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It was a balmy summer's day when Sandy walked into June's apartment. As she did, she was greeted by a big hug and gentle nibbling on her ears by June. "Hun!!" she exclaimed. "At least let me get into my swimsuit first!!!" But June would not hear of it. She began to nibble more along Sandy's neck until she had her hands touching her nipples through her shirt and squeezing hard. Sandy surrendered to her friend's desires, melting in her arms as they began to tongue each other's mouths with a reckless abandon. They adjourned to June's bedroom where they both quickly disrobed before going on the bed and kissing some more. As the fan blew softly around them, June began to put Sandy on her back as she began to gently bite Sandy's nipples until they became as pencil erasers pointing straight up to the ceiling. As June started to move towards Sandy's legs, Sandy could feel herself getting all wet there and was itching for June to lick her wetness. June's tongue started out slowly, driving Sandy out of her mind until she started to lick deeper and harder. Sandy spread her legs wide and used her fingers to spread herself wide open so her friend could drive deeper into her honey pot. The orgasm was intense as Sandy arched her back and allowed her juices to flow into June's mouth.

June had no chance to react when Sandy threw her on the bed and began to lick her pussy and ass with a fierceness. Sandy rolled June over as she licked every inch of June. Sandy then went and grabbed June's favorite paisley vibrator and began to pound her pussy as she tongued deeper into her ass. June was grabbing at sheets because it felt so good and she liked it rough like this. These two had been secret lovers for a couple years and knew each other's bodies so well. June's orgasm caused her to moan loudly as they both collapsed in a heap on the bed. As they laid in each other's arms kissing and touching gently, they began to think about things.

Later as both of them were in June's hot tub, Sandy asked, "So does yours know about me?"

"No, well not about our relationship. Yours?"

"Clueless. Still, I would love for you to try him out. His cock is nice and wide. Not extremely huge, but it fits pretty good."

June looked a little sly," My boyfriend is a pretty good size also. Does yours like to lick you all the time?"

"Oh yes! He loves doing it, but he'll never be as good as you hun." With that, they began to kiss and touch again. A little later, they discussed how they were going to reveal their friendship to them. The idea of revealing their secret and sharing their boyfriends caused them to go wild again.

The next weekend, June has her boyfriend come over. As he enter, she jumps on top of him and begins to madly kiss him all over his neck and face. Jim then begins to kiss back as he pulls her skirt up to feel her nice tight ass. As she presses against his cock with her pussy clothed in pink thong, she moans loudly. He begins to unzip his pants before June stops him. "Not yet," she says. "We still have company that'll be here any minute."

Jim sadly pulls his hands up and begins to rise as June leads him into the bedroom to help him get dressed in his swimsuit. As he took off his pants, she bent forward in front of him and begins to lick his cock up and down. It immediately rises to attention as she starts to suck a little at a time before letting the tip touch the back of her throat. She knew she had total control as was his turn to moan. She started to stroke with her hands as her head bobbed on his shaft. It only took a couple minutes of teasing before he shot his load down her throat. June loved it when she made him cum in her mouth. As she rose up, she heard the doorbell ring.

She quickly ran to the door and noticed Sandy and her boyfriend were there. She noticed how Sandy's lipstick was a little smeared. Looks like her boyfriend got lucky too. As she opened the door, she kissed Sandy on the lips and tasted a little of the cum on her lips. She then grabs Sandy's hand and runs into the bathroom. Once there, she began to tongue Sandy deeper to get a better taste of what he tasted like. Sandy could taste the cum of Jim also and they both smiled at what they were about to do.

They both walk into the living room to see Jim and Sandy's boyfriend talking. They seemed to be anxious, obviously having less than noble motives in mind for their women. Jim was wearing his blue Hawaiian swim trunks and a pair of sandals. Sandy's boyfriend, Paul, was wearing his trunks also. He seemed a little more withdrawn than Jim did. As Sandy takes them both by the hand, she kisses Jim on the cheek lightly. She felt him cringe a little out of nervousness. She leads them on to the hot tub and tells them she needs to change.

She walks back in a quickly disrobes as Jan has the robe ready. As she feels the cotton near her clit, she started to get wetter than normal. They both walk out arm in arm as the boys watched them. They went to opposite ends of the hot tub near the other boyfriend and dropped robe at the same time. They saw the boys reaction as they saw the other girl's naked bodies behind them. Both of them seductively lower themselves into the water and begin to simultaneously stroke the cocks of the other's boyfriend. Both boys began to object until Jan confessed. "I wanted us to be more open and share, since Sandy and I share everything."

This caused the boys to drop their jaws. Wonder what she meant. Then both girls start to pull down the trunks and began to stroke harder until the boys were stiff. Both girls then began to lower themselves onto their cocks and begin to ride slowly. The boys couldn't believe what was happening until the felt their cocks explodes inside the women riding them. The girls both looked at each other before raising up. Sandy teased, "Don't worry, boys. We got a way to get you boys up again."

When they all move to the living room, the boys sit on opposite couches while the girls meet in the middle. The boys watched in wonder as sandy and Jan began to kiss in the middle, their tongues parting each other's lips as they embraced each other's bodies together. Both lowered themselves to the floor as they immediately went to a 69. As both of them began to tongue quickly, Jan moaned. "Come and fuck me, Paul."

Paul knelt down and began to press his now hard again dick towards her pussy when Sandy told him to do her ass. Jim followed suit and entered into Sandy through her ass also and the girls were moaning louder and louder. Every few strokes, they would pull out the cock in front of them and teasingly suck it before reentering it into the assigned hole. When the girls felt them about to cum, they got up and started to French kiss as the boys shot all across their faces and tits.

The girls confessed later how long they were together and how they wanted to be more sharing of each other's good fortunes. It took a few hours before Jim and Paul hobbled out the door as Sandy spent another night at Jan's.

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