tagErotic CouplingsConfessions Ch. 02

Confessions Ch. 02


Chapter 02 - Mr. Umber

Thank you Musicloverxo91 for editing.

I was in my tenth year, a thirty four year college introduction to math professor. I had over one hundred and fifty students in my classes everyday, and I knew everyone of them by face, name and voice. Little could happen in my class without me knowing, when, where, why, or who. I had been labeled, a stern, yet fair teacher, and was liked by most students and staff. It was rare for me to have disruptions in my classes, and filing a disciplinary report was non-existent. I graded my students with fairness, if they worked hard, and did as they were suppose to, they would generally pass my class. There were a few, that just didn't get it, and would fail.

It was in early January that one of my students came to my classroom after most had left for the day, for her innocence, I will call her Jackie. Jackie was an athletic girl, involved in many sports and extracurricular activities. She seemed to excel in most classes, but not mine. When Jackie came to my room I waved her in and she moved inside swiftly closing the door behind her, she seemed upset to me and I straightened to let her know she would have my full attention. She stepped over to my desk, and rested her hands upon its smooth surface before speaking, "I need to pass your class Mr. Umber. If I fail, I will not be able to continue my sports."

I nodded to her, "I understand that, and I understand that you may be having issues with this subject. We can set up a tutor for you, there are many that can help you." She breathed deep and shook her head, "I don't have time for a tutor Mr. Umber, my time is filled keeping my body in shape for sports, and doing the homework I already have. I have done every assignment you have given this year, I have studied for every test, I have done everything that I could, but I am still failing. Mr. Umber, I need to know if there is anything else I can do?"

I paused as I thought, all the times you hear about them doing anything for something it fell into fantasies. I had to chuckle to myself as I thought of that. Never had I thought about actually touching one of my students, the fantasy was fantasy only, but it was a sexy one. I was not thinking she was offering that though, and did not plan on offering that to her either, I was a good, honest, faithfully married man. "If you like Jackie, we can set up a time for you and I to meet and work on some of this together, therefore we could meet on the time that you do have available."

She moved to my side of the desk and slid upon it as she looked me, "Mr. Umber, I don't think that you understand what I am saying to you," She smiled and moved her skirt up her thighs a bit higher, "I will do anything to get the grade." My mind whirled as I realized she did mean anything. This I had to stop, geometry was passed by work on geometry not on a person. I lifted my hand and signaled for her to stop, "Jackie, that is highly inappropriate, that is not how you earn a grade in my class, now please lower your skirt."

She smiled at me and slid back off my desk. "I am sorry Mr. Umber, I did not mean to offend, I wasn't aware you didn't like that," she smiled again, and took a breath, "perhaps this would be better," She moved her hands behind her and I heard a zipper and her skirt fell onto my floor.

I sat there, I amazement, staring at this beautiful young lady before me, her legs were long and tan, her slender body was very fit, very sexy. I could feel the bulge in my pants starting to grow and snapped myself back into reality, "Jackie, put your skirt back on please." She smiled again, she must have thought she made me weak, and she was not far from the truth. She slid back onto my desk and her fingers moved down the buttons of her blouse, exposing her bra to me, then her belly, her sexy, belly.

I tried to speak, but the words were lost, and she giggled. Her arms went back and the shirt slid from her, her fingers moved to her back and she unclasped her bra and let it fall, "Mr. Umber, please help me with my grade," Her voice was soft, sexy. I once again put my hand up and tried to speak, but her left foot slid into my lap and slowly stroked me, quieting me quickly. "Am I sexy Mr. Umber? Do you like this?" As she spoke her right foot moved onto my desk spreading her legs, and her fingers slid over her skimpy panties, "You know Mr. Umber, just last night I masturbated thinking about you, you made me very wet."

I felt my eyes move and I watched as she caressed herself through the thin material, my cock was hard in reaction to her fingers, and foot. I tried to speak again, but I think it was more of as squeak, "Jackie, this is highly, so very highly inappropriate." She giggled, and moved her panties to the side and slid a finger inside of herself, "MMM, Mr. Umber, please help me." she pleaded as she removed her foot from my cock.

I stared at her, lost in the action as her finger slid in and out of her young pussy, I felt her hand on the back of my head and I leaned forward with it. My mouth opened as her finger slid out and my tongue pressed against her. My taste bud exploded with the taste of her, her pussy was sweet, and soft and I kissed it, then licked it again. My hands moved to her sides as I slid out of my chair, to my knees in front of her. I heard her moan as I jabbed her pussy with the tip of my tongue.

Her fingers slid off my head and back to her pussy, spreading it for me, "Oh Mr. Umber, your mouth is magic." She coaxed me on and I had little doubt that my mouth was to her, as she got wetter then I had ever seen my wife. I moved my mouth to her clit and stabbed it with my tongue, then closed my lips on it and sucked lightly, as I slid my finger deep inside her. I could feel her shaking already and added a finger and moved them in circles inside her, my tongue beginning to mimic them on her clit.

"Mr., Umber, I'm going to cum, Mr. Umber, I'm cumming," Her voice was shaking and drove me on, I nipped my teeth at her clit and moved my fingers quickly in and out of her young pussy. I could feel her shaking fiercely. Then she exploded on my fingers with gasps of breath and high pitched moans, wave after wave of her orgasm flowed over my fingers and hand, her pussy grasping at me.

I slowed my pace and moved my mouth from her as I felt her orgasm simmering down. I looked up to her and withdrew my fingers and stood quickly. Her face was lit, bright with joy, my own lit, bright with embarrassment, "Jackie," I stuttered, I couldn't talk. Jackie smiled and slid from my desk. She placed her hands on my waist and slid down my body, I tried to protest, but all thoughts of it disappeared as her fingers unfastened my pants and I felt them fall to the floor. She wasted no time dropping my underwear and her hand grasped my cock and she slowly stroked it, "You like this Mr. Umber?" She asked her smile wide as she looked up to me.

I had no reply and she giggled once more as she opened her mouth and slid it over my cock, her tongue sliding around my cock as she took me deep into her mouth. Her mouth was wonderful as she slid back up my shaft, her lips moving back down, her tongue never pausing. She slid back up and released me from her mouth and her hand began stroking me once more, "You are so big Mr. Umber." She giggled again as she kissed down my cock and sucked on my balls.

Her hand moved faster on my shaft as her mouth closed on my balls, licking and sucking, Her thumb teased the head of my cock and she looked up to me once more, "Will you fuck me Mr. Umber, please fuck me and make me earn that grade." I nodded and she lit up, "Thank you Mr. Umber, I want to feel you inside me." She stood up, removing her panties quickly at the same time. She turned around and leaned on my desk pointing her backside at me, "Take Mr. Umber, please take me."

I was astounded with myself, was I really doing this? Then I realized I had already committed and decided to do something my wife would never consent to, hell she wouldn't consent to this either right? I knelt down behind her and slid my fingers between her legs once more, slowly caressing her pussy, she moaned and this time I smiled. I moved my face closer and extended my tongue, licking lightly at her ass cheek.

Jackie knew immediately what I was doing and urged me on, "MMM Yes Mr. Umber, please lick my ass," she stated as she reached back with both her hands and spread her ass for me. I took a deep breath and slid my tongue over her ass, flicking small circles around her sweet little hole. Then I darted the tip inside and slid my finger deep into her pussy, perhaps harder then I had intended as her body tightened and a loud moan escaped her lips. Her fingers grasped into her cheeks, spreading them wide, as my tongue moved in and out of her ass, and my fingers began to swirl deep inside her wet pussy, her juices beginning to run down my arm.

I tongued her ass for some time before I felt her shaking again and decided to feel her on my cock instead. I withdrew my fingers from her and stood behind her, she moaned in reply, "Mr. Umber I'm so close to cumming again, please fuck me, please fill my pussy with your cock." I needed no more encouragement and took hold of her waist with my left hand as my right went to my cock and moved it to her pussy, I slid the head inside her and moved my hand to her ass, caressing it as I slid deeper inside her. She gasped as I pushed myself all the way inside her and slowly began to pump my cock.

Her breath in quick pants as she spoke to me, "Oh god Mr. Umber, your cock is so good, fuck me Mr. Umber, make me earn the grade. I'm going to cum all over your cock Mr. Umber." And she did, I could feel her young, tight pussy squeezing my cock as she came on me. I started moving my hips faster, fucking her harder as she came, her breath came in gasps as my cock impaled her.

I could feel myself getting close as her orgasm concluded, my shaft was beginning to grow, and I was a little nervous about going inside her and pulled out quickly. She must have known I was close and spun around and dropped to her knees, she took my cock in her hand and began to stroke me. She smiled up to me, the innocence gone from her eyes, "Ill take you in my mouth Mr. Umber, there will be no evidence that way" and she covered my cock with her mouth, her tongue back to spinning over my shaft inside her.

I would have laughed had I not been so close to exploding, the evidence was already on my floor and arm. But my thoughts were on her as her mouth bobbed on my cock, her fingers caressing my balls, lightly rolling them in her hand. I let a moan escape my lips and she moved her mouth faster up and down my cock, I could feel the cum moving to the tip of my cock, and she moved to take it from me.

My orgasm was like that of a rocket, my knees buckled beneath me as I shot stream after stream of my hot cum into her mouth, she continued to suck on me moving her mouth to the head and flicking her tongue over it in her mouth as my cum shot at her, her hand stroking the shaft rapidly as she gently squeezed my balls.

I felt my orgasm finish and she ran her mouth down my cock slowly, then back up taking any cum that was left, sucking it from my softening member. I caressed her head as she released me and she smiled up to me, "Thank you Mr. Umber." She wasn't thanking me for the grade, but the fun. I hadn't given her a grade yet, and was nervous as to what she wanted next, "Thank you Jackie, I never knew how good that would be."

She stroked me a couple more times, and licked whatever dripped out before it could fall from me, then she pulled my underwear, and pants up. She kissed my lips softly as she fastened my clothes and whispered softly to me through our kiss, "That should raise my grade one level, we will go for another later Mr. Umber, that is, if that is okay with you sir." I nodded slowly, "That will be good Jackie, we will discuss," I used the word very loosely, "This again later."

She smiled as she moved away from me and retrieved her clothes, bending at the waist to pick them up and smiling back at me as she displayed her pussy and ass to me once more before dressing herself. I smiled and sat back into my chair as I watched one of the hottest young women in the student body dress before me.

She smiled as she moved to the door of the room, then turned and spoke quietly, "Mr. Umber, I must confess, tomorrow in class will be like the last few weeks, I'll be as wet as ever and might touch myself beneath the desk, be sure to look." She gave a smile, oddly it was one that made me think of innocence, turned and exited, closing the door behind her. I sat at my desk for some time after that, then opened my books and raised her grade ten points.

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Another hot erotic experience

Chapter 2 took me so close to the edge, I am going straight on to Chapter 3.

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Another great story!

Great reading, thanx!

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