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Concert Piece


Lauren just didn't know what to wear for the concert. It was in the open air and the forecast said a warm and pleasant evening with the possibility of showers spreading in from the west. In the end, she wore a lemon T shirt with a blue blazer and a short blue skirt. Then she looked at herself in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw. At 28, she had never looked lovelier. Her long blonde curly hair went halfway down her back and she looked tanned and slim. Endowed with a generous pair of breasts which were so round and firm, she could get away without wearing a bra. She wanted to be cool and relaxed, so she decided she wouldn't wear one tonight. To hell with what Ian thought. Ian was her husband and he liked her to dress like a Sunday school teacher.

"Well, tonight I'm not," she said out loud.

She lifted up her skirt up at the front to reveal a sexy pair of pink panties. They were new and she liked them. Then, she critically examined her legs while she posed prettily. They were said to be her best feature, long, tanned and shapely. Well that was before her breasts had developed to their current size. She giggled sexily, as she fit a black velvet necklace with a small stud in the middle around her neck. She peered at it with big blue eyes as she fiddled with it. Finally, happy with herself, she picked up her purse and slipped on a pair of black high heeled sandals. She was ready to go.

Ian impatiently tooted on the horn of his car. Where was the woman?

He was checking the tickets, as she opened the passenger door and slid in beside him. He blinked to see so much leg on display.

"Isn't that skirt a bit on the short side?" He frowned.

"Don't you be such a prude," she snapped. "Let's go."

In the car's boot they had brought a picnic hamper, fold up chairs and a small table. They were due to meet up with 2 other couples when they got there.

"You should enjoy this concert, darling, it's your favorite group, isn't it?"

"Oh, yes" enthused Lauren. "I'm really into them. I play their new C.D. all the time."

She was careful not to bring sex into the conversation. She knew how jealous Ian got when she mentioned how sexy and attractive she found them. Well, she thought they were and that always got little shivers running up her spine when she watched a previous concert of theirs on DVD at home. Tonight, she was really excited; she was going to see them live for the first time. She just hoped she got close enough to get a good view.

They joined up with their friends and had a nice picnic. There was a good banter going and lots of laughter, the ladies sharing two bottles of white wine between them. There was a wonderful atmosphere at the venue and everyone was having a good time. The only disappointment for Lauren was that they were seated quite a distance from the stage. She would just have to look at the large screens placed on either side.

She noticed that she was getting sly looks from their friends Robert and John and she tried to keep her skirt pulled down. She had left her blazer in the car and was now aware that her nipples were protruding out through her sleeveless T shirt. Maybe, I should have worn something more conservative, she thought.

Then the concert started and she forgot about everything else as she listened to the music and watched the screen. It was just the supporting act, but, she still enjoyed it. After half an hour, they took their bows and left the stage. Soon, it would be the main event, so she hurried to join the queue for the ladies toilets.

Fortunately, she made it back in time to see the start of the show. The atmosphere was amazing as the tension slowly built up. Then when her favorite group "Famoso" appeared on stage, she jumped up and down with excitement, along with hundreds of other screaming females. She watched, spellbound, as the group started to sing their familiar hit songs. She knew the words of every one of them.

Not long into the show, she noticed out of the corner of her eye, one woman after another making their way through the seated audience to go to the front of the stage. Neither of her female friends wanted to get closer, so she told Ian what she was doing and quickly tagged onto the trail to make her way to the front. There was already a significant group there, but, she managed to find a good spot to stand. Then, she looked up in awe to see the famous Group performing for the large crowd. They were so close to her. It was amazing. She liked them all, but, Carlos, was her favorite. He was a handsome Spaniard with a fantastic voice.

Maybe she was imagining it, but he seemed to be looking right at her when he sang. She could see his light blue eyes and her knees trembled as she watched him.

She was enjoying herself so much that she hardly noticed the gentle rainfall. After a couple more songs, it started to rain quite steadily and she had no protection from it. She had left her jacket in the car and had not thought to bring a raincoat or umbrella. Fortunately, it stopped after about 10 minutes or so, but, when she glanced down it looked as if she was in a wet T shirt competition. "And I'm not wearing a bra," she murmured to herself. She shook her hair and just concentrated on the music with everyone else. It was a marvelous concert and all the women standing at the front were so excited.

Then, suddenly, it all came to an end. The Group did a couple of curtain calls while everyone clapped and shouted for them. Then they were bending down on stage shaking hands with people below them at the front of the crowd. Lauren slipped through a gap and held out her hand just as Carlos was edging along. To her delight, he gripped her hand held it to his mouth and kissed it. Then, he looked into her eyes and smiled. A few seconds later, he was gone. She stood rooted to the spot as her companions glared at her in jealousy.

The show was clearly over and all the performers had left the stage. Lauren was surprised when a lot of the fans just stayed where they were. The rest of the big audience were making their way out.

"Why are we waiting? She asked the girl on her left. "Oh, they usually ask one or two to go back stage and meet them. So, I'd hang on if I were you. One of them seemed to take a shine to you."

"Oh, I don't think so," protested Lauren, but, she stayed on with the large group of hopefuls just in case.

After a few more minutes, one of the stage hands came and whispered something to a very attractive young girl at the other side of the stage.

He held out his hand for her so he could pull her up. She went happily back stage with him. Then, he came out again, seconds later and another lovely young thing was chosen. Ah thought Lauren, they are just picking out pretty young girls.

Then, to her amazement, she was being beckoned to the front. The stage hand bent down and whispered in her ear.

"Carlos wants to meet you backstage"

Then, he pulled her up on stage to the envy of the other women around her. "Have a good one for me," shouted one. "Get your knickers off," cried another and Lauren blushed as laughter rang out. "They're just jealous," she muttered to herself. She was so elated to have been picked out from the crowd.

She was ushered to the rear of the stage, then, onto the dressing room area. Her eyes widened in wonder as she saw Carlos standing in a short red bathrobe waiting to meet her. He was so handsome with his blue eyes and curly black hair. She was mesmerized.

He started chatting to her, but, she was so star struck she couldn't speak.

"Come with me," he said taking her by the wrist and guiding her through to a small but well-furnished dressing room.

He needed to come down from the incredible high he was experiencing after the concert. It was always the same on these occasions. And, for him, sex was usually the answer.

"Oh, but you are soaked," he said in a strong Spanish accent, his fingers brushing her wet T shirt. "You will catch pneumonia, yes? Here let me help."

He tugged it up and over her head and she helped him get it off without thinking.

She was acting like a zombie.

As he pulled it away, her bare breasts tumbled back against her chest and Carlos watched with fascination. They were so beautiful.

Then hot-blooded, he was kissing her mouth, her breasts, her nipples and she was dazed and breathless. Shortly afterwards, his hand slyly wandered up under her skirt and she jumped, as he zeroed into her panties.

She opened her mouth to protest, but, his mouth covered hers and she felt a shock go through her system as their tongues met and jousted in another long kiss.

"Oh..." she gasped trying to get her breath and composure. But, his fingers were inside her panties now and had expertly located her clitoris.

Lauren gasped again as she realized she was very quickly becoming aroused.

She was being expertly seduced by her Spanish heartthrob.

She knew she should tell him to stop, but, found that she couldn't. Nothing was coming out of her kiss smothered mouth. She was star struck and helpless.

So Carlos, continued his relentless probing of her pussy and the kissing her throbbing nipples. He wasn't giving her a second to think.

"Oh Carlos," she groaned, "please, we shouldn't..."

But, he was grinning, as he kept on kissing and fondling her. He was confident of the conquest. His tongue flicked over her tortured nipples and his fingers worked their magic deep inside her wet pussy. Then he eased down her pink panties with not a murmur of dissent from his lovely blonde fan. Her skirt came off next as a grinning Carlos unzipped her as if daring her to stop him. She didn't.

The Spaniard was jubilant, as he edged towards the complete seduction of his lovely prey. He had seen her from the moment she made her way down to the front, noted her excellent long legs, the delicate sway of her walk and her long blonde hair. Then as the concert progressed, he had watched fascinated as the rain soaked her T shirt and he could see her nipples and the outline of her large breasts very plainly through the wet material. He nearly had a full erection right there on stage. Fortunately, he had managed to keep it at bay and then go on to sing another few songs. It was just as well the words of the songs came automatically to him and the wild applause told him it had been a great success.

He had been so glad when she had agreed to come up and meet him. Now, all he wanted to do was fuck her. She was such a pretty woman with blonde hair, blue eyes and "Mamma Mia" what a body.

He kept up his assault on her while she whimpered her futile protests. But, he had fucked dozens like her in similar circumstances and would not stop until he was fucking her too. As always, he would be using condoms.

He kissed her neck and fingered her repeatedly, his instincts and her love juice on his fingers telling him she was more than ready for penetrative sex.

"No, I'm married"... she gasped desperately, as she passed the point of no return.

"And I don't give a shit", snorted Carlos in Spanish, as he eased his rampant cock out of his bathrobe in readiness and pushed her towards a large sofa by the wall.

His fingers had remorselessly plundered her pussy and she was so wet and ready for him now. He lay her down and carefully positioned himself on top, his cock seeking out the entrance to her love channel. Then he was in her and pushing up to the hilt. It slid in easily as she panted and gasped at his loving violation of her sex.

He sighed with satisfaction, as he started to fuck her slowly and competently. This lovely blonde beauty would forever remember the day Carlos fucked her. He grinned, as he watched her groan and thresh her head from side to side, her blonde hair covering her face. His hands gripped her tight, as he thrust deeply in and out of her squelching vagina in a long slow fuck.

But, as the passion built, his lust drove him to an ever faster pace and he had her bouncing on the sofa, as he fucked her in frenzy.

Lauren wrapped her legs around him as she felt something building up inside her. Then a full blown orgasm overwhelmed her and tremor after tremor surged through her. "I'm coming, I'm coming," she shrieked and Carlos gritted his teeth as he thrust in again and again, before his own climax took him and he spurted a full load of spunk into yet another woman's welcoming vagina.

When they had composed themselves, he led her to a shower cubicle where she refreshed and cleaned herself. Then in a daze, she began to slowly dress as Carlos showered too. She had got her panties half way up her legs when Carlos emerged and started to dry himself.

Then he was at her again; kissing her, holding her and discarding her panties once again. The pretty star struck fan wasn't going anywhere, yet. Not while he had lust to slake. Not until he'd fucked her again

As soon as he was hard again, he made her stand with her hands on the couch and her ass sticking up in the air. Standing behind her, he wanted to do her doggy style. Lauren's knees trembled, and she moaned in ecstasy as she felt his big cock nudge into her pussy and slide in deep. Then he was fucking her from behind with long deep thrusts. Also, he was cupping her big dangling breasts in his hands. God what a handful!

He teased and nipped her nipples until he had them real stiff. Meanwhile, he was still hammering in and out of her pussy with relentless energy.

Lauren panted and moaned while he continued to fuck her. Her body was soon on fire as delicious shudders ran through her. Then she shrieked again as another orgasm overwhelmed her. "Carlos" she breathed, "I love you"...

But, the Spaniard just grinned and carried on fucking her. Minutes later, he had her knees buckling again and only his strong hands on her hips stopped her collapsing. Carlos shouted in triumph as more of his seed spurted into her. After that, Lauren just slumped onto the couch, exhausted. As she did so, she heard female groans and tell-tale thuds coming through the thin wall. She realized then that one of the pretty young girls was being fucked on the other side.

She showered for a second time and when she came out and slipped on her clothes there was a glass of champagne waiting for her.

"How romantic," she muttered, as she guiltily fingered her wedding ring.

There was another passionate cry from the opposite direction and Lauren blushed with embarrassment. All three of the women invited backstage had been fucked by members of the group. Obviously, that had been the sole reason for the invitations.

But, Carlos was nice to Lauren afterwards and sat and talked to her for a while.

Having him to herself, she seized the chance to ask all the questions she could think of about their life and the music.

Twenty minutes or so later, she had finished her drink and was looking at her wristwatch when Carlos kissed her again and gently moved her head down towards his groin. As he did so, he uncovered his erect cock from his bathrobe. No other words were necessary. He wanted her to suck his manhood.

So she leaned forward and caressed it with the tip of her tongue. It immediately hardened even more before her eyes. Then, taking her time, she took it into her mouth and slid her lips down the shaft. It brought back memories of an ex-boyfriend from College, when she had honed these skills in the back seat of his car. But that had been years ago. Hopefully, she had not lost the knack of doing it. She sucked gently, but, firmly, as she heard him groan in ecstasy. She was beginning to enjoy herself more when she felt him shudder and come in her mouth. Fortunately, he was almost dry after the two previous eruptions and she coped with it easily. She swallowed what little there was.

When he recovered, he indicated that he was almost out of time. They would have to leave very soon. There would be a coach waiting. Did she want a lift, somewhere? He kissed her lightly on the lips and gave her a card with his mobile phone number printed on it. Then he wrote her name down in his notebook and told her he would be in London in October.

"Why don't you ring me and you can stay with me for a day or two."

She looked wistfully at the card. Already, she was feeling very guilty and ashamed. "I don't know...I'll have to see," she muttered

"Please, Lauren I would love to see you again." (And fuck your brains out he thought, looking at her tits again)

As she left, Lauren looked at her wristwatch and panic swept through her. "Look at the time. I've been here for well over an hour." She muttered.

Now thinking straight, she fumbled for her mobile and switched it on. There were 3 identical messages from Ian. "Where are you, we have to go home?"

She rang him and told him as near the truth as possible, leaving out everything about sex, which was how she had spent 90% of her time.

"Oh, a group of us were invited backstage to meet the group and other musicians," she explained. "It was a sort of reception. They talked about the tour and their music. It was very interesting. I forgot about the time. I wish you had been with me, you would have liked it."

"No, I've been sitting in the car park wondering where the hell you were."

"I'm sorry", said Lauren. "The time seemed to race away from me."

"No matter, I'm just glad you've enjoyed yourself" said Ian. "Are you ready to go home now?"

"Yes, I'm entering the car park now."

"Robert and John and their wives have long gone." he added

She saw her husband sitting in the only car now parked there. Again, she felt guilty and ashamed at what had happened, as she got in beside him.

She would never normally cheat on her husband, but, Carlos was a superstar and her special heartthrob. So, she hadn't been able to resist. That was her excuse, anyway.

As they drove home, she fingered the card Carlos had given her. Maybe, she would go to London to meet him and perhaps she would even get back those petty pink panties that he had taken from her as a souvenir.

She sighed and closed her eyes as the car drove on...


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Very nice

Good story. I liked how you built it up by recognising that Carlos had spotted her in the crowd beforehand. It made his conquest of her all the more delicious.

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