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Confessions Of A Black Man Cuckold


I have debated over writing down my stories for quite a while. As a military man who has been stationed overseas for most of his career I have many stories to tell...and a great imagination to help me take part of the truth and make a good fantasy out of it. This one is, however, a true account of how I was cuckolded by my wife/ex-wife. We have been separated for 6 years now but neither of us has pushed for the divorce. This is my first time trying my hand at writing a story so if you must criticize then please make it constructive.


My marriage was going through problems, but all marriages do. I met my wife Tamara while I was stationed in the south of England with the US military. She was a stunning woman to behold. A British national, she stood at a petite 5'2 with striking green eyes and natural blonde hair that fell to her waist. She was about 110 lbs. or about 8 stone as the Brits would say. She was very petite but still built like a woman, beautiful curves on her hips, c cup breast with large sensual aureola that begged to be kissed, and very attractive facial features. When I first saw her walking among a small group of her mates after the club let out for the night, I queued in on her like a lion stalking a gazelle. She would be mine by the end of the night.

I strolled into the crowded street and called out to her in a generic fashion since I had no Idea what her name was, but I had every intention of finding out. She has never heard this story quite this way. Being the typical jock asshole that I proudly am, I have always told her that I didn't care which one of these sexy ladies responded I would have taken them all, but she spoke up first. Truth is that I would have walked past every one of her friends to just to touch her perfectly manicured hands. She turns when I called out to acknowledge me. I was a 6'2 dark skin athletically built black man in top military condition. While 6'2 is not that tall by today's American standards, most British guys were a couple inches shorter. Plus being one of only a handful of black Americans within 100 miles in any direction usually meant that I got attention wherever I went, and luckily very positive attention from the females.

She and her friends stopped. I approached with a confident smile and made eye contact. She was mine. She told me she was seeing another guy on base, but was very unhappy and just found out he was cheating on her. I knew the guy she was talking about and while he was considered attractive by the girls on base, he apparently was lackluster in the bedroom. They would all make and the one inch gesture using their thumb and pointer finger behind his back. I programmed her number into my phone and told her I'd call soon. There are more stories to come about our sexcapades in Europe and Asia.


It was about a month since I had left our family home. I truly loved my wife, but we needed space. She insisted that I keep my key to the house. She wasn't seeing anyone, I was told, and I Still had most of my stuff there since I had only gone to live with my aunt until we worked things out.

Being alone in the house always brought back vivid memories of the good times we shared. How we sexually christened every room in the house at least five times over. She was very multi-orgasmic and her facial expressions, body language and dirty talk flooded into memory whenever I reminisced on making love to her. We know each other's body's extensively and in the most intimate way. I love her sense of humor, her witty repartee, her fiestiness, and her thoughtfulness but her sex was a drug. After 4 years of addiction I could not cut off that supply.

I called to let her know I need to stop by the house to pick up some of my military paperwork. I keep a small file cabinet in our basement. She let me know it was ok to stop by but she was not home. It was a gorgeous spring after noon. The sun was shining and birds chirping and new life springing into existence. I walked into the front door and inserted my key. As the door swung opened, I noticed something was wrong immediately. There was a single shoe on the side of the wall next to where we keep our shoes in Japanese fashion. This was a size 10 Jordan sneaker. I wear a size 13.

As the realization hit me that this is another man's shoe, a flood of anger, resentment, and adrenaline surged through my body. How the fuck could she do this to me. I was faithful for all these years. Yes we had 3somes and engaged in some very risque activities to fulfill our sexual appetites, but this was completely different. My wife was seeking her pleasure from another source, completely without me, without my consent, and without my knowledge until now.

I didn't jump straight to that conclusion. I stormed through the house pissed off and expecting to find exactly what I found, but it was far worse then I imagined. I burst into her room and saw the unmade bed, and a suitcase beside the bed. Where is he from? How long was he staying? How long had he been here? I yanked up her personal laptop and search the history. The history showed several recent visits to an adult dating website. I clicked on the site. It logged me into his profile automatically. Why he had allowed her computer to save his password I have no clue, the fucking idiot.

As I look at the page I see a section for his pictures. One picture showed him standing naked in a room that had white sheets on the windows. My heart dropped as realized that I recognized the room. It was our house that we rented in England. This was our first marital residence. A place we only lived in for the first eight months of our marriage. This man had been fucking my WIFE since the beginning of our marriage. My body was trembling with anger.

I then focused on my enemy, the man that had shared my wife possibly since our honeymoon. He stood about 6 feet even but it was hard to tell from the photo. I was judging based on the furniture. He was fairly muscular, but then so am I. His long thick ebony tool hung down semi-erect, between his muscular thighs. It looked to be at least 10 inches long and very thick. I couldn't help but notice the thick vein run down the base of his shaft to the head of his cock. How often had it slid into my wife? Is this what my wife needs? I always thought I fulfilled her needs. I am 8 1/2 inches and never had a complaint from any women before. On the contrary I have always been asked for a repeat performance. Now with the only woman that mattered, she had invited another ebony warrior to warm her bed and to fill her with pleasure.

I was standing on the side of the bed looking at my rival who had a confident, arrogant smirk across his face. It was like he expected me to find this picture one day, and to know that he could take my wife longer, harder and deeper than I ever could. My heart raced as I saw the next picture. It was of a long blonde haired white woman attempting to shallow his massive chocolate rod. Her face was obscured by her hair but I know that is was my wife. My precious wife, whom I loved and would protect with my life, was his whore. He completely dominated her gorgeous pink pussy. The rest of the pictures were of various women including my wife, showing a complete lack of control. He made them worship his cock. They were his playthings.

I realize now that the great sex that I thought my wife and I were having were just warm ups to her sessions with this beast.

Against my own will, anger and hatred, I felt my own dick begin to stiffen as I viewed my wife's utter submission to this man. Her face was always obscured by her hair or a Photoshop effect but her body language and actions showed a reckless abandon. The next picture showed his massive dick being swallowed by a tight pink pussy. It looked as if the pussy was being stretched beyond normal limits to accommodate his girth. I could imagine my wife's moan of pleasure and pain. My dick hardened more.

I wanted to stop. My legs were weak and I didn't think I could take any more. Then I saw it. A pretty petite blonde writhing in what seemed to be the most intense orgasm of her life. She was on her back, lying on this black chair like contraption. Her head was thrown back with her long hair over the side of the headrest. Her face was not completely visible but the passion displayed was palpable. I realize that despite all my physical gifts, I had never taken her to the point where the monster in her pictures had. He was the one she dreamed of at night. He was who made her cum when her eyes closed and my dick was inside her.

I slammed the computer shut and stormed out with all the anger and hatred I could muster. She was my everything. I was losing it. I was losing her. I was losing my grip on reality. Why the fuck is my dick so hard?

I stumbled out of the house barely aware of my surroundings and headed for my car. I slammed the car into gear and sped away from my pain and my shame. My penis would not allow me any peace. I begin to rub it through my pants subconsciously. Images of my wife begging the beast for more, in soft whispered tones, filled my head. I unzipped my pants. My eight inch dark chocolate member stood at complete attention as I rocketed down the interstate barely aware of the traffic surrounding me.

I stroked it as I imagined my wife on her hands and knees crawling toward her lover, begging him to make it feel like it did last time in her posh British accent. My dick, which has been adequate in every situation, seemed pathetic. I stroked it thinking about the woman I loved licking her lover from the root to the tip of his giant cock. Images flooded my mind and traffic completely disappeared as I stroked to my wife cuckolding me with her beast cocked lover. He pulled her hair to the left, then sucked and nibbled in her nipples as she rode his cock. She screamed from pleasure as she completely impaled herself on his massive black dick. He grunted and pushed deeper and deeper into her waiting cunt. She came over and over again against his mastery of her body. He was rough with her. Leaving marks and hickies for me to find when their fun was concluded and shelved till his next visit. She didn't care what evidence he left, because she was enthralled with the pleasure he so generously provided. She was lost in the pleasure of the moment and would endure the consequences later. He pushed her limits to what I thought was the breaking point, then surpassed it.

She was soaking wet in my visions. Her juices completely lubricating his shaft and balls, as though she wanted to invite his twins to join the party in her pussy like the gracious hostess. I gripped the wheel hard as I felt the pressure build in my dick. Oh my god I thought, my wife is another man's whore. I didn't know whether to cry, or scream, or explode. I exploded all over steering wheel and my shirt. Oh god I was still in traffic. I took the next exit.

I was completely disgusted in myself. I knew what a cuckold was. I had watched and loved the videos. I however had always imagined myself fucking another man's wife. I had done that a few times, but this was different. The pain mixed with the humiliation and disgust had led me to sexual arousal. I was a cuckold. Was I enjoying it? "This is so fucked up!" I screamed at my steering wheel. I think it agreed.

I returned to my wife's house later that night. I was still mind fucked and confused. I wasn't thinking straight otherwise I never would have gone there. It was about 1130pm. I could not see any signs of life from the door or the front windows. I figure they had retired upstairs for the night. Some unseen force placed my key in the door and turned the knob. I entered the house as quietly and stealthily as possible. The first floor of the house has the kitchen, living room and a ½ bath. As I thought there was no one there I head of the upstairs bedrooms. As I creeped up the steps, I heard it.

My wife's moans were coming from our bedroom. She was defiling our marital bed with her lust for her lovers cock. My heart raced. My dick began to stiffen. I felt the humiliation of not being the man to please my wife. I hear her in the throes of passion.

"Fuck me!" she screams, "fuck my tight white married pussy!"

So he knows that she is married and makes her acknowledge it to him and herself during their sessions.

"Yeah take this fat black dick." he replied "you know you love that dick bitch."

"Yes." she moaned.

"This is my fuckin pussy, you cunt. You take this dick and love it!" he commanded. He must have punctuated the last word with driving his dick deeper into her pussy. There was a very loud and sharp intake of breath and she screamed "oh my god, oh my god oh my fuckin god!" I know she was about to explode in orgasm. I reached the bedroom door as she bellowed in extreme pleasure. My dick was rock hard and I could imagine how her pussy was gripping and spasming on his dick, just like she had on mine so many times. Her moisture would be soaking his cock and balls right now, and would eventually soak our sheets as well. she was always like a waterfall when she came.

"You know your husband don't fuck you like this does he?" he barked "I own this pussy. You are my ho!" For the first time, I noticed his thick southern drawl.

"Yes fuck me harder Tony, this is your pussy baby!" she moaned. Tony, was that his name? Fuck Tony! I had freed my own dick from its prison and begin to stroke it. I stood outside my own closed bedroom door and listened to my wife being fucked by Tony the beast. She was delirious in her passion.

"Turn around and suck this dick!" Tony Ordered. I'm not sure if she didn't obey or just didn't do it quick enough, but there was a loud smack. She made a lustful grunt. Tony acknowledged that he was getting his wish saying "yeah bitch that's it... Suck it!" I heard my wife gag on that cock a couple of times. I doubt he cared because he still seemed to feed that cock down her throat.

"Ok on your knees ho, I'm going to fuck you like the bitch you are." he announced.

The bed now started creaking in earnest. I could hear the bodies smacking together. Her moans became more urgent. I could imagine her orgasm building again. My wife has always been multi-orgasmic, and this has always been a source of pride and confidence for me. That dream shattered now that I stood there and listen to another man bring her to orgasm after mind blowing orgasm. She shrieked in ecstasy. Her body was probably shaking as his tool parted her flesh and probed deeper into her womb then I ever could.

I stroke my own cock furiously. Tony grunted "yeah bitch take this nuuuutttt!" he howled like the alpha wolf as he emptied his seed into my wife. She loved to squeeze her pussy muscles when I cum so I had to imagine her giving her lover the same courtesy. I came so hard that it splashed the bedroom door and the floor. I placed my dick back in my pants and exited. That was twice that I got off to another man fucking my wife. I was thoroughly cuckolded. Life will never be the same.

I left there that night and never heard anything about it from my wife. If she found the cum on the bedroom door and figured it was me then she keep it to herself. I don't know if she still sees Tony since we have been separated ever since. I imagine she is still. Hell she has been since at least the first 8 months of our marriage. I hate Tony and if he is ever in front of my car then I will smash the gas, and then back up over his dick. I would know a lot less about myself today without him though.

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