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Concerned Females Nurture their Men


The following story is a work of fiction, all of the characters are completely fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The motivation of the main character "Jim" is based on a real event but the consequences are fantasy. Readers who have an interest in CFNM are encouraged to comment and those comments will be responded to in the spirit in which they are expressed!


"Mr. Connelly."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Doctor can see you now." Dr. Glass's receptionist Harriet announced. "Please come this way." She ushered James Connelly into Dr. Glass's office. "He will be with you shortly."

"Thank-you." Jim was uncomfortable to say the least. His wife insisted he get counseling as a condition of their reconciliation. He didn't relish the idea of baring his soul to a stranger but if he wanted to keep his miss-deeds a secret from his children and resume his life as a husband, father and new grandfather he knew he would have to meet his wife's demands.

Jim watched the middle aged lady as she turned to leave. She was attractive in a matronly sort of way. Her legs especially looked very nice in the moderate heels she wore beneath her plain navy blue skirt and conservative white blouse; her long hair was held back by a simple navy head band. Strange he thought; most women don't seem to wear heels any more at work, just those "comfortable" athletic shoes! She closed the door and he looked around the office; it had the usual large desk and as he might have expected a leather couch with two matching easy chairs. The view of the courtyard was pleasant but not spectacular. The coffee table had a silver tray with a crystal pitcher of ice water and two matching glasses. "Good morning, Mr. Connelly. I'm Roosevelt Glass, it' nice to meet you, may I call you Jim?"

"Of course."

"Good! Please take a seat. You can call me Rosy or Doctor, whatever makes you comfortable."

"Thank-you, Doctor."

"Jim, I suppose you are wondering why you didn't fill out any long involved forms before our first meeting and that's a good question. I believe that our first interview shouldn't be colored by any preconceived notions that I might infer from some stale form. I'd like to hear, in your own words; just what it is that seems to be troubling you. Does that sound reasonable to you?"

"Yes, Doctor."

'Good! Then why don't you begin."

Jim took a deep breath, let half out and said,"My wife wants me to get counseling because she believes I might be a danger to her and our children and grand children."

"Are you a danger to others?"

"I don't think so."

"What would cause her to think that?"

"She caught me reading porn and masturbating one evening." There! He said it out loud. He was blushing but the horrible truth was out in the open.

"Why were you doing that?"


"Please don't be shy, Jim, so far you haven't said anything that I haven't heard before."

"Mostly because we haven't been having sex for a while."

"How long a while, Jim?

"It's been over two years, Doctor."

"Oh my.... What kind of porn were you reading?"

Jim blushed again but whispered, "Gay."

"Did you say 'Gay', Jim?"

Jim looked at his feet and mumbled, "Yes."

"Did that help you to achieve orgasm?"


"What was it about the gay porn that excited you?"

"I don't know, I just kept going back to it."

"There are many kinds of porn, Jim; something about the gay porn attracted you."

"Maybe, maybe it was because of the dreams I've been having."

"Hmmm..mm. Tell me about your dreams."

"Well, at first I would be making love to a beautiful naked woman and I would be kissing her and then she would push me towards her breasts and I would suck on her nipples. Then she would push me towards her tummy and I would kiss her navel and stomach. Finally she would push me towards her pussy and I would lick it. When I sucked on her clit it would grow and grow until it was like a penis and I would suck it until it got hard and went down my throat. Usually I would wake up then but not before the woman would be calling me her 'cocksucker'."

"And that, in turn, led you to read about men having oral sex?"

"Yes, Doctor." Jim sighed, he felt surprisingly good and almost relieved to have unburdened himself.

"Any other dreams?"

"I sometimes dream that I can suck my own cock!"

"Jim." Dr. Glass began, "You are like millions of men who are going through a sort of mid life crisis. Part of it stems from your wife's loss of interest in sex and part of it is a natural curiosity about a life style that is foreign to your upbringing. Why does your wife think you might be a danger to your family? Have you ever acted out?"

"Absolutely not, Doctor."

"Jim, I'm going to be quite candid with you. I don't see you as a threat to your family. Your fantasy life seems to be just that, a fantasy that you keep hidden from others. Your wife 'catching' you on the other hand complicates things. Maybe you wanted to be caught! I could write a letter to your wife and I'm sure you two would live out the rest of your lives happily. Or, I can recommend a program that is designed to help you understand and control your urges. It's a program that I call 'Dealing with the Male Midlife Crisis' it's covered by most insurance policies these days and it would only require that you pay the usual fifteen dollar co-pay per visit. You are not obligated to stay in the program for any set length of time. You and you alone decide when the program is not helping you any longer. Before you decide I must advise you that there is a pre-acceptance physical that is conducted by my staff that is designed to help me understand you. It does involve nudity but I assure you that it is absolutely necessary for a proper evaluation. Would you like some time to think it over?"

"Doctor, I know in my heart that I'm not a danger to my family but I am concerned about those dreams and my wife has been most adamant that I get counseling so if your program can help me understand myself and eventually rid me of these unnatural desires then I think it will be worth the effort."

"That's the spirit, Jim. But you mustn't think of your curiosity about gay sexual practices as unnatural. Male to male sex in nature happens all the time for many reasons, one of which is that some animals are just horny and no females are available. One might think of having sex with animals or a corpse as unnatural but while gay sex is not as accepted socially as heterosexual relationships that doesn't make it unnatural. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Doctor."

"Good, now the pre-acceptance physical takes about an hour, should we schedule it for sometime next week or would you like me to see if Gloria can squeeze you in this morning!"

"I always say 'there's no time like the present'."

"I like your positive attitude, Jim. Remember, your co-operation is necessary for a proper diagnosis so whatever Gloria requires you will co-operate, do you understand?"

"Yes, Doctor."

Dr. Glass called his head nurse, Gloria, into his office and explained that Jim was a candidate for the midlife crisis program and that if there was time he would like to take the pre-acceptance physical right away.

"By all means, Doctor." She seemed very cheerful considering she was being asked to conduct an unscheduled physical. "Please come with me Mr. Connelly."

Gloria was an attractive blond with sparkling blue eyes; her smile and easy good humor were disarming. She was a throw back to the old days of medicine; insisting on wearing a freshly starched white uniform complete with cap and white stockings and like the receptionist she too wore heels, not the severe stiletto style but a conservative pump. Jim couldn't help but watch her behind swaying from side to side as he followed her out of Dr. Glass's office and into a large room that was divided into work stations. There was an examination table, a scale, a treadmill on one side and a small lab in one corner. Another part of the room was devoted to files. As they walked past the file area, Gloria introduced Jim to Harriet Peters, the bookkeeper/receptionist.

"We met when I checked in at the reception desk." Jim smiled as he nodded to her.

"Yes, Mr. Connelly but the pleasure is all mine!" Harriet smiled knowingly.

"I wonder why she would say that." Jim thought.

As they passed the lab area Gloria introduced Sylvia Williams, also an attractive middle aged woman who, unlike the others wore those awful light green "scrubs" that so many of the new professionals wore. Her red hair was cut in an easy to care for "bob" that exposed the freckles on her neck and back; even without lipstick her lips were full and inviting. The v-neck gave a glimpse of her cleavage and made her look sterile but very sexy. The scrubs hid the shape of her body but oddly made her look athletic! "Sylvia will be helping me with your physical, Mr. Connelly, and taking your blood samples for the STD tests."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Connelly! Sylvia cooed; her green eyes sparkled when she smiled and looked up at him. "I'll be with you in just a minute, Gloria."

"What kind of tests?" Jim asked.

"Sexually Transmitted Disease, Mr. Connelly. We need to be absolutely positive that all participants in the program are free of disease.


"Here we are! There's a bank of lockers in this room Mr. Connelly, please remove all your clothing including your shoes and socks, there are hangers if you want them. Paper booties can be found in the top drawer of that little table if you would like to use them. When you are ready please call me."

Jim undressed and folded his clothes and put them in one of the lockers. There were no gowns. "Ah.. Nurse." He called, "Ah... I can't find a gown!"

"Mr. Connelly! You won't be wearing a gown! Gloria announced as she and Sylvia entered the dressing room. Jim tried to cover himself; a reflexive response given the circumstances! "Part of the physical is to measure your sexual response to females, Mr. Connelly. We can gage this most accurately if you are naked and I see that you have responded already! Please don't cover yourself; we need to see your erection. Very nice, Mr. Connelly. What was his reaction time Sylvia?

"Twenty-two seconds!" Sylvia announced professionally as she checked her stop-watch.

"That's marvelous, Mr. Connelly. From the time we entered the room until you reached full erection was just twenty-two seconds, I'm impressed, really, and flattered too! Such a strong response!"

Jim was speechless and paralyzed. Gloria put on a pair of examination gloves. "I'm going to test the firmness of your erection, Mr. Connelly." She explained in a business like tone. He would have stepped back but there was no room.

"This is a nice hard penis, Mr. Connelly," she said as she held his member in her soft hand and squeezed a few more times than necessary. "I think on the ten point scale this is definitely an eight. Don't you think so, Silvia?"

Jim tried to cover himself and Gloria had to reprimand him again, "Mr. Connelly, if you are not going to co-operate I can just fail you right now! We are professionals, Mr. Connelly; we're dedicated to our mission and we take great pride in our work here at the clinic. I'll admit that we enjoy these evaluations much more than the routine work we do most of the time but what is the harm in that?"

Jim had no answer but that didn't matter, it was a rhetorical question that nurse Mines asked for effect.

Silvia was also wearing examination gloves; she put down her clipboard to feel his penis. "You know I am just learning to judge the hardness of a man's erect penis, Gloria, but this one does seem to qualify as an eight, I don't think it could get any harder unless Mr. Connelly were close to ejaculating." She said as she gazed into his eyes and made him blush even more.

"Harriet!" Gloria called out. "Please come here and help us verify the hardness of Mr. Connelly's penis."

"Oh, thank-you! I thought you'd never ask." Harriet exclaimed as she hurried into the room; her heels clicking rhythmically on the hard tile floor.

"Is it really necessary for the receptionist to help with my physical?" Jim objected.

"Actually, no, Mr. Connelly," Gloria admitted. But Harriet just loves to feel a man's privates and I don't see why you should object considering the reason for this physical, if you know what I mean."

Jim's face was beet red. The three women took turns 'judging' his hardness. Little did he know this was only the beginning.

"It's agreed then? The initial hardness of Mr. Connelly's penis is eight?"

"Yes." Her two "helpers" giggled in unison. "That's the best a man can do unless his penis is ready to erupt!

"Very well then." Gloria held Jim's penis firmly and giving a gentle tug guided him towards the medical scale near the lab door. "Please step this way."

Still speechless Jim followed meekly, allowing himself to be guided by his penis he looked ridiculous wearing nothing but paper booties as he stepped on the scale.

"Your height is five feet, ten and a half inches and your weight is one hundred and eighty-five pounds." Sylvia announced.

"You've got a little tummy here, don't you, Jimmy? Gloria teased. If you'd follow our exercise and diet recommendations we could have you in shape in no time!"

Jim just continued to blush.

"Harriet's ready at the lab. Let's take your blood samples next." Sylvia took his elbow and guided him to a chair in the lab. His penis jabbed at the air and the booties rustled as he walked. The chair was more of a bench; there was just enough room for his hips and two padded armrests.

"Please spread your legs and let your testicles hang loose, Mr. Connelly." Harriet instructed. "We don't want you to accidentally ejaculate before we can get a sample of your semen, do we?"

"What!' Jim stammered.

"It's all very natural, Mr. Connelly." Harriet explained as she fondled his testicles. "As part of your evaluation we are going to collect a sample of your semen to see if there might be a physical problem with your ah.h.h... equipment." Harriet explained cheerily. "But I don't think you should worry, you're still nice and hard and your scrotum is nice and loose, I'll bet you can last a nice long time, can't you?"

Once again, Jim didn't know what to say so he remained silent, determined to get through this ordeal. Sylvia collected the necessary samples while Harriet made notes and then ordered. "Come with me." Once again she took hold of his throbbing penis and gave it a gentle tug. "I'm sorry!" She giggled. "I didn't mean to make such a silly pun!"

Jim smiled for the first time during his exam.

"That's the spirit, Mr. Connelly! You should relax and enjoy the attention. After all, Dr. Glass chose each of us because we are not embarrassed by male nudity. The fact is we enjoy giving these exams because we all appreciate the male body."

"That's right Mr. Connelly!" Gloria interrupted. "We are professionals in this office first and we are women too. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your work, is there?"

Harriet picked up a small podium that was next to the wall and placed it in the middle of the room. "Please step up here, Mr. Connelly. We are going to examine your body for any sores that might indicate a disease. Hold out your arms please, hold your hands about shoulder high, that's right. Very good." Gloria and Sylvia circled the podium examining Jim's body very carefully; stroking his skin, rolling any little imperfections between their thumb and forefinger. Pinching his small nipples; rubbing the soft tissue of his chest as if they were a woman's breast. They thoroughly examined every inch visually and with their fingers "accidentally" brushing his testicles or penis as they worked. Harriet made notes as required. "Very good, Mr. Connelly, now please step over to the exam table. Stand about two feet away, that's right. Now, lean over and lay your chest on the table. Thank-you, now spread your legs a little, I need to examine your buttocks and anus."

Gloria used both hands to spread his cheeks and exclaimed, "Look at this, girls! What a perfect little rose bud, and so tight! I can see you've never been fucked, have you Mr. Connelly?"

Jim thought he was embarrassed before but this was somehow worse. "No." He mumbled.

"How's that again, Mr. Connelly?

"Gloria! He said 'no'; and such language. You really should try to control yourself!" Harriet chided in mock horror.

"Yes, Gloria!" Sylvia chimed in. "Try to be professional."

"I'm sorry Mr. Connelly." Gloria apologized, trying to sound sincere. "It's just that you have such a nice tiny asshole. Oops, I've done it again, haven't I?"

"Gloria! You promised us yesterday that you would show us the proper way to examine a man's prostate." Harriet reminded her, "Can you please demonstrate now?"

Gloria began rubbing Mr. Connelly's anus, slow circular rubs around his anal ring. "The girls would like to learn how to properly examine a man's prostate, Mr. Connelly, would you care to volunteer as my model?"

Jim arched his back and raised his head; his eyes were closed and his jaw hung open as he groaned, "Oh.h.h.. p.please..."

"Thank-you, Mr. Connelly, I appreciate your cooperation." She gently massaged his anus as she talked. "Now, ladies the prostate is located about two inches inside the anus at the root of the penis. You can feel it through the wall of the anal canal."

"What are you doing now?" Harriett asked.

"I'm trying to help Mr. Connelly relax so that my finger will slide in easily." Gloria explained. "Sylvia will you please apply some lubricant to Mr. Connelly's anus."

"What kind of lubricant is best?" Harriett asked innocently.

"Here at the clinic we use KY Jelly but just about anything will do in a pinch. There are a number of good ones on the market; some are even flavored."

"What?" Harriett exclaimed.

"Oh yes!" Gloria continued enthusiastically. "My personal favorite is strawberry/cherry. When I'm rimming a guy I like him to taste good."

"Rimming?" Harriet wondered.

"You know, licking his ass, does your wife rim you Mr. Connelly?"

"Never." He groaned..

"Oh, dear, that's too bad Mr. Connelly; I bet you'd like it!" With that she slid her finger into his anal canal. Jim clinched his sphincter muscles and groaned.

"Does that hurt Mr. Connelly?

"Oh.h.h.h..no.o.o.o." He sighed."Oh.h.h.h.h. yes.s.s.s."

"Which is it please?" Gloria reprimanded him.

"It feels g.o.o.o.od!"

"I'm glad you like it, Mr. Connelly." Gloria said as she removed her finger from his anus. "Now, please stand up and lie down on the exam table. On your back please; now turn towards me and raise your far leg. That's a good boy! Now open your legs real wide so I can see your pretty anus. That's it Mr. Connelly, hold your knee with your hand and open wide."

Gloria cupped his testicles and massaged them gently. "Do you see how nice and relaxed Mr. Connelly's anus is, ladies?"

"Oh yes!" They giggled in unison."

"To find the prostate you just insert your finger to the second knuckle and feel around. It will feel about the size of a chestnut. Oh yes, there it is! Don't press too hard; it could hurt him and worse, it will make him leak seminal fluid. Would you like to try feeling his prostate, Harriet?"

"Oh please! May I?"

Harriet took Gloria's place and held Jim's testicles just like Gloria did. "That's right, Harriet, just like that! Now gently massage Mr. Connelly's testicles. Very good, if you want you can use your free hand to rub his tummy or his chest. That's very good technique, Harriet, you've done this before haven't you?"

"Never, Gloria! Really, this is my first time, really!"

"What do you think, Mr. Connelly?" Gloria asked. "Isn't this better that some male doctor sticking his finger up your butt?"

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