tagBDSMConfessions Ch. 01

Confessions Ch. 01



I stared at her, pleading with my eyes. She just raised an eyebrow expectantly and nodded towards the last item of clothing I had left - my briefs. There was an amused grin on her face that should have set off warning bells in my head but instead was just causing more blood to flow away from my brain and into the pulsating erection currently hiding in my briefs. If she had her way, it would not stay hidden for long though.

"Oh well" I thought to myself, pulling my briefs down my legs.

*1 week earlier*

The doorbell rang loudly, springing me awake. I turned to the bedroom clock to see it blinking - "1:07 am". I swear I'd kill him if he had actually followed through on the plan he told me on the last drunken call before I slept.

My boyfriend was quite the talker when drunk. We had been dating for a little over 7 months now, and today was quite special because more than a few drunken confessions had been made. About how he had not been fair to his ex (my close friend, oddly enough) during the breakup, about how he watched some porn when we couldn't meet often enough but most importantly, which porn he watched. Tonight my boyfriend had admitted to me that he was a submissive exhibitionist who loved to be exposed and humiliated by clothed women. "CFNM", I think he called it.

I'd laughed it off on the call, but now my half-sleepy brain was getting angry at being woken up, despite me telling him to not come over.

I was going to coax out every single dirty secret and detail from him tonight. And revenge would be so, so... sweet.

He was going to realize just how real I could make his fantasies.


"I know I said I wanted this, but I've reconsidered! This is way too dangerous. What if someone sees me?" I pleaded with her.

I was still standing in the doorway of the hotel room we had booked for tonight, clutching on to my briefs against my ever more difficult to hide penis.

"The chances of something untowardly happening to you are next to nothing. Don't overestimate yourself. If someone sees you, they're just going to laugh, your face is going to get redder, and then everyone will move on." She replied calmly. Of course she was calm. She was wearing a white business shirt, a black pencil skirt and beige heels - straight from the office. I was the one standing completely naked in the doorway, desperately pressing my briefs against my erection, struggling to maintain any dignity.

Of course I'd spilled out how I'd love for her to come straight from work to find me willingly naked and wanting to be sexualized like some common houseboy. Of course I had.

I took one last look at her expectant eyes and reluctantly handed over my briefs into her outstretched hand. Without another word, she pushed me right out of the doorway and shut the door closed firmly!

I instinctively bent over double and rushed both my hands to my crotch and started looking around frantically. Why on earth had I agreed to this?!

I could hear the pin drop silence of the hotel hallway and it was pressing in on me from all ends. Why the hell did I tell her I liked this, I thought. My penis bobbed disapprovingly at the rational thoughts coursing through my brain.

We had set some rules before doing this to me. And we had agreed to keep them mild since this was the first time I was actually trying out any such fantasies in public. The rules were that she would hide another key card to our room on the next floor in the stairwell. I was to run across the hallway, into the stairwell, up a floor and grab the key card hidden there. And then run back, hoping throughout that no one saw me.

Did I not want to be caught? I wasn't so sure.

I frantically ran towards the stairwell, looking one way and then another - trying to be as quiet as possible. The adrenaline was pumping through my body and my erection was throbbing in my hands. I was so turned on by the prospect of being caught!

But I met no one all the way till the stairwell, right till I climbed to the cupboard on the next floor. I opened the cupboard and scanned it quickly for a keycard.


I looked again, a bit of fear seeping into my brain.

Still nothing.

There was a suspicious looking white bag with a note tied to it. I turned the note over to read something that made my face heat up and my knees buckle.

"What's the point of being forced to try out your fantasies if you're not pushed beyond what you expected? God help you if you're not wearing this when you knock on my door. Have fun!"

I looked into the bag with trepidation and my red face promptly lost all color as I rummaged through its contents.

This was...

I started putting it all on, one by one. Resignation now my primary emotion. Secondary to arousal of course. I wasn't sure if I wanted to kill my girlfriend or marry her. Arousal does weird things to your brain. And my erection was throbbing painfully now.

Shocking pink bunny ears, a garish pink ball gag, a snug-fitting butt-plug with a poofy pink foot-long tail sticking out from my butt and a golden chain with the word "SLUT" strung up on the front.

Why did I have to tell her I wanted to look like a slut for her?

But that question was restricted to my brain, which was fast becoming redundant as my arousal shot right through the roof. As I started my rather slow walk back to my room, my penis was leaking pre-cum and my knees were bent bow-shaped. I was positively quivering with raw arousal. My eyes were glazed.

Surprisingly, I reached the room without incident. My brain was fried from being aroused and hot. I took a moment while facing the door to just look down at my current state and a spontaneous spasm of raw arousal shook my body and heat shot through my blood, making me moan softly into my ball-gag.

I was glad I told my girlfriend everything.

She clearly had a talent for turning me into a horny bitch on heat. And wasn't that what I wanted?

Of course I did.

I stroked my penis a couple of times to that thought and moaned into my gag again. I would be her bitch. I would be the best slut there was.

Lost in my reverie of slutty emotions, of course I reacted too slowly to the elevator bell ringing behind me. I turned still, my hands flying to inadequately hide my large throbbing member between my legs.

Of course she would have ordered room service. Curse her.

No wait, why should I curse her? I want this.

Slightly unsure about how to feel, I still turned and knocked frantically on the door. Wanting to be let in. As I hopped from foot to foot, waiting for the door to open, I was sure I'd given the waiter behind me a good long look at my naked bouncing body and tail go swooshing up and down.

The door finally opened and in the doorway stood my girlfriend, but what I saw took all my breath away in one instant. She was wearing a tight fitting black latex mini-dress, and black pencil heels that just...

I'd kill for her while she looked like that. Humiliating myself was easy compared to that, right?

I started running into the room and was stopped ever so nonchalantly by my girlfriend just hooking one finger around the strap of the ball-gag on my mouth.

I was rooted to the spot by her finger. That was the amount of control she had on me. I stood right there, exposed to everyone, tail in my ass and ears on my head - because she had a finger on me. Just fuck me already, woman. Leave me a stained and quivering mess on your bed. I'm offering myself.

"Glad you could make it. Hope the hotel staff didn't give you too much trouble about bringing this trolley in by yourself?"

She was addressing the person behind the service trolley. That sent chills up my spine and blood through my penis. I turned to see who was standing there. For the first time truly absorbing who had brought home my humiliation on this service trolley.

My ex-girlfriend looked at me and winked right back.

The human body is a funny thing. My brain was screaming at me for landing myself into this predicament. Yet, funnily enough, on the outside all that happened was my face reddening to a dark scarlet, my legs bending in, attempting to hide a fraction more modesty and penis dripping even more pre-cum. Lastly, and my brain hated this the most, a soft moan around my gag as I recognized how fucked my girlfriend was going to leave me at the end of tonight.

She laughed while looking at me again. She eyed me up and down, sizing me up like a piece of meat to be devoured.

And why wouldn't she? She wasn't the one who was dressed to fuck. She was wearing a very acceptable olive-green full-sleeved dress. Heck, it even had a conservative neckline.

"Come on in" my girlfriend told both of us.

We traipsed into the room, the oddest of triplets to grace a hotel room.

"You really have him wound up, don't you?" she asked my girlfriend.

"You have no idea. Here, try this." My girlfriend replied.

She handed over a suspicious looking remote to my ex-girlfriend, who promptly laughed right at me and pressed the button heartily.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!" I screamed into my gag as the butt-plug inside of me burst into life, its vibrations sending me crumpling into a heap at my ex-girlfriend's feet. I writhed and squirmed and moaned at the feet of the two women staring down at me. On the chance occasions I managed eye-contact, looking for mercy in both their eyes, all I saw was amusement. She didn't let up the button on the remote. Merely toggling the switch between various settings. As I grew accustomed to the vibrations coursing through my body, I was settling into a steady groveling rhythm. I squirmed, writhed and humped to my heart's content at the feet of the woman who was completely in charge of me now and the woman who I'd hate to give any control if I was not aroused beyond my wits.

A thin film of sweat had now covered my entire body and my pre-cum was forming a sticky mess on my stomach as I groveled on the spot. The tail had a delectable quiver to it and my face was a picture of submission.

"You've been mean to her and you were foolish enough to disturb me while sleeping with your dirty confessions. That's enough motivation for both of us to give you night of torture and restlessness, love. Buckle in. I do love you, but we both are going to have some fun with you tonight. And not all of it will be molly-coddling."

With that, my ex-girlfriend promptly emptied the contents of the service trolley onto me. Several kilos of cake, cream and chocolate sauce coated my body, mixing with my sweat and pre-cum in a sticky film of pure, unadulterated humiliation.

I didn't cease my groveling - I hardly could. Wave after wave of humiliation washed over me as I spasmed there, on the ground, in a mix of dirty foodstuff and my precum. I looked up at the two masters of ceremonies for the night. I saw no mercy in their eyes.

I was fucked. And against everything my mind was saying, my body was loving it all.

Fuck me silly, girls. Fuck me silly.

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