tagNonConsent/ReluctanceComputer Stories Ch. 06

Computer Stories Ch. 06


The town morals watchdog works for strip club she tries to shut down.

This is a work of pure fiction. There is no connection to any real people or places. It is for entertainment only and is not to be reproduced without written consent.

I think you will find this chapter a little more interesting, from an erotic standpoint. If you haven't read Ch 01, you may find it fills in some important background that leads up to this chapter. Key to the stories is the special component inside Jerry's computer.


Jerry Waters is slightly geeky kind of guy who one day acquires a computer with some interesting properties. He is using his computer to write erotic stories without fully realizing what is happening around him.

Soon after powering up his new acquisition, a strange twist of fate activated an interesting 'feature' on his 'antique' computer . . . .

The continuing saga --

Jerry Waters wasn't a grubby lecher but by the same token, he wasn't a soapbox Puritan busybody either. While he did on occasion, have some pretty erotic thoughts about his mother and sister, and some of the people in his town, he wasn't the kind to preach morals to anyone. There were a few 'morals' busybodies in town he wished he had the nerve to tell them to mind their own business though.

Jerry had already been up and around for a few hours. He'd had his breakfast, a shower, and cleaned up a few things in his room. It was when he walked by his 2nd floor bedroom window that he paused to see what was going on outside. One in particular was a 35 yr old woman named Jenny.

Jenny was the daughter of and ultra strict set of evangelistic parents. Her parents took it to the extreme of 1890's style high neck / floor hugging hem length type dresses for women. When her parents died in a freak car accident, jenny took it upon herself to preach Puritan values to everyone in town.

Now Jerry was a tolerant type of person, by having someone constantly push extremist values was something that usually rubbed him the wrong way. Jerry, however, was never one to be too vocal about trying to stand up for people's rights. Outwardly, he was just too intimidated to say anything.

Now Jenny, on the other hand, was really outspoken. In one case, she took offense to the bridal shop in town that had a titillating lingerie section in the back of the store. Jenny's biggest beef of late, was the strip club just outside of town. She wrote letters-to-the-editor, speaking out against it, did sign carrying protests in front of the club, and more than once tried to get the city council to outlaw the club. This last tactic didn't work because the club was outside the city limits and no one else had filed any complaints against the club.

Jerry had attended the last city council meeting where she virtually went into a rage at why nothing was being done. Her 'venting' took up so much time that night that a number of really important issues, that should have been address that night, had to be tabled until the next council meeting a week from then.

To Jerry, this was somewhat the 'last straw'. She was being really disruptive, as far as city business was concerned, but within her legal rights to protest. It just frustrated Jerry to no end but the only thing he knew to do was to take out his frustrations by writing a fictional story that would 'fix her wagon', so to speak.

So, one evening after dinner, Jerry powered up his computer. The power light came on, the keyboard lights flashed, and the monitor slowly came to life. A marvelous electronic component inside the computer case came to life as well. Its red glow was obscured by the metal enclosure. And thus Jerry began to compose a fictional story that he wished would fix how things were with Jenny, the Zelot.

* * * * *

"Jenny, the zealous town moralist, was always looking for some sexual sin to expose, and to right. Even some of the most trivial things were on her 'target' list. She would 'soapbox' preach to anyone who would listen about how wrong it was for girls to wear piercings, short shorts, and skimpy swim suits at the public pool. What really tripped her trigger was the 'just outside city limits' strip club. All you had to do was even allude to it and you got a 1-hour sermon about how evil it was.

Jenny had tried everything conceivable to try to get the place shut down. She tried filing a complaint with the police but the cops said since it was outside their jurisdiction, they couldn't do anything about it. She tried filing a complaint with the county sheriff. That only worked a couple of times before she was told to stop making nuisance calls because the club was following all the rules and always kept the clients 'in line'.

She even tried walking the sidewalk in front of the club but was ignored. Actually, she was told that she was making such a commotion that she would be arrested for disturbing the peace if she didn't move on.

The strip club had become such a pet peeve of hers, she just had to concentrate all her efforts on shutting the place down. She'd heard rumors that there was more going on than just the dancing inside. There were supposed back rooms where anything goes, i.e. total topless, total bottomless, and even oral or regular sex. She just had to figure out a way to get the 'goods' on the place so she could take it to the Sheriff, as proof the place was violating the law. It was when Jenny was watching one of those investigative reporting programs on TV that she got an idea.

On the TV program, they had the investigative reporter wearing a miniature camera in their glasses that transmitted a signal to a small recorder in the reporter's purse. If only Jenny had one of those. She knew the plan she had thought up would go against all she stood for but she thought the 'ends' justified the 'means'.

The plan was daring, and totally out of character for her. She would pose as a stripper from out of town. This would give her access to all of the areas of the strip club that would be most relevant to getting the club shut down, i.e. the dressing rooms, the pole-dance area, and the back rooms. She would only be in the club long enough to get the footage she needed, then off to the Sheriff's office.

So it was that on Friday night, Jenny donned an outfit that was somewhat revealing, a long brunet wig, and the video glasses. All of these things were bought in a city 200 miles away so there was very little chance anyone would recognize her. Before she went out the door, she stuffed the small video recorder into her purse. To additionally keep recognition down, she was driving a rental car to the club from an out-of-town route.

When she showed up at the club's door, the doorman was a little skeptical of this unknown girl but since the club was short a couple dancers that night, and she didn't have too bad a body, why not give her a chance.

It was hard for Jenny not to cut-and-run before she even set foot in the door but she sucked-it-up and nervously walked in to meet with the club's owner."

* * * * *

Jenny, the town's morals busybody, had just walked through the doorway of the strip she absolutely detested. She had spent a lot of sleepless hours and detailed planning for a way to shut down this very strip club. She was so out-of-character for the way she had planned to get damning evidence against the club. She had planned on posing as an employee of the club, with a small spy camera recording everything that transpired.

Meanwhile, Jerry was engrossed in putting his version of busybody payback onto his computer, and his computer was taking note and responding in kind.

* * * * *

"The club's owner ushered Jenny into his office. He asked a number of questions designed to see of this new gal was up to the job of being a stripper. Jenny had done her research well and had rehearsed her answers to what she though she might be asked. After ten minutes, he had Jenny sign a contract. She was so eager to leave the club's office, she signed the contract without even reading it.

The owner quickly stuffed the signed contract into the top drawer and ushered Jenny to the dressing rooms in the back. Flagging one of the other dancers, the owner said to fix Jenny up with an outfit and get her ready to go on-stage in 30 minutes. Leaving Jenny in capable hands, the owner went back to his office.

While and outfit was being scrounged up for Jenny, the owner summoned one of the bouncers to his office. To the owner, there was something about Jenny that seemed all wrong. He suspected she was a plant as a troublemaker. He figured it would be easier to see what she was up to from inside the club than outside the club. Without tipping his hand, he had spotted the video glasses and instructed the bouncer to keep watch on what she did and to see if the pocket video recorder could be found and disabled.

Wanda took her new dancer in tow and, after a few minutes, found a skimpy outfit for Jenny to wear. When Jenny first beheld the outfit, she had a hard time concealing her blushing cheeks. If the lighting hadn't been so dim, Wanda would have seen it right away.

Jenny set her purse down on the dressing table. While Wanda went off to check on other things, Jenny unbuttoned her blouse, took it off, and placed it in a plastic basket. Her tight jeans followed and were put in the same basket. With Jenny just in her un-sexy panties and bra, Jenny caught her reflection in the mirror. If it hadn't been for her prim upbringing, her shapely legs, tight ass, and firm breasts would have made her a good living as a strip club dancer.

Hearing Wanda rustle around in the other room, Jenny quickly shucked her white panties and bra and put on the 'pasties', shear panties, and glittery outfit. Wanda would soon enter the dressing room and Jenny just barely had time to turn on the wireless video recorder in her purse and verify it was working. Wanda stepped into the dressing room just as Jenny closed her purse. Jenny knew the recorder in her purse would pick up the wireless camera signal in her glasses from any place in the club.

A little nervous but with the confidence that she would finally have evidence to shut the club down, she followed Wanda out to the dance stage with the multiple shiny brass poles. At first, Jenny was trying to imitate one of the other dancers and was doing an awkward job of it. This was so foreign to her, she was having trouble getting into the role.

The look from the club owner told her she was about to be pulled from the stage and sent packing. Burying her feelings deep inside, she started to really get into her role. She began to wiggle her ass at the customers, climbing the pole, letting it slide between her legs like a huge cock. As she cavorted around the stage and on the pole, she began to remove parts of her outfit."

* * * * *

Jenny couldn't believe what she was doing. The town's biggest prude and 'Keeper of the Morals', dancing on stage at a strip club. Not only that, as each minute went by she was wearing less and less to cover her body. She was, however, accumulating a multitude of bills in her G-string. By the time the song she was dancing to ended, she was down to a just a thin G-string and quarter sized pasties over her nipples.

She still had her 'video' glasses on and she needed to record the 'intense' lap dances she'd heard about, to supplement her evidence. Jenny was about to rush back to the dressing room when the owner intercepted her.

Jerry was really getting into this story. His thoughts were flying fast from his brain, to his fingers, to the computer screen. The glowing cube inside the computer case easily kept up with what he was typing.

* * * * *

"Jenny was about to go back to the dressing room to rest up until her next dance, when the owner signaled to her that one of the customers wanted an 'extra special' lap dance in the 'special' rooms in the back. Resigning herself to the realities of what she had to do to not blow her cover and get the additional evidence she needed, she reluctantly led the customer to one of the 6' X 6' back rooms in the back.

With Jenny and the customer in the back room and the door closed, Jenny turned to the customer to ask what he wanted. The customer made it clear he wanted EVERYTHING. Jenny wasn't sure how much she was suppose to charge but she knew if she charged the too little or too much it would arouse suspicion. Suddenly, she blurted out $200.

That didn't seem to faze the customer and out came $200, finding its way into Jenny's hands. With the exchange of money, documented by Jenny's glasses camera, the customer demanded she start earning what he just paid her. Apparently, $200 buys not only a lap dance (sans any clothing), but a blowjob, and sex anyway the client wanted. This, the client made perfectly clear.

Jenny knew it would hurt her case if she were to video herself actually participating in sex at the club so she took off her video glasses and covered them with a towel to block the picture and muffle the sound. Quickly removing the G-string and pasties, she knelt between the customer's legs and started fishing his cock out of his pants.

She had never touched a man's cock before and this real one in front of her different in look and feel than she had imagined. As she slowly stroked the length of it, it started to respond to her touch. Jenny must have been too slow for the customer's liking because he demanded she start sucking it immediately.

Overcoming the lump in her throat, Jenny closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and let the large purple head slip past her lips, into her mouth. She had been told, while growing up, that one of the reasons what oral sex was so bad was the nasty taste. Strangely, the customer's cock didn't taste so bad, just a slight tangy taste. The customer had to use his hands to get her started at bobbing up and down on his hardening cock and his insistence that she suck harder, but soon she had found a rhythm.

Laying back in the chair, the customer eased up on her head, which helped control how deep his cock stuffed her mouth. She knew she wasn't doing all that great at giving the guy a blowjob but that didn't seem to matter. He was starting to really get turned on and it wasn't long before he was ready to cum.

Jenny, having little knowledge of male orgasms, was unprepared for the gusher of cum that sprayed from his cock into her mouth. Jenny's mouth was filling fast with cum but she wasn't able to spit it out because the customer was holding her head onto his cock. The only thing she could do was swallow, and she was having a hard time keeping up. He pumped 4-5 good shots of hot cum into her mouth before he eased his hands on her head. Lifting her mouth off his cock, she was about to put her G-string and pasties back on when the customer reminded her that the $200 covered more than just a blowjob.

Grabbing her by the waist, he pulled her towards him. This time, his legs pushed in between hers, spreading them as he continued to pull her closer. Before she knew it, she was positioned so her pussy was poised directly above his still hard cock. A swift spread of his legs caused hers to buckle, dropping her pussy onto his hard cock. He was a good 9" and her sudden drop impaled his throbbing purple cock head all the up to the opening of her cervix.

The sudden drop took Jenny's breath away and she wanted to take a minute to regain her composure. The customer had other ideas. He had paid his $200 and he wanted his money's worth immediately. Using his strong hands, he started to bounce her ass up and down on his cock until she started getting the hang of it. Soon she was humping the customer to his satisfaction without his help. This gave him the freedom to play with her breasts, twisting her nipples and bending forward to bite them.

Jenny knew the quicker she got him off, the quicker she could be done with him and back to the dressing room. With that in mind, she closed her eyes to block out the sight of him, picked up the pace, and started riding him faster and harder.

She still wasn't very good at telling when a guy was about to cum so when he fired a jet of cum into her womb, it took her by surprise. By then, her body's primal instincts had taken over and Jenny was determined to keep going until she had satisfied hr own sexual needs. This being her first time of sex, she wasn't adept at controlling the stimulation and she quickly came with a primal scream and a vibrating cunt.

Within a minute, the customer's cock had softened, dropping out of her with a plop, and was tucked back into his pants. Exiting the room, Jenny was left sitting in the chair, pondering what she had just been through.

On one hand, she was thinking she already enough on the video to shut the place down. On the other hand, these feelings of intense sexual release were over powering and she was wondering whether she could ever see sex in the same way before.

Upon leaving the room, she made a beeline for the dressing room, changed into her street clothes, and opened her purse to check the video recorder. At that point she panicked. It was not there. She knew she had put it in her purse. Maybe someone had knocked her purse on the floor and it had fell out. A search of the surrounding area turned up empty.

It was then that she heard a voice clearing her throat. Turning, she was confronted by the owner of the club, the recorder in his hand. At that moment, time just seemed to stand still."

* * * * *

Jerry's needed a break from the computer. Jumping up, he dashed down to the fridge for a cold drink and a snack before heading back to work on the rest of his story. The glowing component dimmed a little when Jerry got up from the keyboard but glowed bright again when her resumed his typing.

* * * * *

"With an unsaid motion of the owner's fingers, Jenny was directed to take a seat in the owner's office. Closing the office door, the owner took a seat on the edge of his desk, staring down at Jenny with a stern look. The contract she signed and the miniature video recorder from Jenny's purse were laying on the desk.

The look on the owner's face was enough to have Jenny shaking. When he did start speaking, it was clear to Jenny she was in a real bind. Over the next hour, the owner detailed all the offenses she had committed. For one, it was clearly posted on the outside of the club that recording equipment of any kind was allowed to be brought into the club by patrons. Jenny's contract bound her to confidentially, and it was obvious she was going to break that. The biggest offense was money she took for having sex with a customer. To this charge, Jenny began to deny any thing of the sort but the owner shut her up quick by explaining he had hard evidence to the contrary. If she persisted in her innocence, the Sheriff himself was sitting at the bar and it wouldn't take but 30 seconds to summon him, show him the video, and have her arrested for prostitution.

By the time the owner was finish, Jenny was crying rivers of tears at the humiliation. It seemed like there was no way out of this predicament. The owner waited for a few minutes for the magnitude of what she was up against to sink in.

He told her she had her choice;

1) He could have the Sheriff arrest her on the spot for numerous charges


2) She could continue to work for him at the club for a year, doing just what she had done so far, and he would keep things quiet for as long as she kept her part of the bargain

The owner didn't give her much time to think about it, about 2 minutes.

Jenny knew she would never be able to show her face in town again if word got out. She also had to consider the enormous debt she had accumulated protesting the town's sins. Without looking the owner in the face, she meekly agreed to work at the club, starting immediately.

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