Condo Mistress


His companion, on the other hand was decidedly from the Middle East. Exactly which country or what region evaded me. Rob politely introduced his friend and I shook hands with both of them.

The other's name was Vaughan. He was slightly shorter than Rob and showed no signs of hair loss prevalent in men of his maturity. At his temples his hair hinted a grey highlight, adding certain majesty to his otherwise confident and refined appearance.

Vaughan's eyes were deep and penetrating and they looked out from an experienced face. His moustache was handsomely trimmed to the geography of his mouth and chin. He was quiet and reserved; suave and polished. I judged Vaughan as a patient man; one who got what he wanted from life, when and where he wanted it.

When we were all seated, Deidre explained that Rob and Vaughan were old friends and hoped that I didn't mind that they were visiting during my appointment with her. Mistress further explained that Rob had called earlier from the airport, to say that the foul weather had caused an unscheduled 8 hour stop over on their trip between London and L.A. Understandably, they were looking for some relief from the boring anonymity offered by airport waiting lounges. I assured all present that I had no misgivings about their being there.

And that was really the end of it. Mistress Deirdre had booked our session and then friends, due to circumstances, had forced her to insinuate them into my time. Well, I was prepared for nothing more than a social evening then and thought Mistress would despatch me sooner than later.

My presumptions were woefully incorrect and it was about 15 minutes later when everything I ever knew about myself and Mistress Deirdre changed forever.


At the time we were all discussing winter clothes, weighing style against warmth. I interjected that warmth was a primary consideration to which Deidre immediately replied, "Please don't interrupt."

She smiled pleasantly and added that she was only interested in what Rob and Vaughan had to say because neither lived in the US and that they rarely lived in temperatures less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The conversation resumed while I remained quiet as I was instructed. I watched and listened as the three of them presented their personal opinions regarding the pros and cons of the matter at hand. I was slightly embarrassed by my ordered censure but only because it was in front of strangers who, for all intents and purposes, were not Deidre's clients. Despite that, I managed to maintain my composure in front of them, and listened with interest at what they had to say.

When Vaughan offered up that clothes actually made a statement of one's own personality and the type of garment chosen must be considered when seasonal wardrobe purchases were being contemplated, I simply nodded my head in agreement. My actions, benign as they were, didn't go unnoticed. Deidre immediately addressed me. I had no idea what was coming.

"Didn't I tell you to be silent?"

Abruptly, she stood up while I formulated my reply.

"Yes, Mistress," was all that I could muster. The term 'Mistress' was an automatic prefix and unavoidable despite her friends being in the room

"Well then, do you not know enough to obey my orders?"

"Yes, Mistress, but I. . . ."

I lowered my head and blushed a 1000 humilities, unable to finish my sentence. I was confused as to where this sudden turn in Deidre's attitude was going, especially with the strangers in our midst.

"Then I'll repeat them: you are to sit there quietly and not concern yourself with our conversation; do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

I sat there dumbfounded while Deidre and the two men returned to their conversation as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

About 10 minutes later when I was feeling that the situation had returned to normal, Deidre brought on another sudden halt to the conversation. Once again she turned and looked directly at me. Her eyes were blazing this time. She had that seething kind of look that only the villains in movies can so effortlessly achieve.

"You," she said, delivering that very personal single word pronoun from a threatening position of absolute power and unquestioned authority,

"Yes Mistress?" I replied eagerly, wanting to get back into her good books.

"Go get each of us all a glass of wine!"

The imperative nature of her order energized my resolve. I knew my place in Deirdre's life and quite frankly, strangers in our midst did not count as an acceptable excuse to refuse to comply with her orders.

I rose from my seat and proceeded quickly to the kitchen. Knowing Deidre's salle de cuisine as well as my own, I selected the appropriate wine and uncorked it. Next, I chose suitable stemware and brought the silver serving tray to the counter in front of me. I carried out my tasks in swift and efficient moves. As I busied myself with the job at hand, the others seemed unconcerned with the components of my task and reopened their conversation as if I didn't exist.

After selecting the wine and arranging the fragile stemware evenly on the tray, I faced the sink and poured the libation equally into each vessel. I was careful not to bruise the vintage or spill any on the counter or tray. Behind me Deidre and her two male friends were carrying on at a boisterous pace. The three of them seemed to have become a friendly and close knit group. They were totally engrossed, communal, and interacting in a very casual and social way.

My focus began to wander and I had to force my attention back to the job at hand. After all, my sole task was not so much pouring and delivering the wine, it was to fulfil Deirdre' orders to perfection.

I corked the bottle when I had finished, then lifted the silver platter up onto the palm of my extended right hand and raising the whole platter above by head, delivered it gracefully into the room where the others sat. I offered it first to Deidre, then to Vaughan and finally Rob.

"Who is that fourth glass for?" Deidre questioned forthrightly.

For some reason I hadn't thought all of this through. I wish I had before I took the liberty with the extras glass of wine. I can only think that I was confused by the presence of others and began acting in a manner that was in conflict with my position as one of Mistress Deirdre's personal male slaves.

"For me", I answered in a passive tone that made it plain to all that even I recognized that I had transgressed.

Her look was like a shear off-shore blast of Artic wind rushing up a grey gravel beach located somewhere on the western edges of the Aleutian Islands.

"We are not sharing a drink of wine with you. Put the glass back in the kitchen you fool. You're nothing but a slave here! Get out! Get to your place in the kitchen where you belong and don't show your face in here unless one of us whistles or snaps our fingers."

I was shocked back into my submissive role. It was total immersion. I didn't disagree with Mistress Deirdre. I knew I was her slave! Now her two male friends knew of this arrangement too and I trembled slightly with this new found form of humility.

"Yes Mistress," I offered meekly as I stood silently before her, head bowed.

"You're here to serve me and my friends. That's the only reason that I invited you over here tonight, actually. You're the maid and your place is in the kitchen. Now get in there and stand to attention! Your job until I need something from you will be to remain motionless and quiet. Understand?"

"Yes mistress," I replied obediently.

Deidre's conversation with Rob and Vaughan re-started where it had left off, all as if what had just happened really hadn't. And like before, I was left to myself and totally ignored.

Throughout our relationship I have eagerly submitted to this kind of treatment in front of others. But the others were always a part of the S&M scene. The added pleasure for me tonight was that all of this was being administered in front of other men, who apparently were not in the 'scene'. This was certainly a new experience for me.

Over the next hour I obeyed my Mistress and stood erectly to attention in the kitchen. Stork still and ramrod straight. I did not move or speak. Twice I was ordered to refill the glasses. On the third and final time, only the 'snap' of Deidre's thumb and forefinger brought me to the living room. While I was serving on this specific occasion, Deidre snapped out a new and sinister command.

"Slave!" Kneel in front of my guests when you serve them."

My erection was immediate and my heart began to pump wildly. But without missing a beat, I quickly did as I was ordered. My breath came in short spurts. Now I was acting like the shivering woman I had passed in the bus enclosure.

I knelt dutifully in front of each of the men separately and served them their drinks; Deidre added imperiously, "You're a poor excuse for a man. You're not that great of a slave, either. Bow your head and raise the tray for Rob and Vaughan so that they do not have to reach out so far."

I was excited beyond comprehension about this new twist in things. My submissive behaviour had been, up until this point, reserved only for Deidre. Now, I was being humiliated in front of two men that I had met only an hour ago. I quivered at the thought of it. It was a new and strange experience and for some reason, it was exceptionally pleasing. I complied eagerly to Mistress Deirdre's command. In the back of my mind, even though I embraced this new idea, I still questioned as to where exactly, was Deidre leading this evening. More importantly for me, why was all of this, such a turn-on for me?


Rob was the first to leave the room; I assumed it was to use the bathroom. During his absence, Vaughan sat back on the sofa and relaxed. He placed his right arm up on top of the back of the couch and shifted his frame into a more comfortable position, opening his jacket as he shifted his body.

Deidre quickly moved over and sat right next to him. She placed her head within the crux of his raised arm and pulled her legs up on the couch with her. Vaughan was composed and at ease. They talked and giggled like two conspirators.

It wasn't long before Deidre found Vaughan's hand and took it lightly in her own and stroked it. The gesture was a loving one, more than just being polite or overly familiar. They continued to giggle and talk prolifically. I thought that Rob was taking an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom but I remained rigid to attention while I continued to sneak furtive glances at the duet performance of Deidre and Vaughan. Soon it became evident that their social banter was morphing into a much more flamboyant form of flirting.

As I suspected, Deidre and Vaughan escalated their actions and activities to galaxies beyond a gesture of anything I would recognize as flirtation. They went from talking and laughing to what could be easily identified as sexual foreplay.

Vaughan was the aggressor, placing his hand on Deirdre's thigh while peering down the front of her gown. She giggled coquettishly and in a mocking style, told him to stop. Her effort, in this regard, was like a scene out of 'Gone with the Wind' when the not so innocent Scarlet O'Hara tried to fend off the young gentlemen of the Civil War era.

But Vaughan wasn't a gentleman and just laughed back at her and hooked the top of her gown with one finger and looked in, bold as brass. I do not know what prompted Deidre but at that very moment she looked up and straight at me!

"What are you looking at you little sissy?" she spat at me in a denigrating manner.

I fumbled for the words that would answer her properly but I was speechless.

Get in here!" she demanded. "Crawl to me now like a whipped dog."

I obeyed.

"Right here," she hissed, while pointing a long index finger at a spot on the carpet by her feet. I immediately scrambled to the spot. My face was 6 inches from her knees.

Deidre slapped me hard across the face. Once, then again! She sat back pleased and turned to Vaughan. They both laughed as they peered down at me and my ridiculous position at their feet.

"Now, you little slut, if you want to watch what we're doing, you'll be close enough to see every detail.

She turned to Vaughan and kissed him. It was a long and deep gesture. He responded and rubbed the inside of Mistress's leg. The slit in her gown opened to her waist. She moaned as their lips continued their friction.

I watched as communal behaviour escalated their intent even further. Vaughan manoeuvred very well and it was obvious that he was versed at dealing with women. I marvelled at his quick and effective moves as he had Deidre's gown bunched to her waist almost before she knew what was happening. Her red silk panties were fully exposed to me. The finite mesh of the weave was a delicate filigree that just barely hid her femininity. Her body's natural perfume wafted delicately in my direction. It was a sweet and arousing alchemy.

And while they commiserated physically like two teens in the back seat at the drive-in, I remained on my knees in front of them, arms straight down, rigid to attention and motionless.

It wasn't long before a dark spot began show in the centre of Deidre's pantied crotch. It was obvious that the lips of her feminine pouch were leaching pre-coital viscose. Vaughan's middle finger reached down and caressed the damp spot. My eyes focused on his finger as he massaged and tweaked at her sweet womanhood.

I was not allowed to move, I could not participate and I was transcending beyond the denial submission training that I enjoy, into a new type of exotic discipline. I could only look on patiently, quietly, and passively.

I would have licked Vaughan's finger had I been allowed. Their actions were the ultimate denial for me. It was intoxicating. I could only observe as another man touched my Mistress with impunity. I was forced to view the violations wrought upon my Mistress by this arrogant male. But I loved it. It was all very heady stuff.

As he proceeded to manhandle Deirdre's body even more and touched what he pleased to touch, my penis was bursting to be free of its restrictions. This was cuckoldry; the ultimate experience for a submissive male. I was excited beyond anything that I have ever experienced before. It was insanity and at the same time, I wanted it pushed in my face.

Vaughan boldly continued to have his way with Mistress Deidre. The same Mistress I have been forbidden ever to touch! Occasionally, he looked directly at me while he touched and pawed at her body. I panted like a dog while trying desperately to control myself.

Then, as if a 'cue' card had been raised somewhere in a vast audience behind me, Vaughan stopped what he was doing. Deidre looked down and directly at me.

"Wouldn't you like to touch 'that'?" she said seductively raising her arms above her head and lifting her legs in an effort to give Vaughan easier, unrestricted access at her crotch. "Maybe you'd like to 'sniff' it? "Well, would you like to sniff it slut?"

"Yes Mistress." I replied hesitantly.

Deidre laughed.

"You'll never be allowed to sniff it. You'll never be allowed to lick it either. Do you know why?" Deidre laughed again as she continued to stare at me while placing her hand on Vaughan's as he continued to rub her crotch sensually, up and down.

All I could offer in response was, "Yes Mistress."´

She just laughed at me again and then began to explain to Vaughan just how she deals with me. While Vaughan listened to Deirdre he continued his ministrations; this time her breasts were the focus of his attention. The wet dark spot on Deirdre's red panties was gaining ground over the drier areas. The 'Panty' slave would be busy tomorrow, I thought.

"Slave is not allowed to do anything with me other than look. I use my body to torment him. It's his punishment, a part of his denial program. A severe treatment I might add that he submits to eagerly every time I allow him to visit. Sometimes I tie him up so that his hands can only move so far. Try as he might, he can never quite touch me. I like teasing him in this manner and I laugh at him as he attempts to touch me. It is a most effective way to train a sissy male. In the end, he'll do anything for his Mistress. I just make him grovel at my feet while I talk on the phone to a current lover. I ignore him completely. He cringes at my feet like a scolded puppy.

"At other times I get him dressed up liked a whore and bring in a couple of men to abuse him sexually.I love to sit back and watch the show. Afterwards they whip him!"

Vaughan looked down at me as I quivered there on the floor in front of him. I was being subjugated to the petticoat power of a dominant female while he, the obvious Alpha male in our group, was being entertained by my circumstance.

He chuckled at me and said, "Fairy,"

Deidre laughed and touched his knee and squeezed it. "Yes he is," she agreed, "but he pays a princely sum to have me do this to him," she cooed.

I knelt in humiliated submission as Deidre proceeded to place her hand on Vaughan's crotch. Like mine, Vaughan's crotch area was bulged and full. Mistress Deirdre rubbed it gently and Vaughan's eyes rolled.

"Do you like that, Vaughan?" she whispered to him sotto voce but loud enough so that I could hear. Vaughan replied with a gasp as Deidre grabbed a hold of his now stiff and ample cock which by this time was fighting the cloth that held it back.

Deidre was having fun. Then she whispered something else in Vaughan's ear and when she had said her piece, she sat back quite pleased with herself and reached forward to sip on what was left of the wine in her glass. Vaughan followed suit. It appeared that the action had stopped, something like half time at the Super Bowl. Like the game, I knew that there was more to come, but quite frankly I didn't know what to expect next?


The respite from the heated action of moments before didn't last long, just as I suspected. Yet I was surprised when Deidre barked out an order for Rob to come back into the room. I had forgotten about him! He had been absent for some time now. I glanced up and watched as he slowly moved out of the subdued light of the hallway that leads towards Deidre's personal area. He was decidedly different in his appearance from when he had left earlier.

Now he was wearing tall black riding boots. Small silver spurs were clamped to the heels. He wore a studded red leather 'G' string that was just able to contain his bulging load of youthful genitals. The formidable pouch was secured around his waist by the thinnest of strings. These were tied high up on his hips in order to highlight the parcel that contained his cock and balls. He was packing formidable male gear; there was no doubt of that!

Rob strutted into the room brandishing riding crop in his right hand. As he walked he whacked it with intent against the side of his booted leg. He ended his stroll somewhere off to my right.

I took a calculated risk and raised my eyes even further twisting ever so gently around to my right. What a magnificent specimen of a man, I thought to myself. Robs abs were washboard ripples that existed proudly beneath his massive chest. The unbuttoned flaps of his black leather vest, dangled open. His pectoral muscles protruded like firm young breasts. One nipple was visible. It was perfectly formed, clean and almost juvenile. Against his pale white skin, the exposed nipple was a dusty and delicate shade of brown. It was pierced with a gold nipple ring. I'd love to have licked it!

His skin was smooth and most of it, strangely, was without hair. Another gold ring dangled from his left ear and a durable leather collar circled his neck. The collar was an aggressive adornment, not meant for a leash. On his head was a leather forage cap. It was placed back off the crown, canted to one side in a jocular fashion. The cap was the type used by police officers and military personnel. His aura was threatening and I felt weakened; sexually defenceless, excited, and above all, vulnerable. I had never seen a man so dominantly dressed before.

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