tagMind ControlConfidence Ch. 02

Confidence Ch. 02


I woke with a start. I had crawled onto the bed with the girls and dozed off. I looked around me at the tangle of flesh. Both girls snuggled, contented, on either side of me. My eyes moved to the clock by my bed. It was 3:30. Shit! I had a half hour to get these girls out before I broke down into a quivering mass of insecurity.

Tina stirred, saw me awake and moved up to kiss me.

"Hello lover," she purred. "What can I do for you?"

Her hand wrapped in a smooth motion around my cock. Horny little minx.

"Get out," I replied.

Her hand pulled away quickly. "What?"

"No offense, pet," I said. "But I start early at work. Hazardous waste disposal. And if you two stay here I know I'll end up fucking you and being late and that could cost me my job."

"It's okay. We have to work tomorrow too. We won't make you late."

I shook my head. "Sorry. Can't. Come by tomorrow night though. Say around nine. Bring some dinner."

Allison squeezed me. "I believe the man should take the girls out for dinner."

"Do you want to spend time driving and waiting for service when we could be fucking?" I asked.

"Ooooo. Good point. Anything in particular you'd like us to pick up?"

"Surprise me."

The girls got up and put their clothes back on. It only took a few minutes, but it felt like they were moving in slow motion as I watched those minutes pass on the clock.

Allison grabbed a glass of water and Tina followed suit. Then they both needed to pee. Jesus. Leave already.

I walked them to the door. Allison gave me the first hug and kiss good-bye.

"I'm looking forward to tomorrow night. Well, I guess tonight now," she said in a sexy voice.

"Me too," I said, trying my best to sound like I cared. Get out. Get out. Get out.

She squeezed my ass and gave me a mischievous grin. I squeezed hers back and added a slap for good measure. She let out a happy squeak then let go.

Tina stepped up next. "I'm going to be thinking of you all day, you know?"

"I know," I said.

She slapped my arm. "Stop it. You're a little too cocky for your own good."

Jesus enough with the banter. Get out.

"If you don't like it, you don't have to come back tonight," I said.

"Yeah. Like that's going to happen," she said. "We'll be back and this time we're staying the night. I want you first thing in the morning."

Shit. That could complicate things. 3:53 and this isn't an exact science. These bitches need to leave now!

"I can't wait." I kissed her passionately then turned her around and guided her out.

I watched them walk to the elevator. They smiled and waved as they waited for it. Fuck they're hot. I can't believe girls like that actually bought my act and came back with me. They're way out of my league. It's a good thing they don't know what I'm really like. Shit. What am I going to do when they come back tonight? I can't keep this up. I ... fuck!

I quickly shut the door as the elevator dinged. Even if it hadn't arrived I would have ducked back in. The stuff wore off. I paced back and forth in the apartment.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. That was crazy. What was I even thinking? Did I really act like that? How did they not laugh in my face? I've got to get rid of that stuff tomorrow. Jesus. What if someone finds out I took it? I could get arrested. Where the hell did I get the nerve to steal that stuff in the first place? Who does that?

They may already know. They could be after me now.

I dead-bolted my door and put the chain on. Then backed away into my bedroom.

Stupid, stupid man. Did you really think you could pull this off? You don't deserve them. They'll wise up today and just not come back. Or worse, they'll come back and see just how pathetic you are. If you're lucky the worst they'll do is laugh in you face. If you're not, I can easily see a Facebook status about me going viral.

So what do I do? I could call them now and cancel before they find out. Fuck. I don't have their numbers.

A siren in the distance made me spin toward it.

Is that the cops? Are they coming? Can't be. No one checks the garbage now. Not until Monday. Okay. I'm safe until then. I'll stay here, stay safe. Make plans to get the hell out of town tomorrow. But what do I do now? Try to sleep? I doubt I can. I'm so strung out.

I got in bed nonetheless. The shadows in the room seemed to shift, making me think someone was there. I felt like I did when I was five and was scared the boogie man was in my closet or under my bed. I wrapped myself in the blankets and even covered my head.

I can't go eight hours like this. The drug. If I take it will this feeling go away? No. The eight hour wait would still be there. But maybe not. Maybe it'll work faster since I've tried it already.

The scared part of me started to get desperate for the drug, but the thinking side reminded me if I took it, I'd just have to go through this again. Still, the urge, the fear, the insecurity was so strong I almost gave in to it.

I grabbed a sleeping pill from the medicine cabinet instead and dry swallowed it.

Work. Work. Damnit. I'm so strung out, there's no way I'll sleep.

Five minutes later I was out.


The dreams were almost worse than being awake. Monsters chased me. People laughed at me. I was exposed to the world as the pathetic man I was. When I woke my sheets were drenched in sweat. I still felt uneasy, so I stayed huddled in the covers despite the uncomfortably wet sheets. Around noon I began to feel better. The drug had worked its way through my system and I began to think straight again.

Woah. What a trip! I've been insecure before but that was crazy. Worth it though. I've never had a night as hot as that. Now the question is: do I try to do it again tonight?

The girls want to spend the night. If I don't take the drug then they'll probably notice I'm not the same guy right away. I could try to fake being more confident, but who knows how that will turn out? If I take it though then what do I do in the morning? One solution hits me almost immediately. Mike said prolonged use of the drug keeps you confident but results in a longer pathetic state. If I take the drug now and then again in eight hours then I should be good from 8pm until noon tomorrow. Then I curl up in ball until 4am. The smart move would be to just take one dose and tell them they can't stay the night. I'll be so confident I can probably pull it off.

I decide to go with the two doses, but I'll make the second one half strength. Sunday morning should just be cuddle time, not the hardcore stuff we did last night. Damn that was hot! Okay, Jeff, time to take your medicine.


I bought the mini-fridge that afternoon and some lockboxes for the drug. A lock on the fridge would raise questions. I put the fridge in a corner of my bedroom and hoped it would blend into the background.

Mike called at three.

"Did you fuck them?"

"Hi, Mike. I'm fine. How are you?"

"Did you fuck them?"

"Yes, I fucked them."

"You lucky dog. They were hot too."

"You fucked the Italian chick didn't you?"

"Yeah, but a completely drunk slut doesn't compare to a threesome. You know you're teaching me all that confidence stuff right?"

"Can I have some fun with it first?"

"Yeah, yeah. Enjoy your new superpower for now. But eventually, you're sharing."

"Got it."


A knock at my door surprised me at 7pm. I looked through the peep hole to find Tina standing there, looking nervous and upset. Her little black dress had been replaced with a yellow sundress. That ended just above her knees.

When I opened the door she looked at me with worry.

"I know I'm early. You're not upset with me are you?" she said, giving me the puppy dog eyes. "Please don't be upset. I just had to see you."

I wasn't upset, but I was worried. The drug hadn't kicked in yet. "I ... I'm not upset."

She leapt into my arms. "Oh thank god. I'd be devastated if you were. I just want to make you happy." She put a passionate lip lock on me that almost made my knees buckles. Shouldn't I be making her knees buckle?

"Can I make you happy?" she asked as she started to unbuckle my pants. "Please?"

Was she actually asking for permission to suck my dick?

"Uh ... go right ahead."

She dropped to her knees and fished for my cock with what looked like desperation. When she pulled it out, it instantly disappeared into her mouth. The cool thing to do was stand there and shut up, maybe pat her on the head and say, "Good girl" or something.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked. Fuck, I'm an idiot. At least I had the sense to shut the door.

She looked up from my cock with a curious look on her face. She noticed I wasn't in control. She had to. She slipped my dick from her mouth, but kept pumping it with her fist.

"I ... I'm not sure," she said. "I've been thinking about you all day. Well, most of the day. Some stuff at work held my attention for a while. But I've been wet all day. And then after work the need to be with you just, I don't know, overwhelmed me."

"Overwhelmed you?"

"I can't explain it. But I realized how much I need you, how much I need you to want me, to show you that you should want me." She sucked me for a few strokes that made my eyes roll back. Then she jacked me off again so she could speak. "I'm doing a good job, aren't I?"

"Fuck yeah."

The smile on her face was priceless. "Baby, you're never going to want to let me go." Her mouth enveloped my cock again and sent me to a blissful place. Her tongue made my cock feel things I would not have believed. It wasn't long until I erupted. As my cum shot down her throat her body started to convulse. She bit down a bit, but nothing too painful. I realized she had just orgasmed from me shooting off in her mouth. Holy fuck.

She slowed her pace and finally slid my glistening clean cock back into view.

"Mmmmm. Yeah, I needed that," she cooed.

She needed that?

"What about you?" she asked.

"Excuse me?" Is she asking if I needed a blow job. What man doesn't need a blow job?

She gave me a mischievous grin. "Have you eaten yet?"

I laughed. "No, not yet. You were supposed to bring food at nine, remember?"

That fear and worry suddenly filled her face again. "Oh my god. That's right. I'm so sorry. Do you want me to go out now and get something?"

"Where's Allison?" I asked.

"At home, I guess. I didn't tell her I was coming here. Are you mad at me for not bringing her? Do you want me to get her?"

Was this one of those clingy girls who thinks you're in a relationship after just one fuck? My friends have dated girls like that. I wished I could date a girl like that, but now experiencing it, I could see why they complained about it.

"Why would you think I'm mad at you?" I asked.

"Because I didn't do what you told me to. I wanted to, but I wanted to be with you so badly. Please, don't be mad. I'll make it up to you. I'll cook dinner if you want. Just tell me what to do."

How could a girl this hot be this insecure and desperate?

Just then her phone rang.

"It's Allison," she said. "Probably wanting to make arrangements for coming here. Should I answer it?"

"Of couse," I said. Why was she asking my permission to answer her own phone?

"Hey Alli. Actually I'm already there. Really. No, it's not like this afternoon."

Did she fuck someone this afternoon?

"She wants to know if she should come by early since I'm here."

"Uh sure." Sure? Wait, the drug hasn't kicked in. What am I saying?

"He says, 'Sure.' Oh and can you bring take-out I'll split the cost with you. Wait." She covered the mike. "Do you want me to cook for you?"

"I don't have much here to cook."

She nodded. "Yeah. Take out. Okay. See you soon." She hung up. "She'll be here in half an hour. What would you like me to do until then?"

I chuckled. "You sound like you'll do whatever I ask."

Her head dropped submissively. "I will. I'll do whatever you want if it'll make you happy. I just want you to like me."

I lifted her chin. "I do like you, Tina."

She exhaled. The smile on her face seemed to glow. "Tell me how to please you."

If she hadn't just blown me I'd have fucked her right then, but I needed some time to recover. I still couldn't believe what she was saying, but from her actions she seemed to be telling the truth. I wanted to put it to the test, but was worried that she was testing me, seeing how much I'd take advantage of her. If I told her to do the wrong thing would she call me on it, call me an ass and leave? Fuck. A secure guy wouldn't care about that. If she pulled those kind of mind games, he'd just throw her out and move on to someone else. But I wasn't a secure guy and I didn't want to lose this girl just yet, but would giving her an order make her like me more or less? Damn it, drug, kick in!

"What do you think will please me?" I asked. Let her take the lead.

The worry returned. "I don't know, and I don't want to guess wrong and upset you."

I could make her clean my place. But making her my maid may piss her off. She's probably talking about something sexual. Idiot. Of course she's talking sexual. She said she's been horny all day. Oh wait!

"I'm going to lie down. Will you give me a massage?"

Her face lit up. "I'd love to! I brought some edible oils for the sex, but it'll work for that too."

Soon I was in my underwear receiving an amazing massage from a hot Asian girl. The cool thing was, I knew this would end with a "happy ending." Of course as I was getting the massage, I realized that a confident man would have stripped completely. I basically used her body last night and she gave me a blow job a minute after she arrived and here I was not wanting to offend her or push things too far. I sucked!

While the massage felt great, I just kept wondering whether I should pull off my undies and when the right time would be. I needn't have worried. After doing my back and legs I felt her fingers begin to pull my tighty whiteys down. She'd gotten halfway when her phone rang.

"Should I get it, sir?" she asked. "It's probably Alli."

Sir? "Yes," I replied.

She hopped off me and grabbed her phone. "Yep." She answered. "Hey! You're here? Okay. Jeff, what's the buzzer code."

"Four fifteen."

"Four fifteen. You remember the apartment? Cool. See you in a bit." She hung up. "She's coming up. Would you like me to finish the massage?"

She's asking my permission for everything.

"No, let's eat. I'm starving." I reached for my pants and heard her giggle. "Something funny?"

"No sir. It just seems like a waste to put them on when they'll just be coming off right after dinner." She had a point. "It just seems rude to greet Allison in my underwear."

Tina nodded. "Yes, sir. Sorry."

"Don't be sorry. Could you let her in though?"

"Yes sir!"

It was as if getting orders from me made her happy. My home phone rang. I answered and buzzed Allison in. As I put on my pants on an interesting idea came to me.

"Tina?" I called.

"Yes sir?"

What's with the 'Sir?'

"See the chair closest to the door?"


"Before Alli gets here I want you to sit in it, lift your skirt and play with yourself until you cum."

I heard a soft thud as she jumped into the chair. When I emerged from the bedroom she was frigging herself madly, a look of lust in her eyes which intensified when she saw me.

She wasn't wearing panties. I looked around for where she had put them, but it seemed she had arrived without panties. I shouldn't have been surprised after last night.

Her breath came in short gasps as she locked eyes with me.

"Like this?" she asked.

"Yes. Just like that."

Damn, she looked hot. My hard-on was already coming back. She squirmed and squeaked as she played. She looked at me with longing, like she wanted me to come touch her. I was tempted too. So tempted. But I was also loving the scene and I knew she was here all night.

"Just make sure you cum before she knocks on the door or else," I warned.

"Or else?"

Fuck. I didn't have an "or else." Why did I say that?

"Or else, I'll have to punish you. Maybe spank you?"

"Fuuuuuuucccccckkkkk!" She came hard. I think the thought of the spanking did it.

Then we heard the knock. She gave me a pleading look and I knew her legs would probably give out if she tried to stand right now.

"I'll get that," I said.

"Thank you," she said, catching her breath.

I opened the door to find Allison in a tight red dress. Her tits and ass filling their respective parts of it nicely. She had Chinese food.

"Hey lover," she greeted. "Dinner," she said, waving the bags. "And dessert," she said, wiggling her body.

"Makes me want to start with dessert," I said.

"That works too." She kissed me and walked in. "I'm surprised to see you with pants on."

Tina giggled.

"I could have sworn I just heard Tina orgasm," Allison continued.

"You did," I said as I followed her to the kitchen. "But that was a little show she was putting on."

"My, my. She's gotten really bold today. First the office and now a little exhibitionism?"

I looked back at Tina who was blushing and then to Allison again. "What exactly happened at the office?"

"You should have seen her. I mean, Tina's great, but she really let's the doctors boss her around. Dr. Grant, in particular, treats her like his personal slave. Makes her do things like his dry cleaning, and she never complains. Until today."

"Oh really?" I said.

"Oh yeah. I don't know what got into her, but he was telling her to do stuff and talking to her like she was a kid. Nothing new. But she just laid into him. 'Listen Dr. Grant. I'm twenty-three, not six, and I'd appreciate if you talked to me like an adult. And not just me, the rest of the staff too. We're trained professionals, we do our jobs well. The way you treat us borders on harassment.'"

"I can't believe I said that," Tina squealed. She grabbed a cushion and covered her face with it.

"Well, you said it alright!" Allison said, laughing. "She told him how she wasn't going to do his dry cleaning, his personal errands, and anything else not in her job description and he shouldn't even think of passing the work to someone else. He just stood there stunned. Finally he apologized to her and the rest of us and excused himself."


"Yeah. He didn't fire her because he knew she was right. He just realized his free maid service was over."

"I'm glad I didn't ask her to clean my place," I thought out loud.

"What?" asked Allison.

"Nothing," I said, blushing. "A conversation from earlier."

"I would have cleaned you place if you asked," Tina said. "Do you want me to do it now?"

Allison shot her a confused expression.

"No, just come an eat," I said.

Tina hopped off the couch and came into the kitchen. She began to unpack the food. My kitchen had an island counter with bar stools around it. They each grabbed a stool as they placed the food out.

Allison shook her head as if to clear it. "And it didn't stop there. She spent the day not only doing her job, but pointing out ways we could improve office efficiency. Stuff she's told me, but never said out loud at work. Things were already better by the end of the day. And the way she handled the difficult patients. Impressive. I've never seen her so confident."

Confident? Hold up.

"Tina, was this the first time you felt that confident?"

She nodded demurely.

"But you don't feel confident now?"

She shook her head.

"What about you, Alli?"

"What about me what? Did I get an ego boost today? No. Why?"

"I ... I don't know. Just curious."

"When did you start feeling so confident, Tina?"

"I don't know. Around when we started work I guess. 9am."

She hadn't taken the drug. I would have seen her. I would have noticed some missing when I took it. So where did the boost of confidence come from? From me fucking her? If that was the case, then Allison would have had it too. So what was the difference? If it was the drug then what was I doing eight hours before she started work at 1am? I was fucking her. I was fucking them both. Then it hit me. I ejaculated into her mouth.

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