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Confession to My Husband


Dear Will

I know I may regret telling you what happened last night. We have always been honest with each other but I do not honestly know how you will react. In our fantasies, it would turn you on more than anything. In reality? Maybe you will just think I cheated on you.

As you know I am sharing a room with Emma on this trip. As ever, she has been moody. One minute the life and soul, next gloomy and a bit spiteful. She wouldn't have been my first choice to share with but there you have it. We get on ok I guess.

The first night was classic hen weekend stuff, we drank too much, played silly games, talked about our sex lives. (I have some amazing stories to tell you about Jenny actually, remind me!)

Saturday was different, we went for dinner and then clubbing till about 3am. When we got back to the hotel, Emma and I got in to our PJs, had another drink, chatting on her bed. After a a little while, we both dozed off.

I don't know what it was that made me wake up. When I did, I had the shock of my life!

Emma lwas ying stark naked on the bed. She was fondling her big tits and her other hand was between her legs. rubbing her clit. I froze with shock, watching her. I wondered if she was doing this in her sleep. I sat up on my elbows and saw her eyes were wide open. Not only that, but she smiled at me, her face contorted with dirty pleasure.

You know I'm bicurious. You know we have both talked about her curvy body, her dirty smile. All of this was there, right there and her soft moans were intoxicating.

I'm sorry if what I did was wrong, or drunk, or crazy. But it felt like the only thing to do. I pulled off my top and pushed down my PJ bottoms so that I was completely naked too. Emma smiled her encouragement. I could see her hand was moving quite fast now between her legs.

She leaned up to look at me as I started to follow her actions. I stroked and pulled at my nipples, biting my lip a bit to stifle my moans. I was already panting with lust by the time I touched my pussy and it was soaked. I lay on my side, watching her masturbate while I did the same myself. She turned so she was also facing me and moved so her tits touched mine, moving slightly against me as she writhed on her own hand.

We were staring right at each other, panting, rubbing, and I hate to say it to you of all people Mr Sexy, but I have never been more turned on in my life. I was so turned on that I started to suck her tits while I masturbated, then I reached down and pushed away her hand, replacing it with my own.

You don't know what that's like till you do it, do you? Sliding through her silky blonde pubes, finding her wet cunt, my fingers entering her, then finding her hard clitoris. I kept sucking, I could taste her perfume and hear her moans. Now her hand was between my legs as well, we were masturbating each other, her hot mouth on my nipples, mine on hers.

She gasped and arched her back and I knew she was cumming. I knew I was about to too. With a few desperate thrusts I came on her hand as she sucked my tits, both of us orgasming at about the same time.

After that we just fell asleep. We never mentioned it this morning, she was already back in her PJs, already a bit miserable again, complaining about her hangover and how expensive the weekend had been. I barely spoke.

I hope, desperately, that you will forgive me. I hope in a way that this turns you on like you always said it would. I haven't turned gay and I hope to fuck you while we relive this gorgeous memory. I wish I'd gone down on her. tasted a pussy for the first time, but to writhe to orgasm with a woman really was a fantasy come true.

I can still smell her scent on my fingers and taste her perfume and Mojito mouth. Please be pleased. Please find this as awesome as I do.

See you tonight

Lisa xxx

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by Substance04/23/18


Not sure this was a confession that surprised Lisa’s husband very much. More a teaser of a story to enhance their sex life further. A hot, erotic, beautiful tale of female sex. Excellent!

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