tagMind ControlConcubine


byGeoff Chaucer©

Once upon a time the Emperor of China had a concubine. She was not the chief concubine of the Emperor's harem, but she was high in the Emperor's esteem for a time because, though she was not much skilled in matters of love, she was very beautiful. She was limber and willowy, with shining blue black hair; eyes, which smoldered and smiled, and smooth, ivory colored skin, silkier than the finest cloth. Her breasts were small round orbs with pink blossom nipples which always seemed to strain up for gentle kisses or the caresses of a hungry tongue; and between her legs, enclosed within plump folds of woman flesh, and enticingly adorned with shining curls was a delectable lotus temple.

For many weeks the Emperor would call for Dove's Wing, (for that was the girl's name), three or four times a week, and Dove's Wing's maid would bathe her with perfumed soap, anoint her with oil of sandalwood and comb and dress the hair of her head and the silken curls between her legs. Then, dressed in a fine silk Kimono and wearing nothing beneath, Dove's Wing would present herself to the Emperor.

The Emperor would command her simply to lift her Kimono and come and straddle his proud tower, which was already hardened, and waiting. She would dutifully lift the layers of her kimono and, because her womanness had not had time to lubricate with desire, she would wet her own fingers with her own mouth then rub the fingers between the lips of her lotus flower, paying special attention to the jewel as the Buddhist Mantra om mane padme om instructed. She would have liked to caress her jewel longer, for her own touch sent shivers of ecstasy through her, but she could not keep the Emperor waiting so she only took time to make the opening of her flower slick enough to allow the Emperor's tower to enter her without pain.

These times were not satisfying to Dove's Wing for the Emperor would not even touch her. She would simply come and squat as though to empty her water over the up standing flesh sword and lower herself so that the imperial wand entered her. Then, with up and down motion, she would slip the Emperor's flesh column in and out of her lotus until the source of all goodness erupted into her with a warm gush. She would then remain squatting with the Emperor inside her until he commanded her to go.

During this after time the Emperor would gaze between Dove's Wing's legs studying the way his Proud Tower caused the tender flesh of her to swell with his filling and how the cords of muscle of her thighs swelled and quivered with the strain of holding her weight lest she actually sit on the person of the Emperor. During these times Dove's Wing also had to hold the muscles of her sweetness tight closed around the Emperor's column for to allow a drop of the Emperor's essence to roll out of her and dribble back onto the Emperor would have shamed her. Sometimes it seemed as though the Emperor held her squatting a long time, as though he wanted some of her wetness mingled with his own to escape, but Dove's Wing never let that happen though holding the opening of her lotus tight closed was difficult as the Emperor's tower softened and shrank. The muscles of her legs would quiver and those of her lower belly would begin to ache if the Emperor delayed his dismissal too long.

When The Emperor would at last dismiss her she would rise, step back, allow the hem of her kimono skirts to drop back to the floor and would bow many times as she backed out of the royal chamber. This was the best time of these encounters for as she bowed and backed the tortured muscles of her thighs and lower belly relaxed and some of the Imperial essence oozed out to coat the insides of her thighs and rub between the cheeks of her bottom. This smooth slickness was almost enough to bring her to the physical paradise called clouds and rain as she walked back to her chamber, and when she removed her kimono the way the Emperor's essence had been rubbed to lather between her legs never failed to excite her so much that she called her maid to pleasure her with her fingers.

One day, after Dove's Wing had been in the harem for many months and was not called so often to the Emperor's bed her maid asked if she was happy with the arrangement as it had come to be.

"It is not bad this way," Dove's Wing said. "But I do miss the feeling of the Emperor's essence as it squirts into me, and I do miss the slickness of it as it runs out of me."

"I can help you to find your way back into the Emperor's chamber mistress, if you will let me." Said the maid.

"And how is that to be done?"

"I know a sorceress who can help you, but you must pay for her help."

"Very well then, I will see your sorceress, but I warn you-- if she is not true and cannot help me I will see that she loses her head and that you lose yours."

"She will not fail you Mistress, nor will I."

A few days later Dove's Wing's maid brought an old woman to her mistress' chamber and Dove's Wing asked, "Can you give me some potion to make the Emperor call for me again?"

"No Mistress, I have no potions or powders. I have only these." And with that the sorceress held out two smooth balls of gray marble. They were perfectly round and silky smooth and they were the size of large chestnuts, but heavier by far.

Dove's Wing took the balls into her hands.

"What good are stone balls to me? What magic is in them?"

The sorceress grinned a toothless grin that gave some idea of how beautiful she must once have been when she was young, then she passed her hands over the balls which were still in Dove's Wing's hand. The balls disappeared.

"Place these within your Mistress's Lotus Temple," the sorceress commanded and dropped the balls into the maid's hand. The maid looked from the balls to her mistress and received a nod of approval so she knelt before Dove's Wing and began to open the kimono. She gently ran her hand up between her mistress' silky thighs and stroked her lotus gate with practiced fingers. Dove's wing glanced at the sorceress who continued to grin and motioned for the maid to continue.

Soon Dove's Wing's womanness was wet and she was near to clouds and rain and that was when the maid popped the balls, one after another, into the heart of Dove's Wing's carnal temple. The sorceress smiled at the look of surprise on Dove's Wing's face. "The magic of the balls will show itself to you if you hold them tight within you," she said. "Especially when you walk".

"And this will bring me back into favor with the Emperor?" Dove's Wing asked, gasping with a strange excitement and feeling a peculiar heavy wetness between her legs.

"This will prepare you to please the Emperor more than any other," the sorceress cackled. "I will make sure the Chosen of Heaven calls for you, but not until you can hold the balls within your Lotus temple all day and put them in and out through the Heavenly Gate without hands."

Dove's wing looked away with disbelief, and, though she could hardly speak because of the intense bursts of pleasure the Ben Wah balls were causing, she asked, "How can I ever learn such an impossible thing?"

With that the old one brought two more balls from some secret pocket and put them on the low table near by. She then did the most astonishing thing Dove's Wing had ever seen. The old woman lifted her kimono to show that she wore no under clothes. Her thin legs, child stretched belly, and withered Lotus temple with its thin fringe of gray hair was not at all attractive, but when she turned herself with her temple above the two balls and lowered herself as though to sit upon the table with the strength of her legs, her withered looking lotus seemed to come alive. First the old woman put her lotus over one ball, and when she rose only a small wet stain was left behind on the table. She moved to the other ball and, without releasing the first ball from her glorious slit, she stooped and brought the second ball in. Then she stepped up onto the table and squatted as though she were going to make water, but instead the other two women watched the muscles around the old woman's temple flex and quiver as though they had a life of their own. A clicking sound came from the two balls as they rattled like dice inside the ancient womb then one of the balls came to the front and held visible between the flaccid and faded inner lips. She held it visible for a moment then drew it back in and brought it back into view. After a few moments the old woman gently set one shining wet ball and then the other side by side upon the table. Then, from another hidden pocket the sorceress took an ebony wand, no greater in diameter than a little finger, but as long as a hand's span from thumb tip to little finger tip. She placed it on the table lengthwise beneath her slit then lowered her Lotus flower, which was no longer flaccid or faded, onto the end of it. As though jumping of its own will the end of the wand leapt into the opening of the old woman's womb and, as the other two watched the wand disappeared inch by inch into her. When it was gone from sight the old woman looked at the two of them and smiled her toothless smile then looked down between her legs once more. Dove's Wing and the maid watched open mouthed as the wand slowly reappeared to almost its full length before stopping and being pulled slowly back into the old woman's temple.

"When you can do that my girl, the Chosen will never call another to minister to his proud tower," the sorceress cackled, then shot the wand from between the inner lips of her lotus flower with such force it traveled almost to the far wall of the chamber.

"But how. . ." Dove's wing began.

"I was once the greatest hetira in all the land, but even one as skilled as I cannot forever avoid the passing of time. So I teach pretty young girls," She said taking Dove's Wing's perfect chin in her hand, and as she looked into the girl's eyes she slipped her other hand between her pupil's legs to cup her sex, even letting her middle finger slip into the girl's wet slit.

Dove's Wing gasped at the forwardness of the old woman, but because the ben wah balls were still inside her, and because the sorceress's thumb was pressing and circling on the jewel within her lotus she did not try to pull away. The caressing pressure brought her to the thundering crash of the clouds and rain; effecting her so powerfully she could not hold her water and dribbled urine into the witch's hand.

The witch removed her hand and looked at the golden liquid still in her palm. She put her hand out and poured the urine onto the floor. "Practice my girl, practice. The Emperor will soon call you to his bed again," she said, then held out her still wet hand. "Now you will cross this palm with a more spendable, if less delicious bit of gold.

Dove's Wing began to practice with the Ben Wah balls and soon could carry them within her temple for hours, and pick them up from the table without using her hands. More difficult was controlling the reaction of her body to the movement of the balls. At first she was in a constant state of excitement. The balls would roll and tumble within her, touching and pressing against a place inside that was like lightning, sending waves of pleasure radiating out through her whole body. But after a time she could separate her mind from the reactions of her body and that was when she began practicing with the wand. There was little pleasure in the ebony wand. She never learned the trick of picking up the wand without hands, but after days of practice and many aching muscles in her lower belly and bottom she learned to draw the wand into her lotus temple, hold it and release it with equal slowness.

The sorceress returned one day and commanded Dove's Wing to demonstrate her new skills. Dove's Wing, though resentful of the old woman's presumptuous manner, did as she was told. She was pleased when the old woman nodded and smiled. "You are almost ready," the sorceress said.

"But the Emperor has yet to call me," Dove's wing said. "He has never delayed so long before."

"Patience," the old woman said. "The Chosen has been away for many days and will be away for more. It gives you time to practice so that when he returns he will never forget you. You will become his favorite concubine." Then the sorceress removed an ivory phallus from one of her hidden pockets. She sat down upon the table and called Dove's wing over. "Lift your kimono again," she commanded imperiously.

The girl did as she was told.

"Come closer," The girl again did as she was told and when she approached, quicker than thought, the old woman's finger slid between the lips of Dove's wing's lotus temple. The girl gasped, but the finger went so accurately to the explosive spot within her that she began to be wet and ready in a moment.

"Now girl, begin squeezing my finger from the tip to the knuckle," the sorceress commanded.

Dove's wing tried to do as she was told but was not sure she had accomplished it when the old woman's finger crooked within her and began stroking and pressing the spot within that caused growing excitement. In moments Dove's Wing was so excited that once again her juices flowed down the old woman's hand, and when the earthshaking clouds and rain were again upon her she once more lost control of her water and that wet mixed with her lotus dew to run down the insides of her legs.

The sorceress nodded her satisfaction and withdrew her finger. She picked up the ivory phallus and rubbed the wetness over it so that it was slick. "Put this into your Lotus Temple and squeeze it as you did my finger. From the tip to the base, then back up from the base to the tip. When you have learned this well, you will be ready." Once more the old woman held out her hand which still glistened with Dove's Wing's glistening honey and her palm was crossed with gold.

Dove's Wing began her practice and in a few days she could manipulate ben wah balls, ebony wand, and ivory phallus with great skill and it was then that she did indeed receive the call from the Emperor. As usual her maid prepared her with bathing and oiling and perfuming and Dove's wing went to the Emperor's chamber. She found him lying with his proud tower at the ready but this time she did not need to lubricate her lotus flower with saliva. At the first call Dove's Wing's Lotus Temple had begun to flow so much with anticipation that she feared she would leave a trail of drips behind her as she made her way to the chamber. She lifted her kimono and stepped astraddle the waiting emperor, but when she began to lower her self she saw the emperor's eyes open very wide and, for the first time ever, he said, "You are very wet. I see your woman cum has drenched your Lotus and even your thighs."

"Yes my Lord," Dove's wing answered. "I have desired you for so long that when I was called I began to be wet."

The Emperor smiled that one of his concubines should be so taken with him that she would become wet just at the thought of him. "Continue," he said.

Dove's Wing lowered herself and took the tip of the royal wand between the lips of her lotus then tightened her temple chamber so that the feeling was as though she were once again a virgin. Again the Emperors eyes opened in surprise, for he knew this one was not a virgin.

When Dove's wing had engulfed the Emperor's entire proud tower she did not lift herself to let it slide out again. Instead she began to squeeze from tip to base and base to tip and, with no up and down or in and out movement, the Emperor's Royal wand was milked and stroked and caressed in such a way that he cried out when his essence burst forth like a spurting fountain.

The gush of warm, slickness filled Dove's Wing and caused her to find the clouds and rain also, and, as with the sorceress, Dove's Wing was unable to control her water. Some golden drops escaped to mix with the Emperor's essence, her own woman essence, and the perfume with which her maid had anointed her. The four liquids combined to make a deadly poison, just as the sorceress had intended. It was absorbed into the skin of both the Emperor and Dove's Wing and they died still linked together.

The Emperor's son became the Emperor and his mother, the Dowager Empress who had planned his ascension, sent a squad of the palace guards to bring the sorceress and her daughter, the maid, before her throne. The Dowager Empress smiled down on them. "You have done well," she said.

The sorceress and her daughter bowed low, then the sorceress boldly said, "I know your mind oh magnificent Empress. You would be rid of us so that your part in the ascension will never be known, but you have no need to fear us. Only reward us as you promised and you will never hear from us again."

The Empress also could see into the sorceress' mind. She knew that if she did not keep her bargain her son would not long reign, even if the sorceress had to reach from beyond the grave. The Empress smiled and delivered the weight of gold and gems equal to the weight of the sorceress and her daughter and had the palace guard escort them from the Forbidden City.

The sorceress and her daughter kept their bargain and were never heard from again during all the new Emperor's long reign.

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