tagGroup SexConfessions of a Wild Chick Ch. 05

Confessions of a Wild Chick Ch. 05


My husband Dan and I are both bisexual and practice what is considered a cuckold lifestyle. Unlike some of those cuckold stories I have read elsewhere on this site, our sex life is not about humiliation or demeaning each other. On the contrary, Dan actually gets off on seeing me with other women and men. He enjoys the opportunity to join in, but in those instances where my partner prefers he does not, Dan is just as comfortable watching.

I realize how unusual we sound but I think it takes a very grounded relationship built on love, with no place for jealousy, to sustain a marriage like ours. There are the affairs of the body and those of the heart. He knows that while I have deep physical desires, they do not compete with the love I have for him.

While I do enjoy sex with men, I have always preferred the touch of another woman. Perhaps it is because it was a woman, or actually women, that introduced me to sex in the first place. I had just turned 18 when my closest friend introduced me to lesbian sex. While I had dated quite a few boys in high school, most of my physical contact was relegated to kissing and such. It wasn't until I graduated and was dating Tommy that he had me touch him intimately and later jack him off.

Tommy would feel me up too but he really enjoyed it when I stroked his cock. The summer after I graduated, Tommy left for a few months to work for his brother's construction company and make a little extra spending money for college. The months he was gone turned out to be profound for me. It was during that time that my best friend Teri showed me how good love with another woman could actually be.

Teri herself was a committed lesbian after having been seduced by a slightly older woman. Teri introduced me to Jennifer, who turned out to be a rather dominant, for the lack of a better word, dyke. While I've always considered that term a little extreme sounding, Jennifer herself seemed to love the image it conjured up and reveled in using it.

Jennifer had a penchant for picking up straight girls and taking them back to her place where she would turn them into her little lesbian playmates. Some times just for the evening but more often for short relationships. Jennifer was a very pretty woman with Asian features. Her mother was Japanese and her father African American giving her a very dark and exotic look.

During those years after I graduated from high school, I spent a great deal of time with both Teri and Jennifer and attended a number of parties where some curious or perhaps unsuspecting straight girl was seduced at the hands of Jennifer. It seemed the straighter they were, the more she enjoyed turning them. Nothing pleased her more than taking a young girl who was engaged to be married and having them become a committed lesbian.

I cannot recount the number of times that I saw a young coed, who rebuffed her advances, return weeks later. Jennifer might have them nude, kneeling at her feet, and licking her pussy, thanking her for making them a little lesbian slut. Jen also enjoyed dominating other women and girls and would often command her new neophytes to pleasure each other for her and her company.

It was nothing to see two young college coeds going at each other with dildos and strapons while Jennifer directed them to fuck each other. Once she tired of a girl, or needed a new challenge, she would introduce them to one of her other girlfriends. A few did become very emotionally attached to Jennifer and she kept them around on the condition they recruited another girl to our lesbian circle. Perhaps a close friend, roommate, and in a couple of cases --a sister or other relative.

One of these was a young girl named Helen who Jennifer met at an arts function downtown. The two hit it off and ended up back at Jenifer's where Helen experienced her first lesbian encounter. Helen and Jen saw each other for several weeks as Jen explored Helen's submissive side. When Jennifer began going out with another woman, Helen was crushed and begged Jennifer to continue seeing her.

Apparently, Jennifer had met Helen's sister in law at some restaurant and was determined to have her as well. While the sister in law had dated her brother for several years, they had only recently married. Helen was instructed in very certain terms to invite her over one night to Jennifer's apartment where the two of them could be "properly" introduced.

After several glasses of wine, Helen began showing her sister in law, Wendy, a photo album that Jennifer had left out conveniently on the coffee table. While many of the photos initially showed Jennifer in various swimsuits and evening wear, as they thumbed through, more revealing photos had Jennifer nude, stretched out across the floor or posed provocatively.

Wendy was startled at the photos with Jen's dark Asian features and tattoos that adorned both hips. Helen had seen the album many times before and flipped each page slowly as Wendy took in the images before her.

As they flipped through, there were photos of other women, all naked, most submitting themselves to Jen. Kneeling before her, some with their wrist tied behind their backs, some blindfolded, others strapped down and bound to her bed. But all of them had the women servicing and submitting to Jennifer.

And then, the picture of Helen herself, kneeling nude at Jennifer's feet. The pictures showed Helen licking Jennifer's pussy. There was a photo of Helen standing in front of Jen. Jennifer's breast pressing into her back, as she grasped Helen's breast in one hand, kissing the young woman whose head was twisted back to meet the lips of her demanding mistress.

Jennifer said in no time at all, she had the young newlywed herself naked and eating her first pussy. By the end of the evening, Helen was fucking her own sister in law. Not long after that encounter, I met Helen who said that she and Wendy were very happy and both thanked Jennifer immensely for introducing them to lesbian sex. I've always wondered if Wendy's husband ever found out that his own sister had seduced his wife and was now carrying on a torrid lesbian affair?

While Teri introduced me to same sex lovemaking, it was actually Jennifer who took my virginity. Sporting her strapon, she was very gentle and slow as she worked her cock into my vagina. She used a much smaller dildo than the one she was accustomed to using on Teri and many of her other partners, but it felt huge none the less. Over the course of the summer, she continued to choose larger cocks until she had adequately stretched my little pussy.

Often Jennifer and Teri used words that I was very unaccustomed to hearing other women use at the time. Jennifer would refer to Teri and I both as her little sluts or bitches and it seemed the more degrading and profane she was, the hotter I seemed to get. When Teri and I visited her apartment, she would often require us both to stay naked the whole time we were there, even if she remained fully clothed. Sometimes she would entertain her other female friends and we were expected to stay nude and service them as well.

By the time my boyfriend Tommy returned home from his brother's, I knew I was a far different person than when he left and even questioned to myself whether our relationship could be the same. The constant sex I had with Teri and Jennifer seemed to make me crave it even more. It was like I was insatiable. I privately wondered whether I would desire Tommy the way I had come to long for the touch of another woman.

Jennifer was absolutely right, for me there was no going back. I loved the taste of pussy. There was something about licking and sucking on another woman's breast, having them go down on me, or perhaps fucking me with a strapon or dildo. Recently I had even allowed Teri, after weeks of turning down her pleas, to fuck my virgin ass.

I had noticed over the last few weeks that Teri was becoming more and more dominant in our lovemaking. While she seemed to relish going down on me and encouraged me to fuck her with one of our strapons, she liked to straddle my face and have me lick her pussy and took more pleasure in fucking my ass than my vagina.

While anal sex was initially uncomfortable, I began to appreciate it and actually look forward to it. Teri spent a great deal of time preparing me with her tongue. I loved when she did that. She would push her tongue in as far as she could, lubing my hole up with her spit, sliding two and then three fingers in to get me accustomed before she strapped on her hard cock and slid it into my bottom.

I have a vanity mirror that stretches across my dresser in my bedroom and Teri would turn us where she could watch her cock sliding in and out of my ass. She would place me on my hands and knees, kneeling between my legs as she would drive her cock in, holding on tight to my hips. I loved to see Teri's breasts rise up and down as her hips slapped against my cheeks. It felt so naughty when she took me that way -- doggie style.

She would push my head down hard into the pillows with my ass raised high in the air, commanding me to play with my clit as she fucked me.

"Whose ass is that baby? Who does that ass belong to?" Teri would demand.

"You. It's your ass. My ass belongs to you. Take it. Fuck it!" I chanted back as her hips smacked against my bottom. I never failed to cum with Teri, whether she was fucking my bottom or my pussy.

Tommy and I had begun to have intercourse as well. One afternoon when we were both laying in my bed, I slid up on him and placed his swollen cock to my pussy. His eyes grew wide as he realized I was going to fuck him -- a first for us.

It was very spontaneous and a bit reckless as I was not on birth control at the time. I cautioned him to let me know when he was cumming and then I began to rock up and down on his stiff rod. Tommy's cock was different feeling from the rubber dildos I was accustomed to with Teri and Jennifer. I loved the warm feel of his flesh but I had to admit his dick was much smaller than the ones I had become accustomed to.

Jennifer had begun using much larger cocks on both Teri and myself, stretching our vaginas. She really enjoyed lubing up her hand and trying to push as much of her hand and arm into our cunts as she could. The activity called "fisting" became a favorite and she often liked to lube us up as she probed us, until her hand was buried past the wrist in our pussies.

The drawback to that was Tommy's cock seemed quite smaller in comparison. As mine was his first pussy, I'm sure he was quite content, but it left me desiring a little more. Another disappointment for me was Tommy always came much quicker than I did. He wasn't premature mind you, he just didn't last very long once he had entered my vagina.

Jennifer's words when she fucked me the first time continued to haunt me, "Tommy might fuck you, but he'll never fuck you like Teri and I can. Like another woman can." How prophetic that was at the time.

When I felt Tommy begin to stiffen, a sure sign of his impending orgasm, I would slip off of him and bring him off with my hand. After he came, Tommy seemed to be a little disengaged. Not disinterested mind you but sort of indifferent to the moment.

One afternoon when Tommy left, mom came up to my room. Apparently she had arrived home early and heard the two of us outside my bedroom door. Mom sat on the bed with me as she asked me point blank if Tommy and I were having intimate relations. I questioned back, "You mean are we having sex? Yes."

Mom was much more understanding than I thought she would be. Actually she was really cool about it. We had always had a great relationship and she sat with me and took my hand in hers.

"Sex is a natural thing between adults and you're certainly an adult now. But it does come with a heavy responsibility and you need to be careful," she warned.

Mom asked that I be aware of the unintended consequences of one night stands and chance encounters. Particularly the gifts they leave behind. Then she made me an appointment with the gynecologist to start me on birth control pills.

I really enjoyed our conversation but decided now was not the right time to share with her my journey into same sex relations. She seemed to take comfort that I was seeing Tommy. Someone she and dad had known for some time, and who had plans himself to attend college.

Once I started on the pill, I began allowing Tommy to cum inside me. It was a much different feeling having him shoot inside my womb. I loved it! It was something Teri and Jenifer could not do with their strapons. All that said, I was still left hanging after Tommy had climaxed.

Sometimes we'd just both get up and call it a session. Occasionally, Tommy would lie there collecting his breath as I got myself off rubbing my clit. One afternoon I asked Tommy if he'd go down on me, "lick me down there," but he balked at the thought. While he didn't say so, he just didn't want to lick my pussy after he came in it.

I thought that was a little selfish actually. He loved it when I went down on him and swallowed his cum but he drew the line at him tasting his own semen. I knew that it was only a matter of time before we would break through that taboo. His refusal made me more determined.

One day, I gave Tommy one of the best blowjobs I had ever given him. I took him right to the brink and then backed off, teasing him, gently rubbing my tongue along the crown of his dick. I stroked his shaft with my right hand, twisting my head as I went up and down on his pulsating cock. I held his nut sack in my other hand, feeling it draw tight in my palm, a sure sign he was about to explode.

As I prepared for the warm cum that would fill my mouth, I knew this would be the day I would broaden Tommy's own horizons. As his cock stiffened and twitched, I felt his first release as his warm load hit the back of my throat. I swallowed as quickly as possible as he filled my mouth.

When Tommy slumped back on the bed, I crawled up as quickly as I could and kissed him softly on the lips. Tommy was somewhat startled as we rarely kissed like that after sex, particularly after giving him head. But he kissed me back as I forced my tongue between his lips.

I'm sure he tasted his salty load which coated my lips but I know it caught him by surprise when I deposited part of his own load that I had saved into his mouth. I ran my tongue into his mouth, mixing his semen with my tongue. I felt his body stiffen at first, but then relax as he kissed me back. When I was convinced he had swallowed his own cum, I softened my attack.

"See, that wasn't so bad, was it?" I inquired with a smile knowing I had crossed that line in the sand.

"What possessed you to do that?" he asked resigned to what I had just done.

"I don't know," I lied. "I just felt like it." In actuality it was just the start. I was determined to have him begin going down on me after we fucked. I needed my release too and he was going to become accustomed to the taste of his own warm cum in my pussy. To appreciate it, perhaps crave it.

Several days later, I sat atop of Tommy as I rode his hard cock, buried deep in my pussy. Tommy's legs began to stiffen and I heard the familiar moan that signaled his orgasm. I grabbed Tommy's hands, locking our fingers, as he bucked up against me. I felt his warm cum fill my pussy, as I bent over and placed my lips to his, kissing him passionately as he came hard into my warm box.

When Tommy relaxed, I moved up and off his cock which slid from my wet pussy. I knew this was the moment that I had waited for as I moved my shaved cunt to his mouth. His eyes grew wide but he didn't refuse me as I placed my dripping lips over his face. At first he moved his tightened lips cautiously along my slit. But he eventually began to submit and gave a few tentative licks to my clit.

I began to slide my pussy back and forth across Tommy's face, his tongue becoming more and more daring as it entered my folds. I knew he was tasting our juices, my pussy mixed with his fresh load.

"Fuck yea, that feels so good baby. Eat my pussy. Lick me. Your tongue feels so good baby," I moaned as he became more encouraged. sliding his tongue in deeper. I pushed, expelling more of his cum that I felt him lap up.

"That's so fucking hot baby. Take that load that you put there. Eat me. Suck on my pussy," I groaned as I pushed more and more of his cum back out into his hungry mouth.

I pulled on my own nipples, twisting them in my fingers as Tommy buried his tongue up my hot box. I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I came too, his mouth working aggressively now on my pussy. I'm not sure if it was as much his tongue on my clit or the slurping noises he was making feasting on my wet box, but I came hard - as hard as any time with Teri or Jennifer.

I loved lesbian sex but I loved having Tommy eat me to orgasm after he had fucked me. I knew we had both entered into a new chapter of our relationship. He was totally resigned to me taking the lead in our sex lives and I was determined to see how far I could take it.

Perhaps that next step took place that fall when Tommy and I had both enrolled at Clemson, a southern university located not far from Lake Hartwell in South Carolina. Tommy was rooming with Mark, a really good looking guy from Alabama. Mark invited us to spend Labor Day weekend at a friend's house on the lake. Mark and his girlfriend Meagan had dated through much of high school.

Tommy and I drove to their place on Lake Hartwell on a Friday evening. I had met Mark before, but was really enchanted with his girlfriend. Meagan was my age, 18, and was cute as she could be. She was a gorgeous brunette with wavy hair down to her shoulders, brown eyes, and fairly dark skinned. Meagan was smaller than myself, at only 5'2" and she later confided 34-24-34. We hit it off instantly.

On Saturday, we packed up a cooler and headed out on the water for an afternoon on the lake. Megan had packed us all sandwiches and we enjoyed getting sun while the guys took turns skiing. I couldn't help but notice how well toned Mark was when he removed his shirt. There was little doubt that he spent hours in the gym getting those abs in shape. While I wasn't making a play for Tommy's roommate, I noticed too the bulge in Mark's trunks when he emerged from the lake. Later it was mine and then Meagan's turn out on the water. While the other three slalomed, I am a little bit more the novice and was best suited on a pair of skis.

Meagan was wearing a little two piece yellow bikini that really accentuated her skin tone. She looked awesome in it and it was cut pretty tight indicating she wasn't overly modest. Perhaps that was a good thing. When she got back into the boat and pulled off her ski vest, it was apparent the suit was more for looks than swim wear. You could easily see both through the top and bottom. It was not hard to make out her dark bush. But what was more apparent was her dark brown nipples clearly visible through the fabric of her top.

I thought Tommy was going to strain his neck sneaking peeks. He wore a dark pair of Ray Bans but it was obvious he was stealing glances. Actually I found it funny that we were both turned on looking at her. As much as I wouldn't mind seeing what was in Mark's trunks, I was even more anxious to get a glance at Meagan and wondered if I might get a chance alone with her.

We had a great time on the boat and headed in about dusk to grill out steaks. We had been drinking throughout the day. But I think the hot sun had kept us from really feeling the effects of the alcohol.

After dinner, Mark asked if we were up for a board game he had purchased. The drinking game was an adult party game which called for participants to drink, smoke (or drink), remove articles of clothing, and even perform mild sexual acts such as kissing or touching intimate body parts.

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