tagNonHumanConfessions of a Plush Bunny

Confessions of a Plush Bunny

bypocket rocket©

My name is Fred and this is my dairy. I keep it hidden behind the dresser in Ellie’s room where I spend most of my days, and nights. I am a bunny and my tag says I am made of 100% new materials. Someone who didn’t read the part about not removing this tag took off, my tag before I came here to live with Ellie. I don’t really remember much about before. I ended up in a box with some other stuffed friends of mine. It was a warm sunny day and very bright outside. I remember a lot of hands picking me up and putting me down and then this little girl with little hands took me out of the box and hugged be very tightly. I never saw my friends again. We were all sent in different directions that afternoon. No time for proper good-byes either. Oh well, that is the life of a stuffed animal. I went home with the little girl and she took good care of me. She told me that first night that she loved me best and gave me the name, Fred. I have lived here with her for many years now. Every night she still hugs me and tells me she loves me the best. I am not sure how all my other stuffed buddies feel about hearing that night after night but if they hold any animosity towards Ellie, or me they hold it in. Mostly I don’t spend too much time with them anyway. I have my own place. My own chair. It is small and made of wood painted red. It has a high back and is taller than my ears. I sit there all day. Ellie puts me there and smiles as she gets dressed. She is 18 years old now. I don’t know how old I am at all… more than 18 I suppose. I still have lots of fuzzy fur and she cuddled me a lot more in the earlier years and so not rubbing too much of my fur off. A good thing cause number one I need it to stay warm and number two Ellie likes how I feel next to her at night.

I became somewhat of a plaything to her in the last year or so. One night, I don’t recall quite when. She sat me in my chair so I could watch her brushing her auburn hair. It is straight and down past her shoulders. Ellie is not too tall and not too short but just about right. She is pretty though. I think so anyway. She has a boyfriend and I bet he thinks so too. She tells me about him a lot and I listen carefully and never interrupt. She tells me I am a good listener and then kisses me on my head. It’s just something she does.

He kisses her too. In all sorts of ways. She says she sometimes will come just by one kiss on her slit by her boyfriend. She then closes her eyes and lets out a long sigh. I guess that is good.

Well one night after she was out on a date thing with him she came home and sat me on my chair. She brushed her hair as usual and then she got undressed. I try to look the other way so not to embarrass her but she doesn’t seem to mind and will freely take all her clothing off and pace around her room naked. She is slender and her breasts are small but nice too. She likes them.

She put on her blue nightie. I like that very much as it feels cozy and soft against my fur. She took me up on her harms and hugged me to her bare chest and kissed my head like she always does. My nose was pressing up against the side of her left breast and I couldn’t breath. She hugged me even tighter and started moving me up and down on her nipple. They felt neat! At first they were soft and flicked alittle under my paws. But soon they were hard little stones and I liked how they felt under my paws. She had never held me like this before. This was totally new and I wasn’t going to say anything. All the others were watching me. Their little glassy eyes staring at us dancing around the room and Ellie having me stroke her breasts with my fuzzy paws. She went to her bed and lay down with me on top of her tummy. Ellie sat me up and tickled my belly with her middle finger. She wore a ring on it and it was green. Her finger rubbed up and down and she touched my face and stroked my ears back. That was nice. She did it a lot but this time was different. She was looking at me in a new way. I felt very special.

‘Fred, my dear. You and I have to have a little chat. Tom said I am afraid of trying new things and we got into a big argument about it all…’ She said to me. Argument? I don’t know what that is?

‘Everything was wrong and it all came out tonight Fred. We broke up. It had to happen this way and he is such a pain anyway. You are my best lover anyway.’ She said and poked me in the tummy.

Ellie and I looked at each other for a long time and she leaned over and turned out the light. This is when things got weird.

She kissed my nose and moved me down her belly and put me so I was sitting between her legs. It was nice and warm down there and I nestled into place. She touched herself inches from my face and I watched her fingers caressing and stroking at her little slit. She moaned and ran her hand up and down on it. I watched to see what would happen if she did that too long. I was kind of afraid too. Was something going to jump at me in the dark. Bunnies are not well known for great acts of bravery but I stood my ground, well sat at it anyway. She moved her hand so I could see she was pink and wet there and her middle finger dug into the folds and she wiggled and made a low sound. I was impressed. Then she moved her hands around my back and I felt her warm stroking fingers on the back of my neck and ears. I fell forward and she held me against her wetness and pressed my face on her there. I was moving up and down and my belly fur was getting soggy. I rubbed over her with my belly back and forth and up and down for along time and she like it a lot. Ellie moaned and told me how good it felt to have me on her skin and her pussy. Oh so that was what it was, a pussy. I looked over across the room and saw the stuffed cat that hated me. How could one pussy be nice and wet and smelly wonderful, while the other was a hardened criminal was beyond me.

By now her thighs were sticky and wet and I was having trouble with my fur matting up but she didn't seem to care at all. She was lost in her own pleasures, which I was giving to her. She stopped moving me around on her there between her legs and took my paw and started rubbing herself with it. I let her move it for me until I knew how to do it myself. Next time she wouldn’t have to show me at all. Soon she pushed my paw alittle bit inside of her pussy and she cried out. I wanted to stop and asked her if I was hurting her. She didn’t say anything just let out a lot of moaning and was breathing pretty hard too. Then she pushed me farther in up to my shoulder in fact. She was so wet and warm inside and I lifted my paw up and rubbed her inside and she lifted her back off the bed covers and spoke to me for the first time.

‘Oh! Fred my darling…Fuck me…oh harder harder, go deeper!’ she moaned and I pulled my paw out as she was tugging at the back of my neck. Then in again deep as I could go. The more I moved in and out the easier my paw slipped in her. She was pretty wet and smooth now and this seemed to please Ellie a lot. A whole lot! She bucked and kicked her heels into the blankets that were now in a rumpled pile at the end of the bed.

‘Fuck me you lovely little bunny…mmmm.’ She mumbled.

I did as she asked. This fucking business was nice and I loved that I was giving her something new and I did love her so.

Soon she let out a series of loud cries and panted slowly and moved me up to her chest and smiled at me in the darkness. She tickled my belly again and said thankyou. Then hugged me to her and she could smell her scent on my paw and kissed it alittle and I felt her tongue licking me too.

She fell asleep after than and cuddled me all night. I guess whatever it was we did made her really tired. The next morning she hugged me and put me in my chair and said she would have a surprise for me that night.

I waited there all day. The others still were staring at me.

‘What?’ I asked them. No answer, just more glassy blank looks.

The afternoon dragged on and I wrote alittle in my diary. I didn’t have much to say back then about what happened. So I am writing it now after more happened.

That night, Ellie got in later than usual and she had her friend Rebecca with her. I met Becca before. She didn't say much to me in the past. But I liked her anyway. She was taller than my Ellie and had long black hair. She was pleasantly round like me and pretty. They spent hours on the computer and were laughing a lot. I couldn’t see what was so funny from my chair and didn’t really understand about humor. They listened to music on the radio and danced together. Becca lit some candles and turned out the lights and I sat in my chair as Ellie brushed Rebecca’s long hair and they were talking. I was glad Ellie had someone else to talk to as well. Sometimes the load on my shoulders was too heavy to bear.

‘It was amazing Becca, come on. Try it with me. It’s not weird!’ Ellie giggled.

‘Oh, its pretty weird Ellie. You had sex with your bunny.’ Becca said seriously.

‘Yeah, but I have never come so hard before last night. I tell ya, Fred is a hot lover!’ Ellie told her and then told her to undress.

Get on the bed Becca and I will show you just what I mean.

‘Ellie, come off it…’

‘Just do what I say okay, promise if you don’t like how it feels I will stop.’

Ellie watched as Becca slipped out of her nightie and padded barefoot to the bed and sat on the edge and feeling silly. Ellie picked me up off my chair and held me close and told me to be nice to Becca. She got on her bed and walked on her knees over to behind Becca and pressed my belly onto her back between her shoulders and started me in little circles. My fur had been dried and brushed after our session the night before so I was really fluffy now!

Becca let out a sigh and Ellie said,

‘See, Didn’t I tell ya this was nice. Do you like how it feels sweetie?’

‘Un huh.’ Becca said with her eyes shut.

Ellie placed a hand on her shoulder and moved it up behind her neck and squeezed Becca there alittle as I rubbed all the way down her spine and up again slowly. Ellie kissed Becca on the neck and told her she was so soft and her best friend. This is when I moved around to her front side and rubbed her tummy and up onto her breasts which were so big and full and I wrapped my arms across one and brushed over her nipple. It was hard too and was a pleasant lump on my tummy fur. Becca let out a deep moan and Ellie kissed her right on the lips. Then told her to lay back on the bed. I ended up sitting on her belly and watched them have another kiss. Becca tried to push Ellie away at first but then touched her cheek and kissed her back.

‘Rub him on your pussy Becca…its heaven!’ Ellie told her softly and put me down between her thighs. I loved sitting there. Warm and tight in there. Her pussy was in front of me and Ellie took her hands and put them behind my head and guided her alittle. I knew what to do by now but let Ellie show her friend what I was able to do.

I rubbed against her pussy with my tummy fur for a long time. Becca liked how it felt I guess and kept moving my up and down over her skin. She was very wet and I was soaking pretty quickly. I like how it felt on my fur though and knew I was in for the hair drier again later which was most pleasant and I suggest that every stuffed animal try that.

Becca was loudly groaning as my paw slipped very fast inside her opening. She pressed her fingers in with me and she was crying out all sorts of things about how good it felt. I looked up and saw my Ellie stroking her pussy too and she was moaning softly. I fucked Becca and brought her to a long orgasm thing like Ellie had and she kissed my paws afterwards too.

Later we all slept together with me in the middle. A pretty sweet place if ya ask this fuzzy bunny. My fur was damp and warm and the next morning Rebecca asked if she could take me home with her.

‘Get your own bunny!’ said Ellie.

Becca laughed really hard and said she would come over again soon to visit me and maybe next time she would bring a new friend.

I met another of Ellie’s girlfriends another time. Her name was Lisa and she was really nice to me and we did new things. But that will have to wait till next time. I hear Ellie coming home now and I should go and sit on my chair and wait for her.

Till next time.

Fred the bunny.

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