tagBDSMConfessions and Promises

Confessions and Promises


"Your beautiful."

"How is it that you don't know that?"

"People must tell you every day."

"I don't mean your looks, you are beyond stunning look wise, I mean, You are beautiful."

"Where it counts. On the inside."

"What I wouldn't give to have you want me."

"To want to touch me."

"To actually feel your fingers running through my hair."

"I dream that you are pulling me toward you for a kiss, because that is your wish."

"Your fingers dancing along my breast, your hands cupping them."

"Fingers tweaking my nipples."


"I can feel your beautiful tits run up my body, as you kiss your way up to my neck."

"As your fingers find my cunt."

"I can almost taste your skin, sunkissed apple."

"To be allowed to lick and suck your nipples."

"To feel your fingers rubbing my clit."

"Your lips upon mine."

"You are so beautiful."

"Your soul shines like the moon and calls to me."

"Your so beautiful...soo beautiful."

"Do you want a plaything?"


"Oh yes doll."

"I will tangle my legs with yours. Lick and nibble your neck."

"Whisper how sexy I think you are in your ear, as I nibble your ear lobe."

"I'm gonna run my hands down your sides; giving you goosebumps and shivers."

"I'm gonna kiss those sexy lips of yours, then maybe tie each of your arms up tight."

"Mmmmm...I can play with you however long I like."

"Wrap my lips around one of your beautiful nipples and I will suck."

"Take my teeth and lightly nip...bite...nip... over and over."

"Making and keeping you soaked for me."

"You will moan for me."


"Scooting down I shall start with this wet juicy pussy right there."

"To play with as I please."

"I am gonna tease you. .."

"Lick your inner thighs."

"The very edges of your sweet pussy."

"Everywhere but your sweet little cunt."

"I Will have you bucking...begging."

"Grab a toy and right as my tongue hits your clit..."

"I'll start to fuck you with it."

"Slowly. .. with each lick."

"Then faster."

"Mmmmm... bury my face in you."

"Sucking your juices ...fucking you with the toy until you cum for me."

"My name on your tongue."

"I will sit on your face and make you clean up the mess you will have caused."

"Take your hand and put it on my tit."

"Tell u to play with, then suck, like I know you want to."

"I might have you stop for a bit...and I'll just watch you."

"All hot horny and spread eagle before me."

"I might ponder just the right wonderful torture I will do to make you cum over and over for me."

"Till you beg me to stop."

"So sexy?"

"Can you handle all that?"

"You shall make a wonderful plaything."

"An image comes to mind ...of something I shall do."

"I'll call u to me. You come gliding in and sit before me on the floor."

"Wearing only your collar and a cute little outfit that shows that you are my little whore."

"Come here baby girl. I'll tell you, as I nod to my friend."

"Spread those legs ."

"I want to show you off."

"You do as I ask without hesitation."

"Such a good pet you are."

"Rubbing my hand on that sexy round ass."

"I'll look over and say, Isn't she sexy?"

"Want to fuck her? Yes?"

"Mmmm you sure can."

"Bend over more baby doll. I'll say."

"Show him that sexy tight pussy of mine."

"Fuck this pussy. Mmmm...look at how wet."

" I'll tell him, Seems your now having an issue with your cock my friend, looking at that ...W..e..t."

"Grabbing your hair, I'll turn you around, as I say "Help him with his problem pet."

"I want to see those pretty lips wrapped around his hard cock."

"Fuck, It'll make my pussy sooo wet."

"I'm suddenly hungry, I'm gonna say, Mmmm yes."

"Then I will position myself just where I can eat that pretty pussy for as long as I want, and still watch those sexy lips sucking His nice big hard cock."

"Don't stop sucking his cock until I say other wise."

"Said with a slap to your tight ass."

"My tongue needs to bury itself in your juicy box. Then I'll do just that."

"Mmm fuck."

"Thats right baby."

"God I can see this all happening so clear."

"Moan around his cock my little slut."

"You love my tongue in your sweet pussy don't you? "

"I'll ask as you squirm."

"Mmmmhm...You are so tasty. I'll tell you."

"Then I'll bury my face in your nectar once again."

"Mmmm that's it, baby. Cum on my tongue while he face fucks you!"

"Oh fuck I'm going to cum! Because at that point I will."

"Stop sucking his cock and drink me down!"

"Grabbing your head once again, I'll turn you and push you down."

"Mmmm such a good girl. Said while stroking your face and hair."

"Oh fuck .. that's it! You'll moan as he buries himself deep into your tight hole."

"Fuck her wet pussy."

"Fuck her hard while she eats me."

"Mmmm fuck that looks good!"

"Fuck her! Fuck her till she screams on my clit!"

"Oh fuck yes babygirl! I'll scream as I cum all over your pretty face."

"Cum for Me!"

"Mmmmhm... You are soaked just thinking about it aren't you?"

"Your such a good girl!"

"I want you for more than just my plaything."

"I want to own you, my little pet."


Body going from hot to cold, shivers racing along my skin.

‎I drop to your feet, head up, eyes happy and proud.

‎"Yes please?"

‎"That's my idea of heaven."

"Mmmmm...thats please Mistress."

"I wonder how you'd feel my new slave with many girls playing with that body of mine."

"Now lets begin."

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