tagExhibitionist & VoyeurConfession: I am an Exhibitionist

Confession: I am an Exhibitionist


Lucky for her, her BF also loves exposing her naked body


Here's another tale about our favorite Brits, Scott and Laura. You may know them from an earlier story "Dogging -- Flashing, English style". They are the perfect couple. She's an exhibitionist, and he enjoys showing her off. This is a story about how they got started. How they learned that they enjoyed this type of perversion.

Part of the story takes place in Magaluf, a Spanish city on an island in the Mediterranean. It's an inexpensive holiday destination that caters to Brits. It's known for its cheap booze, wild clubs, and raunchy/lewd behavior.

This story is entered in the April Fools contest. As such, it needs some surprises or a trick ending. Laura was certainly surprised when she learned her true nature. Her man is pleasantly surprised multiple times. Her friends are too never imagined that they would 'xxxx'.

I won't spoil the surprise telling you now. Enjoy! Of course, all people having sex or seeing body parts are over 18. r


"I'm a pervert," Laura confessed. The young woman with a pretty face and shiny, light brown hair looked distressed.

"What?" Amy exclaimed.

"I'm a sexual deviant," Laura said.

Claire, who had been adding milk to her tea, stopped and looked at her friend and asked, "What are you talking about?"

"I meet the clinical definition of a pervert. I discovered, by accident, that I'm an exhibitionist and I don't think I can stop."

Her friends stared at her. The three women, all primary school teachers in their twenties, were in Laura's new apartment. She and her boyfriend, Scott, had recently bought the flat. The women had returned from a Saturday afternoon shopping trip and were having a formal four o'clock tea complete with cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches, scones, and cake.

They had been nibbling on the food, drinking tea, and talking when Laure dropped the bombshell. She said, "I borrowed this psychology book from the library." She reached for a large reference book that was on the coffee table, flipped it open to a page she'd marked, and read.

"Sexual deviance is culturally and historically specific. This concept refers to behaviors that involve individuals seeking erotic gratification through means that are considered odd, different, or unacceptable to either most or influential persons in one's community. Sexual deviance is a term that refers to behavior that has a sexual aspect to it and is considered a violation of either general societal norms or the expectations and/or limits of behavior for specific cultural settings. For example, rape or exhibitionism."

The faces of her friends showed that they were stunned. "What ... What have you done?" Claire asked.

"It started here. In this apartment. On this sofa," Laura said. "When we first moved in, all we had on the windows were cheap, see-through, polyester curtains that the previous owners had installed. We were making do with them while the custom fabric curtains and wooden blinds I had ordered were being made."

Amy laughed and said, "I hate sheers. They remind me of my grand's house."

Claire said. "They are vile."

Laura made a face showing her contempt for them too. She pointed to the large windows and said, "I know, but I was stuck with them. We have windows that face the main road. There's only six feet of grass between our place and the sidewalk. Without them, anyone walking or driving by can see straight into our living room. They afforded us some privacy.

"Scott thought the best layout for our living room was to have the couch face the front windows. I told him 'Great. We can sit here and watch everyone who goes by our house looking at us.'"

"Men are so dumb," Amy commented.

"I made him put the sofa perpendicular to the front door. It isn't the best use of space, but I need to feel that I can lounge on the couch and not worry that every Tom, Dick, and Harry passing by the apartment can see my knickers."

Claire said, "I'm confused. You kept the nasty sheers so strangers can't see in and you positioned the sofa so no one can look up your skirt. Aren't those things an exhibitionist wouldn't do?"

"Yes. You see I didn't know I was an exhibitionist until later. Let me tell you how I discovered that I am a pervert. A sexual deviant who gets off flashing my bits.

"One night soon after we moved in, Scott met me after work and we went out for drinks. Then, we came home and drank more. We started kissing and fooling around and daring each other to do silly things here in the living room.

"I made him take his pants and underwear off. His erection pointed to the ceiling. He had me walk around topless. We teased each other and said that the old couple who lived down the street would soon walk by and see his hard dick and my big, saggy boobs.

"One thing led to another. I sucked his cock and he sucked on my breasts. We got completely undressed while we fooled around. To increase the sense of danger and the potential of being seen, and because I had been drinking and I hated the cheap sheers, I ripped down the ones on the main front window. Now there wasn't any barrier that obscured a passerby's view into the apartment.

"We were drunk, reckless, and full of bravado. We got off saying that our neighbors coming home from work or out walking their dog would be treated to quite a sight if they glanced our way. We pranced about. My big tits are heavy. They spill down my chest and my nipples are even with my elbows. They swayed and bounced and I didn't care ... for a while. Then I got scared and said, 'Scott, we have to stop this.'

"He brought me to the couch, sat me down, and said, 'No one can see you here. The arm of the sofa blocks their view.' He knelt on the floor and began eating me out and pulling on my nipples. This distracted me. I became so turned on that I forgot about the window."

"Yeah. I know how that happens," Amy chimed in.

"Scott spread my legs wide. His fingers were inside me and his tongue was flicking back and forth across my clit. I grabbed his head and held it against my sex. I was close to orgasming and prayed that he wouldn't stop. My heart was pounding, my chest flushed red, my legs were shaking, and fluid was leaking out of my pussy faster than he could lap it up."

Her friends nodded. They were on the edge of their seats, leaning in, staring at her as they listened to her story. Truth be told, their nipples were hard and their pussies were damp. Claire was a small breasted woman. She had worn a silk blouse with a simple cotton camisole underneath. No bra. Her hard nipple dented the soft fabrics.

Laura glanced at the women. They were listening with rapt attention. She said, "As you can imagine, I'm out of it. My orgasm is building."

She paused and said, "Do you remember that I told you, one of the reasons we picked this place was because of the good transportation. We have a bus stop outside our door."

"No! It didn't happen!" Claire said fearing where the story was going.

"Yes," Laura said. "A double-decker bus stopped in front of our house. The people stepping off could see Scott on his knees with his head buried between my legs. The riders on the top deck had an angle that allowed them to see me naked on the couch. My fat, droopy boobs are out. They oozed off my chest and settled in my armpits. The second story passengers saw my sloppy tits and my red, saucer-like areolas.

"They see Scott eating my pussy. Scott is fascinated with my pussy."

"All men are," Claire stated.

"Yes. Men love our pussies, but Scott is captivated. He takes his exploration to another level. There are times, like this night, when one minute he's eating the hell out of my pussy and the next, he's giving me a going over more thorough than a gynecological exam."

"What do you mean?" Amy asked.

"He likes to open up my sex. He pulls my labia apart and peers in. He doesn't just look. He inspects my vulva, examines my vaginal canal, and he studies my anus. That was happening to me that night. Then he moved back to take it all in. My pussy is being held open, my legs were splayed, and he is staring at my vaj and anus when the bus pulled up. The upstairs riders don't just see me naked. I was defenseless and completely exposed. They saw both of my holes gaping and being probed by Scott's fingers."

"Oh, no!" Claire said. Her hand automatically flew up to cover her mouth.

"I screamed 'Scott, the bus! There's a bus outside!' The bastard knew. He'd heard the blasted thing pull up. He wouldn't stop. After showing them my asshole and cunt, he sucked my clit and fingered my pussy. I was stunned, horrified, and scared stiff. I couldn't move, not even to cover myself. He's working on me. My body was overwhelmed with feelings of pleasure and embarrassment. My brain short-circuited and I climaxed.

"Now, my mind is foggy. I'm lost in my own world. This is when he decided to stop. He moved back and the cheeky bastard again spreads my labia for the whole world to see me. I shave down there. They could see everything. Every flap and fold. Every detail of my vagina."

"He's a dirty bastard!" Claire spit out.

"I was spared no indignity. Not only could strangers see me, but I could see them! I saw their faces distinctly. Every scowl of disgust. Every creepy smile. Every lewd leer!

"Normally, when you look outside at night, it's dark and you don't see much. But a bus is lit up inside and has great big windows. When I came down from my high, I could see men and women in the top row of the bus. They were staring at my naked, exposed body. They had watched me spasm. They'd seen me cum and then, watched my body shiver in my post-orgasmic bliss.

"Then, came the worst part."

Claire was astonished, "What could be worst? Strangers saw every detail of your body. They saw you having sex and orgasming."

"That part was terrible, but I had had a tremendous orgasm. I realized that I had become more aroused, my pussy was wetter than it had been in my life, and it was because strangers saw me. I saw the looks of lust and disgust. The level of excitement that brought me embarrassed me and made me ashamed of myself. I felt their eyes on my soggy pussy, my puckered anus, my throbbing clit, and my heavy, floppy tits.

"I was embarrassed because they had seen my body. I was doubly embarrassed that I enjoyed being leered at. I almost came again as I imagined the riders coming into my living room. My pussy gushed as I pictured multiple pairs of hands groping me, fondling my body, and their fingers sliding inside my pussy, and inside my ass. I shuddered as I dreamed of them taking advantage of me."

A tear rolled out of Laura's eyes. The other women were emotional too. Laura's shoulders slumped. She looked defeated. Her friends came to her and hugged her in silence for a full five minutes.

Laura sniffled, wiped away her tears, smiled at her companions, and said, "Thanks."

Her mates nodded while wiping the remnants of tears from their cheeks. Laura cleared her throat and began again.

"I was naked and mortified. I had been viewed and scrutinized. Scott's in the room with me. He's kneeling in front of me with a big smile on his face and his rock hard erection pointing skyward. I became furious. I was upset with him for having put me on display and also disgusted with myself that I'd enjoyed it so much. I took my anger out on him. I kicked him in the nuts. He cried like a little girl and rolled on the floor holding his package. I ran into the bedroom and locked the door."

Amy said, "Wow!"

Claire said, "So your boyfriend is an arsehole. Why does that make you an exhibitionist? You had sex in your flat. You were careless because of the drinking, but your actions weren't like the creepy old man in the park who is naked under a raincoat and opens it to flash people. You didn't expose your body deliberately. Scott did."

Laura stood and said, "The story's not over. Amy, can you gather up the teacups and take them to the kitchen? Thanks. I'll get us a bottle of wine. I'll need it for the rest of the tale."

Amy cleared away the cups. Claire got wine glasses. Laura opened a bottle of her favorite red. She poured everyone a glass, took a deep draught and said, "So in June, a month after moving in here, Scott and I took a vacation to Magaluf."

"You mean 'Shagaluf'?" Amy asked and laughed.

"That place is wild," Claire agreed. "My mother won't go there. She says it's full of 'unsavory characters'. I had a blast. The drinks are cheap. The clubs are fun. My mates and I were drinking gin with our breakfasts!"

"Yes. We'd heard the stories," Laura said. "We weren't looking for a drunken bacchanalia. We needed to get away. Someplace warm, sunny, and cheap. Mainly cheap. Magaluf fit the bill.

"The morning we were flying out, I decided I needed another bathing suit. I only had one that fit well. I was afraid my big ass would split the fabric of my older, worn suit.

"There's a store on the way to the airport. I ran in and got a green bikini. It was cheap and cute. The bottom had wooden rings on the sides by the hips and the top had one ring connecting the cups of the halter top.

"For the first four days, we relaxed, drank, and sunbathed around the hotel pool. We went to the hotel's club at night. I danced like a maniac. It was fun. We'd heard the stories of drunken people on the strip getting into fights and having sex in public. We avoided that scene by staying in the safe, controlled environ of our hotel.

"On the fifth day, after lunch, we ventured out to the beach. The beach was nice but narrow and crowded. We found a spot near the waterline. We spread our towels. I lay on my back, used the beach bag as a pillow, and read my book. Scott went off to get a beer.

"When he returned, he sat cross-legged, drank his beer, and looked at the other women on the beach from behind his sunglasses."

"Men. They're all the same," Amy said and laughed.

"Yes. I let him have his fun. I stretched out and enjoyed the warmth of the sun and the smell of the salt air. My left leg was straight. I bent my right leg and it flopped off to the side at about a 45-degree angle. I was comfortable and read."

"I didn't notice because I was engrossed in my book, Scott told me this later. He said he had a weird feeling that he, we, were being watched. Of course, he was looking at the girls and everyone at the beach was checking everyone out, but he said it was more than the usual scan.

"He said it was creepy. People were walking by on the wet, hard packed sand and they'd slowed down when they came to us. He said there was a college kid lying on his stomach near us. He had his phone out. Scott thought he was taking pictures.

"There was also a group of lads, probably in their twenties. They were walking along checking out the women. They gave me a good look, laughed, and elbowed each other. Two minutes later, they came back. They walked slower this time and they had their phones out. They paused by us. Scott felt they were trying to be discreet, but that they were filming me.

"He wondered why. He said I looked good in my new, green bikini, but wondered why was I getting special attention. There were many young, attractive women around. Some wore skimpy bathing suits. Others were topless.

"Scott said that the guys lingered, but eventually moved on. The sun was making him hot. He turned to me and saw that I had fallen asleep. He left me resting and he went into the water to cool off. While he was there, he looked back at me and suddenly realized why I was being singled out.

"He said he could see my pussy. He could see up inside my bathing suit through one of the leg holes. He saw one of my labia and most of my slit. The cheap bathing suit I'd gotten didn't fit right in the crotch. I thought it wouldn't be a problem. It was loose and baggy. I bought it because I needed something and the next smaller size wouldn't accommodate my big butt.

"I would have been okay, he said, if I wasn't lying the way I was lying. I had one leg off to the side. The material had gathered, bunched up and had ballooned open so if you were in front of me and to my right, you could see inside my suit through the leg opening and see my shaved pussy!

"Scott said he stood in the water and stared at me. He realized the everyone walking past us had seen my pussy. No wonder he was getting strange looks!"

"Oh, my God!" Amy said. "How embarrassing."

"You poor dear," Claire said. "So Scott ran out of the water and told you?"


"No?" her friends said in unison.

"No. He said he got hard thinking about all the men who had seen my pussy."

"What a wanker!" Amy spat out.

"He said his dick throbbed as he imagined the dozens of guys who'd be masturbating to the image of my pussy on their phones or the memory in their minds."

"Pervert!" Claire barked.

"He said he had to stay in the water until his erection went down. Then, he came to me. He positioned himself so that he blocked people's view of my vagina while I slept."

"That was good," Amy said.

"Then, he got up and returned to the water."

Claire asked, "He didn't wake and tell you or at least cover you?"

"Nope. He left me exposed for another forty-five minutes. He estimates that all told, a hundred men saw or photographed my pussy that day before I woke, stood, and stretched. I saw Scott in the water and joined him there. He told me what had happened. I screamed and covered my face. I was embarrassed, ashamed, and horrified."

"I would have killed him," Amy said.

"Tell me you slapped the hell out of him!" Claire demanded.

"I was too embarrassed. I asked him to take me to the room. He wouldn't. He grabbed me and made me face the shore. He said 'Look at the guys. They're all looking at you. Lusting for you. See the smiles.'

"He was right. Many men were looking at me and smiling. I liked the way they were staring at me. You two are petite and gorgeous. Men are always drooling over you."

"You're pretty. You have nice brown hair and clear blue eyes," Claire said.

"I'm so jealous of your high cheekbones," Amy said.

"Thank you. You're being kind. I have a pretty face, but you're ignoring the obvious. I'm built like a Mack truck. I'm thick. Solid. A big, old, country girl."

Her friends looked at her kindly but said nothing. They couldn't argue with her description. Laura was stout with big tits, a thick waist, a large ass and sturdy thighs. She was the opposite of petite. She was built like an Amazon.

Laura gave her friends a pained look and said, "I'm the girl boys ignore. I don't get the attention you do. The smiles of the men on the beach made me feel good. Desired. Sexy. Special. Those are feelings I'm not used to.

"I told Scott to take me to our room. When we got back to the hotel, I jumped him as soon as the door closed. I was so bloody wet. I ripped his pants off, sucked him until he was hard, and mounted him. He went in quick and easy and I came fast and hard. My quaking pussy made Scott cum and he shot his wad in me.

"Afterward, we talked. I thought Scott would be disgusted with me for getting so turned on because a hundred blokes had seen my pussy. He was worried that I would be upset with him because he'd let people see me. We discovered that we were both perverts and we were okay with what the other had done.

"Wow!" Amy said.

"Double wow!" Claire said.

"Dinner that night was room service. We didn't want to dress or leave the room. We fucked three more times. Every time we discussed what had happened, we got so riled up we had to screw, and the orgasms were out of this world.

"We slept in the next day and had a nice, big brunch."

Amy asked, "Did you go to the beach?"

"You didn't do it again, did you?" Claire asked.

"Yes. We returned to the beach. I wore the same green bikini. We spread out our towels and put on sunscreen. I stretched out as before with my right knee bent and read my book. I tugged on my bikini bottom and made sure that the bikini ballooned open and that my pussy was on display. Scott went off to grab a beer.

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