Condo Mistress


I was mesmerized and found it hard to take my eyes off of Rob. There was no doubt that he had become the apparent dominant male of the group. He stood tall with his feet planted firmly apart. He crossed his arms over his chest and looked down at me. The riding crop, still in his right hand, jutted upwards. Rob was a harridan; a Viking invader. He was a no bullshit pillar of testosterone, sent to rape and pillage.

Deidre stood up. I trembled.

"Now," she said, looking directly at me. "Crawl over there in the corner and strip naked!"

She issued forth the command and I reacted quickly moving across the carpet on all fours. They all looked as I removed my clothing and in seconds I stood before them, naked and trembling. My maleness shrank and presented itself as an insignificant nodule attached to the front of my body. This was even more evident as the entire area was clean shaven. Vaughan and Deidre pointed at the smooth skin of my hairless groin and laughed.

"You know, Vaughan," she said, "My slave is just an effeminate little sissy, wouldn't you say?"

"Why don't you order him to tuck that little thing in between his legs and form a clean shaven vagina?" Vaughan replied with an arrogant smirk.

"Do it!" she ordered, with piercing eyes drilled directly at me. And I did, fighting a now emerging erection brought on by their conversation and choice of words.

"I use him just for amusement and light entertainment. Don't you think he's cute, Vaughan? You see , unlike you, I just have to 'snap' my fingers and he obeys." Both Deidre and Vaughan laughed at this statement. Then they embraced, kissing one another passionately. I stood naked in front of them with my dick clamped firmly between my legs and helplessly watched their actions.

When they stopped Deidre looked up at me. A bewitching and determined look blended cleverly with just a hint of mischievousness. Then she nodded towards Rob.

"Abuse him, Rob, in front of Vaughan and me. Humiliate him. Whip him! Make him suck your cock." she added softly and ominously.

Now it was Rob who took over the role of prime dominator. He looked at me and then spoke, "Crawl over here, slut. Kneel in front of me."

He didn't have to ask me twice. I scrambled over to him and cringed at his booted feet.

"Kiss each boot, you little sissy." he ordered.

Now I was starting to fly. My penis transformed into a full male cock and it sprung boldly from the confines of the muscles of my thighs where it had been held involuntarily captive. I shivered with anticipation. I was breathless. My heart was pounding. Rob was a bulwark of powerful male authority and I needed to submit to him; totally and unequivocally.

Meekly, I lowered my upper body obediently to the leather soles of his boots, kissing the left one first, then the right. I cowered in the dark cold shade of his unquestioned authority.

"Raise your head sissy boy." I did as I was told, happy to obey him completely. My complicity in this whole scene made me delirious with rampant sexual desire.

Rob roughly encased my neck with a thick leather collar, buckled it in place with his deft and powerful fingers and then tugged on it to test its fit. It was tight and any thought of calling an end to this absurdity was drained from my conscious mind.

I was entranced and stimulated. I wanted more of whatever Rob wanted to dish out. I wanted to be abused, dominated, whipped and humiliated. I wanted it all. I wanted to be Rob's slave slut. He was a potent male and I wanted to serve him in any which way he wanted. And having an audience to witness this total humiliation as forced at the hands of another male was beyond anything I had experienced before.

Rob quickly attached a leash to the 'O' ring at the front of my collar. "Stand up!" he commanded. I did exactly as I was ordered. On the couch behind me I heard Deidre and Vaughan snicker, and then make the muffled sounds as they reconvened their passionate embrace.

Rob pulled my tether, jerking my face so close to his that our noses almost touched. "From now on, when I give you an order, you reply 'yes sir'. Is that clear?"´

"Yes sir." I panted out the words while my whole body quivered with sexual tension.Rob took the riding crop that was in his right hand and swung it down upon the top of the marble end table. The sound of it was sharp; a crisp crack as the leather crashed down hard upon the cold shiny surface.

"When you reply to my orders I want you to sound like a woman!, SLUT?

"Yes Sir," I replied demurely in the most feminine voice I could conjure up.

"Now, that's better. Put your hands behind you.".´

I quickly did as I was told and felt the snap of cold steel as he encircled my wrists with heavy handcuffs. I was tethered to a leash and now my arms were secured uselessly behind me. My penis was fully erect. It glistened with pre seminal fluid. At this moment, I'd have licked my own dick had I been given half a chance.

The sight of my own cock drool started my transition from consciousness down a long a long and winding path which would lead me to my own sub-space.I have been in that space only a few times before and it is an intoxicating place to reside.

Rob tugged on the leash again and I followed where I was led. I thought of myself as his personal slave. I imagined that I had been captured after fighting a losing battle and had been brought to the slave market by this victorious male. God, I hope he couldn't sell me, I wanted to be his alone.

My reverie was interrupted when he directed me in front of Deidre and Vaughan. He paraded me in front of them with flair and confidence. I saw the room, and the furniture, and the people who populated through a hazy mist of sensory pleasure. I was almost there. I was almost flying.

Both Deidre and Vaughan looked me over as I pranced in front of them. They delighted in my immutable captivity. Then they dismissed my presence as if the entertainment was beneath their collective interest. Bound as I was, Rob forced me to watch as Vaughan slowly unbuttoned Deidre's gown. I watched as he methodically undid the clasp of her bra. Deidre's breasts jiggled free, exposed and overtly available. Her petite mounds of femininity were firm and resilient. The nipples were a dark amber colour and the breasts themselves looked like polished white granite. They were smooth and perfect globes of gold.

Vaughan looked at me as he began to kneed her nipples. He cupped one breast in his hand and kissed the nipple, then repeated the same attention on the other. Deidre let out a gasp as she unzipped his trousers while Vaughan grabbed both breasts and squeezed them together. Her nipples were a forced tandem and Vaughan licked both of them at the same time.

From what I could see, Deidre was completely wet and obviously ready. And it was Mistress Deirdre who quickly became the aggressor. With a dextrous flick of the wrist, she reached inside his pants and pulled Vaughan's erect penis free from his trousers. She delicately probed and touched the huge cock, dipping her middle finger into the glistening pool of viscose drool that was oozing out of the business end of his tool. Then I watched as she brought her finger to her mouth and sucked on it like she would a cock.

By now I am almost fully ensconced in sub-space.

I watched as Deidre held Vaughan's thick penis in her right hand. Slowly, she began pumping it slowly, up and down, up and down. It was enormous and circumcised, large enough for Deidre to grasp with two hands, one above the other! Vaughan continued fondling Deidre's firm breasts as she busied herself pumping his cock.

I felt a tug on my leash. "Kneel!" Rob ordered.

"Yes, sir," I replied meekly.

I knelt and from behind I felt strong hands gently cup the flattened globes of my own chest. Rob's thumb and forefinger caressed my nipples. At first he was tender with them but soon he was manipulating them with an intensity that brought tears to my eyes. I remained silent to his attention though because, quite frankly, I loved it! I was totally immersed in my obedience to another male and the thought of such submission was electric.

"Get down and place your chest over the end of the coffee table. Extend your rump and arch your back." Rob ordered.

"Yes, sir," I replied again like a little virgin pussy.

I quickly complied and when I was in this position, he straddled me like a horse, pulling on my leash like a set of reins.

"Now you can watch Vaughan fuck your Mistress while I abuse you from behind. You're my pussy for tonight."

All three of them, Deidre, Vaughan and Rob, broke out into laughter at my forced predicament. This in itself made me 'heady' with my total lack of male sexual competence. I was almost there, in my sub-space. It didn't matter if Rob was about to fuck me, I was almost off the ground on my own personal flight.

As I fought to remain consciously aware of all that was happening, Deidre was allowing Vaughan to roughly remove her clothing. I helplessly watched! He was breathing hard as he took charge of my Mistress. Deidre had always been serious about anyone touching her. It was strictly forbidden. Now it was happening directly in front of me and I was powerless to do anything about it. Apparently, so was Mistress Deirdre.

Such a sight was unbearable, yet at the same time, overwhelmingly erotic. I was bursting for relief. I was physically restricted. I could not avert my eyes from the scene. My engorged cock throbbed and I wanted to masturbate. I knew I couldn't and this intensified my feelings of unmitigated submission.

Then I felt Rob lift his legs as he shifted his body and hovered low on my back. I was a little disappointed. He wasn't going to fuck me after all. His stiff penis was pressed firmly against the small of my back. It was a hard and thick piece of meat. I imagined it as a powerful organ that wouldn't accept 'no' for an answer. The next instant, I felt the spurs dig into the sides of my thighs. The pain was severe at first, but as Rob began to 'ride' me like a horse in full furlong pace, the pain was supplanted by pure and honest ecstasy.

I was flying, finally and broke through the clouded ceiling of my own moral gravity.

And the harder Rob 'rode' me, the faster his pelvic motions rubbed his huge cock up and down the cavity of my lower back, just above where the cleavage of my ass began.

I watched through hazy eyes as Vaughan finished removing his clothes in obvious preparation to soil the purity of my Mistress Deidre. He was determined at his conquest over her and roughly guided Deidre onto her back. She appeared to like this treatment and did as she was told. It was a shock to me that she would comply with such treatment from an aggressive man.

"Get your legs up bitch and spread them," he ordered. Then he knelt over her chest and lowered his firm organ to her face. "Kiss it," he ordered, pushing it up to her lips.

What bizarre pleasure it was to watch Deidre, with her legs high in the air and spread wide, as she rose up on her elbows and kissed the tip of the bulbous head of Vaughan's cock. Once she did, he slapped her face.

"Now lay back with your arms by your side while I fuck you at my leisure!"

It was at that point when Rob bumped and jerked to the end of his ride and spurted his hot load on my back. I shuddered in harmony with his tumultuous finale. Then, like a typical man, he got up and left the scene of the crime. No warm words. No facility of passion to the wreck he had left of me. Yet that just made me 'hot'. I wanted more.

When I looked back at Vaughan and Deidre, she was fondling his abundant genitals as he shunted his cock in and out of her vagina. Deirdre attended to the shaft of his pumping cock as well as fingering his firmly bagged scrotum.

Vaughan looked at me and grinned with confidence as he fucked her while encouraging her to fondle he sac and tweak his anus.

Rob eventually returned to the room. This time he was carrying a small horse whip. It was black leather and mean looking. It was attached to his wrist by a small loop.

"I whip all my cunts after a ride," he said with a serious countenance.

Before I could react to what he had said, he began to rain blows upon my exposed buttocks.

"As I am whipping you, have a look at your Mistress as she tries to resist Vaughan's forced entry and understand that you can do absolutely nothing about it."

The velocity of the lashes steadily increased. The power of the impact of each contact with the skin of my buttocks grew stronger. I volunteered an audible 'Yes sir!' after each blow.

I was now at a point beyond my wildest dreams. I was drifting into a netherland of pure ecstasy. Through an opaque veil I heard each stroke of the whip as it struck my stinging skin. I heard the sounds of love as Vaughan continued to plunge deep into Deidre. I felt my stiffened penis as it jerked towards ejaculation.

In the background I faintly heard Rob say that 100 strokes of the horse whip was just the beginning. I knew that my buttocks were numb and I barely felt Rob's hands massage them. He then applied some form of cool ointment to soothe the insult of the leather whip. Then he smoothed the pool of semen that he had jerked onto me, all over my backside. When he finished he grabbed my leash and forced me from my prone position. I stood silently at Rob's urging and continued to watch Vaughan and Deidre. Both were in coitus synchronization. They were nearing their peak. Vaughan's nostrils were flared and he was sweating profusely. Mistress Deirdre was squealing and making other primal if not alien sounds.

Their rhythmic motions eventually slowed down. They had not climaxed yet and I contemplated what they may be planning now? I didn't have to wait long. Vaughan pulled himself from Deidre and stood up. He turned to her and told her to continue without him by playing with herself. Again I was shocked as she did as she was told.

Vaughan wiped the sweat from his face and then commanded Rob.

"Get him over here!" Rob nudged me forward. "On your knees, you little cunt!" This time it was Vaughan who issued the orders. I did as I was told and Vaughan took two steps towards me. He stopped within inches of my upturned face. His penis was a lazy lob, barely semi hard. It was shiny and glistening from the frothy action, penetrating Mistress Deirdre. I was close enough to Vaughan's cock to smell Deidre's scent on it and I was wild with her erotic aroma.

With his left hand, Vaughan began fiddling with his cock. It quickly grew to enormous and rigid proportions until it was full size once again and threatening. He looked down at me and roughly grabbed a handful of my hair.

"Now it's your turn you little sissy. Kiss it!" he ordered.

I couldn't believe what I heard but the slap he gave me brought me to my senses.

"Kiss it, you little cunt!"

I hesitated until Rob grabbed my nipples from behind and pinched them. The pain was excruciating. But like the last time, it was also sexually pleasing. Pain and pleasure, sweet and sour; it was obvious that I was beginning to fly once again.

"Kiss Vaughan's cock," Rob whispered in my ear as he applied even more pressure to my unprotected nipples. "Put your lips on the end of his dick and kiss it," he repeated.I looked up and into Vaughan's face. His grin was condescending, more a smirk than anything, but then suddenly, he became deadly serious. "I told you to kiss it bitch! Now kiss me you little pussy before I get real mad."

Vaughan then took hold of my leash and brought my face slowly forward until the tip of his cock confronted my firmly closed lips. Even more pressure now was being put on my nipples. I wanted to give in. I am a submissive male and giving in to the will of others is my reason for being.

Finally, when I could no longer accept the searing pain of my pinched nipples, I puckered my lips and proceeded to place a wet kiss on the tip of Vaughan's now enraged penis.

"There now, I knew that you wanted to do that," Vaughan said, "so why did you resist?" He smirked at me as he spoke then pulled my head even further back and slapped me hard in the face again. With satisfaction he turned and looked at Deidre. "Get your hands away from it; I'm ready to mount you again!" Then to Rob he said, "String him up and use the spreader bar!"

While Vaughan resumed his position on top of Deidre, her legs rising high in the air and opening up to his rough onslaught, Rob released me from the hand cuffs. From the ceiling near the opposite wall he removed a hanging plant. From the hall closet he brought out a harness, a pulley and some rope. Swiftly, from behind the door in the dining room, he brought forth a 4 foot long bar with cuffs attached to either end.

I stood off to the side, rigid to attention like a military man waiting to be inspected.

With familiarity, Rob assembled the bits and pieces of the gear he had assembled and attached most of it to the ceiling hook from where the plant had originally hung.

I observed Rob's actions while stealing glimpses of Vaughan and Deidre from time to time. They were close to sexual culmination, but Vaughan was an experienced cocksman and he seemed to be prolonging the ordeal.

"Lie face down on the floor." Rob barked out. I was compliant like liquid when applied to an uneven surface and immediately did as I was told. I was excited to be obedient to dominant male authority.

"Spread your legs wide," he snarled.

I felt the cuffs as they were attached to my ankles and when they were both in place, Rob assisted me into a standing position. He roughly took hold of my penis and scrotum and looped both with a noose of thin velvet, about an inch wide. With fancy rope work he managed to entwine the material into a lace work grid around both parts of my diminishing manhood so that he could pull or jerk the loose end without causing it to relent its strangle hold grip. He then took the loose end and strung it through the fixed eyebolt that was welded into the centre of the spreader bar directly down from my crotch. By pulling this end tight through the eye bolt, my penis was brutally forced down, causing me considerable pain.

On the couch Vaughan and Deidre were thrashing about as they were reaching the pinnacle of their love making. Deidre's legs were snaked tightly around Vaughan's body. Her pelvic thrusts were short strong movements and she was screaming at the top of her lungs; "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder you bastard!"

It was at that point in the evening that I realized that Mistress Deirdre was just like any another woman. She was just as wanton and just as selfish. She had planned on being screwed Vaughan and my presence was simply an afterthought. I found it easy to view her as a horny housewife who wanted a baby from her otherwise reluctant husband. Once she had the man trapped between her legs, all she needed to do was scream out epithets for completion. It would be the final lure for her partner to spill his seed deep inside her. I had never seen her like this before. it gave me pause.

Rob, unaware of my realization of Deirdre, ordered me to place my hands in front of me. He tied them tightly together then lifted them above my head, looping the rope that secured them over the dangling steel hook. Then he took up the another rope that was coiled on the floor. It had been looped through the hook in the ceiling and by pulling it taut I was lifted clear off the floor. I was swaggered like a piece of meat and the ropes creaked as I swung slightly from side to side.

"Your mistress's lover wants you whipped," he said to me.

Over Rob's shoulder I watched as Vaughan roughly pulled himself out of Deidre's writhing body. She shrieked and he slapped her soundly for it. "Keep your legs up in the air and wait for me like the bitch in heat that you are."

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