tagErotic CouplingsConfessions Ch. 10

Confessions Ch. 10


Chapter 10 - Robin

Thank you Krissta for editing.


Dear diary,

The night before last was absolutely amazing. The things that I did, I never thought I would do. The excitement was greater then I had ever imagined. I guess I need to start at the beginning.

I have been listening to Zack complain about the lack of sex and the lack of variety in our sex life for some time now. He often said that he felt the sex had declined after marriage because I was bored with him, even though the truth was I simply needed more sleep, or the kids had driven me ragged, or whatever. It was never a lack of appreciation towards him or a lack of lust I had for him. I guess when you love somebody for long enough, you just don't think about the sex as much. Obviously, that opinion would be different in his perspective.

So I decided a while ago that I would give him a night that was just for him. I was going to let him do anything he wanted to me. I started to listen to him a bit more for a few weeks. He told me many of his fantasies and I found myself doubting that I would ever be able to let him do them to me, so I decided he would do them to someone else.

I transformed myself into Miss Hailin, the maid. I went out and bought a little black-and-white maids outfit, complete with skimpy black panties; shiny, high-heeled shoes; and fishnet stockings. I then set up a day where both of our children would head directly to a friends house after school and remain there for the night.

After everyone left that morning, I put myself to work. I am not a very horny person, it takes a lot to turn me on, and I know this. So I started to surf the web for porn. I have never been a fan of porn, but this time I was all for it. I made myself very hot watching video after video, and found myself wet, very wet. I refused to touch myself, although I really wanted to, and waited for Zack to get home.

Around quarter of five I put on my outfit, did my makeup and tied my hair back in pigtails. I grabbed a feather duster and an old watch that Zack didn't care about and smacked it onto the floor cracking the View screen. I took a look at myself as I passed the full mirror in the bedroom before I headed downstairs, and smiled, almost excited with how I looked. I was damned sexy, and when I puffed my lips into a pout I doubted that even I could say no to taking me on the spot.

I managed to get into the living room just as I heard him pull into the driveway. I set the watch on the end table and began fluffing the pillows on the couch.

I heard his key in the lock and steadied myself, reminding myself how hot I was, how excited I was, and how excited he would be. I listened as the door opened behind me, making sure he got a great view of my ass. When I heard nothing else from him I turned, nervous that I may have been caught by someone else. I was relieved to see Zack, his mouth was partially open, and his eyes wide.

I did a small curtsy and spoke with my best French accent, "welcome home sir."

He closed the door slowly and set his briefcase down, "Uh, hello Robin." His eyes were feasting on me, devouring me. It was making me hot. I was beginning to think that all I needed to do was think of him wanting to ravage me and I would get wet.

I lifted the watch as I sauntered toward him, and giggled, "No sir, its me, Miss Hailen. Madam has left for some shopping. I am just trying to tidy up some."

He smiled, and I could see his bulge growing through his pants, "I see, and the children?"

I moved closer to him, "they are with friends tonight sir, and will not return until tomorrow."

He stroked his chin, nodding, "I see."

I took a shallow breath and pouted my lips, "Sir, I am afraid I did something very bad."

He began to play the role, and again, I became more excited.

"Oh, Miss Hailin, I am sure you couldn't have done anything to bad. What is it?"

I held his watch out to him, and tried to manage a tear.

"Sir, I am afraid I have broken your watch. It was on the dresser and I failed to see it. It fell, and I accidentally stepped on it. I am sorry, sir."

He looked at the watch, and smiled. "That old thing! I mean, ah Miss Hailin, that watch was given to me by Robin on our second anniversary. It can not be replaced."

I smiled to myself, he almost lost character, but he was catching on quickly. I moved a couple steps closer, so I could rest a hand on his chest. "Please sir, do not fire me. I will do anything."

He shook his head as he took the watch and set it on his briefcase. Then he reached behind himself and I heard the lock of the door latch. He patted my hand and sighed.

"I don't know, Miss Hailen, this is a very expensive watch, one-of-a kind. Robin will be very upset."

Lacing my fingers together in front of me I gave him my best "puppy-dog" eyes.

"Oh sir, please, please forgive me. Please do not let her know. I will do anything to repay you, anything you want. I need this job sir."

He took my hands and led me further into the room. "Well, I can't let this go unpunished you know?"

I nodded, and bit my bottom lip. "Yes sir, I understand, discipline is needed for obedience."

"Well, you can repay me a different way, and I can keep her from knowing. But it has to be our little secret, okay?"

I smiled, as Miss Hailin, and myself, I had him ready and willing. With how hot I had gotten myself earlier, and with how excited I was getting, I found myself really willing to obey.

"Yes sir, anything for my job."

He put his hands around my waist and turned my back to him. Then led me to the side of the couch.

"Miss Hailin, I'm afraid you need a good spanking at least, now lean over and put your hands on the arm of the sofa."

I did as I was told, feeling my short skirt sliding up the back of my thighs.

"Yes sir, I understand, just please let me keep my job."

I felt his hand on the back of my leg, and he caressed me very slowly.

"Now we can't be telling Robin about this, or you will lose your job. Do you understand?"

I nodded, and released a small whimper.

"Yes sir, anything you say sir. I will not say a word to madam."

I felt his hand move up my leg and the skirt lifted to my waist. "You have been very naughty breaking such a valuable keepsake, and the only thing I can think of for you to repay me is to give you a good spanking. Now you be good and hold still for me."

The heat of his hand over the silk panties was exhilarating, and whether it was through excitement, or through some real fear all I could muster was a quiet, "mmhmm."

He lifted his hand and gave a light smack on my ass, then caressed my cheek. "You be good, Miss Hailin, and this will be over quickly."

I pretended to cry a bit, and he lifted his hand and smacked me with a little more force. I could feel the vibrations of his slap in my crotch and found myself anxious for the next one, and found that I was dying for it to be harder. I wanted to feel his hits in my pussy, I wanted him to punish me, and punish me good.

"Oh sir, yes, spank me sir. Let me know how upset you are about your watch, take your anger out on me."

He took the cue and gave me a few more slaps, each one harder then the previous, each one driving me more and more insane with excitement. He caressed my ass after each hit, his fingers moving closer to my pussy. Oh my pussy was so hot, so wet, never had I ever thought I would be this excited, and I could not help but encourage him.

"That's it sir, beat my ass, it is yours to do as you please."

I heard a small, happy laugh escape his lips and he smacked me again, and again caressed my ass, this time though, his fingers moved over my crotch and he pressed his fingers against my moist panties.

"I think we need to take these off Miss Hailin." His voice was deeper then before, more pronounced, more authoritative, and I loved it. His fingers went to the waistline of my little black panties and he slowly pulled them down my smooth legs, every inch teasing me further, making me want to yell for him to take me right then. And as they hit the floor I stepped out of them with complete compliance, making sure to keep them from taking my heels.

I feigned a whimper once more.

"As you wish, sir. Anything you want, sir."

He moved his hands back up the back of my legs, just the tips of his fingers gracing my soft skin, then slid the tips of two of them between my legs, slowly sliding them through my folds. "That's very nice, Miss Hailen. Now I'm going to spank you some more, understand?"

I nodded and managed a meek, "yes sir."

He kept his fingers pressed to my pussy as he lifted his free hand and brought it down upon my ass, then again he spanked me, harder then before. He spanked me several more times, the sounds of his hand against my bare ass echoed through the house. With each slap I could feel my ass getting hot, knew it was starting to redden and swell. And my pussy was getting wetter from it, getting hungry for him, and I found myself pushing against his fingers, and lifting my ass for him.

I felt him lean unto me and his lips kissed at my ear before his hot breath flowed over my lobe.

"Now I'm going to do something special just for you, Miss Hailin, and you will let me, because we don't want Robin to know what you did, do you understand?"

I tried to remain calm, tried not showing him that I was so excited by this that he could do anything to me even if I was me and not Miss Hailin, I managed to sniffle out my response.

"Yes, sir. I will obey."

He kissed my ear, then my neck, his mouth kissed down the fabric of my back and I had the pleasure of feeling it once again at the crack of my ass. His fingers moved slowly through my labia, the tip of his middle one tapping at my clit every few seconds. His tongue slid between my cheeks, and I felt the tip of it press into my ass.

It was intoxicating! I couldn't believe the sheer pleasure I was getting from his tongue flicking over my ass, circling it, tasting it, then flicking inside of it again. His tongue was making love to my ass, and I was loving it!

He pushed his thumb into my pussy, and pressed his fingers over my clit. My stomach tightened, my legs became stone, my body shook in complete joy as my orgasm completely overtook me. I felt wave after wave of sheer exuberance. His tongue and fingers worked on me throughout the longest and hardest orgasm of my entire life. Never had I thought that this would be so stimulating, so wonderful. If I had the ability to at that time I would have cursed myself for not letting this be done to me much sooner, but with this sheer ecstasy flowing over me, I had little ability for thoughts. I was caught completely and totally in this wonderful adventure.

I found my breath again and his mouth kissed at my ass cheek as he withdrew his thumb from inside me. He moved his fingers slowly through my folds and kissed up my back.

I felt his fingers move further back, off of my soaked pussy, and he pressed them against my ass. I moaned loudly and pressed against them, and heard his pants unfasten as I tried to regain my breath. His voice was commanding when he spoke into my ear.

"Miss Hailen, you tasted so good, and you are so wet, you have done wonderful. Now I am going to slide inside your pussy, and I'm going to go fast, and hard. This is what you will do, I am not going to last long, not after all of that, so when I pull out, you are going to take me in your mouth and finish me, you will swallow everything I give you. If you do not do this, you will lose your job. Do you understand me?"

I nodded, still trying to relax myself from such delight. Amazed that I found myself still pressing my ass to his fingertips.

"Yes sir, anything you want."

His fingers moved off my ass, and I was almost disappointed that he stopped playing with it. But I had little time to whine as they moved to my legs and he caressed the back of my thigh, before sliding those large hands to my hips. I felt his breath on my neck as he moved closer to me, and I parted my legs wider for him. I felt my heat growing once more as the tip of his member began to penetrate me, slowly sliding deeper inside me.

His hips hit my ass as he finished filling me and I found my own hand sliding down to my clit, and I let the tip of my fingernail tease it. He grabbed my hips tighter and began sliding himself in and out of me, his pace increasing with every thrust, his power over me suppressing any thought I may have had of disobeying him. My finger pressed harder against my own clit, in my own disbelief. Never would Robin have touched herself in front of him, but Miss Hailin would, and Miss Hailin was going to have another orgasm before she swallowed him.

My fingers moved faster on myself, circling and pressing on my clit, finding a rhythm with his thrusts. My stomach tightened again, and my legs shook, and I screamed out for the first time ever, telling him, telling anyone that could hear me that I was coming, and I was coming hard. I felt those special waves flowing over me again and loved them once more. I was having the best orgasms of my life, and they were within minutes of each other. I was being filled with so much bliss, that I was almost begging him to tell me it was time to take him in my mouth just so I could share it. Miss Hailin was extraordinary, and I was overjoyed that I became her.

As my pussy was just beginning to work itself back up, the time between orgasm and a need for another, he pulled out of me and slapped my ass. I took his cue and spinning, I dropped to my knees, landing them hard on the floor. I didn't care, I wanted him in my mouth, I wanted to share my euphoria.

I opened my mouth and began making love to his cock with my tongue, and lips, my fingers caressing his balls, fondling, stroking them. I lifted other hand and stroked him as my mouth worked on the head of his cock, and I felt him growing in my palm. I jerked him fast, and focused on the head, licking and sucking. I wanted him in my mouth, I wanted to swallow him, I wanted to obey him. And then he came, one thick hot stream after another of his sperm smashing the back of my throat. I moved my mouth up and down him as I drank him, hoping to not lose a drop of his suddenly-delicious gift.

I was amazed how great the experience was, how much it made me feel alive. And after he had gone soft in my mouth, I kissed at his thighs, and caressed his legs. When he was relaxed he lifted me and kissed my mouth, kissed me with more passion then he had in many years. Then we laid on the couch together and rested, his arms around me.

He leaned in to me and whispered, "I really like Miss Hailin."

I smiled, and felt myself excited once more. I took his hand and started to slide it down my body. "You like her? I love her!"

It was wonderful!

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Luved this one!

How erotic! Exactly what a wife should do for her husband. If she doesn't she will never experience the passion that she deserves.

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