tagMatureConfessions of an Indian Stud Ch. 02

Confessions of an Indian Stud Ch. 02


I got a call from my Mother asking me to meet Mrs Bindu (B, in short) a wealthy millionaires living in swanky uptown who was in need of some computer services.

I met her at the mansion and if anything B was beyond my wildest (s)expectations about a mature rich woman. She was at least 6 feet tall, full bodied, buxom with abundant rich curves all over, a sign that her body knew nothing about hard work and she was living a life of unbridled luxury.

Her V neck heaved up and with her movements amplifying the size of mouth watering tits.

She gave me abroad smile and invited me in and soon I was in her Networking room. I was told that she had suspicious looking computer files where her accounts was saved and may be I could do something about it. She was concerned , that she was being duped by her staff especially her accountant. I had studied accounts in my commerce course. It took me a half day to study all her files and I was in the mean time served well with some tea and snacks. B would come in some times, stand close enough to smell her sweet body spray, her long well muscled thighs showing between her skirt pleats and her rosy white jugs straining against her gown tops as if they would pop out with a little help. all this did my cock no good and I was sporting an almost distracting erection and i fought hard inwardly to concentrate on the job.

Finally I managed to nail the fraud it was to a private bank account in Switzerland to the tune of a couple of millions. When i explained my findings, B was as startled as I had been and showed keen interest in the modus operandi and my shrewdness in tracking it down.

She appreciated me a lot and we thought of countering the criminal with these evidences the next day. On that day she welcomed me in personally and wearing a shocking red sari, an Indian robe with sleeveless blouse. she looked deliciously eatable in that dress her soft luxurious curves mysteriously hidden as well as revealed. My heart was thumping when she made small talk and we waited for the accountant. I cast a hungry look at her ripe juggling around in her blouse. As I suspected no bra could hold her melons in place comfortably and she was not wearing any either.

The small hawkish accountant was anything built a gentleman and shouted at us when he was showed record of his crime. Finally when B fired him from the job, he threatened me," I will see you soon and her too in rotting hell".

We thought nothing about it further, B complimented me profusely," Thanks N, You were just great. You saved me millions of dollars this way. My advocates will take over now with this case to see that he rots in hell "

She laughed with relief and her ripe melons jiggled with her laughter. When she turned back her soft pumpkin like buttocks swayed seductively on her behind making my pussy hungry cock turgid with my man juices again. I was asked to come next week to check out her computer network and install fire walls etc making the network more secure and safer. I was just entering her portico when I saw dirty looking rascal run away as if he had been caught from her gleaming Blue Rolls Royce car. I was about to chase him down when B walked out in her Sports suit to board the car. I was in two minds where to go to her or the suspicious character now darting away at a distance. I had a flash that something was wrong and that she should not board the car. I ran in a flash and clutched her bodily and embraced her firmly and fell away from the car to a pavement and rolled together in to a ditch. No sooner the car exploded into a huge fire ball and as I was now lying down in the ditch, my body fully covering her soft cushiony and gasping body. The exploded parts of her burning car fell on my back causing gashes and burns all over. I held on to her my body pressing down on her body hard into the stone floor of the drain. Her soft tits mashed against my chest and she screamed as she realized the danger we were in. It took a couple of minutes before we stood up shakily , groggily looked at each other in wonderment and then at the burning debris nearby. She know for sure that I had saved her then from certain death and was not finding words to express her gratitude.

The Police were called in, all her domestic staff gathered and soon we were moved into the mansion into a private room where B made me lie down on a satin bed and sat near me.:

N, My dear , How could you risk your life thus for me? if some thing had happened to you here, I would not have forgiven myself"

I raised myself on elbows and said, "So would I". The intensity of my words surprised her.

We discussed about the accidental bomb blast and came to a conclusion that it was the handiwork of the frustrated accountant who was caught red handedly just the previous week. The Police came and went about their work. and soon she asked me to roll over and see my injured back.. there were a couple of deep gashes and a no of small burns and B was very sympathetic and apologetic.

She ordered me that it was her duty to look after me, as I was alone in this town and I accepted her hospitality, unknowingly of the fortunes that awaited me in the coming days..

B took personal care of me and made take full rest . I was served everything in the room. She used to apply ointment s and balms personally to my back on the bed. Her soft hands would knead my muscles and she would whisper me to relax. all the parts of my body except my hard erect cock would relax .I tried hard to cover my vital assets from her eyes, but that proved to be futile. she knew what she was doing and she used to smile knowingly. I knew by now that she was a widow from last eight years and not attached romantically to anyone. Sometimes when she bent down to apply balm on my lower back her soft tit balls world press against my waist and lower back causing my cock to leap up and down in my jocks. I would press my loins down in to the cushion and gasp and she would giggle and ask me,' what’s happening , N" Not very comfy, are you" etc.

On One such occasion I had enough eyeballing of her succulent boobs and wide, large thighs in her shorts, that I took the 'matter' into my hands. She was wearing a white translucent T-Shirt and Jeans shorts. It was a hot Monday after noon and her boobs were swaying teasingly over my face and right in my eyes as she applied pain balm on my legs. I was wearing a shorts too and my cock of eight inches stood majestically up and she was nudging my pole with her elbow causing me spasms of pleasure and she was giggling. his was too much. I just grabbed her two ripe titties in their braless T shirt and dragged her up on to me. She fell on me with a gasp and moaned as my hands squeezed her ripe tits rhythmically one by one. "Oh God "she whispered and lowered her face to mine and our lips met magically in a wet sloppy kiss. Her soft and big thigh was now on my cock literally poking into the crook of her knee.

I gasped, "B, I Love you and I mad with lust for you...I am sorry if I have offended you!"

She looked at me in wonder smiled in acceptance. " I have fallen in love with you also N.. But I am sorry, as I am not your age to be your girl friend. I am fifteen years older than you. "

I gave her no more time to explain as I clamped down on her juicy tits which I had extricated my from inside her T shirt as she was talking. I took her hot meat into my mouth at once filling with the softness as my teeth scraped on the sides and my tongue poked her fat nipple right in its milk aperture.

B gasped . "Oh I Love you.. I wanted to thank you today for saving my life and..." the rest was indecipherable gasp and moan as I tongue lashed her engorged nipple repeatedly with the flat of my tongue.

My cock was deliciously trapped in the soft cushiony junction between her welcoming thighs. I covered her abundant bottom with my hands and tore her jocks down roughly. She helped me by raising her self and her jocks were swiftly dragged down to her smooth knees. I dragged her down and hurriedly had my first look at her mature rich million-dollar pussy, which had tormented me in my fantasy all these days.

As she lay with her thighs open , her left leg crooked, her soft trimmed pussy hair covered moist cave smiled at me invitingly ran my hand as all over waist, hips , thighs , pinching here and there as she slowly peeled away my jocks to expose my raging 21 year old manhood into the air-conditioned environs of the room, which was hell bent on invading the soft innards of this beautiful millionaires .

My mouth kissed her sweet mouth repeatedly biting her soft juicy lips, playing with her wide wet tongue.

" Any doubts about our pair bring not right?" I asked teasing her left nipple and twisting the other bud with my thumb and fore finger clock wise and counter clockwise nestling my palm on her velvety breast ball.

"NoOOOO.. You darling, Please make love to me ...don't reject my old womanly body as I am not in my prime, you know” she pleaded.

Continuing to poke my cock into the wedge between her big soft underbelly,

I muttered, "Oh You rich honey.. You are a godsend to my amorous intentions,, Just wait...and see how I devour your supremely eatable body".

My pre cum came copiously wetting her under belly into wet patched as my balls tightened in anticipation. But I was not done yet. I had to devour her where it mattered most.. Her wet and inviting womanhood, which beckoned me with glistening lips, covered no doubt with her inner honey.

I bent down to the crook of her thigh junction heady smell of her secreting womanhood welcome my thirsty parched mouth. My face buried in her soft big pubic mound as I poked around the innards of her cunt with my forefinger and thumb, widening it and pinching them together back firmly in a rhythm which made her hot juices pour out from her 38 year old mature but hungry womb, I pressed my lips to her two vertical vaginal lips and poke my tongue in her wet interiors lashing them with teasing strokes and she was now thrashing around on the bed, bed sheets twisting into a mess. My Cock was quivering in air and I could wait no longer too, My face came away from the lake of her juices on her mons and underbelly as I now aimed my hot eager precumming organ into the wet womanly oven whose taste still lingered on my tongue and dribbled down the side of the mouth.

I drove into the soft jelly of her womb inside steaming with years of pent-up lust, her outer lips big and gaping wide and her slick walls covering my cock sides as it slowly sank into the oily wet well inside. My balls touched her outer lips as I fully expanded in her womb and set up a slow teasing rhythm of ‘In and Out’ movement. My young 21 year old waist drove firmly into the 38 year old mature waiting welcoming flesh below as her breasts shining with my spittle after sucking them jiggled up and down like jelly flesh on her ample bosom. B covered her hands on my back taking care not to rake my injuries loving and watchful even in the extreme heat of the moment. My cock softly split her pussy deep and wide, my knees resting the middle of her wide accommodating thighs, my sweat mixing with her in our ardor.

This was how we ended the first day of passion , but what followed was equally wonderful. This woman is shameless with me and behaves like she is insatiable as long as I am within her arms reach. She really milks every drop of my seed out of me, in the 16 hours we are awake on those Mondays. Not that I mind in the least, anyway.

I can never have enough of handling her soft rounded tits, chewing on sensitive buds of her nipples or licking the wet walls of her juicy ever ready pussy.

How we spend different Mondays exploring each other or trying out new things is another story altogether and you will have to wait. But not me, I can’t afford to wait as Tuesday is almost upon me now and I have to rush. I have my hands full of work cut out elsewhere!!

Read the next chapter if you are curious and horny enough.

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