tagNonHumanConfessions of a Gravedigger

Confessions of a Gravedigger


Hey, the name’s Leo. I used to go by Leonardo until that gay-ass actor went and messed the name up for everybody. Now, one might wonder what I’m doing here in this coffin looking all dead and stuff. Actually that’s a funny story.

About 8 years ago I attended Ohio State as an English major, I figured that’s what all the hot chicks were into so what the hell, it’s not like I was paying for it anyway. Well, every college has their college parties, and everyone on campus knew about Simone. Simone was the campus freak, and I’m not talking about your typical college freak. Simone was into everything! Bondage, bestiality, sadomasochism, if it existed, she did it. It was reported by some that this little slut even drank blood. Did that matter to me? Nope, pussy is pussy and Simone was a hottie. I wasn’t too bad myself: 190 pounds, 6 feet tall, hell I had any woman I wanted anyway: my girlfriends, their moms, their sisters, you get the idea. There was something about Simone though, you know, that other side of humanity, that side that tells us to read vampire novels and watch porn, that little darkness in our souls, well, for me the darkness was Simone.

Luckily enough she hosted a huge party at her house. I would estimate that 100 people gathered at her place for a night of good dirty sex. By the time I showed up there were orgies going on all over that house. Screams and moans filled my ears as I navigated through a sea of bodies.

“Where’s Simone?”, I shouted.

A woman who was busy getting eaten out by another woman on her knees cried with ragged breaths, “She’s, ugh, in, oh fuck, there, ohhhh!” Wow, I had never seen a woman ejaculate before and she came hard. The massive bulge in my pants was already visible when I entered Simone’s bedroom and discovered her completely nude reading The Great Gatsby.

“Um, so are you going to be like Jay and not play at your own party?”

“Actually I was waiting for you sugar.” Her short red hair bounced as she flipped around giving me a clear view of her pussy from behind. She reached underneath her bed to grab something and when she did so her lips spread wide. Being a guy who believes in the more obvious signs, I ignored her paintings of impalements and torture that adorned her wall and instead went for the open invitation. I came within inches of her pussy and took in the sweet aroma before I tasted her. Her ambrosia flowed freely while I worked my tongue on her clit and my finger deep inside her sopping velvet mound. She sat in that position for a good while groaning and gasping for more before she came up with what she was groping for: a rope, a knife, and a glass emblazoned with the image of a demon. I pulled away and stared at her face. Her demonic persona startled even me, for within those blue eyes were fires that could consume a man with both fear and desire. However, all I had to do was look at those swollen nipples and her dripping pussy and well, I snapped out of it.

“Let’s go honey, bleed for me”.

“Oh fuck, she is not going to… ahhh!!!!!” She positioned the pewter glass underneath my left breast and sliced clean across from left to right. Some of the blood that trickled out found its way into her glass and when I had bled sufficiently she drank from the cup. Her bloodstained lips smiled a voluptuous smile and I kissed her trying to drink her essence in deeply. She had deliberately kept some of the blood in her mouth and I tasted it. Any guy would have been weirded out at this point but I must have been in a trance with my vampiric seductress because I just wanted to fuck her.

“Here, tie me up and saddle up cowboy”, she whispered softly in my ear. I took the rope eagerly in my hands, it was very coarse and cut me as I tied her left arm to the bedpost. With her free hand she took my finger and sucked it clean. Her tongue worked its way up and down my finger with rapidity, stopping at the open wound to drink from the fountain I gave freely. As she sucked the wound I felt a burning in my heart, a desire that I had never felt before. I didn’t just want her, I needed to feel myself inside of her, to become one with her, to share myself completely. When I had finished tying her down tightly I produced a makeshift blindfold from her pillowcase and tied it over her eyes. After having done so, I stood up, undressed myself completely, and set my firm cock upon her soft blood-red lips. Her lips parted with ease and I began easing my swollen cock into her eager mouth. Picking up the pace a little I started bucking back and forth, jamming my entire 9 inch tool into her throat. Her tongue worked the tip of my shaft as I pulled out and the pressure was building. As I fucked her mouth I realized that the burning desire in my heart was furthered by the fact that she couldn’t move. I could do whatever I wanted to her.

Testing this theory I took her breasts in my hands, making sure to massage them as I did so, and pressed them together. Shoving my cock in between those round orbs was something I have never experienced, the resistance was too great and I left her breasts well lubricated before I moved on.

“I am going to fuck you completely baby”, I roared as I moved downward towards her expectant pussy. She let out a soft purr when I coated her with my juices before entering with a mighty push. Unable to move her hands to grab me she tried to loosen the rope but those uncontrolled movements only succeeded in cutting her wrists. As I pumped her womanhood with as much speed and force as 10 men could muster I lashed out with my tongue and licked her wrists. She purred loudly this time. Her hips were thrashing wildly but I held her down for one last thrust as I injected stream after stream of cum into her womb. I collapsed on top of her in a heap. Panting and sweating I struggled to regain my senses after tasting the blood of another. Was I insane with passion? She offered no time to reflect.

“Take the knife and cut me slave!”, she commanded. My first reaction was to laugh, I mean, in her position she was the slave really, but something in her voice convinced me I had no alternative. Closing my eyes as I did so I picked up the slender blade and cut her slowly across the stomach. Unfortunately in my ignorance I had sliced too deep. She was bleeding heavily and crying out, “Help me, fuck, somebody!” Panicked and afraid I bolted out the door bare-ass, jumped in my car, and got the hell out of there. All the way home I couldn’t help but think how I left someone tied up to bleed to death. “Well, the stupid bitch asked for it”, I reasoned.

The police were at my door the very next morning. It turns out Simone didn’t make it through the night. A few guys that weren’t fucking rushed her to the hospital. They did an emergency transfusion and everything but she couldn’t be saved. Not only did they identify me but surprise, my prints were on the knife. Needless to say they convicted me of second degree murder. I felt like shit for what happened, but I don’t know what people expect when they play with knives and drink blood, Jesus what did I do? To make a long story short, I spent 8 years in state prison for murder and was tossed back into the unforgiving world at the promising age of 28.

Being let loose from prison after a few years naturally warrants change. All of my old friends graduated and not so mysteriously couldn’t be reached for contact. My mother had died while I was away and I had to share the house with dear old dad. Dad didn’t talk much since mom died, and so I was very much alone. First things first, I thought, I need a job. Now, did I honestly believe that the want-ads would be crawling with businesses seeking convicted murderers? Of course not, but I needed cash quickly. Let me tell you, there is nothing on this earth as humiliating as getting rejected for employment by Burger King. I tried every fast food establishment and chain store I could think of and no one would touch me. Pouring through the ads one day I spotted an obscure little ad tucked away in the right hand corner of the page that had not been there in the days before. It read: Gravedigger needed. Must be willing to work nights. Starting pay is negotiable. No experience necessary, no questions asked. Damn, remember what I said about obvious signs? This was one of them. I drove down as quick as I could and was hired for duty that night starting at $15 an hour. It was a meager job digging graves by night and planting the bodies the next day, simple enough.

A few nights after I got the job I noticed a red-headed tart walking by herself at, oh, 3 A.M. There were no lights nearby save my lamp and yet, walking through a graveyard, she seemed to be in no hurry to get where she was going. At length she crossed my path where I was digging yet another grave . The horny bastard in me approached her.

“Excuse me, miss?” My dirt-stained body couldn’t have made much of an impression, but she replied, “Come this way baby.” Granted, I should have inquired about something. You just don’t meet an angelic creature in a graveyard at night and not ask questions, but her tone was inviting, the moon was full and perched high overhead, and of course I hadn’t fucked anyone in 8 years. I followed closely behind to our destination: a grave that I labored over myself not even 3 hours ago. She turned to face me, locked me in the embrace of those condemned to die and whispered in my ear, “Come on darling, you need a break”. Her tongue lovingly caressed my earlobe; the bulge in my pants became so monstrous that it drilled itself into her skirt. In response her right hand casually slipped down and brushed against the titanium erection.

“Shh…”, she pleaded as a groan was ready to escape my lips. With one graceful movement she unzipped my jeans and dropped to her knees. She worked my cock with her tongue with a sense of urgency and before long I grabbed her by her hair to impale her throat upon my spear again and again. Her eyes glowed with excitement and I released the grasp so that she would quicken the pace. Her head bobbed up and down for an eternity before I released 8 years of tension. It gushed forth with the strength of a geyser and yet she didn’t flinch a muscle but the one she used to swallow my cum. After she licked me clean she stripped down in the chill night air and whispered seductively, “I want you to take me, all of me, saddle up cowboy”. I had heard those words before and they echoed in my brain. Before I could recall she snapped me back into the present by leaping into the grave.

“Where do I find these women?”, I muttered to myself. Within 20 seconds we were both nude staring into each other’s eyes in our earthen bed. My cock brushed against her wet slit and that was all I needed. Violently I lifted her and shoved her against the dirt wall just high enough so that she remained pinned to the wall and I had access to what was mine. Instead of bouncing her on my thick pole I kept her there and drove it in myself. With every pelvic thrust moans of pleasure forced themselves from her salivating mouth and her juicy mound explained without words that I wasn’t finished. Her moans became cries of pleasure with each motion driving further and further past the point of ecstasy and she still pressed against the wall, helpless and crying “More!” Our breath could be seen in the night but our lovemaking produced a heat that could set fire to our very surroundings. With my heart racing I set her down yearning to feel more of her angelic form. We slid against each other and as our sweat-covered bodies collided in the dirt we kissed as if we were starry-eyed teenagers, not two people who had just met. I flipped her around and drank of her juices. My tongue curiously explored every inch of her pussy. I sucked her dry and the juices from our lovemaking, both mine and hers, drenched my entire face. The sight of her head bobbing furiously on my shaft was enough for me. Grasping the tightest ass I have ever felt I forced her pussy even more into my face. You see, I didn’t just want to taste her, a man has to smell the intoxicating perfume of raw fucking. She paused to gasp for air while I continued my assault on her slit.

Into the dead night she screamed loud enough to, well, wake the dead. Her orgasm brought me to my own and I let go a second time in her throat. Exhausted I attempted to gather myself and stand but she slammed me down upon the dirt.

“Not so fast lover”, she growled. Even in this situation my horny old self could find something to be turned on about, there was something almost cat-like in her growls and purrs that aroused me. Now, this is the part that really freaks me out. I swear to God she leapt out of the grave and came back before I had time to stand. The very gates of hell were reflected in her eyes now with all clarity. She kept me down and tied me up and hammered stakes into the ground for good measure. My hands and feet were bound in this manner and I had no choice but to surrender to my captor. She ran her soaked tongue over my entire body from head to foot. Her mouth made love to every part of me and as she did so my erection leapt high into the air. She arched her back forward to kiss me as she sat on my rigid cock. Her tongue explored every crevice of my mouth while bouncing her ass up and down on my engorged member. She started to speak but it came out only in screams. With every bounce the pace and ferocity of which she fucked me grew. Eventually she would leap off of my dick and then drive herself back onto the spear as if she would have willingly submitted to Vlad if he had but asked. Her pussy overflowed and another orgasm burst from her inner thighs. I came a third time but the look on my face wasn’t one of content. I had never been dominated before and I must admit it was a little frustrating, though the experience was worth the humiliation.

“And now slave, tell me who I am!”, was her order. The soft leather touch that I knew before was gone and she became ever more the demon.

“How the hell should I know you crazy bitch? I see a girl walking in a graveyard, I’m the digger, I check it out and she wants to give me the fucking of my life without a word explaining anything, who the hell do you think I am?” Forget how horny I am, at this moment I was really struggling with those ropes but the stakes were driven in far too deep. A helpless man, with a woman… in a grave… this can’t end well.

“Who are you?”, she cackled. Her eyes were coals to me now and her mouth sputtered blood with every syllable.

“You are the man who slaughtered me. Remember, Simone?”

“Oh fuck, here we go…”

“I give myself to you completely and you destroy me for it! No matter, my master has let me walk the cursed earth for this very moment!” Anything that was human in her was erased. Her features were contorted to those resembling an imp, but an imp with jetting flames where eyes should be and bone and sinew where skin should be. Blood oozed everywhere and I was beginning to drown in it. She, or it, produced a long, slender blade stained with old blood and stabbed downwards with it. That’s all I remember. When I awoke I found myself in this coffin. Told you it was a funny story.

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