tagMatureConfessions of an Indian Stud Ch. 03b

Confessions of an Indian Stud Ch. 03b


After the first time of thunderous, explosive sex with JL, little could have separated us for atleast a week for even a few minutes. We were clearly obsessed with each other and although now she happens to be my Tuesday Only lady, it was not so during the first passionate week of our relationship.

JL practically begged me to be with her all the time at her place and as I had just started with her and needed to explore all her vital assets thoroughly for mutual pleasure, I agreed heartily and we were indoors most of the time only sometimes we ventured out to her big pool where we splashed and screwed around and also in various interesting and satisfying positions in her gymnasium when no one was around. She was insatiable and my cock throbbed for her all the time and it would safely get ensconced in her wet hot pussy and squirt away to glory at all times of day and night.

Let me explain the second day of or passion play to you in detail now.

We were sitting in front of the TV and she was watching her favorite wrestling match and was a fan of one of the participants. As she was absorbed with the match, I took this opportunity to seduce her slowly and leisurely this time around. None of the hurry or anxiety this time likes the first time; it was connoisseur’s time now.

She was wearing a loose fitting nightgown with only a bra hiding her majestic plump breasts, ineffectually. I suspected if she was wearing panties inside. It would be good to find out.

I was wearing shorts and nothing else and the thoughts of our passionate sex flashed in my memory as I started a slow caress of her face and neck to start with. I caressed her long dark smooth hair first kneading her skull in circles expertly and I got a satisfied “UMMM…” from her that I was doing right.

I came down over the nape of her neck slowly massaging the neck muscles as I moved her around a little forward on the couch so that I could move behind her for better access. Now my hands and arms moved slowly over her shoulders and I bent forward and licked her back of the neck circling my tongue crazily on the sensitive skin and she whimpered like, ‘Hurmfffff’ etc and little shivers shook her big athletic frame. Still she was watching TV avidly and not concentrating on what I was doing. Which was good for what I was planning as a slow seduction.

I slowly massaged her strong well muscled shoulders and rubbed her blades briskly generating some body heat and she leaned back to me and said,” OOOO.. darling what are you doing , still watching TV and clapping the moves of her Wrestling hero in action. Now slowly I undid the laces of her tops and slipped the fabric down over her arms till her armpit level. She was dark skinned I have told you and her ebony skinned wrestler body was now bare in front of me in all its healthy glory.

Taut skin, big well formed hard muscled shoulders and rippling biceps, all that.

She had taught her muscular body only physical growth through hard workouts and not brought it up with a diet of love or affection. It was time to make amends for those sins and I was planning to do exactly that.

I kissed her shoulders licking her taut skin raising some goosebumps along way and she mumbled “ UMMMMM” satisfyingly. She was relaxing now, her body was watching and welcoming my moves with interest while her mind was still occupied with the wrestling action on TV. I scratched on her upper back teasingly with my fingernails drawing a circular crazy pattern going all the way down to her bra straps.

She was breathing hard now, swallowing and moaning sexily in between. My cock was 100% erect now and I had to open my fly and it sniffed the room air eagerly, its head bobbing with a surge of blood to my groin.

I slowly unhooked her bra and slowly slid it away and away for her luxurious body and it came away with satisfying ‘plop’ sound, her big boobs jumped forth from its confines, jiggling a little.

She now turned to me and said ,” UMMM darling…What you are doing is heavenly.. Can we go to bed now”.

I smile and said, “ Nothing doing.. You watch TV, relax and enjoy.. This time we take it easy. .OK?”.

She shifted her attention back to TV as her wrestler launched a new assault on his well-matched opponent.

I kissed her back as my palms now covered her big sumptuous looking boobs, squeezing the soft globes a little and then tweaking her hardening nipples softly at first and then firmly next. I played a game of rhythmic tweaking first on the left nub pulling it out of the breast with forefinger and thumb and then pushing it back in to the areola till its disappeared in the soft flesh, while my other hand pulled and tugged the other helpless but eager nipple of the right breast.

This went on for while as I my own hungry cock was now touching her soft and muscular waist and smearing drops of precum on the pliant flesh there. Now all this caused a little more anguish to my darling JL who now was caressing my thighs with her left hand and her own right hand covering my hands playing madly on her ample tits. Her dark big hands on my bony leg were an exciting contrast in color and size as was my bony lean frame to her amozonesque form next to each other on the couch.

I dipped my head into her armpits sniffing the mixed odors of sweat and perfume making me heady and licked the shaven skin chewing on the small hair roots there.

AHHHH..UMMMM , whimpered JL getting slowly excited and half turned to ward me her left leg climbing back over the couch next to my left hand.

I put my hand on the glorious thigh thus exposed and moved the rest of her gown away and when it got stuck below her big hips, I tore it away, the tearing sound making us both shiver with escalating lust temperature in us. I threw her gown away with a flourish and mouth fed on her kneecap raised near to it licking, kissing and biting ravenously. She growled, “OHH… MAAA” and moved her other thigh away exposing her glorious expanse of underbelly and the smiling crack of her humid cunt to the TV screen as though showing it off to her wrestling hero there.

I tweaked her now erect right nipple hard enough to make her gasp as my other hand salaciously slid over the well muscled hard wrestler thighs, scratching the skin here and there en route to her juicy portal.

My cock was now ravenously hungry and was swaying in the middle of belly occasionally touching her well-formed posteriors.

My fingers conquered her treasure cove and slid first knuckle deep easily inside her hot interiors, her oily inner lips making penetration as easy as a hot knife in to a slab of butter.

I tried crazy patterns on her pussy’s inner walls making her cream more and now there was a growling animal like sound emanating from JL like that of a hungry leashed dog unable to reach a bone kept tantalizingly away from it. My three fingers dipped in to her hot wet oven probing her deep secret chamber and more juice poured forth over my fingers as a sign of welcome.

My fingers found her prominent nub of her clit and teased the hood and the little bud hidden within it up and down , pressing it won into her soft leather and allowing it to burst free intermittently.

“Ohh….. My pussy.. Its so wet.. Darling I am leaking… Can we go to bed please.. HAAA?”, she begged me , half turning toward me away from TV screen her left hand brushing my face softly as I licked one captive hard nipple round and round, my tip of tongue probing her milk aperture at its tip. She gasped as I carried on, unmindful of her request even as the action the TV screen heated up with JL’s man beating his opponent’s back, black and blue. The twin excitement of her pussy probed deeply with three digits and nipple sucked pleasurably even as the wrestling action on TV reached a crescendo, her man winning there, made her mad with unbridled lust.

She snapped and with wild lust in her eyes took my cock in her hands, cleared the droplet of precum from its hot tip and bent forward to swallow my manhood then and there. Her mouth was so ravenous that her spittle coolly ran down my hot rod’s sides and as the turgid pole vanished in to her hot confines of the mouth. She took her hard muscular arms wrapped them about weak looking lean bony frame , the contrast telling on my senses Now. I gasped with pleasure as electric sparks flew from the junction of her mouth to deep with in my balls, threatening a thunderous downpour. I was mad with lust too and as she worked her soft mouth all over my hot thick shaft, I put my hand on the back of her head pulling it more to my belly, screaming indecently, “ OHH You big Fat honey.. I want to tear your pussy with my raging cock.. I will split you open , even if your pussy is one foot deep down there.. AHHH You big darling. I am nothing in front of you physically ..but my cock and, hands and mouth will more than make up for lack in size…”

She looked up from her passionate sucking and said: “Don’t even think you are in anyway less than me.. You are my precious darling, I will protect your soft , small body with all my strength as I did that night..

In fact I hate big muscular men.. I love you and your soft muscles, the tender skin and bony frame. As long as you can make love to me , nothing matters…Stay with me. I will make a will to pass on all my million dollar property to me.. You need not do any work for a living but this,.. Just this all the time… ( she tugged my hard shaft rigidly and stood up.

I made her recline on the couch as she finally gave up watching the TV action and I slid behind her , Opening her twat from in between her big melons of butt cheeks. Kissing her there, and slowly licked her ass hole and bit on her fleshy outer lips as though they were like a slice of tender coconut.

She stomped her foot down solidly making her frame jiggle and muscles ripple from thighs to waist and back. Trying to control the raging feelings down under. Her pussy was pulsating now opening and closing spasmodically and I did not wait any longer. Tiptoeing silently I mounted her on the spot, my cock snaking its way into her hot wet chambers as if it belonged there. I thrust into her solid athletic bent frame firmly with all my might pounding her pussy into submission. How else do you tame a big amazon in the bedroom making her submissive at least to a manageable extent. Only Pounding followed as I ravaged her well built hot chambers. Fast and furiously, I screwed her deep and she started humping her majestic ass back at me, swallowing my cock and ejecting out alternately. I put my both my hands on the sides of her big solid waist and ripped into her as if my very existence wanted to dissolve in her juicy womb.” AHH.. You mad slut,..take it Take this .”. Emphasizing ‘This’ and ‘It’ as I pounded her deep inside not leaving her an iota of doubt that I had pinned down her big athletic frame with a smaller body but bigger passion. She said,” Yes Yes Yess You darling .. You are my King…You own me “etc. We sweated, gasped moaned and finally after a few lusty slaps from my hands directed to her big ass cheeks thew us into final gear. I almost passed out as her pussy lips clutched my cock like a vice and I exploded like a volcano in the depths of her womb. She collapsed on the couch face first her solid frame shaking with her own climax, her athletic frame strong though it was in combats, melting away in lusty moments together with me.

I collapsed all over her my cock shrinking in size after ejaculating but getting stuck in the wet confines of her womanhood.

More of it in coming installments...

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