tagLoving WivesConfessions of a Husband

Confessions of a Husband


I am a middle-aged man that has been married for several years, and happy within that marriage. I believe myself to be attractive and I know that my wife is still beautiful. In all the time we have been together neither of us had strayed to another for sexual pleasure, well, until last fall.

It was October when my wife, Beth, told me her friend, Kayla, would be coming to visit us for a week. Kayla and her had been friends since childhood, but, Kayla had moved up north after college with her fiancé at the time, and stayed there to raise a family and a career. It was rare for her to have time to visit, and my wife was excited, so I showed my mock amusement and was happy for her.

In all truth, I didn't like when Kayla came down, the house was louder then usual as they talked nonstop into the early hours of the morning, which made me lose sleep. The money dwindled faster as they shopped until they had to stop because the store closed, which made me have to work more overtime. And the sex, well there was no sex when Kayla visited, all time was devoted to her, not that I was jealous, but I do enjoy sex a couple times a week with a person, not my hand.

So the day came for Kayla to arrive and Beth hustled through the house to make everything look perfect, the floors had been washed twice, the windows scrubbed, all the regular cleaning chores done to an extreme. I just chuckled to myself over the fuss she made when a friend came, really, the house was fine before the obsessing.

As we heard Kayla's car pull into my driveway it was like being with a child at her first slumber party, Beth jumped up and down several times clapping and yelling, "She's here, She's here!" Again I chuckled and before I could speak she was out the door and embracing her friend in a huge hug, as they both jumped up and down like schoolgirls.

I slowly made my way outside, god forbid if I didn't carry in her suitcase, or rather all three of them. Kayla greeted me with a half hearted hug and a small peck on the cheek, and a barely audible ,"Hello Harv."

I greeted her back as they rushed inside, carrying some nice fresh mud onto those overly cleaned floors as they went. I chuckled again, all that fuss for nothing. So I took her stuff, and closed her trunk and went in the house myself, walking straight past them as they talked so rapidly I could barely catch a word, and into the spare room. I set the bags down and before I could even exit the room I was told they were off to shop and they were out the door.

This was the same as every time Kayla came, Harv do some work, Beth and Kayla, go shop. It was irritating, but it made Beth happy so I was fine with it. I laughed to myself as I closed the door, at lease Kayla was good to look at. Not that I had ever thought of bedding her but, she was a fine looking woman, all the curves in all the right places, a very pretty face, long brown hair, and nice full lips, not bad at all.

It was getting late and I was about to settle into bed for the night when I heard the car pull back into the driveway. I waited a bit and heard them close the trunk and cackle like hens as they moved closer to the house. They were still laughing loudly when they entered and stopped abruptly when they saw me. Beth smiled to me, "Sorry, lost track of time".

I smiled back and decided to keep my mouth shut and let her do her thing. They dropped their bags and moved back into the living room and sat on the couch across from the recliner I was sitting . Beth smiled again, hell she had been gleaming since the morning just knowing Kayla was coming. "Sorry Harv, we were just having so much fun together, like old times, shopping and talking."

I nodded and gave her a smile, "Its fine honey, she only comes once in a while," yeah right, fine, I wanted my wife home and not spending all the money, but it was only once every couple of years, I could deal with it.

Kayla smiled to me, a rare real smile, "We got all sorts of nice stuff Harv, I think you will really like some of it."

Me? I would like some of it? My eyes crunched as I tried to figure what she was saying and finally I just asked, "How would I enjoy what you got?"

Kayla giggled and corrected me, "Not what I got Harv, what Beth got. We went to this store that had all sorts of playtime stuff, you know, stuff for the bedroom."

My jaw dropped and I saw Beth's cheek brighten, "You did what?" I'm not sure, but I believe I stuttered the question.

Kayla giggled and stood, taking a hold of Beth's arm as she did, lifting her as well, "Hold on Harv, you will see." She stated as they rushed out of the room, taking the bags, and moved quickly into the guest room.

I sat, more astonished then confused as I heard giggles, and whispers that I couldn't quite make the words out of. I didn't even know there was one of those stores around, and forget ever dreaming of getting Beth to step inside if I did know of one. I figured I would just sit back and see what happens.

They came back out to me a few minutes later, Beth was wearing a short green and black plaid skirt and a thing white blouse, her stockings were white , and ran up her legs stopping just shy of the hem of the skirt, and her black shoes were gleaming from the light. She smiled and spun for me, "Do you like it?"

As if she needed to ask, had Kayla not been her I would already be ravaging her body, but I swallowed hard and answered the best I could, "Very much Beth, very much."

Beth turned to the doorway and spoke to Kayla, "Okay, you have to show yours to, he will know if Bill will love it or not."

I put my hand up with a whoa! Kayla was wearing an outfit and they wanted me to see it? I was not so sure about this, one woman looking hot as hell in front of me was torture enough.

Beth smiled and put her hand on mine pushing it back down, "Don't be silly Harv, she is just having you look at it," she giggled and rolled her eyes, "not to fondle her you pervert."

Kayla came out and I moved my head down to stop from seeing her. I focused on Beth's shoes and soon saw them come closer to me, she placed her hand behind my head and spoke innocently to me, "Come on Harv, just look and give an honest opinion, that's all"

I lifted my eyes and looked to my wife, she was innocent, and obviously not noticing that I was already getting stiff just viewing her. I nodded anyway and moved my eyes to Kayla. Kayla stood in the doorway and leaned her back against the frame lifting a foot to rest on the wood as well, she had black high heels on her feet, and white stockings running up her leg, stopping at her knee. My eyes moved up further, as I took in her creamy thighs, then the hem of white, I scanned back, moving from my tunnel vision and viewed her whole body. The sheer maid outfit she wore hugged her body tightly, leaving the top of her breasts exposed. She smiled at me and giggled, "What do you think Harv, will Billy like it?"

I bit my lip as I felt my cock pulse to a full erection and tried to remain calm as I spoke, "Yeah, I think he will love it."

She smiled and stepped over to Beth and hugged her, "You were right, you know the outfits to pick."

Beth smiled to her as she returned her hug, "He wont be able to say no to you with that outfit on, hell I would have a hard time telling you no."

Kayla smiled and moved her hand down Beth's back to her ass and slapped it lightly, "You want me Beth?" she chuckled to her friend, apparently forgetting I was there.

Beth squeaked at the slap and gave Kayla one of her own, "Keep offering like that Kayla and I will take you like I used to."

I couldn't believe my ears, did Beth just say she had played with Kayla before? Were they really doing this in front of me?

Kayla moved her face close to Beth's and kissed her lips softly, then, as she slid her hand to Beth's lower back she deepened the kiss.

Beth reacted kindly, taking Kayla's tongue with her own, turning the kiss to passion, her own fingers sliding to Kayla's back, but taking the skirt part of the outfit with her, exposing the tiny black thong.

I took a deep breath blinking several times, then pinched my own arm, I couldn't believe what was happening before me, it was like I wasn't even there.

Kayla began moving her kiss down Beth's body, kissing her chin then sucking on her neck, I watched her fingers as the unfastened the blouse and exposed Beth's breasts to the warm air of my living room. Her fingers moved further down as her lips pressed against my wife's nipples and she sucked on one slowly. Her fingers moved slowly pulling the skirt up and over Beth's ass, exposing her nakedness to me.

I tried to speak, but there was no hope in finding my voice as I watched them before me. I found my hand sliding to my cock and I slowly caressed myself through my jeans.

Kayla's fingers moved between Beth's legs at the same time I moved mine to my crotch, I watched her fingers as they tapped on the folds of my wife's trimmed pussy, and I could see the glistening moisture as her finger slid inside then back out, moving to her clit and tapping it slowly.

Beth released a soft moan of pleasure as Kayla entered her, her voice was soft as she spoke, "Oh god yes Kayla, I missed this so much, eat me Kayla, please lick my pussy."

Kayla didn't hesitate, she moved Beth back and let her fall onto the couch, her legs spread wide. I watched as Kayla moved her mouth to Beth's pussy and slowly began sliding her tongue between the folds of her nether lips.

I took a deep breath as Beth released a few moans of pure pleasure, and placed her hand on Kayla's head moving it closer to her pussy as she whispered to her, "God yes Kayla, lick my pussy like you used to"

I once again rubbed my eyes as Kayla's kisses drew loud moans from my wife, my hand starting to stroke my jean covered cock. My hand moved faster as I watched Kayla's hand slide between her own legs and move her thong to the side. She caressed her pussy, making her finger nice and wet, then slid her finger to her ass, rolling circles around her tight little hole. I heard her squeak into Beth's pussy and I realized Beth knew what she was doing as she prodded Kayla on, "finger your ass for me Kayla, get it nice and wet for my tongue when I lick you, play with your pussy and ass as you lick my pussy Kayla, oh god Kayla your tongue is so good."

I watched my wife as her chest began to lift and fall rapidly, I watched her legs as she started to shake, I watched Kayla's finger slide into her own pussy the reappear and tease her ass again. Slowly I unfastened and unzipped my own pants allowing my rock hard cock to peer out of it confines. I stroked it slowly as I viewed the spectacle before me.

I squeezed my cock as I heard the loud moan escape Beth's lips and watched as her hands pulled Kayla's face to her pussy, riding her tongue as the waves of her orgasm flowed through her. Kayla's head moved up and down, as she licked and sucked Beth's pussy, riding her through her orgasm.

I kept my hand pressed on my cock as I saw Beth's body settle from its release, I didn't dare to move, I just sat there, with my cock in my hand, and watched.

Beth moved her hands to Kayla's chin and pulled her up as she slid down to the floor. Kayla lifted her upper body on the couch and spread her legs as Beth moved under her, lifting herself with her hands on Kayla's ass. I watched in amazement as Beth's tongue slid into Kayla's bald pussy. I stared at my wife intensely as she withdrew her tongue and kissed at Kayla's twat, sucking on her folds the licking a them, then sliding her tongue back inside her.

I released a small gasp, and realized I had been holding my breath in my excitement for far to long, and Beth heard it as well, as her hands released Kayla and she fell to the floor, then sat up and looked at me with shock.

Kayla spun quickly and looked to me, her face red with embarrassment, "Oh god, Harv, I totally forgot you were here. Please forgive us."

Beth looked up to Kayla then back to me, "I'm sorry Harv, I got lost in the moment, completely lost myself," She searched for words then saw my hand and smiled to me, "Harv? Have you been busy?"

I quickly released my cock as I searched for words now, my face as red as theirs.

Beth looked up to Kayla and grinned, the moved to her hands and knees and crawled towards me. I watched her as she neared me, and she smiled as she got to me, moving her hands to my waist she encouraged me to lift slightly and removed my pants. "Harv? You can be bad too," her voice was that of an angel and I just smiled. She opened her mouth and slowly licked at my balls as her hand slid over to my cock, and she began to slowly stroke me.

I leaned back in my chair at her touch, trying to relax but my eyes caught Kayla, who had removed her own panties and her fingers where sliding over her own pussy. She smiled at me and stood up, slowly walking towards me, she kneeled beside Beth and kissed her neck softly as she whispered into her ear.

Beth smiled and lifted my cock as Kayla moved her mouth to it and slowly slid her lips down my shaft. Beth's mouth moved on my balls as Kayla began to suck my cock faster, her tongue flicking in circles inside her mouth.

I felt myself growing and knew that I would explode soon when Beth added to the surprise, I felt a wet finger slide between my ass cheeks and tease my hole, I never thought of letting that be touched before this very moment, but I will let her do whatever she wants to it now that she did. She let just the tip of her finger enter me and my cock exploded, shooting stream after stream of my cum into Kayla's waiting mouth, Kayla clamped her mouth to my cock as I came, taking in all I had to offer.

I moaned loud as I came, letting them know how good it felt to have them please me. As my orgasm subsided Beth removed her finger and smiled up to me, "Now Harv, next time you might be able to touch, but I think we earned a night to ourselves."

I nodded as Kayla sucked the last drips of my cum from me, "Yes Beth, anything you want tonight."

Beth stood and smiled, then held her hand out to Kayla, helping her up. Beth leaned down and kissed me softly, "Good night honey," she whispered and her and Kayla moved into the guest room and closed the door behind them.

I stayed in the chair for some time after that, hearing the giggles and moans coming from the guest room. I smiled as I finally stood and started to my own room, next time, I would play with them.

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