tagErotic CouplingsConfessions of a Wife Ch. 03

Confessions of a Wife Ch. 03


All day I waited hot and horny for you to come home. I kept thinking of how you would feel inside me and how I wanted to suck you and taste you and fuck you long and hard. I took a long hot bath so that I was perfect for you when you got home and dressed up in that innocent nightgown that you like me to wear. I put my hair in curls and tied a pink ribbon in it; I was making sure you wouldn't be able to say no.

Finally you came home and I met you at the door and took the mail from your hands and set it on the table without even looking at it. I walked right up to you and kissed you softly on your lips and closed the door behind you, our neighbors don't need to see what will happen next. You're just kind of standing there, not sure what I'm about to do next and I giggle as I kiss you again and start to undo your pants and back you against the door as I pull them and your boxers down. I'm down on my knees in front of you and I look up at you to see you looking at me as I lick my lips in anticipation and then take you in my mouth and lick and suck you to hardness. You're almost there when I take my right hand and place it at the base of your cock and my mouth moves down to your balls where I gently lick the left and the right as my hand keeps moving on you slowly up and down. Knowing that I need fucked I look up at you again and take you all the way in my mouth into the back of my throat and swallow; I know that drives you crazy and I love doing it.

I stop and let you out of my mouth so I can stand and I take you into the bedroom that I have set up for our bit of fun tonight. On the way there you take off your pants that are around your ankles and I giggle as you say something about needing to walk. I lay you down on the bed and climb on top of you making sure you can't see what I have in my hand and I slowly take each of your hands and put them above your head as I kiss you over and over, trying to make sure you don't realize what I'm about to do. Now that your hands are above your head I slide half way up your chest, my bare pussy right in front of your face and taking the pink silk scarf I had hidden in my right hand I tied both your wrists to the bed. You let me of course, surprised that I was doing it, but you went along. I made you promise that you wouldn't rip my scarf, it is my favorite, and you agreed. After you were tied up I played a little, just to test how well the restraints would hold, tickled you a little bit in your most ticklish of places and then I moved down your body till my mouth was near your hard cock and I couldn't resist tasting you again, licking you all over, getting you to the point that you would have cum if I hadn't stopped and I softly giggled. I loved hearing your moan of frustration, I am such a tease and I liked knowing I was in complete control of you and when you would cum.

I then rose up and settled my smooth, wet pussy over you, but not letting you in, just letting you feel how wet I was. I rocked back and forth letting you come inside me little by little until you are completely embedded in me and I hear your moan of pleasure and I giggle so wickedly again because I know you'll be moaning in frustration very soon. I rock backwards and now you're not inside me anymore, but you can still feel my wetness and I reach for the bottom of my nightgown and take it over my head, leaving me completely naked and on top of you. The only piece of fabric left on me is the pink ribbon I tied in my hair. I now look like such a naughty little girl and I like it, and as your hips move trying to get yourself back inside me, I know you like it too. I smile at you and ask "Do you want me?"

You say "yes" and I move down a bit, letting the head of you inside me.

Then I ask you "Do you want me to fuck you,"

And you nod at me and say "yes", and I move downward just a little more, you try moving again, but I tell you to stop or I'll leave you to finish yourself.

You freeze and I ask you the last question, "Do you want me to let you cum?"

You're so focused on not moving that you say "yes, please" and I let my body go the rest of the way allowing you completely inside of me.

You feel so good as I rock back and forth, riding you and as I fuck you I feel your cock hitting my clit and I know I'm going to cum soon. My hands go up to my breasts and I see you watching me through barely open eyes as I pinch my nipples and arch my back and I cum drenching you in my release, I can hear the sounds of all the liquid that I've just let go as I keep riding you hard and fast. I'm constantly cumming now, but I know not to stop, I know you'll be cumming so very soon. Your legs start to tighten up and your whole body freezes as I keep going and you cum deep within me, I feel spurt after spurt as your cock releases inside of me and I cum one last time and tighten my muscles so I can feel you flinch because you're so sensitive. I collapse on your chest and giggle as you put your arms around me, your hands are still tied, but I must not have tied it too well to the bed. I'll work on that for next time.

I raise my head up and look at you in your blissful state of relaxation and I kiss your lips and whisper in your ear. "Have a good day at work, honey?"

You smile at me and say "Not as good as this."

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