is that understood?"

"With each girl nodding her head in acknowledgement, they resigned themselves to accept whatever awaited them.

Since Tina was the first girl to be taken, it was only natural for her to be the one to begin with. Two of the boys forcefully lifted her off the couch and stood her in an open area. Hands began to roam over her perfect body, stopping now and then to squeeze hr firm breasts and tweak her little eraser nipples. Sometimes, a hand would brush down her thigh stroking across her outer pussy lips.

Tina tried to squirm away but a hand on each upper arm kept her in place. As a free hand of each boy that was holding her stroked her body, she felt a second pair of hands lock on to her boobs, taking great pleasure in lifting them, squeezing them, and moving them around. The boy who had been fingering her pussy through her flimsy pink teddy bear panties grinned and signaled to the others that she was getting wet.

Soon after, Tina found herself bent over a large footstool, her arms still bound behind her back. Her legs were spread apart and the fingers were now rubbing her panty covered pussy from behind. A pair of hands grabbed her hair, pulling her head up, causing her mouth to try opening on its own. The gag was suddenly removed but before she could say a word, something else was shoved into her mouth. At first she didn't recognize the soft, warm object that was thrust into her mouth but it wasn't long before she realized it was a large hard cock, as big as she had ever experienced before. She sensed it was fairly long by the way it bumped into the back of her throat while her lips had not touch the base of it. More pairs of hands held the rest of her body in place so there was no way she could move away from the cock that had invaded her mouth. The hands on her head, held her steady as the thick cock slide back and forth in hr mouth.

The feel of cold metal on her back caused a rush of anxiety, as a knife blade slipped between her baby doll outfit and her skin. A swift flick of the blade cut through the reinforced edge of the material. Hands replaced the knife and all 4 girls heard the sound of ripping material. In seconds, Tina's baby doll top was in shreds on the floor beside her. Another flick of the knife and the reinforced edge of her panties was severed as well. With a swift yank, her panties ripped from her body and she was totally naked, except for her blindfold.

Recognizing there was nothing to protect her smooth pussy from being invaded as well, the tears streamed from behind the blindfold.

She was soon to feel a finger sawing in and out of those perfect pussy lips, as she was made to greedily suck the large cock at her face. With her pussy uncontrollably moistening, the finger was replaced by a cock head poised at the entrance. She knew what was going to happen and tried to shift her body away from the hot spear but it was no use. The large, hard cock found it's mark and drove in deep, nearly sucking all the breath out of her lungs. She was now impaled at both ends and there was nothing she could do about it. When she tried to back away from the cock in her mouth, it just drove the cock in her pussy even deeper. When she tried to pull forward to dislodge the cock in her pussy, it only served to shove the one in her mouth far down into her throat. It was a no win situation. The only way to minimize her fucking was to get into it to try to get each one of them off quickly.

Soon, she found her pussy being flooded with jets of hot cum. The distraction caused her to be unprepared for the gusher of the same that flooded her mouth. With no where to go but down her throat, she began to swallow fast, but it was just too much and some dribbled past her lips, down her chin. Exhausted from the ordeal, she was pulled up by her arms and pushed onto a curled heap on the floor.

Sara was next. She was lifted off the couch and hoisted up onto the table on her back. The knife went into action again, cutting just enough material to make it easy to rip the remaining material into shreds. The expensive silk top, with matching silk panties, were in shreds on the floor in no time. While one pair of hands held her shoulders down, two others pulled her legs apart, opening her pussy to full view for everyone to see. She tried to move her hips up to wiggle off the table but a pair of arms encircled her hips, followed by a hot mouth that latched on to her pussy with a vengeance.

No matter how much she tried to wiggle away, the mouth stayed latched onto her pussy. A tongue furiously lashed at her slit and clit. As much as her mind willed it not to happen, her body couldn't help responding. Pretty soon she was begging for it not to stop. It didn't matter that she had been taken against her will, she was now wanting; no needing to be brought to climax.

When she was getting close, the tongue pulled away, leaving her in quite a dilemma. Her need was about to be satisfied though. The mouth on her pussy was immediately replaced by a huge cock. Even though she was by now well lubricated, it took some effort to stuff this generous endowment into her. Once it was all the way in, it began to saw in and out of her sensitive tunnel. Soon her snobbish attitude vanished and her now un-gagged mouth was begging to be fucked harder and harder. All of this was being caught on video.

It didn't take long for her grunting and groaning, panting and moaning, to turn into a scream of pleasure as her pussy contracted hard, eliciting a liquid white flood from the hard shaft filling her. The intensity of what she had just experienced caused her to pass out for a few moments.

The remaining two girls had listened to all that had gone on so far and were cowering in fear at the thought of what was in store for them."

* * * * *

The mall experience was still very vivid in his mind and the words he was typing reflected the need for payback to these mean spirited girls. He his wishful thinking words hoped they'd experience some rough sex at the hands of some guys that had been humiliated by the girls.

As Jerry continued to pour out his feelings, the red cube inside his computer glowed a bright red.

* * * * *

"The other two girls didn't have time to wonder. Both of them were yanked off the couch, their expensive sexy outfits were in shreds on the floor, leaving them without a stitch of clothing to cover them. Very quickly, both were having their mouths and pussies stuffed with large, throbbing hard cocks. The girls had lost their virginity long ago with boyfriends, that were now ex-boyfriends, but they had never experienced such large, hot cocks. In their minds, what was happening to them was terrifying, however their bodies couldn't help responding to the extreme sexual stimulation.

Even when their pussies were being roughly abused, they couldn't help begging for more. All this was being documented by the video camera. It wasn't long before every on of the girls was gushing with rivers of cum fro every hole.

When the guys finally ran dry. They executed the final humiliation. The boys positioned the girls on the floor so that one girl was on top of another so that each girl's face was in the other's pussy. They were told to eat out each other until they all had climaxed. As the boys looked on, the girls started lapping up the leaking cum. In the process, they couldn't help sucking on each other's clits. One by one, each girl's body stiffened, shuddered, and slipped into an exhausted heap.

When the girls finally regained their senses, their shredded sleeping attire was gone, along with the boys.

A few days later, all the girls received a package with a video and a note. The video showed the girls thoroughly enjoying rough sex and ended with a scene of the girls in hot lesbian sex. The note stated that if they ever harassed anyone like they had in the past, the video would its way in to local distribution and on the Internet within a short time.

* * * * *

Jerry closed out what he was writing and powered down his computer. Even though he knew he hadn't really affected anything, i.e. the snobbish girls would still be harassing everyone in sight, at least in his mind he had served some comeuppance. It was really late, about 3:00 in the morning, and his eyes closed as soon as he hit the bed.

Days later, and the story almost forgotten, he met up with his friends again at the mall. He wasn't sure but it seemed like they had found a new sense of self-confidence. They were all in a good mood but nobody would say why the change.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted the same snobbish girls that had harassed them only a week ago. They passed within 20 ft of Jerry and his friends without saying a word. Not only that there was not even a dirty look. This was extremely odd. Jerry was completely clueless as to the dramatic change in attitude but welcomed it just the same.

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