tagGroup SexCondominium Ch. 05

Condominium Ch. 05


Chapter 5

Heather came up to the condo and joined us after Pam called her. She was beautiful, just as Pam had told us. I kept thinking of the word 'elegant' as the best single word to describe her. She had the figure of a model, plus breasts that shimmied with the least little movement she made. The effect was mesmerizing, especially since she wore a scoop neck top that advertised a lot of up-top cleavage; I don't know how anyone could talk to her and look her in the eye.

We spent an hour talking, and Amber and Pam fixed the four of us sandwiches for lunch. A minute after I'd washed the last bite down, Pam leaned over and kissed me. It wasn't just a simple kiss. Well, it started that way, but after about thirty seconds some tongue got involved and it got a lot more complex after that, real complex, because hands and fingers started to get involved.

Heather and Amber watched us with obvious lecherous smiles on their faces, and the next I could tell, they were also kissing and making out. Soon, I knew from first hand experience that Pam had great feeling tits, and a few minutes later that Heather did too. We all sat close together on our sofa so we could reach each other and share whatever we were doing among the four of us. I didn't neglect Amber either despite suddenly having two new playmates.

I had a moment's weakness worrying about satisfying three women. Amber, I knew, would be forgiving since we were dealing with two new friends, and that narrowed my concern. On the other hand, Heather and Pam were obviously experienced and might have high expectations.

I weighed giving them The Experience, but thought better of it. I'd save that for a better day and when I was sure it would be better appreciated. I kissed Amber and Heather as Pam tried to ingest my cock. My new worry became splattering cum all over her increasingly nude body.

When we were all naked, Amber suggested the master bedroom, and from there I got to taste and sample the new merchandise. I have yet to read or hear anyone adequately describe the incredible taste of a woman, especially if comparing two of them who are both positively delicious, as Pam and Heather were.

Amber was right there beside me eating out whichever of the two I wasn't tongue-deep into at the moment. We switched back and forth, sometimes at my instigation and sometimes at Amber's. I marveled at how Amber had totally embraced her bisexual side; a side even she hadn't even known existed until only a year earlier.

For a while Amber had worried that I'd think she was ditching me in favor of pussy. I never got that far in my thinking, because we always seemed to be trying to sexually please each other whenever we could be alone or in one of our swing sessions.

My cock sank first into Pam. I almost combusted in joy over the feeling of a new pussy wrapped around my cock. Pam was snug and had a nice little pussy fuzz that I felt around her slit. I love fuzz. She was zealous in how she fucked, bouncing either under me or over me as we fucked. Once she'd had a healthy Big 'O,' I shifted to Amber for a few minutes, enjoying the familiar embraces, kisses, and love of my partner.

Amber then urged me to do Heather. In seconds, I had that new pussy joy all over again, as I sank into her squishy cunt. We went at it with enthusiasm as well. Heather admitted it had been over a year since she'd had a man 'in there.'

I moved around the circle of women for a while, eventually finishing up in Pam as she had her third Big 'O' from riding my cock. Pam's orgasms were spectacular because her pussy and lower body both twerked and fluttered around my cock. She made a male orgasm all my unavoidable. Of course, as the only man I had a duty to perform, and I did leave the others with a suitable string of orgasms before taking my own.

I took advantage of my knowledge of G-spots, both how to find them and how to use them to advantage to deliver orgasms. Being the kind person that I am, I made sure that each of the three women were suitably rewarded for allowing me to also sink my cock into their warm velvet sleeves on a lovely Saturday. They had seemed to like the idea too.

Although it got to be the middle of the afternoon, I felt like I'd had a whole night of energetic lovemaking. I still had a few hours to go before bedtime, but we had our daughter to pickup before dinner and I had to be social with my folks for a little too. Thus, about four-thirty Amber and I ended our 'introductions' to Pam and Heather. We were now bosom buddies - and fuck buddies - and we invited them to our next 'do.'

The two of them came as special 'guests' at our larger group's next house party that took place at Sean and Crystal's apartment in our condo building a week later. To my surprise, Pam and Heather were welcomed with open arms. I had expected the women to have a slightly chilly reception to the single MILFs - a.k.a. cougars, but instead everyone seemed to bond quickly and without a trace of jealousy. Several of the married women pleaded with the new women to include their husbands in a lovemaking session before the night was through. I think Amber had spread the word about their capabilities and motivations.

One happy result of the added women was more FFM threesomes taking place. Consequently, there was more female-female interaction, and this pleased not only the men, but also the women participating in the erotic encounters. I saw both Pam and Heather in separate threesomes either on the bottom - getting fucked while they ate one of the other women, or on top - while the other woman got fucked as they got eaten by her. Of course, I varied the pace with them by being on the bottom while one fucked me, and I ate the other woman.

Neither Heather nor Pam had ever seen a sybian, so during one of the male recovery periods there was a circle of fun-loving friends helping them each have powerful machine-induced orgasms on our little toy. Pam nearly fainted, and that reminded me that some time in the near future I was going to have to give each of them The Experience. A few of the other women also needed to feel that huge dose of erotic pleasure.

By the end of the first group get-together where Pam and Heather were in attendance, they were considered solid lifetime members of what one member called the Broadhurst Swingers. In mixed company, he referred to us as the Broadhurst Social Circle

* * * * *

I again got a surprise at the mailboxes about three weeks later. One of the residents somewhere in the 01 units was pregnant; I'd seen her from time to time heading from either the garage or the mailboxes to that elevator, increasingly waddling around as the weeks went by. A few times she was with a man I assumed was her husband. I wasn't sure what floor they were on.

My surprise came when the young woman, late twenties, stopped me just after I shut my mailbox to say hello one day. "Hi. I've seen you around. I'm Marcie Carson. We're in 401."

I returned the favor. "Jon Cooper from 1403. When are you due, about two o'clock today?" I couldn't help but notice that Marcie looked to be about twenty months pregnant. I was worried I'd have to use what few first aid skills I had to help her deliver any second right there in front of the mailboxes.

She laughed, "No. Two weeks from today, but the baby is riding very low. It's Samantha, by the way. We had a reveal party a few months ago."

I glanced at the immense baby bump on the short girl. "I think you're going to be early, but that's not a professional opinion. You look overly ripe, if I may use that term." I smiled at the double entendre.

"That's what Doug, my husband, says. He even took a class on how to deliver a baby just in case we end up doing it on the highway or something."

"A wise man," I tendered with a grin. This time my eye shifted to Marcie's obviously engorged breasts. She was stacked probably before her pregnancy, and now her breasts were spectacular. They were already swelling, doing whatever it was that Mother Nature did to prepare to feed a hungry infant.

Thinking our brief greeting was finished, I went to turn but Marcie touched my arm, "Please. A question ... And tell me to mind my own business if you want ... But I know there's a group of people from some of the units who are ... very friendly with each other. I was wondering whether you're part of that group? I ask because Doug and I are interested despite my current condition, which is obviously temporary." She shut up at that point, but looked at me in a hopeful way with a slight smile; her hand remained on my arm in a somewhat intimate gesture.

I examined Marcie more closely. I couldn't remember her not being pregnant, and I was sure I would have noticed; she would have been a pixie with large breasts. I guessed I'd started to notice her only a few months earlier. She was a cute brunette with a pleasant face, and she generated warmth around her that made you instantly like her.

"Very friendly," I teased back. "Now that's a vague term. We have a number of friends elsewhere in the building that we're 'very friendly' with." If she wanted to be fuzzy about what she was asking, I could play that game too. Even as I said my few words, I could tell I was putting her on the spot to be more specific. I could be a terrible tease. I stared at her inviting a further comment or question.

Marcie blushed a nice scarlet color. She got more specific, but I think she was prepared to run if I had a fit - well, she was better prepared to waddle instead of run. "I guess I should say that some of the people get intimate with each other ... sexually."

"Hmmmmm," I replied, as though to indicate I hadn't ever heard of such a thing. "That sounds really interesting ... and why would you be wanting to join such a group at this juncture in your family." I'd had her worried for a few seconds, but then she caught on that I was teasing her. My last remark was promising enough that Marcie figured I might indeed have something to do with the group she sought.

"My doctor stopped me from having sex three months ago because of the position of the baby and my uterus. I had to stop strenuous exercise too. He also said not to consider sex for at least two months after the birth. I ... well, I want to take care of my husband. I want him to feel sexually satisfied, and I wanted to find some partners for him to be with. I can do some things - blowjobs, but not penetrative sex - not even fingers. I think I'm even going to have to have a C-section."

"My, my; you are one blunt pretty lady. What if I'm not connected with this so-called group? You've either totally embarrassed yourself or I could consider that you're hitting on me."

Marcie grinned somewhat sheepishly, "But ... well, you do belong to that group, don't you?"

"What made you think that?"

"I've seen you greeting and talking to some of the women from elsewhere in the building. You're unique, because they nearly throw themselves at you with kisses and hugs. I even saw one of them grope you. I observed, questioned, and deduced based on what I saw." She sounded quite analytic.

I grinned at her, and decided to level with her. Anybody willing to be that blunt about sex and that observant deserved some truth.

"Marcie, there is such a group. My wife and I do belong, and we have a number of close friends in it. I guess ... I don't know how to do this. We just had two others join us recently, single women, who made similar assumptions and inquired, but they'd seen something going on that gave them more certainty to start with than you had."

She offered, "I'll be glad to be interviewed by anybody. I guess I could get Doug to do this too, but I wanted it to be a bit of surprise for him."

I countered, "It might be too much of a surprise to your husband. For many people, sex outside of marriage is considered a huge sin and a corrupt act. Even just springing it on him, he might react unpredictably."

"We don't think that way. We've had close friends before, for instance when we were in college we were quite open in our relationship with other people. We recently moved here for Doug's job, so we lost the opportunity to maintain those relationships."

I thought a minute and offered, "Why don't you talk to him. Once he knows what you're thinking, drop by our unit this evening for cocktails or coffee. We can talk more about the group, plus you can both meet Amber, my wife."

About four hours later after a text exchange, Marcie and Doug knocked on our door, and we welcomed them into our apartment. We spent the first few minutes talking about our décor, furnishings, and a little about our jobs and what people wanted to drink. Marcie ended up with OJ.

Doug was tall, handsome, square jawed, and a little laid back, almost to surfer dude level. Amber noticed instantly, and I could see her attraction to him. He also seemed a relatively humble young man, and not too full of himself. Those points instantly scored points with me, and I know those were turn on points with Amber. He was a new dentist in the city, having affiliated with an older dentist who wanted to retire in a year or so. Basically, Doug was going to buy his patient base over time.

We made small talk for a little longer, until Doug got to main agenda; "Marcie told me this afternoon that she'd asked you about us joining you and your friends occasionally for some recreational intimacy."

I liked his euphemism for sex - recreational intimacy. I responded, "Well, there are about twenty of us from around the condo. Everyone lives here so it's geographically limited, and no one has to drive home if they've had too much to drink." I paused and added, "What would you like to know about the group?"

He got right to the point, "How kinky do you get? Marcie has some ... unusual things she'd like to try, especially after she has the baby and all. She's storing up a lot of frustration right about now, and I guess I am too."

I chuckled, "Kinky is a relative term. What's way out there for one person seems normal for another. We routinely have threesomes, very public sex, and even an occasional show. Most of the women are bisexual; the men not so. Some folks love anal sex, others don't. A few women like to be DPed once in a while, and we've had a gangbang or two or three. We have a few sex toys around too. No one seems into whips or chains, and the dom-sub stuff I've seen has really been fun role-playing for a few minutes and nothing serious."

Marcie spoke up, "I like all those things, but when my milk starts, I want to share it with someone." She smiled sheepishly.

I raised my eyebrows, "I could be persuaded to participate in a lactation fetish. I've never tasted human milk, but if infants thrive on it how bad can it be?"

Doug laughed, "She wants to do it in public and while impaled on someone else's cock while I watch. You get the picture."

Marcie blushed, "I have these wild dreams or fantasies. They turn me on, and I remember them too. The longer I go without sex, the more intense they've become. That's only one of them."

I shook my head; "I forget most of my dreams within a minute of waking up." Amber nodded in agreement; we'd had this discussion before. Freud would be disappointed in us. If you can't remember your dreams, how can you analyze them?

I added, "On the other hand, we've talked about our fantasies and fetishes. Some of them play out in our little group. Some of the activities I named are fantasies for some of the people until we make them a reality for them. We do keep everything upbeat and positive."

I elaborated a little on the group. The makeup of the members, how often we meet, what a typical evening is like, and so on.

I turned to Doug, "What worries you about what we do, or that you might do with us?"

He thought, "We've been in other group settings, but just with a few close friends. Does being in a larger group bother you? Does anybody get jealous of others?"

I smiled, "We were together about a week ago. There were twenty-two of us - ten men and twelve women. The couples each seem to be in love with one another, and no one seems in search of a better mate, if you get my drift. This is fun, but also the development of close and intimate relationships with others. There doesn't appear to be any need for jealousy. People keep their ego out this."

I paused and asked him, "Why do you want to attend sessions in a group like this?"

Doug chortled, "I'm a horny guy. I dream about variety, and I've been doing without for three months, with a few more to go before Marcie can entertain me fully. She's been good in other ways, but it's not the same. I need to get laid!" He chuckled, but I could tell he was sincere.

Amber got up and moved to sit beside Doug, on his other side from Marcie. She said, "Oh, you poor man. I know just how to fix problems like that."

Amber pulled his face to hers, and started one of her trademark, knock-your-socks off kisses with him. In the process, she brought one of his hands to her thinly covered breasts.

Marcie watched her husband, and turned to me with a smile. She mouthed, "Thank you. This is good." She put a thumb up in slightly to signal her liking of the situation. I saw Amber catch the gesture.

Doug instantly got with Amber's seduction agenda, pawing at her breasts, and then running his fingers up her bare legs, moving under her skirt. Amber made noises implying that more of whatever he was doing was better; Doug checked in visually with Marcie and me, and then turned up the heat.

I made a little motion with my hand to Marcie, asking in a whisper whether the two of us could play together in some way. She nodded enthusiastically, and hitched herself forward to try to stand. I rescued her, moving in front of her and helping her stand, and then waddle with me to the love seat I'd been using.

I whispered to Marcie, "I like to pleasure my partners. What can I do to make you happy - sexually happy."

Marcie kissed me and said in a hushed tone, "Eat my pussy. Play with my clit. Because it's not Doug, I'll be in orbit. No fingering or fucking. Everything has to be external and no weight on my belly either. I give great blowjobs too, or so I've been told by one guy." She gestured at Doug.

I moved some pillows around to make Marcie comfortable. As I did, we watched Doug and Amber loose their clothing and start to fuck. One thing about Amber, when she got worked up she didn't need a lot of foreplay.

I slid to the floor in front of Marcie, lifted her skirt, nudged her pregnant panties down her legs, spread her slightly, and went to town with my mouth. I quickly found her clit, but played in the vicinity instead of starting my entire attack on one little nubbin.

Leaning back, Marcie unbuttoned the top of her dress and pulled the dress aside, shrugging it off her shoulders. Somehow, the major structural supports for her large breasts also disappeared, allowing me to look up and marvel at the oversized mammaries that would be feeding Samantha in the near future.

Marcie said, "I know men like to look at big tits. This is the largest I've ever been. Doug likes my girls too." I was smiling despite my tongue dancing around her slit. Marcie lifted one large breast to her mouth and licked the teat in a sexy way.

Through judicious use of tongue, mouth, and fingers, I managed to get Marcie off. I promised a more stimulating encounter once she had gotten over her delivery.

In the meanwhile, behind me, Amber had apparently pulled Doug's hair trigger. Doug lay back beside her panting as though the universe were running out of oxygen. Amber didn't appear to have broken a sweat. She was pushing at his deflating tool with one finger, obviously wishing he'd sustained a little longer.

Doug apologized profusely, "Amber, I'm so sorry. That's not my normal pattern. I haven't had real sex for months and you excited me so ... I just ... I couldn't contain myself. Marcie and I have been talking about sex almost all afternoon; I'm turned on ... and I blew it."

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