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She sat down in front of her computer. The hotel room was opulent, the desk was no different. The deep purple stain of the rosewood added to the air of distinction in the room. She heard a rap at the door. She knew it was coming, but he sure was fast. She knew he'd find a parking spot and venture to her room, even though she protested and asked him not to. Heck, he got there before she even got both of her socks off. She removed the second one, and sauntered barefooted towards the door. She peered out the eyepiece to see him standing there, silly grin on his face. She realized that her co-workers might see him in the hall, so she quickly flipped the bolt lock, opened the door and pulled him inside.

When she opened the door, he quietly entered. Then, without a word, his hand slipped behind her neck and he pushed her behind the door. Their lips met. She wanted to protest, but he wasn't having any of it. The door finished closing with a quiet thud. Her hand instinctively reached for the bolt and snapped it into the locked position. He pushed her against the wall. Pressing his body into hers, he raised her on the wall and let her down slowly as his right hand grasped her 36c breast. Her leather skirt's fabric caught traction on the wall as the inside satin lining slipped up off her hips, exposing her to him. In the same movement, his hand slinked up behind her back, under her blouse. He released the clasp on her bra, allowing her breasts to fall freely.

Now, with her skirt riding up, she allowed her legs to part slightly. He took the opportunity to place his right leg between her legs and he twisted his torso, opening her legs further. She reached down and hiked her skirt up even further to prevent stretching the leather from her awkward position. He propped her even higher on the wall as she pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his muscular torso. He returned the favor and removed her shirt and bra. Now, all she had on was her leather skirt and a black thong. She reached down and slid her index and middle finger behind his belt buckle and with a tug, she unhooked it. Another tug slid the buckle off the end, relieving the belt of the pressure it was under. She then slipped her fingers onto his button and released it. Fumbling for a moment, her index finger and thumb finally grabbed the zipper and slid it downwards. She realized he was not wearing any undergarments. His cock sprang free and brushed the inside of her thigh sending her into a spasm of pleasure.

Still, no words were said. Here she was, a married woman, with another man in her hotel room. They were both half naked and locked in a sensual kiss. His cock in her hand as she rubbed the tip into her crotch. At this point, her lust was matched by his persistence and persuasiveness. He slipped his hand between her thighs, and tugged at her thong, pulling the fabric, moving it aside. His large head was now moving up and down her slit, guided by her hand. Her voice was ragged when she exhaled the word "BED". He picked her up, holding her body tight to his and placed her on the end of the duvet. She leaned back, undid her skirt and welcomed him to help her off with it. Her panties came off equally as easily and he removed his pants in front of her.

She sat back up and took his cock into her hand. She caressed it slowly, feeling it pulse in her palm. He placed his hand on her head, she knew what he wanted, she leaned into him and took the head of his cock into her mouth. He was big, she couldn't take the whole thing, but she licked around the head and took as much as she could in. He groaned with delight as she worked away on him. She used her free hand to massage his balls, cupping them in the palm of her hand. She felt him twitch. He pulled away from her and leaned her back on the bed.

She scooted her body towards the head of the bed. She bent her knees and spread her legs, offering herself up to him. He leaned in and placed his cleanly shaven head between her legs. He kissed her thighs, gently massaging her pussy with his hand. He dove in, lapped and sucked at her clit, sending her into a writhing orgasm. Her body shuddered and bucked as wave after wave washed over her. She reached down, grabbed his arm and pulled him up to her. He entered her easily, just a little at first, then pumped further and further inside her. Soon he was buried to the hilt. A gasp escaped her mouth as he ground his pelvis into her. She responded by gyrating her hips. Their movements were in unison, sweat beading on their torsos.

She wrapped her legs around him, beckoning him to drive deeper and harder into her. He obliged with long, strong strokes. She felt so full. Her mind swam as yet another orgasm welled inside her. His motions became labored and ragged as he too neared orgasm. A fleeting thought that perhaps he should pull out was quickly overwhelmed by a wave of orgasmic pleasure. She started panting and moaning loudly. This sent him over the edge as his body tightened and he started to cum. They both orgasmed simultaneously as he continued to rock in and out of her. Her legs slipped away as she lost control, her moans turned to muffled shrieks as she strained to be quiet.

Her panting wound down as he collapsed on top of her. His cock was still hard inside her, but he was too tired to move. Her hips gyrated meekly to enjoy the sensations she was experiencing.

"I told you not to come up," she said.

"When have I ever done what I am told," he replied.

With that she pulled him closer and kissed him deeply, feeling the lust begin to build again. Her hands ran up and down his body. She pushed him over onto his back and kissed his chest, abdomen, and around his thighs. His prick began to come back to life. She grabbed it and began sucking the still slick head. This time, she took more inside her mouth. This caused him to grab her head and push down.

She repositioned herself and allowed him to force her head down onto him. She relaxed her throat as his head pushed at the back. With a slight pop, she felt him pass through the small opening and surprisingly she did not gag. Again, she repositioned herself to allow him to impale her mouth. He see-sawed in and out of her mouth while she strained at his girth. He grabbed her thighs and positioned her legs on either side of his head and began to suck and lick at her swollen lips.

Almost immediately she began to have yet another orgasm. She pulled free of him and swung around, straddling his hips. She plunged down onto him, guiding his rigid prick into her throbbing pussy. She wanted him inside her now. His hand instinctively thumbed her clit and she began to slowly raise and lower her hips. Her pace quickened as she began to lose control over her body. She twisted and contorted to make his cock hit every untouched part of her canal. Sweat rolled off her body as she animalistically humped him.

She seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm now as her moans and shrieks continued unabated. She felt a great heat within her as his cock twitched inside her. Feeling he was close again, she jumped off of him and straddled his face again, her mouth devoured his throbbing penis just as he exploded. She swallowed every drop, and milked his cock as her orgasm peaked.

As he deflated, she fell onto him. She was exhausted. Her legs were rubber, her jaw hurt and her pussy was hot and swollen. She had not been fucked like this in a long, time. After gathering her strength, she rolled off him. He pulled her around to his face and kissed her deeply. She realized it was well after 11 and her husband was probably worried about her. Without a word, it seemed he understood and he got up and silently got dressed. She sat on the edge of the bed, fearing she would not be able to stand. He came over, gave her one last kiss, then headed for the door.

Just then, the phone rang...

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