I am sitting at my desk reading. Mary walks in my office and closed the door, discretely locking it. She is beautiful, 14 years my senior. I am amazed how beautiful she is. Long legs that easily wrap around your waist. Blondish-brown kinky hair that is long down her shoulder. And her breasts are well…WOW. They are still perky with beautiful brown and pointy nipples.

Mary takes off her shirt and unbuttons her button fly jeans. She stands just on the other side of the desk in a shear purple bra and panties set. I can see her nipples clearly. I tell her to continue and she removes her bra and leans over to pull off her panties. She knows what to do. She is my sex toy, my slut, my servant. Yes, we are both married. No, most preachers don’t have one. No, our spouses don’t know. No, she is not a member of the church.

She walks around the desk and kneels between my legs. I look down at her and ask, “Do you need to confess and do penance?”

“Yes, please,” she whispers looking up at me. I nod my head. She reaches up and rub my cock through my slacks. I am already hard. Have been since she walked in the door. “Andrew, I love your cock. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“Shhh. Wait until it is out before you begin confessing.” She loosens my belt, and unfastens my pants. She reaches in the pouch of my boxer briefs and fondles my balls. I lean down and kiss her mouth softly.

For the first time, I stand. Mary pulls my pants down around my ankles. She rubs her face against my crotch. Kissing my cock through my boxer briefs. She reaches in again to fondle my sack. I tell her to continue, so she can begin her confession. She pulls down my underwear and kisses my cock as it comes into view. I ask her, “Now, why are you here today?”

“I need to confess.” I lay my cock across her face. My balls are on her chin. She licks my hair ball sack. “What do you need to confess?”

“How I have been thinking about you at night.” I move my balls to her lips and I take two hands full of her hair in my hands.

“I have been using my vibrator at night while I watch porn. Watching other people fuck always makes me think of you. And thinking of you makes my pussy so wet.” As she speaks, her hand instinctively moves to rub her smooth shaved pussy.

I stare into her eyes and ask, “So what were the people doing in the movie you watched?”

“They were fucking doggy style.”

“And what did you do?”

“I had to touch myself. I wanted to feel my fingers rubbing my clit. Then as I got hotter, I needed to feel something long and hard in my pussy. I pushed my vibrator inside my pussy and continued rubbing my clit until I cummed hard for you.”

I push my balls into her mouth. She begins to suck on them. Her mouth is divine. I stroke my cock over her face. She moans in pleasure. I can feel her tongue running around my balls as she sucks on them. I pull my balls out, and shove her mouth onto my cock. Not giving her any mercy, I shove my cock all the way to her throat. She has to work not to gag. As I fuck her mouth I ask, “Do you have more to confess?”

“MMMHHSMMM” I know this means, “Yes.” She always has more to confess.

I pull my cock back from her mouth, and lay it across her face. Her hands are rubbing her pussy; she can’t help it. She also knows how much I love it when she masturbates for me. She begins again, “This morning in the shower, I used the showerhead on my pussy. I kept thinking of you licking my clit. The warm wet pulsation from the shower and the images of your tongue in my pussy and the pulse in my pussy sent my over the edge.”

With this her eyes roll back and she moans. She cums hard on her hand. I continue to stroke my cock over her face. She sucks my balls into her mouth, cradling them on her tongue. I pull away enough to cum all over her face. She smiles as it covers her. She tries to catch as much as possible in her mouth. She pulls her finger from her pussy and sucks them clean, and then uses her fingers to scoop up any cum she didn’t catch in her mouth. She loves to eat my cum. I fall back in my chair. She smiles up at me, “Anything else?”

“No, that will be enough confessing for today, but we still have to do penance.”

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