tagFetishConfession of a Panty Thief Ch. 02

Confession of a Panty Thief Ch. 02


I lived in a Stockholm apartment for a year. The old five story building was narrow and had six units per floor - typical for the neighborhood on my street, BirgerJarlsgatan. I lived on the top floor and encountered all of the other tenants at some point during my stay. The building had its share of beauties, young and old. Most of the time I’d see them in the foyer, the bicycle room or the laundry room. The Swedes like to line dry their clothes - even in apartment buildings. Laundry rooms there have a washer and a centrifuge to spin dry the clothes before draping the items over the line. There was a big room in the basement of my building that had no less than twenty lines and almost always in use.

My panty fetish was sort of put on hold when I first arrived in Sweden. I had many adjustments and was too busy to orchestrate a panty acquisition. Until about a month into my stay, that is. I pulled my clothes from the washer and placed them into the centrifuge. I noticed that a pair of cotton panties had stuck to the inside wall and were overlooked by the previous user. I ran the machine and line dried my clothes except for the panties which I crammed in my pocket and dried in my apartment. The panties were apparently not missed and the next time I did laundry made sure to look closely in the centrifuge. That had been an isolated incident and I began to scan the lines for interesting panties to borrow.

The Swedes have very few hang-ups about community laundry or revealing their intimates for everyone to see. I started taking pairs for the day and returning them to the line. If the clothes were collected I would put them in a conspicuous place where the owner could find them if the item was missed. Often the panties would remain for days until I claimed them once again.

As you can guess, this practice escalated into a regular habit. I had over twenty pairs at one time and no one raised a fuss. I’m not sure if I expected everyone to come to my door at once in an intervention or act like it wasn’t a problem. Sure it was!

I already spoke German and Swedish was naturally growing on me. I was able to read headlines and some articles after a few months. I’m not sure why I didn’t pay attention to a sign that had been posted in the laundry room but it was there for at least a month before I took the time to decipher it. It basically read: There is a thief among us. The entire place was on the lookout while I was casually taking their panties on a regular basis. I have no idea how I got away with so many panty raids but a lot of Swedes were pissed off and wanted an end to my shenanigans. They must have narrowed the losses down to me because some of the previously friendly folk began to snub me on the stairs. It was time to move.

I was subleasing the flat from someone who was subleasing it from someone else. I took my belongings and moved out without notice. I was the worst kind of scoundrel for doing so and to make matters worse, I returned most of the borrowed items - unwashed and worn. I hung the panties on one line in the drying room prior to my departure. In a sense, thumbing my nose at everyone. I kept four pairs that were of the silk and satin persuasion. Those I knew belonged to a friendly brunette on my floor.

Two weeks before my return to the states, I stayed with a girl in Uppsala. She was an acquaintance of mine at Stanford and was listed in the phone book. I didn’t really know her that well but I was trying to save money and thought I would shack up with her before my flight. She turned out to be a queen bitch and we argued constantly. I would have left but the sex was great. She straddled my leg during an argument the first night and I folded. She wore a knee-length skirt with heavy cotton leggings. I was prepared to walk so I groped her with absolutely nothing to lose. It turned out to be a welcome advance as she let me pull her skirt above her waist. I remember wondering if the leggings were one piece or two different items. If so, was she wearing panties and what kind? The skirt slid up and beyond the leggings thus revealing the soft skin of her inner-thighs and up to the panties themselves. She wore dark gray cotton panties that matched the leggings. She did the honors of removing her sweater which revealed a matching bra. It was strange that she seldom wore a bra in the states but now wore one on her own turf. That bitch always sported hard nipples on her swaying jugs no matter where she went. I thought that was just a Swedish thing and now she decided to wear a bra. I made sure removing that was the first line of business. We proceeded to engage in angry sex that ended with her disappearing into her room for the rest of the night. The subsequent morning and day was always a question mark as to my departure but the sex returned in the evening along with the cigarettes and booze; she smoked like a chimney. After six days I’d had enough. She returned one night with a black man and had raucous sex in the next room just to spite me. I couldn’t care less. I stayed out of sight the next morning and after she left I ripped off every pair of her panties that I could find. Hej da Sverige!


Not long ago I was asked by my neighbors across the street to watch their house while they were in San Francisco. I agreed to feed their cat and get their paper and mail for the week. Then he gave me a key to their front door. This was not necessary since the cat lived outside and I could keep the mail and paper in a bundle until their return. I stood there holding the key as he went on and on about their travel plans. I was about to give the key back when the idea of a covert panty raid occurred to me. He has a college aged daughter that still lives with them and was going to accompany them to the Bay area. She seems very shy but has a body that always catches my eye. I didn’t realize Lisa was my height until I spoke with her recently up close. Her body reminds me of a volleyball player except not as tone. Naturally, I wondered what she wears under all those clothes and now I was going to find out.

I opened the house door after they left and placed the mail directly next to the door. I poured food in the cat’s bowl outside and returned to my house. I repeated the same activity until the evening before they were scheduled to return. I couldn’t find a pen light in my house so I taped up a flashlight to emit a small ray. Then I put on an army overcoat and a fleece hat with two holes for eyes. The reason for such caution is because she has a computer whiz brother that lives with them so the chances of being monitored by some surveillance was always possible. I had no idea which room was hers and I didn’t want to be seen rummaging through the house or through her drawers. I could always deny it if video produced a masked unknown person.

I waited for the sun to go down and entered the house. The moment I closed the door I pulled the hat down over my face and turned the flashlight on. I had no problem finding Lisa’s room downstairs but felt strange as I sneaked around. I saw a stack of her clean laundry that consisted of pants and shirts. The next obvious place for panties is the top drawers of her bureau. One side was socks and pantyhose. The other side was the panty drawer with a limited amount of booty. She must have taken a bulk of her panties with her on the trip. I saw three or four thongs (a surprise) and plain jane cotton briefs that seemed brand new. I rifled through the drawer and even searched the sock drawer for some more. My next search was the laundry room but it was empty. It’s as if they cleansed the place with the knowledge I’d be on the prowl! My one last look was under the bed which produced a nylon floral string bikini. These were not for swimming but were everyday panties that she’d overlooked. Score! I left the house with my new treasure and stuffed them in my sock drawer when I arrived home.

The following day the neighbors showed up in two cars and unloaded their luggage. After a week, no one came to retrieve the house key so I decided I’d bring it to them. Lisa was cleaning out her car so I thought it would be exciting for me to deliver the key to her while wearing her panties under my slacks. I put them on and buttoned my pants. It would’ve been great except that I forgot about the panties the moment I walked out my door. She took the key and thanked me. I asked about her trip and she smiled and said it was nice. I acted cool and walked back into my house and poured a beer. I watched her out my kitchen window knowing she could not see me during the daylight even if she tried. She held a soapy cloth and began washing her car. I stripped off my slacks and gripped my erection through the shiny fabric of her panties. I was trying to imagine which of the panties she wore of that limited selection. There were no panty lines to speak of which led me to believe she was wearing a thong or nothing at all under her capri pants. I pulled my cock out the side of her panties and began to slather it with astro glide and felt an orgasm building. Then she disappeared around the opposite side of the car. I decided to look through binoculars but couldn’t hold them still enough. Eventually she worked her way back around to my side of the car and squatted down to clean the wheels. Her pants were low cut enough to see she indeed wore a white and blue thong - one of the ones I remember seeing in her drawer. I set the binoculars down and scrambled to find a cloth or towel but to no avail. I came furiously into my empty beer cup. Afterward I felt weird and questioned my depravity. Of course, that wears off in no time and I’m ready for another panty adventure.

One of my more brazen panty exploits involved my ex-girlfriend’s roommate. She and my girlfriend had graduated college while I was still in my sophomore year. They worked full-time while I fucked off and pretended to study. My girlfriend at the time was a mutual friend before we dated. She was cute and I knew she had a hot roommate so I dated with hopes of being introduced to the hottie. It took very little time to realize her roommate was not my type and we seldom spoke. Soon after I was told she was advising my girlfriend to dump me. I didn’t take that lightly so what’s a guy to do? I took it out on her panties, of course. Before my afternoon class I would let myself into their apartment and head straight for Justine’s closet. Her drawers contained a variety of undergarments. She had every kind of panty including crotchless and rubber. She also had garter belts and half bras that let the nipples do as they please. I came across a vibrator and some other novelties that were top secret for sure. I knew that half of the items were probably given to her by Mr. Moneybags that she saw every now and then. He was essentially her boss and almost twice her age. They had to keep that affair under strict wraps.

I decided to put on her entire ensemble that day. It started with an off-white pair of satin panties and matching bra. Then came the thigh high pantyhose and the garter belt. I had to adjust the garters and redundantly attach them to the self supporting pantyhose. The hose had plastic shields on the inner-thighs that were suppose to ease the friction as the legs rub together in stride, I guess. Her shoes were too small and so were her dresses. I looked incomplete so I partially filled two condoms with water and tied them off in order to stuff in the bra. I borrowed an oversized T-shirt and climbed into her bed with some lotion and several other panties and slips. The dress up had amounted to foreplay as my cock was about to burst. I laid on my back and inched the shirt up to emulate a strip tease. The panties had stretched and given way to my cock as it throbbed and pulled. I felt myself inching irreversibly toward ejaculation so I unsnapped the garters and dropped the panties to my knees. I turned over on my hands and knees and came with precision into the cotton lining of the panties. I carefully removed them and rubbed the semen uniformly in the lining and stuffed them in my backpack. I disrobed and put everything back in order before leaving their apartment. Once I was home I hung the panties to dry and softened the hardened lining when they were ready.

The next day the panties were back in the rightful drawer and I repeated the process to another pair. Four pairs in all would be soiled and returned to her drawer in the end. It brought a smile to my face when I’d see her after that. I’m sure she wonders to this day what was so goddamn funny.


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