tagLesbian SexConfessions Ch. 18 - Winnie

Confessions Ch. 18 - Winnie


Thank you Wingedangel for editing!


About a year ago I married a great man, whom I loved and still do, and forever will. But just about six months prior to our marriage I had one of the best experiences of my life.

I was at home, bored, nervous, and on edge. My wedding was fast approaching and I still lacked many of the things I needed. I didn't know what to do, and was getting a bit down and depressed. I knew that I loved my fiancé, and knew I wanted to be with him forever, but the thought of the wedding was driving me insane.

I decided to get myself back into the joy of the wedding that I would go out and look at some dresses. I would wait until my girlfriends were with me to actually buy one, but, just maybe, looking at a few would heighten my mood.

I looked up some bridal shops online and found one close to me that was still open at the late hour of my search, and headed out.

It was a smaller shop, with two large front windows, each encompassing three beautiful wedding dresses. When I opened the door I was greeting by a round of soft bells and more dresses then I thought would be in there.

I slowly strolled through the shop, running my fingers along some of the fabrics I passed and tried to imagine how my petite body would look inside them. They were so amazing, and so many far out of my price range, but it never hurt to look.

It didn't take long for me to see the woman in charge of the place, she was younger than I thought she would be, I guess I always thought older women would sell bridal dresses, I have no idea why, and gave me a friendly smile, "Hello. I am Evette, and will be happy to help you. I'm about to close up, but please feel free to take all the time you need. I'm just going to lock up so you will be my last customer if you don't mind."

I suddenly felt bad, I didn't want to make someone work late, "Oh, I'll just come back later, you don't need to stay for me."

She smiled again and caressed my arm, "No worries sweetie, you take all the time you want and look around. I'll be right back and help you with anything you need. To be honest, sometimes the best shopping is done with no worries of anyone else coming in. You just look around until your heart is content."

How could I not look around now! This would be fun, I mean, I did always kind of fear people seeing me looking at dresses. One of the little odd things about me I guess. So I returned her smile and thanked her.

She gave me a quick, "Be right back" and headed off to lock the doors. I began my search once more, looking more at the dresses that would completely cover my body.

I had just pulled out one that had a high collar and long sleeves that sort have arrowed out to cover part of the hand, and length of it dropped low enough that it would block my feet from view when she returned.

She looked at me and shook her head, "As beautiful as that one it, it's not a good one for you."

I looked to her, a bit quizzically, "Why not?"

It would cover you too much. You want to show your body a bit, make him hunger for you."

I laughed, "Oh no! I need to cover as much of me as possible. People would like that more!"

"Is your or his family very conservative?"

I shook my head, "Hell no, they like skimpy stuff. It's just I lack the body for a skimpier dress."

"Don't doubt your body sweetie. You are beautiful! Show your body and be proud of it."

She took out another dress near me and showed it to me. It was beautiful, but not what I thought would look good on me. It was strapless for one. I couldn't imagine wearing a dress with the tops of my breasts and my arms completely exposed. I shook my head, "Way to skimpy on the top!"

Evette Smiled, "Why don't you try it on and see what you think then sweetie?"

"Oh, I couldn't! I'm not wearing the right stuff for that."

She crunched her brows, "What are you wearing that would make it so this couldn't go on?"

I felt my face flush a bit, I hadn't prepared to try anything on, "I'm braless under this sweatshirt, and have a black thong on. Not what one would wear beneath a wedding dress."

She rested a hand on my arm, "Sweetie, you wouldn't wear a bra with this, and black won't be seen through the fabric. You don't expect to wear granny panties on your wedding day do you? I hope you going to be wearing something far sexier for him."

I giggled, that part was true, no grannie panties for me. "Of course I'll wear sexy panties for him. I just figured you wouldn't want to see women wearing those when they tried on your dresses."

She waved the notion away with her hand, "Hogwash! Wear what makes you comfortable is what I always say. Trying on dresses should be a fun, enjoyable event. Full of laughter and delight. Step out of the shell you think people want you to have, and be yourself."

I found my smile returning, maybe this was a good idea, to get out of the house, and just look and feel dresses that could be candidates on my wedding day. But I was a bit embarrassed, I had never put on a wedding dress, "I don't know how."

She smiled, "You don't know how to let go, and just have fun?"

I giggled at that, "No Evette, I know how to have fun! I don't know how to put on a wedding dress."

Her smile seemed to widened, "No problem sweetie. Just take off your clothes and I will help you. That is, if you don't mind me seeing you in just your little thong."

The way she said it made me blush a bit, excited me a little. Here I was, a young woman about to be married, in a store that was locked up for the night, and thinking about removing all my clothes in front of another beautiful woman that I didn't even know. I took a breath, but wasn't so sure, "I don't know Evette. Wouldn't it be weird to see me like that?"

She giggled, "No, I have seen many women in just a thong, one just this morning as I dressed myself. But mine isn't black, it's blue."

It was kind of silly for me to think of her as never seeing another in a thong before, she was a woman after all. But the way she spoke and the way I was starting to feel made me hesitate. My mind was focused on her blue thong and I didn't know why. She was well tanned, and slender, I bet it looked great on her, and I found myself almost wanting to see hers before I removed my clothes.

I was so confused, maybe it was the lack of sleep, never before had I desired to see another woman.

Her words took me out of my stupor, "Let's get this dress on you! Let's be excited! Let's have some fun! You are beautiful sweetie, let's show it."

I smiled, she had me, let's just do this, what the hell! My odd feeling had to be the lack of sleep. I was about to marry the man of my dreams, that odd thought came only because my commitment was so close.

I removed my shirt and stepped out of my pants as she prepared to put the dress over my head. As she stepped forward and lifted it, she looked me straight in the eye, "Don't ever let someone tell you that you are not beautiful, and sexy, because you are."

I kept my eyes on her until the dress took the view from me. It felt great to have a complete stranger tell me that. I closed my eyes as the satin passed over me. Her hands moved quickly sliding the dress down my body, her fingernails just touching my skin, giving me small goose bumps.

I kept my eyes closed as she finished bringing down the dress, I could still feel her fingers on my skin, how good they felt on me! I felt her move behind me, felt her fingers take a hold of the zipper, and as she ran it up its teeth, her thumbnail slid up my spine.

I could not resist the quick intake of breath that passed through my lips. Couldn't resist the sudden arching of my back and pushing out of

my ass. Holy hell, the feel of her fingernail was making my pussy wet!

"You can keep your eyes closed if you want sweetie, I'll lead you to a mirror."

I didn't want to open my eyes, was not sure how I could look at her knowing she saw my excitement!

She took me a few steps and a turn, then a few more steps. Her lips moved close to my ear, I could feel her breasts on my back, and her breath on my neck. Her words were spoken in a whisper, "Take a look at how sexy you are in this dress."

I opened my eyes and looked. The dress was gorgeous! It showed my curves better than I thought possible, wrapping me in a sexy white wrap.

Evette, brought her hands around me and straightened the dress on my breasts, "See how good they look in this, perfect for showing what you have. And if your nipples get hard, it won't be seen. Hidden, yet exposed. Sexy and simple."

It was a damn good thing the nipples wouldn't be seen, because as soon as her fingers came close to my tits my nipples shot straight out. My little nubs where like hard pebbles protruding from my tits!

She ran her hand down my stomach, "The dress loves you. Look how good your belly looks! So smooth, so sexy. He will have a hard time not showing how horny you make him wearing this."

Fuck how horny he would get! Her touch was driving me wild. Again my ass popped out against her, I couldn't resist it from doing so!

She ran her hands to my sides and slid them over my hips, "Your hips and ass look so good, he will be dying to take this off you. He will want to ravage you right there at the altar."

I felt her fingers moving on my hips, felt the dress rising as she gathered the fabric in her hands. My mind was swirling with excitement. Her touch was like nothing I had ever felt before. Her words teased my very soul. Her lips nipped at my earlobe as she spoke, "And when he finally gets you home, he can lift your sexy dress like this. He can feel and caress your body. You want that right?"

My hips were moving without me telling them to, I bit at my lip and tried to control myself, "Yes I do. I want him to want me like never before."

I watched the fabric lift up to my waist, exposing my panties for her. Her left hand went around my waist, holding the satin above my belly button, and her right slid along the waistline of my thong, "And you will want him to please you like never before, to devour you."

I slid my hand over hers, helping her hold up the fabric as her right hand moved between my thighs and pressed lightly against my wet pussy. I was ready to explode right there!

She kissed at my ear and slid my thong to the side. Her fingers worked slowly, sliding from the lowest point of my slit and stopping at the flap covering my clit. "I'm going to make you cum sweetie, cum like you have never cum before. Is that what you want?"

I pushed my pussy against her hand and held her other hand tighter, "Oh god yes! Please make me cum Evette!"

Her fingertips swirled over my clit then slid down my folds. She started with just pressing the tip of them against my opening then slowly pushed them deep inside me. Her hand slipped out of mine and I felt it between us, slowly dragging the zipper down my back, giving me the rush of exotic goose bumps once again, "Take the dress off sweetie."

I did the best I could to carefully pull the dress over my head with her fingers pressing inside me. I wanted to rip it off, wanted to throw it on the ground, spin and finger-fuck her hard and fast! I wanted to kiss her mouth while we came on each other's fingers!

She slid her fingers out of me as the dress fell and I moaned aloud. I watched her begin to undress herself behind me and slid my own hand down my body to feel the heat coming from me.

She smiled at me as she disappeared from my view, leaning down to remove her own pants.

I felt myself getting anxious for her to reappear behind me but what she did was far better!

Her fingers took my panties down my legs and her mouth kissed at the top of my ass. She flicked her tongue slowly as she slid one hand back up my leg and pressed it against my box.

I let my eyes move down the mirror and could see part of her. Her legs were spread out around mine, and her other hand was caressing her own pussy. I felt my insides clinch at the site and feel of her fingers as they once again entered me.

She began to swirl her fingers inside my hot pussy and my hips bucked against them. I kept my eyes locked on the fingers sliding in and out of her own pussy when the wave of my orgasm cascaded over me. I let out high pitched moans of pleasure as I came. My pussy was clenching so tightly that I thought her fingers would break! She kept her mouth on an ass cheek and pressed her finger deep into me, riding me through the most intense orgasm of my life.

When my orgasm finally ended my juices were dripping down my legs. I had never been so wet, and so hungry for more! I wanted to take her, to please her the way she pleased me. I wanted to feel her pussy spread over my fingers. I wanted to do anything to her that would make her feel as good as she had made me feel.

She let her fingers slide out of my pussy and stood up behind me, and kissed my ear, "Will you please me too Sweetie?"

I reached out behind me and caressed her ass, "Hell yes! I want to make you cum! I want to feel your orgasm like you felt mine!"

She moved and directed me down to my knees, then onto my back. She knelt beside me and whispered into my ear, "Will you lick my pussy Sweetie?"

I had never thought about eating another woman before, but the idea of eating hers was so exciting! Not only would I be able to make her cum, I would be able to feel and taste her orgasm! I am not sure if my yes came out as an answer or a begging, but she rewarded it with a smile.

She kissed my lips, ever so tenderly, and stood. She moved over my head giving me a great view of her twat. I reached up to her hips as she lowered herself to my mouth. I breathed in deep taking in her sweet scent before I slipped my tongue out of my mouth and let it slide through her folds. The taste was amazing! Sweet and zesty at the same time, my taste buds exploded with delight!

Evette slid her fingers down her body and spread her folds for me and I slid my tongue up and down her slit a couple times before pressing it hard to her clit. The way her hips moved at the touch of my tongue was intoxicating, the quiet moans that escaped her lips angelic. I found myself flicking my tongue over her clit then bringing my mouth up so I could suck on her love button.

She moaned and ground her pussy into my face as I licked and sucked on her before taking her pussy away from me, "I'm going to taste you too!"

She spun above me and lowered her pussy back to my mouth and I took it greedily with my tongue, sliding it deep inside her sweet hole and flicking it rapidly.

When her face went down, and her tongue pressed against my folds I moaned loudly into her pussy. I spread my legs wider and lifted my hips, feeding my hot box to her.

Her tongue swirled over my clit, then down my folds, flicking at the very edge of my pussy, close to my ass. I began to rock my hips when she slid her tongue deep inside of me. My mouth moved over her pussy faster, sucking at her sweet hole, then licking at it before nibbling on her folds, I dove my tongue deep inside her when her lips closed on my clit and she hummed on it. I was coming close to another gigantic orgasm!

I could feel her lips quivering on my clit and her hips began to fuck my tongue as her pussy released her sweet juices into my mouth, her body was rocking with her orgasm and I felt my own peak. Wave after hot wave of my nectar flowed from me to her mouth. I was screaming in delight as I fucked her pussy with my tongue. My arms where grappling around her waist, pressing her box harder on my face.

As we slowly regained our senses she rolled off of me. I heard her release a breath of air in satisfaction, and then she crawled up beside me and kissed my lips tenderly, "Thank you sweetie. You are so sexy, and so good."

We laid entwined together, her pussy resting on my thigh and my heat upon hers, for some time. I never wanted to leave.

When I did finally get the sense that it was time to go, I promised I would be back, and it was a promise I kept. I visited Evette at least ten more times, the last being two days before I would no longer be able to. Every time left me a very happy and very drained woman.

I have referred two friends that were planning to be married to go to Evette, both of them try to hide their blushing when her name is spoken, yet none of us have shared a tale of her. Tomorrow, my best girlfriend will be going to see Evette for the first time. I can't wait to see the smile on her face the day after.

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